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On Yang Kai’s side, he had been paying close attention to Xiang Shan’s movements. After all, the core of this battle was whether Xiang Shan could advance to the Ninth Order in time.

At this moment, sensing the aura from Xiang Shan’s side, Yang Kai faintly felt that it was about time.

He also couldn’t understand how Xiang Shan had taken so long to break through to the Ninth Order. When Ouyang Lie had just broken through, he had been standing guard beside him, and it hadn’t taken him that long.

Before he came here, Xiang Shan should have already been refining the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, and he should have been refining it for a very long time. It had been so long since he joined the battlefield, yet Xiang Shan had yet to successfully break through.

He could only guess that this had something to do with the fall in Xiang Shan’s grade back then. Perhaps there would be some unexpected trouble if his grade fell.

However, the most difficult part was already over. As long as he could hold on for a while longer, when Xiang Shan broke through, the Human Race would launch a counterattack.

The birth of a Ninth Order Supreme would definitely break this stalemate, and at that time, Mo Na Ye and the other Royal Lord might have a chance to be killed!

“Haha!” Amidst the fierce battle, a light laugh suddenly rang out. Yang Kai was startled and looked up to see Mo Na Ye smiling faintly at him.

The meaningful smile caused Yang Kai’s heart to skip a beat as he instinctively felt that something was wrong!

In this kind of situation, what was this guy laughing about? He and Mo Na Ye were old rivals, and after fighting for so many years, it could be said that they understood each other quite well.

Mo Na Ye belonged to the type of person who planned before acting, and he was also considered an anomaly in the Black Ink Clan. In a confrontation with him, Yang Kai would basically not suffer any losses, but Yang Kai would never underestimate him because of this.

At this time, Mo Na Ye shouldn’t be laughing, he should be thinking of a way to destroy his Eight Directions Array, but he was smiling…

That smile was filled with meaning, as if victory was in his grasp, mocking his ignorance…

A faint sense of crisis suddenly filled his heart!

Yang Kai felt a great sense of alarm in his heart. Something had been overlooked, something he hadn’t paid attention to.

Moreover… he had already felt that something was not quite right. This Mo Na Ye was able to resist his Eight Directions Array for such a long time, so why had he not quickly defeated Yang Xiao’s Six Directions Array?

Before he appeared on this battlefield, Yang Xiao and the others had been using their Six Directions Array to resist him.

Previously, Yang Kai had thought that Mo Na Ye was afraid he would be injured. After all, it was quite troublesome for the Black Ink Clan to be injured, especially when they were at the level of a Royal Lord.

However, Mo Na Ye was such a quick-witted person, so how could he show mercy at such a critical moment? How could he not know that defeating Yang Xiao’s Six Directions Array would give the Black Ink Clan a victory?

At that time, as long as he paid a certain price, Yang Xiao and the others would definitely not be his opponent.

What made him choose to confront him?

Many thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind. He knew that something must have gone wrong, but in this situation, he couldn’t afford to think too much about it.

“Even if you smile at me, it won’t change anything!” Yang Kai said coldly. He didn’t know what had gone wrong, so he decided to act first and deal with any changes.

Mo Na Ye laughed again as he resisted Yang Kai’s fierce attacks while asking, “Xiang Shan, are you about to break through?”

Like Yang Kai, he had also been paying attention to the movements on Xiang Shan’s side. Although he didn’t know when Xiang Shan would break through his shackles, he was unable to conceal the movements on his side, so he could vaguely sense something.

Yang Kai felt that something was wrong. At this time, Mo Na Ye was still in the mood to talk to him about Xiang Shan, which was quite strange.

Yang Kai remained silent, his attacks becoming stronger.

Mo Na Ye said, “Yang Kai, you are a very good opponent. Whether I am the Territory Lord, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, or the current Royal Lord, all of us admire you greatly! The Human Race being able to persist until now without being defeated is all thanks to you! If it weren’t for your thousands of years of hard work, the Human Race would have long been defeated. I, Mo Na Ye, admit that you are our greatest enemy, but it’s a pity that you don’t have a chance to become a Ninth Order, otherwise it would really be a headache.”

