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Inside the defensive line, Xiang Shan also act to accept them. Big Head Xiang was undoubtedly a quick thinker, and at this moment, he had the same idea as Yang Kai. Right now, the most important thing was to quickly resolve the internal problems of the Human Race’s masters, so he had to bring Yang Xiao over.

Without him, there would be no Light of Purification, making it impossible to detect Black Ink Disciple.

The battle between the many masters became extremely intense at this moment. Xiang Shan was leading a Six Directions Array, and with him as the formation eye, his power was quite great. After a fierce confrontation, they finally connected with Yang Xiao’s Five Directions Array and joined forces to attack the defensive line. Although the Black Ink Clan’s side desperately tried to stop them, it was useless.

In the next moment, Yang Xiao roared and the Sun and Moon Marks on the back of his hand trembled, becoming brighter. A large number of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals were consumed at this moment, and pure energy merged together as a white light burst out from him like a great sun.

The white light filled the air as the Ink Force dissipated, enveloping one Human Race master after another before spreading outwards. The two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples who had attacked Xiang Shan earlier had been subdued and were now locked in place, unable to move. At this moment, they felt as if they were being swallowed by lightning, their bodies trembling as the Ink Force in their bodies surged out and they let out miserable screams.

In the periphery, the Black Ink Clan masters had taken advantage of the Human Race’s turbulent situation to greatly reduce the Human Race’s defensive line, many of which were already on the verge of breaking. However, when this tide of Light of Purification swept over, the Black Ink Clan masters had no choice but to retreat.

Such a large-scale Light of Purification was like poison to the Black Ink Clan. It might not necessarily kill them, but it would definitely weaken their strength and no Black Ink Clan would dare touch it.

The suppressed Human Race masters took advantage of this opportunity to counterattack and consolidate their defensive line.

After the pure white light slowly dissipated, the defensive line that the Human Race had lost had been restored, and the many battle formation that had been operating were once again restored.

Under the Light of Purification, no human powerhouse showed any signs of being turned into Black Ink Disciple. It was obvious that there were only three Black Ink Disciples assigned to the Human Race.

After all, when one’s strength reached the Seventh or Eighth Order, it would not be easy for the Black Ink Clan to use their Ink Transformation against them.

With nothing to worry about, the Human Race didn’t need to worry about any unforeseen changes occurring to their side, so they could focus on defending themselves.

With the eruption of the Light of Purification, the Human Race’s declining situation stabilized once again. Yang Xiao’s eyes lit up as he laughed, “This move is quite useful!”

It was decided that if the Human Race’s defensive line couldn’t hold on any longer, when the Black Ink Clan masters attacked, he would activate their Light of Purification to defend against the enemy. At the very least, he would be able to force the enemy to retreat and ensure that their defensive line didn’t fall!

However, this method consumed a lot of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, because the range of this method was too wide. The Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in his hands had been distributed by Yang Kai many years ago, and after so many years, he had consumed a lot of them. If he were to use this method twice more, he would probably run out!

Once he ran out of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals and lost the ability to force back the Black Ink Clan’s masters, the defensive line here would eventually collapse.

Therefore, if the Human Race wanted to win this battle, they could only rely on Ouyang Lie and Yang Xue. If these two Ninth Order masters could quickly defeat their opponents, they would naturally come to their aid.

However, all of their opponents were the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, so perhaps victory or defeat could be decided, but life or death was difficult, so how could they count on them?

Ouyang Lie had obviously noticed this as well. At this moment, he was fighting with his life on the line, not caring about his own injuries, only wanting to quickly defeat Xiao You. However, with the help of the eight Territory Lords on Xiao You’s side, even if he fought madly, it would be difficult for him to achieve any results in a short time.

Not to mention that he had to divert some of his attention to protect Tian Xiuzhu and the others. Meng Que, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, was targeting Tian Xiuzhu and the others.

Previously, Tian Xiuzhu had led his Five Directions Array out of the defensive line and divided two Eighth Order masters to provide support for Yang Kai’s side, causing Meng Que to fly into a rage out of humiliation. There was no problem with the positions of so many Pseudo-Royal Lords, but now that something had happened to him, it was only natural that he would lose face.

Although Lin Wu’s sudden change had shocked him and made him realize that this was Mo Na Ye’s arrangement, he had not been aware of it at all. If Mo Na Ye had warned him earlier, he would have been able to provide cover so that Lin Wu could move more easily.

In the end, Mo Na Ye had always looked down on him, so he had never tell him about such an important scheme.

At that time, if he really managed to stop the Five Directions Array, Mo Na Ye might remind him…

In any case, everything was going according to Mo Na Ye’s plan. In the end, he allow Lin Wu to approach Yang Kai and launch a thunderous attack.

Meng Que’s heart was filled with resentment. Everyone here was originally a Pseudo-Royal Lord, so how could Mo Na Ye have obtained an opportunity in this universe furnace world and become a Royal Lord? He had suffered setbacks everywhere, and now he was seriously injured…

Numerous grievances filled his heart as he stared at Tian Xiu Zhu’s Five Directions Array, determined to kill these five Human Race Eighth Order masters to vent his anger!

