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With the three Pseudo-Royal Lords joining forces, Yang Kai was naturally no match for them. Not to mention the three of them, in his current state, he wouldn’t even be able to defeat one of them. However, after so many years of dealing with the Black Ink Clan, he had often had to face some difficult opponents. The only reason he was able to survive until now was because he had always believed in one thing.

If he couldn’t win, he would run!

With his Space Ability, he was extremely proficient in escaping.

The momentary avoidance was not because he was afraid, but because he wanted to counterattack in a more favorable manner.

Counting Mo Yu, Yang Kai had been hunted down by three of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. One of them had been killed by him while the other had been lured to the Chaotic Death Territory and killed by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. Only Mo Yu remained unscathed.

Being able to escape the pursuit of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, under normal circumstances, Yang Kai was naturally not afraid of these three Pseudo-Royal Lords. The Black Ink Clan didn’t have any Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array, so even if these three Pseudo-Royal Lords joined forces, they probably wouldn’t be able to touch Yang Kai.

However, at this moment, the situation was somewhat special.

His Small Universe had taken in both his Human Race Body and Monster Race Body, causing the world inside to tremble. When Yang Kai used his Space Divine Ability, he actually felt a great deal of pressure and was no longer as smooth as before.

This was a result of the world’s turbulence, causing his Great Dao to become unstable. As such, even the Space-Time River that he had been maintaining beside him was unable to maintain itself. When he appeared, the Space-Time River suddenly collapsed and disappeared.

Yang Kai’s face paled slightly, his expression becoming solemn.

He hadn’t expected that after taking in his Human Race Body and Monster Race Body, such a change would occur to his body, so his current situation was probably a bit dangerous.

No one had ever cultivated the Three Parts Normalizing Art before, so no one had any prior experience to learn from it. As expected, it was best to choose a safe place and time to prepare for this.

However, the current situation of the Human Race didn’t allow him to make any more preparations, so he could only take risks.

The three Pseudo-Royal Lord had not noticed anything unusual about him yet, but after sensing his aura, they immediately changed directions and chased after him.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t just sit around and wait for death to arrive. He immediately flew off to the side, trying to put as much distance between himself and the enemy as possible while simultaneously diverting a portion of his attention to activating the Three Parts Normalizing Art.

Strictly speaking, this method deduced by Shi back then is divided into two parts. One part was to divide one’s own Source and create two clones. This was the foundation and the early stages of preparation, the key to the success or failure of this method.

Yang Kai had basically accomplished this. After so many years, whether it was Fang Tianci or the Thunder Shadow, both of them had grown and were able to hold their own. Basically, they had cultivated in their respective domains to the extreme and had no room for improvement.

The second part was what Yang Kai was doing right now, activating the Three Parts Normalizing Art, merging his three bodies into one, allowing him to use the power of the two clones to break through the shackles of his Open Heaven Method.

When Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow both rushed into his Small Universe’s territory, the power of the two clones caused the world to tremble, especially Fang Tianci, who was also an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator and also possessed a small amount of Small Universe in his body, greatly impacted Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

This was also the reason why cultivators of the same rank were unable to accept one another.

As the world shook, the living beings of the Void World became anxious. The World Tree’s illusory image appeared, its giant canopy is like an umbrella, suppressing the world.

At this moment, Yang Kai rushed forward, dodging the combined attacks of the three Pseudo-Royal Lords while activating the Three Parts Normalizing Art.

Inside his Small Universe’s territory, a faint dragon roar resounded throughout the world, and soon after, a Golden Dragon image that was 9999 zhang long appeared. This Golden Dragon was the manifestation of Yang Kai’s Source.

The giant dragon’s figure blotted out the sky and the earth, its mighty dragon might causing countless living beings to prostrate themselves in worship.

Since his trip to the Dragon Pond back then, he had already been considered a pure-blooded Dragon Clan. Otherwise, the Ancient Dragon Elders in the No-Return Pass would not allowed him to leave his name on the Dragon Record and establish the Yang Family’s lineage, allowing the Dragon Clan to continue their line of descent and strengthen their race!

However, Yang Kai had never thought of himself as a member of the Dragon Clan. Transforming into a dragon was just a way to deal with a powerful enemy. He was born a Human Race, and he is still a Human Race.

However, his philosophy could not erase the fact that he was a pure-blooded Dragon Clan.

At this moment, the appearance of the Golden Dragon phantom was the embodiment of the extreme stimulation of his Source.

If he wanted to contain the power of the two clones, he would have to rely on this Source, because these two clones were born from his Source.

When the Golden Dragon phantom appeared, Fang Tianci and the Thunder Shadow also wore solemn expressions.

Looking at the Golden Dragon, Thunder Shadow felt the power in his body stir and suddenly asked, “Second Brother, have you been fooling around all these years?”

Fang Tianci couldn’t help laughing, “What’s the point of asking at this time!”

Thunder Shadow grinned and said, “Think about it, we’re all Boss's clones. If you play around outside, what kind of debt do you have outside? After Big Brother assimilates with you, won’t this debt also be transferred to him?”

Fang Tianci was stunned, “You can calculate it that way?”

