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No one knew if there were any other Black Ink Disciples hiding around them. In order to operate a battle formation, one needed to have complete trust in one another.

Why was it difficult for the Black Ink Clan to form a high-level battle formation?

This was because the Black Ink Clan’s masters weren’t as united as the Human Race.

However, now that the various battle formation of the Human Race had some doubts, the power of their various battle formation had greatly decreased, causing their operations to become difficult.

Originally, their numbers were inferior to the Black Ink Clan’s, so the fact that they were able to resist for so long proved that the Human Race’s Battleships were of great use, and the power of their battle formation was also a great help. Now that the power of their battle formation had been reduced, the Human Race’s defensive line was also beginning to fall into crisis.

As for the two Black Ink Disciple’s original battle formation, they had already collapsed, and the Black Ink Clan’s masters had slaughtered their way over. Eighth Order master had already fallen, making the situation even worse.

This wasn’t because the Human Race’s hearts weren’t united. If the Human Race’s hearts weren’t united, they wouldn’t have been able to persist until now, but in this situation, the Human Race’s masters had no choice but to consider some risks.

The appearance of these three Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had completely destroyed the Human Race’s good situation.

This was especially true for Xiang Shan, the core of the Human Race's battle. Originally, if the Human Race wanted to win, their only hope would be for Xiang Shan to break through to the Ninth Order as soon as possible. At that time, with the addition of a Ninth Order Open Heaven master, they would have a great chance to reverse the current situation.

But now, Xiang Shan had been forced to voluntarily give up his breakthrough, and his only hope had been destroyed.

Everyone’s hearts were shrouded in a shadow. Hundreds of Eighth Order masters, were they all going to die here today? If that was the case, the future of the Human Race would be bleak.

The outcome of this battle would likely affect the future of the war.

“As expected, he’s really strong! He’s still alive!” A furious roar suddenly rang out.

In front of the Seven Directions Array, Mo Na Ye stared at Yang Kai in disbelief. He had planned everything carefully, patiently waiting for the best opportunity to launch his counterattack, thinking that Yang Kai would die without a doubt, but who would have thought he would somehow survive?

Mo Na Ye realized that he had underestimated Yang Kai. The key was that he had not expected that in that short instant, Yang Kai would be able to transform the collapsed Eight Directions Array into a Seven Directions Array and block his killing blow.

Fortunately, although the result was somewhat disappointing, Yang Kai’s heavy injuries were a fact. The backlash from the Eight Directions Array, Lin Wu’s sneak attack, and the high pressure from the previous battle, Yang Kai’s aura was so weak that it was like a candle in a storm that could be extinguished at any moment.

Even the Seven Directions Array at this moment seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Mo Na Ye’s expression became solemn as he once again attacked. He understood the principle of a long night will lead to trouble. Since Yang Kai was so dejected, how could he miss such a good opportunity? At this time, he naturally had to kill Yang Kai as soon as possible. Mo Na Ye shouted, “How many moves can you withstand?”

Three moves, five moves? With Yang Kai’s current condition, Mo Na Ye was confident he could take his life within ten breaths. As long as he could kill Yang Kai, his plan would be successful.

The breakthrough on Xiang Shan’s side had failed, and the Human Race’s defensive line was about to collapse. After killing Yang Kai, he would be able to slaughter those Human Race masters without restraint.

Today’s battle, he had won!

Under this tyrannical attack, Yang Kai’s Seven Directions Array was only able to resist, unable to fight back at all. Moreover, the circulation of the battle formation was becoming more difficult. Everyone was gritting their teeth as they tried to hold on, but there was no hope.

After just two moves, the battle formation had reached its limit.

Just as this Seven Directions Array was about to collapse, a sharp aura suddenly rushed over from the distance. Before it arrived, a tender shout rang out, “Mo Na Ye, your opponent is me!”

In the blink of an eye, the beautiful figure had already charged into the battlefield, holding a long sword in her hand blocking Mo Na Ye’s violent attack.

“You…” Mo Na Ye stared at the woman in front of him in disbelief, unable to understand why she had appeared here!

How could she appear here!

Yang Xue!

This female Ninth Order, Mo Na Ye had also paid some attention to this woman before, but since she was currently fighting against the Chaos Spirit King and was somewhat unable to compete with it, Mo Na Ye didn’t pay much attention to her.

Since she couldn’t get rid of the Chaos Spirit King, there was no way she could intervene in this battle.

However, at this moment, she had appeared right in front of him!

What about the Chaos Spirit King?

Mo Na Ye had been so focused on killing Yang Kai that he had been filled with joy and anticipation. For a time, he had not paid any attention to the battle between Yang Xue and the Chaos Spirit King, never having expected such a change to occur.

The Chaos Spirit King had been repelled? Impossible! How could this woman have so much ability? Xiao You had almost suffered a great loss under the hands of the Chaos Spirit King. Xiao You was a newly promoted Ninth Order Royal Lord while this woman was a newly promoted Ninth Order. They were of the same level, neither of them stronger than the other.

So how did this woman escape from the Chaos Spirit King and come to their aid?

Soon, Mo Na Ye knew where the Chaos Spirit King had gone, and for some reason, the Chaos Spirit King was flying in a certain direction, not even turning back…

“What did you do?” Mo Na Ye was extremely curious. The Chaos Spirit King was extremely powerful, but its intelligence was not high. What did this woman do to make the Chaos Spirit King retreat?

How could Yang Xue pay any attention to him? She released her full strength and the World Force in her hand transformed into a curtain of swords, as if she wanted to help her big brother vent his anger.

