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Just as the Fang Family Patriarch was hesitating, the golden figure that covered the sky suddenly seemed to sense something and turned to look in their direction, its gaze penetrating the distance between them and the Fang Family Manor.

With a flick of his finger, a stream of light flew out from the sky and arrived in front of the Fang Family Patriarch in the blink of an eye.

Looking over, Fang Family Patriarch discovered that the stream of light flying towards him was actually a long sword, simple and unadorned, with a profound aura. It was actually an extremely high grade artifact.

The Fang Family Patriarch quickly stood up, reached out his hand, and easily took the sword.

Holding the long sword in his hand, he saw the ‘Fang’ character on the hilt and immediately understood what was going on. He shouted, “It is the ancestor bestowed by the Heavens, farewell ancestor!”

Behind him, countless Fang Family children called out in unison, “Farewell, Heavens Bestowed Ancestor!”

The golden figure Fang Tianci nodded slightly before pouncing towards the Golden Dragon with the Thunder Shadow next to him. Halfway through, the two figures began to disintegrate, transforming into specks of light that merged into the Golden Dragon.

Although he was just a clone of the main body, he was born in this world and had grown up in this world, so he still had some concerns about the Fang Family. Before leaving, he had left behind his own sword, ensuring that the Fang Family’s luck would never decline and that his descendants would never cease.

This entire world was his main body’s Small Universe World, so how could his clone’s sword be lost so easily? It could be said that as long as his main body didn’t die and the Small Universe didn’t collapse, the Fang Family would continue to pass down its legacy.

This could be considered a little selfish on his clone's side.

With the integration of the two clones, the golden color of the dragon’s phantom became denser, causing its body to vibrate violently.

Originally, the dragon phantom was only 9999 zhang long and only a step away to the next realm, but now that the two clones had merged together, it had finally taken the final step.

Yang Kai was slightly surprised.

Back then, when his Dragon Vein was stuck at this final step and was unable to advance, he had thought that perhaps he would have to wait until he reached the Ninth Order before he could break through this shackle and achieve the Divine Dragon realm.

Unexpectedly, he had achieved the Divine Dragon realm first!

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. Whether it was the Human Race Body or Monster Race Body, they were both separated from one Source. Now that the two clones had merged together, they could naturally strengthen the Source's strength, allowing him to take this crucial step.

Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a long laugh. This Divine Dragon realm come at the right time!

At this moment, he had already been cornered by the three Pseudo-Royal Lords and had nowhere to run. Although he had used his Space Principle to escape, at this moment, the power of his Great Dao was fluctuating and the Space Force was difficult to control, making it impossible for him to escape from these three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

At this moment, the three Pseudo-Royal Lords’ auras were fluctuating as they continuously attacked Yang Kai and the surrounding void, causing Yang Kai’s mind to become unstable and not giving him any chance to escape.

Seeing that Yang Kai had nowhere to run, the Pseudo-Royal Lords’ killing intent soared and one of them shouted, “Kill!”

Three figures flew towards Yang Kai from three different directions, their Ink Force surging as they shot out powerful Secret Techniques, causing Yang Kai to stumble and fall.

Without the protection of his Divine Dragon body, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to hold out for long against the frenzied attacks of these three Pseudo-Royal Lords. He would have had to divert more of his attention to avoid them, but the gap of ten meters between them was enough, the Dragon Clan’s Sequence is upgrading and his strength began to undergo a drastic change.

The gap between an Ancient Dragon and a Divine Dragon was no different from an Eighth Order and Ninth Order.

It could be said that Yang Kai, who already had the body of a Divine Dragon, had the qualifications to fight these three Pseudo-Royal Lords alone.

However, he still showed a lack of strength. Without a doubt, the Three Parts Normalizing Art had reached its most critical juncture. Whether he could break through to the Ninth Order would depend on this gamble.

The power of the Dragon Vein was only a part of his strength, while the Small Universe was his foundation.

He had a vague feeling that the realm above the Ninth Order was impossible to reach by relying on the Dragon Vein. Only when the Small Universe became stronger could he pry into the higher realms of the Martial Dao.

Most of his attention was focused on his own Small Universe, and he was using the Three Parts Normalizing Art while only a small portion of his attention was focused on dealing with the combined attacks of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords. Naturally, he was in a bad situation.

Fortunately, after becoming a Divine Dragon, the greatest benefit was that he was more resistant to beatings.

The Dragon Clan had thick skin to begin with, let alone the highest sequence, which is the Divine Dragon.

Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, Yang Kai had fallen into a dangerous situation and was surrounded by three Pseudo-Royal Lords. There was no way he could survive, and it was only a matter of time before he died.

On Ouyang Lie’s side, Xiao You, who was fighting against him, had a bitter taste in his mouth, but he didn’t dare to let him leave. He could only grit his teeth and persevere, joining forces with the eight Territory Lords to block Ouyang Lie’s increasingly fierce attacks.

Yang Xue’s lips were also covered in blood, but at this moment, it was no longer her who was pestering Mo Na Ye, but Mo Na Ye.

Yang Kai was about to die, so how could Mo Na Ye allow Yang Xue to ruin his plans?

Everyone thought that Yang Kai would definitely die, perhaps in the next moment, only the three Pseudo-Royal Lords had a strange feeling. Although they had managed to gain the upper hand by joining forces, they still had a strange feeling.

Something was wrong!

Logically speaking, Yang Kai was only a peak Eighth Order, his greatest reliance was to use his Space Ability to escape. No matter how strong he was, there should be a limit.

