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These Seventh Order Open Heaven masters who had entered the universe furnace world were all new generation cultivators. After receiving the feedback of the World Tree’s power, all of them were naturally intelligent and their cultivations rapidly improved.

Good aptitude and rapid cultivation growth weren’t all good things. Compared to those veteran cultivators who were steadily advancing step by step, they lacked some accumulation.

Therefore, when their cultivation reached the peak of the Seventh Order, there was a high chance they would encounter a bottleneck, making it difficult for them to reach the Eighth Order.

With their aptitude, this bottleneck would be broken sooner or later, if it was fast, it would take decades or even centuries…

However, with the current situation, how could they have so much time to squander?

The Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill could perfectly solve this problem and help them break through their bottlenecks, saving them a lot of time to cultivate.

This time, in the universe furnace world, many of the Human Race’s Seventh Order masters had broken through to the Eighth Order while the Human Race had gathered hundreds of Eighth Order masters. Many of them had broken through in the universe furnace world and were originally only Seventh Order master!

If they accidentally encountered a Black Ink Clan master and were turned into Black Ink Disciples, it would only be natural for them to advance to the Eighth Order.

Without a doubt, the two Black Ink Disciples who had changed sides at the last moment were the same!

Time seemed to come to a standstill at this moment. Almost everyone’s eyes were filled with horror as they stared at the two Black Ink Disciple who were rushing towards Xiang Shan. At this moment, Xiang Shan was at the most critical moment of his breakthrough. If he was disturbed, his breakthrough this time would definitely end in failure. Not only that, even his life would be in danger!

All of the Human Race masters surrounded him and set up a defensive perimeter around him to block the Black Ink Clan’s attack. He didn’t have anyone protecting him, even if he had set up a Spirit Array before, it wouldn’t be able to stop the attacks of two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples!

At this moment, Xiang Shan, facing these two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, had no way to fight back.

This change was not only happening in Xiang Shan’s side.

After Mo Na Ye’s careful planning, he was certain that Yang Kai would appear, so he had left behind a contingency plan to capture Yang Kai and Xiang Shan in one fell swoop. If he only wanted to deal with Xiang Shan, how could he have waited until now to act?

He could have ordered the two Black Ink Disciple to take action a long time ago, but he had been holding back because he could feel that Xiang Shan was still some distance away from breaking through, so he wasn’t in a hurry.

In comparison, Mo Na Ye wanted to kill Yang Kai even more! All these years, he had suffered too much under Yang Kai’s hands. As long as Yang Kai didn’t die, he couldn’t rest easy. This was a knot in his heart that had nothing to do with Yang Kai’s cultivation level.

The reason he had delayed so long was because he was waiting for an opportunity.

For Mo Na Ye, this was a good opportunity!

Now was the time!

Just as the two Black Ink Disciples separated from their respective battle formation and rushed towards Xiang Shan, while the Human Race’s experts were watching in horror, the Eight Directions Array facing Mo Na Ye suddenly began to tremble and the atmosphere in the Eight Directions Array became chaotic. The Eight Directions Array suddenly collapsed.

Everyone who was in the battle formation was shocked and had no idea what was happening. The moment the battle formation collapsed, a massive backlash swept out in all directions, causing everyone who was in the battle formation to tremble violently.

Originally, when they were fighting against Mo Na Ye, everyone’s injuries had become more severe.

In contrast to the backlash from the battle formation, a scene that made them feel even more despair appeared. One of the cultivators in the battle formation suddenly drew out a long sword and stabbed it towards Yang Kai’s back. On the sword, the World Force fluctuated wildly, and the one who attacked wore a cold expression, not holding back at all, obviously wanting to take advantage of this opportunity to kill Yang Kai.

On top of that, the moment the battle formation collapsed, Mo Na Ye also attacked!

He had been waiting for an opportunity all this time, so naturally he wouldn’t stand by and watch.

The backlash of the battle formation, the betrayal of the people who had formed it, and the counterattack of Mo Na Ye, the aura of death immediately envelope everyone from the three consecutive blow.