Thunder Shadow replied matter-of-factly, “Of course, we all came from Boss, so no matter what we do, Boss will be responsible for us.”

Fang Tianci couldn’t help ridiculing, “Then Boss’ life is really tough. From the looks of it, you’ve been seducing a lot of enchantress in the Myriad Monster World!”

Thunder Shadow said seriously, “Nonsense, this little brother has been cultivating in seclusion in the Myriad Monster World for so many years, but I’ve never done anything excessive.” Saying so, he winked at Fang Tianci, “Does this mean that Second Brother has really messed with the grass and flowers outside?”

“That’s not the case,” Fang Tianci shook his head, “I’ve always been an honest man, how could I act like a stray dog?” He sighed again, “It’s just that sometimes when a man is too outstanding, he attracts too much attention. Because of this, I’ve been quite distressed all these years!”

Hearing this, Thunder Shadow’s mouth twitched as he couldn’t help muttering, “It seems Boss’ character isn’t that good!”

Both of them were Yang Kai’s clones, so strictly speaking, they had inherited some of Yang Kai’s character, so they were more or less equal to him…

The man and leopard looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

“You two, if you’re done chatting, hurry up. Your boss is about to be killed!” Yang Kai suddenly sent a voice transmission.

Under the turbulence of the Great Dao, Yang Kai’s Space Divine Ability circulated obscurely as the three Pseudo-Royal Lords joined forces to pursue him. At this moment, Yang Kai was in a very bad situation. With the distance he had initially pulled apart, he was still able to escape for a while, but as time passed, there would inevitably be some variables.

What’s more, he could feel that Mo Na Ye had been paying close attention to him and was trying to escape from Yang Xue, but unfortunately, he had failed.

Against the Chaos Spirit King, Yang Xue wasn’t strong enough to be his opponent, but against Mo Na Ye, Yang Xue was still capable. After all, Mo Na Ye wasn’t in his peak condition right now, and his injuries had yet to fully recover. The Eight Directions Array that Yang Kai had previously led had greatly exhausted him.

Since she could see that Mo Na Ye wanted to harm Yang Kai, how could Yang Xue allow him to do so?

Inside the Small Universe, Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow also wore solemn expressions. Although they didn’t know what would happen next, after awakening the memories sealed in their Souls, they knew what their final fate would be.

After so many years of bitter cultivation, all they had to do was wait until today.

After experiencing so many wonderful things in this world, they had lived up to the expectations.

Without any resistance, the man and the leopard relaxed their minds and returned to their senses!

The Golden Dragon phantom continued to roar as its Source fluctuated, causing Fang Tianci and the Thunder Shadow to resonate. Slowly, the man and leopard phantoms became illusory, also covered in a layer of dazzling golden light.

A moment later, two enormous golden figures suddenly soared into the sky.

In the entire Void World, countless living beings who were prostrating themselves were watching this shocking scene. In their field of vision, there was a giant golden leopard with lightning spots all over its body, as well as an indomitable humanoid figure that rushed towards the Golden Dragon.

No one knew what had happened, but over the past few years, the Void World seemed to have experienced some kind of inexplicable upheaval that would quickly subside, allowing the living beings to get used to it.

Seven Stars Workshop, an overlord-level force in the Void World, was the undisputed number one force in the entire Void World. For the past hundred thousand years, its position had been unshakeable.

It couldn’t be helped. The Dao Master had once held the position of Supreme Elder in Seven Stars Workshop, and even now, Seven Stars Workshop still retained his position, even his portrait, which was often worshipped by the higher-ups of the Sect.

This natural advantage was something no other Sect could compare to.

As the number one force on the entire world, Seven Stars Workshop was surrounded by countless large and small cities, making it the center of the world.

Twenty kilometers outside one of the great cities, there was a Fang Family Manor. The Fang Family Manor was originally an ordinary manor, but ever since one of their ancestors was fortunate enough to enter the Void Dojo, it began to rise.

At this time, the Fang Family Manor was bustling with people and cultivators. There was even one Emperor Realm master here, so the strength of this force was not inferior to some ancient Sects.

When the situation in the Void World changed, the Fang Family's people was being led by their Patriarch to worship and pray for blessings.

When this generation’s Fang Family Patriarch looked up and saw the face of this golden figure, he couldn’t help being stunned, because this golden figure’s appearance actually gave him a sense of familiarity.

The noise coming from behind him also made him realize that this familiarity was not an illusion. The appearance of this golden figure was extremely similar to that of an ancestor from the Fang Family morer than ten thousand years ago!

Fang Tianci, the name of this ancestor is well-known throughout the entire Fang Family. It was because this ancestor had entered the Void Dojo many years ago that the Fang Family was able to maintain its current status for tens of thousands of years.

It could be said that this ancestor was the turning point of the Fang Family’s rise, and before that, the Fang Family had only been a member of the Void World.

Was this… their ancestor?

The Fang Family Patriarch couldn’t be certain. After all, after this ancestor entered the Void Dojo, although he had given the Fang Family some kind of favor, he had quickly shattered the void and left the world, never to be heard from again.


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