The situation became somewhat tense, but the Human Race’s side was slowly falling into decline.

Whether it was in terms of quantity or quality, the Black Ink Clan was superior to the Human Race. The reason why the Human Race had been able to maintain their defensive line for so long was because of their faith, Xiang Shan’s hope, and the might of their Battleships.

But now, Xiang Shan’s advancement had failed, and after such a long battle, the Battleships had begun to explode one after another. Without the protection provided by the Battleships, how could the Human Race resist the attacks of the Black Ink Clan?

Defeat and death were only a matter of time.

The two Ninth Order Human Race masters couldn’t be counted on for now…

Everyone felt extremely depressed, especially the two Eighth Order Human Race masters who had ambushed Xiang Shan. After the Ink Force in their bodies had been purified by the Light of Purification, the two of them were filled with guilt and self-reproach. At this moment, they were fighting with all their might, as if they only wanted to die here.

If they hadn’t acted at that critical moment, Xiang Shan would have been a Ninth Order by now.

Their sneak attack had not only caused the Human Race to lose a Ninth Order master, it had also caused hundreds of masters to fall into dire straits.

Although no one blamed them, they couldn’t get past themselves.

They had once heard from their elders that some Black Ink Disciples had suffered a fate worse than death after being rescued, because during their time as Black Ink Disciples, they might have done some wrong to the Human Race, or killed some of their friends and family, but that was only hearsay and not personally experienced.

It was only at this moment that the two of them understood the despair and pain that came from the depths of their hearts. They truly understood that living in this world was sometimes more torturous than dying.

They had been looking for an opportunity to drag one or two powerful enemies down with them, but the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were also extremely vigilant and didn’t give them any space to act.

The more they fought, the crazier they became, almost losing control of their mind from the shock of anger and self-reproach…

“Calm down, we still have hope, don’t seek death so rashly!” A voice suddenly rang out in the two’s ears, and the person who sent this voice seemed to have seen through their intentions and secretly persuaded them.

Both of them were stunned. Was there really hope?

None of them saw it!

The voice continued, “Don’t forget, my foster father isn’t dead yet. As long as my foster father isn’t dead, there’s hope for everything. He’s the best at creating miracles and turning the tables!”

It was only at this moment that they realized who had sent the voice transmission.

Yang Xiao!

The foster father he was referring to was naturally Yang Kai!

Indeed, in the course of their growth, they had heard of this man’s great name and many great achievements from their elders many times, and they also knew that this man had accomplished many incredible things. For the Human Race to be able to stand tall under the glorious might of the Black Ink Clan until now, this man had played a great role.

Yang Kai was an extremely powerful cultivator, killing Territory Lords was as easy as slaughtering chickens and dogs. Fighting across realms was a common occurrence, and he had even managed to escape the pursuit of the Royal Lord.

There were even rumors that he had single-handedly killed a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord!

Of course, this kind of matter was too bizarre. The gap between an Eighth Order and a Royal Lord was too great. Without the witness of the person involved, no one dared to believe it lightly.

He was a legend, the goal of all the new generation Human Race masters. Everyone hoped to become the next Yang Kai in the future.

There were even some who had made a name for themselves as Little Yang Kai! Even this name made many new generation cultivators secretly envious.

Not to mention all the incredible things they had heard, just now, this Eight Directions Array had been used to resist the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, causing them to sigh in amazement.

This was the Eight Directions Array, once a legend.

In the past, the Eight Directions Array had only lasted for twenty breaths, but the Eight Directions Array led by this man had lasted for a long time. If it weren’t for Lin Wu’s sudden attack, it should have been able to persist.

But was there really any hope?

The Eight Directions Array had been broken and this legendary figure was heavily injured. He was not fated to break through to the Ninth Order and the Eighth Order was his limit.

In this situation, what could he do?

If Yang Xiao hadn’t suddenly mentioned this person, they would have ignored him, because at this moment, no matter what this person did, it would be difficult to change the current situation.

Instinctively, these two Eighth Order masters glanced towards Yang Kai and were stunned.

If they remembered correctly, this man should have been seriously injured and his aura should have been weak, but now, although his condition wasn’t very good, he wasn’t as miserable as they had imagined…

This recovery ability was truly astonishing.

In the void, Yang Kai, Fang Tianci, and Thunder Shadow stood side by side.

Relying on the power of the Space-Time River, Yang Kai’s injuries had mostly healed, and at this moment, he seemed to have been forgotten by everyone.

Only Lin Wu, who had attacked him before, stood in the distance and stared at him in fear.

A man’s great name was like the shadow of a tree. Although Lin Wu had been extremely decisive in his sneak attack, he really didn’t have the courage to face Yang Kai head on, nor did he have the courage to rashly intervene in the battle elsewhere. He could only watch Yang Kai’s movements, just in case.


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