Inside the collapsing Eight Directions Array, all of them were in a state of panic, anger, fear, and despair. At this moment, many of their emotions erupted.

Only Yang Kai remained calm!

Sure enough.

The moment he guessed that Black Ink Disciple was on the Human Race’s defensive line, he realized that there was a high chance his side had a Black Ink Disciple as well!

Mo Na Ye had spoken so much nonsense to him just now and had a look of absolute victory on his face. It was obvious he had made some arrangements on his side, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so calm.

On the Eight Directions Array’s side, there was his Human Race Body Fang Tianci, Monster Race Body Thunder Shadow, Yang Xiao, Bloow Crow, Lin Wu, Zhan Tianhe, and another veteran Eighth Order.

Among these seven, besides Lin Wu who had broken through to the Eighth Order in the universe furnace world, everyone else had long since broken through to the Eighth Order.

If there was a problem, the others would most likely be fine, only Lin Wu could possibly be a Black Ink Disciple.

Reality proved that there was something wrong with Lin Wu!

Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling the scene when he first saw Lin Wu. At that time, he had been leading Zhan Tianhe, Xiong Ji, Liu Feifei, and the others around the universe furnace world. When he sensed the movement of a Human Race cultivator breaking through nearby, he had gone to investigate and found that it was Lin Wu, so he had taken him into his team. At that time, he hadn’t thought much about it.

Afterwards, he met Tian Xiuzhu.

Later on, Yang Kai took the Open Heaven Pill with his Thunder Shadow and let Tian Xiuzhu lead Zhan Tianhe and the others away.

Now, it seemed that before he had met Lin Wu, this person had been turned into Black Ink Disciple by a Black Ink Clan master. After the Ink Transformation, the Black Ink Clan master had allowed him to act on his own, allowing him to advance to the Eighth Order and then integrate into the Human Race’s forces, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

It wasn’t that he was deliberately targeting him, it was just that this chess piece, Lin Wu, had been used by Mo Na Ye.

In the beginning, there was no Lin Wu in the Eight Directions Array. He and Zhan Tianhe had joined later.

Mo Na Ye had been waiting for Lin Wu to join the Eight Directions Array, so when he gave the order, the three Black Ink Disciples would suddenly attack. Not only would Xiang Shan’s advancement fail, but even Yang Kai’s life would be in danger! This way, the two hidden dangers of the Human Race could be eliminated.

Everything became clear!

Yang Kai had been wondering why Mo Na Ye had been unwilling to destroy Yang Xiao’s Six Directions Array so quickly. At that time, if he was willing to pay a small price, he should be able to quickly defeat Yang Xiao and the others. At that time, he would be able to personally attack the Human Race’s defensive line and kill Xiang Shan!

The reason he hadn’t done so was because he had been waiting for Yang Kai to appear!

While Yang Kai was setting up the Eight Directions Array to resist Mo Na Ye, Mo Na Ye had also displayed extreme courage, often trading injuries for injuries. This way, the two new Eighth Order masters in the Eight Directions Array would find it difficult to persist and give Lin Wu a chance to enter the Eight Directions Array.

Everything was going according to Mo Na Ye’s plan.

After Lin Wu joined the battle formation, all of Mo Na Ye's chess pieces were in place, and Yang Kai couldn’t escape death. After being entangled with each other for so many years, his old enemies were about to be destroyed. Perhaps it was because he wanted to reminisce about the past, or perhaps it was out of respect for the strong, or perhaps it was out of pride, Mo Na Ye couldn’t help spouting some nonsense.

At this moment, two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples rushed towards Xiang Shan while one of them, Lin Wu, broke through the Eight Directions Array and thrust his sword towards Yang Kai’s back, his killing intent soaring.

The chaotic battlefield seemed to have suddenly become silent as every Human Race master’s vision was filled with despair and helplessness.

Only the Black Ink Clan was attacking madly while Mo Na Ye was laughing!

“You dare!” Ouyang Lie roared, his entire body on the verge of burning.

“Big Brother!” Yang Xue also screamed, wanting to break free from the Chaotic Spirit King’s entanglement to save Yang Kai, but she was unable to.