Mo Na Ye was extremely helpless and could only face Yang Xue head-on. He could only watch helplessly as Yang Kai led the collapsing Seven Directions Array to the side, feeling so depressed he could vomit blood!

He was about to succeed!

Just a little bit more and Yang Kai would have been killed by him, so why was this happening?

Opposite him, Yang Xue was also quite puzzled because she couldn’t understand why the Chaos Spirit King would suddenly take the initiative to retreat. Just now, when she saw her big brother being attacked, her heart was in a state of panic and she was already no match for the Chaos Spirit King, causing her situation to become even more difficult. Who would have thought that the Chaos Spirit King would suddenly abandon her and fly away, giving Yang Xue the opportunity to come to his aid?

But now was not the time to think about these things. Fighting Mo Na Ye was what she needed to do.

“Is that the Open Heaven Pill?” Mo Na Ye suddenly reacted and turned to ask Yang Kai.

When Lin Wu had ambushed Yang Kai just now, he had vaguely seen Yang Kai send a wooden box flying. At that time, he had also been attacking, so he hadn’t paid much attention to it.

But looking at it now, it was extremely likely that there was a Open Heaven Pill inside the wooden box!

According to the information he had obtained, Yang Kai really did have a Open Heaven Pill in his possession, which he had secretly taken away while Xiao You and the Chaos Spirit King were fighting.

The reason why the Chaos Spirit King had been lured out was because of this Open Heaven Pill, and because the Open Heaven Pill’s aura, it wanted to kill Xiang Shan, Yang Xue had stopped it halfway.

Now that Xiang Shan no longer had the aura of the Open Heaven Pill, if Yang Kai threw out the Open Heaven Pill now, how could the Chaos Spirit King remain indifferent?

Realizing this, Mo Na Ye was so depressed he could vomit blood!

The battle between the Chaos Spirit King and Yang Xue had tied down one of the Human Race’s Ninth Order masters, which was equivalent to the Black Ink Clan picking up a powerful helper to suppress the Human Race.

But who would have thought that in today’s battle, when he was about to succeed, the Chaos Spirit King would be so easily lured away by the Open Heaven Pill and let out Yang Xue, a Ninth Order master, to fight him?

That idiot ruined my plans!

Mo Na Ye’s heart was filled with hatred, but it was useless.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had been seriously injured and Xiang Shan’s breakthrough had failed, so this time, he had gained something.

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly felt Yang Kai’s extremely weak aura rising rapidly. Turning his head in surprise, he saw that the river around Yang Kai was like a dragon, and with every rotation, Yang Kai’s aura would gradually recover. Even the wound that Lin Wu had pierced through his chest seemed to rapidly recover.

The long river seemed to contain the aura of space-time reversal.

In just a short time, Yang Kai’s aura had recovered by more than half, and it was still recovering!

What kind of Secret Technique was this? Mo Na Ye was shocked.

Yang Kai had only studied the wonders of the Space-Time River for a short time, and he had used it once when he was comprehending the mysteries of the Endless River to restore his damaged body. This time, he could naturally use it again.

Lin Wu’s sneak attack and the backlash from the battle formation had indeed caused him heavy injuries, but the reversal of time and space had allowed him to return to his original state.

The price he had to pay for this was the consumption of his Great Dao!

However, at this moment, he couldn’t care less.

The moment Lin Wu attacked him, Yang Kai had already thought of a countermeasure, so he threw out the extremely precious Best Quality Open Heaven Pill to attract the attention of the Chaos Spirit King.

Only when Yang Xue was freed would she be able to help him resist Mo Na Ye, giving him a chance to breathe.

However, at that time, Yang Kai wasn’t completely confident the Chaos Spirit Race would chase it, if not, Yang Xue wouldn’t be able to escape and he could only try his best.

Fortunately, the Chaos Spirit King seemed to have a strong obsession with the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, so after detecting the aura of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, it immediately chased after it and left Yang Xue, allowing her to escape.

Looking at the current situation, it was undoubtedly extremely unfavorable for the Human Race. The situation on Ouyang Lie’s side was still quite sloppy, and with Yang Xue taking care of Mo Na Ye, it was difficult to determine who was dead or alive, but the situation on the Human Race’s defensive line was quite worrisome. Even if Xiang Shan were to join the battle now, it would still be difficult to conceal his decline.

If this continued, the Human Race would suffer heavy casualties.

Now, what he needed to urgently resolve was to eliminate the suspicions of the Human Race’s masters and find the hidden Black Ink Disciple!

With a single thought, Yang Kai made a decision. While he was recovering, he called out, “Yang Xiao, form the Five Directions Array and activate the Light of Purification to assist!”

Yang Xiao immediately understood and replied, “Yes!”

Summoning Zhan Tianhe and the others, using himself as the formation eye, they quickly formed a Five Directions Array and rushed towards the battlefield. Before they arrived, the Sun and Moon Marks appeared on the back of his hands. Immediately, yellow and blue lights circulated and merged together, transforming into a dazzling white light that rushed towards the defensive line.

“Stop them!” One of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord Lords shouted angrily, but in the face of the natural suppression of the Light of Purifiaction, the Black Ink Clan’s masters were all somewhat fearful.

“Who dares to stop me!” Yang Xiao roared as he led Zhan Tianhe and the other three to activate the Light of Purification while charging forward bravely. The Territory Lords who attacked along the way were all forced to retreat, even the Pseudo-Royal Lords had a natural fear of this Light of Purification.


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