Now that he couldn’t escape so easily, his greatest advantage had been lost. With the three Pseudo-Royal Lords working together, they should be able to take his life soon.

However, although Yang Kai was in a sorry state and constantly vomited blood, he was still alive…

This vitality was too vigorous!

On top of that, when all of these attacks landed on him, it felt as if they were being suppressed by some mysterious force and couldn’t cause any fatal damage to him.

He also counterattacked from time to time, and the power he displayed was not something an Eighth Order cultivator should possess.

The three Pseudo-Royal Lords felt something was wrong and their attacks became even fiercer.

Facing this storm of attacks, Yang Kai could only grit his teeth and endure. The Three Parts Normalizing Art was at its most critical moment, and after thousands of years of waiting, he was not willing to give up. If he failed this time, he would not have another chance.

The war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had already begun, so he didn’t have much time or conditions to cultivate a new Human Race Body and Monster Race Body.

Success or failure depended on this!

However, even if he had already reached the Divine Dragon realm, he wouldn’t be able to resist the encirclement of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords for long. He had to break through to the Ninth Order before he could do so, otherwise he would have to give up!

When Fang Tianci and the Thunder Shadow fused with his Source, his Dragon Body was upgraded to the Divine Dragon Sequence. Not only that, Yang Kai also felt that something else had suddenly appeared in his body.

Some inexplicable things!

He tried his best to calm his mind and observe carefully, but he was unable to discover anything. However, he could feel that this indescribable feeling filled the entire Small Universe World.

The golden dragon phantom roared as its body trembled and its dragon might spread, causing the Small Universe’s sturdy barrier to tremble slightly.

Yang Kai was overjoyed. The Three Parts Normalizing Art was indeed useful.

Ever since he had pushed his cultivation to the limit, he had been able to sense the existence of his Small Universe's barrier. It could be said that every peak Eighth Order master could sense this barrier.

This was the natural drawback of the Open Heaven Method. It was the shackles of a cultivator’s body, making it difficult to break through with ordinary methods.

It had been some time since Yang Kai had reached the peak of the Eighth Order, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to move the barrier in the slightest. This thing was invisible and untouchable, but it was like an indestructible barrier that covered the entire Small Universe.

However, at this moment, the sturdy barrier began to tremble slightly. This was undoubtedly a good start. As long as this barrier was broken, the Small Universe’s territory would continue to expand, allowing him to break through to the Ninth Order!

The golden dragon continued to roar as it flew around the edge of the barrier. Every time it collided with the barrier, it would shake a few times, and as time passed, the shaking became more intense.

Yang Kai focused more on the Three Parts Normalizing Art.

As time passed, small cracks began to appear on the Small Universe’s barrier. As long as he worked harder, this barrier would be broken!

However, after calculating the process for a while, Yang Kai found that he didn’t have enough time.

At this moment, he was not only attempting to break through to the Ninth Order, he was also trying to deal with the encirclement of three Pseudo-Royal Lord powerhouse!

This is not three Territory Lords, but rather three Pseudo-Royal Lords. The strength they possessed was actually the same as the Royal Lords, but it was difficult for them to display their full strength, which was why they were slightly weaker.

Even with his Divine Dragon physique, it would be difficult for him to resist such a powerhouse for too long. Before his Small Universe's barrier could be broken, he would probably die under the hands of these three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

He had to speed up!

However, Yang Kai had already pushed his Three Parts Normalizing Art and Source power to the limit, so there was nothing else he could do.

Should he give up?

If he were to give up now, with his Divine Dragon body, he would be able to deal with the three Pseudo-Royal Lords, but it would be impossible for him to break through to the Ninth Order. The fusion of his Human Race Body and Monster Race Body would be completely useless.

If he didn’t give up now, his injuries would only get worse until he couldn’t hold on any longer. Even if he gave up on this breakthrough, it would be difficult for him to contend with the three Pseudo-Royal Lords.

For a time, Yang Kai fell into a dilemma.

It was precisely because of all these risks that Yang Kai wanted to find a suitable opportunity, a suitable environment, and combine his three bodies into one, but the development of the situation forced him to take risks. In the end, man proposes but heavens disposes!

The sudden appearance of the Universe Furnace, the eruption of the great war here, and the decline of the Human Race had forced him into an awkward situation!

Yang Kai sighed in his heart. If things didn’t work out, then he could only give up. Although he hadn’t successfully broken through to the Ninth Order, he had obtained the Divine Dragon body, so it wasn’t like he had gained nothing.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai swept his eyes over the Small Universe, secretly feeling regretful that he would be stuck at the Eighth Order for the rest of his life!


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Well at least you break through to divine dragon and know the the 3 part normalization work hand over Lotus to someone else and let them cultivate the 3 part Normalization, Plus since the barrier is weaken and you have reach divine Dragon I am sure the best quality Open Heaven pill would work now, Also for Xiang Shang since his barrier has been extremely weaken that should aslo solve his problem and a Low quality Furnace Open heaven pill should allow him to break through, I am sure some of the medicine efficacy of the best quality open heaven pill still remains.

Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
Jul 03, 2023
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He tossed the pill away, and the Lotus isnt the only requirement for succeding in cultivating this art. His human clone was only able to cultivate fast only because of his small universe uniqueness, others might need to wait for their clones to reach a fundamental strenght for thousands and thousands of years in the normal time. Besides, the Lotus might be of use to him for a bit longer


Apr 12, 2023


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They were dealing with their own battle adding 3 PRL would kill everyone

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