The Chaos Spirit King’s strength was slightly stronger than hers, so it wasn’t easy to deal with.

Yang Kai sighed in his heart!

Since Lin Wu had already predicted that he would be in danger, how could he not have taken precautions? If he had not thought of anything, he would have definitely died.

Because of this, Yang Kai had an opportunity to escape.

However… if he were to leave, what would happen to the remaining six people? Without the support of the battle formation and suffering a backlash from it, half of these six people would die on the spot!

As such, even though he knew he had been attacked, Yang Kai found it difficult to retreat. Forcefully suppressing the surging blood in his chest and abdomen, he released his Soul Power to the surrounding area, drawing in everyone’s scattered Qi, and in the blink of an eye, he had completed his adjustments. Using himself as the formation eye, he once again formed the Seven Directions Array.

At the same time, he flicked his finger and a wooden box flew out.

The Azure Dragon Spear was also summoned at this moment. The long Space-Time River coiled around the Azure Dragon Spear as Yang Kai’s spear shot towards Mo Na Ye.

A violent burst of energy erupted and everyone’s bodies trembled violently. Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of golden blood, but at least he managed to block Mo Na Ye’s killing blow.

However, in the next instant, a long sword pierced through his chest and the power of the sword exploded. Yang Kai’s figure staggered as he swept out his spear again, sending Lin Wu, who had tried to sneak attack him, flying.

After the long sword was pulled out, Yang Kai’s chest was covered in blood and his face instantly paled as his aura weakened!

At the same time the battle erupted, the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples from Xiang Shan’s side also rushed forward, but when these two Black Ink Disciples attacked, their eyes met with Xiang Shan’s endless rage.

Just as he was about to break through to the next realm, Xiang Shan suddenly stood up, grabbed a long blade, and sent out a boundless blade light. The World Force around his body surged violently towards the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

He had taken the initiative to give up on this promotion!

There was nothing he could do about this. If he didn’t give up now, he would only become a punching bag. Relying on the Spirit Arrays he had set up before, there was no way he could resist two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

Compared to losing his life, giving up on breaking through was the only option.

The two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had both broken through to the Eighth Order in the universe furnace world, so how could they be Xiang Shan’s opponent even if they were two against one? In just an instant, they had been suppressed.

However, considering the other party’s identity as a Human Race, Xiang Shan did not kill them.

In the midst of this fierce battle, Xiang Shan’s aura, which was originally at its peak, slowly fell. This was undoubtedly a sign that his breakthrough had failed. Fortunately, even if his breakthrough failed, it wouldn’t affect his strength much.

In less than a few breaths of time, the Eight Directions Array was broken, Yang Kai was seriously injured, Xiang Shan had given up on his breakthrough, and all of the Human Race’s masters were in danger.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 18, 2023

They had been fighting for thousands of years against Inkies and know the possibility of getting inked. When they got transported INDIVIDUALLY inside the furnace nobody thought to check each other's universe to see if they are inked or not? Even 8th orders still should be checked since there are pseudos inside as well. But of course it's not convenient for author to do this or no drama at all. And where the fuck are the stone race? Is YK reserving them for Black Ink who is not affected by this unless it's pure light.

Let's guess the next solution to this almost dead end situation.

1.YK will combine all three bodies.

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Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
Jul 03, 2023

Bro, are you perharps consuming drugs or have amynesia? I wont even explain anything, else I waste my time on this. Everything was already explained, you just need to read.


Boban Germanovic
Boban Germanovic
Jan 25, 2023

Here we go again the Author using the fact that we dont know how the battlefield and formations are aranged and look like to pull stuff off. Where were those 2 black disciples in the formation exactly to just be able to run towards Xiang Shan without being stopped or attacked. Why didnt the other 6 people that were in formation with YK attack Lin Wu or try to stop him, they are all around him no? And they all suffered a backlash. Also those other 5 could afford to leave defense line and Meng Que just followed them instead of attacking that weakened line?

Mar 30, 2023
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I thought you said last chapter was the last one you would complain about dumbfuck? Everything makes perfect sense you just can't comprehend words apparently

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