In the midst of this fierce battle, his voice rang out and speaking freely.

Everyone was confused, not knowing what Mo Na Ye was trying to do. In such a life or death situation, why would he have such leisure?

However, Mo Na Ye didn’t care, as if he will missed this opportunity to say these words if he didn't do it now, causing him to feel uncomfortable. He looked at Yang Kai with some pity in his eyes, “There is a saying among your Human Race, that you were born at the wrong time. Since you were born in an era, you must bear the shackles and sins of that era. The Cave Heaven Paradise forced you to break through to the Fifth Order, and now your limit is the Eighth Order. Now, they have to rely on you to save the Human Race, don’t you have any hatred in your heart?”

His voice was low, as if it contained a kind of bewitching power.

From all directions, many of the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise had looks of guilt on their faces. Speaking of which, the Cave Heaven Paradise's actions back then were indeed dishonest. Although only a few families had taken action, it represented the standpoint of all the Cave Heaven Paradise.

However, at that time, it was also inevitable. Having suffered a loss once, the Cave Heaven Paradise would never allow an unknown cultivator to directly break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven directly. Whether it was for personal reasons or for public opinion, it was necessary to suppress Yang Kai.

After all, a Seventh Order cultivator had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order while the Ninth Order masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise were all gathered in the Ink Battlefield. Once Yang Kai reached the Ninth Order, if he had any ill intentions, the Cave Heaven Paradise would be in great trouble.

Over the years, many people had also thought that if they hadn’t suppressed Yang Kai back then and allowed him to directly break through to the Seventh Order, with his talent and luck, he would probably have already reached the Ninth Order.

This was undoubtedly of great help to the Human Race.

However, now that things had reached this point, there was no point in regretting. When Yang Kai chose to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven directyl, his future had already been decided.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Sowing discord? At this point, what use is such a trick to me?”

Mo Na Ye sighed, “I’m not trying to sow discord, I’m just asking a simple question, but it seems I didn’t misjudge you. Even if the Cave Heaven Paradise had let you down, you were still willing to work hard for them!”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “For so many years, I’ve been trying to figure out how to kill you! Unfortunately, I never had a good opportunity to do so. Who asked you to be so good at running? Space Abilities are truly a headache. The previous battle was the best opportunity, but unfortunately, it was destroyed by the appearance of the Universe Furnace. If it wasn’t for the Universe Furnace suddenly appearing, you might not have survived until today.”

Yang Kai frowned, “What’s the point of saying all this now? Are you sure you can eat me now?”

Something was wrong, something was very wrong! Mo Na Ye seemed to have everything under his control, so he definitely had some kind of scheme up his sleeve. However, Yang Kai couldn’t think too much about it and couldn’t see through his true thoughts. He could only think of a way to entice Mo Na Ye to say something so he could see through his thoughts.

However, Mo Na Ye seemed to have seen through Yang Kai’s intentions and chuckled lightly, “I’ve plotted for so many years and so many times, but this is the only time I’ve succeeded, so I’ve spoken too much. I hope Brother Yang won’t take offense. If this continues, Xiang Shan will really advance.”

Saying so, his face suddenly became cold as he stared at Yang Kai and coldly said, “Yang Kai, do you know? I’ve been waiting for you to come, and I was certain you would appear. This battle was caused by you, so how could you not come? Fortunately, I waited for you!”

At this moment, Yang Kai’s heart was suddenly shrouded in a shadow, a great sense of crisis enveloping him, but he had no idea what Mo Na Ye was trying to do.

Many thoughts flashed across his mind, and suddenly, he seemed to understand something…

Mo Na Ye stared at him and lightly spat out a few words, “Black Ink Will Live Forever!”

Yang Kai suddenly turned his head towards Xiang Shan and shouted, “Senior Brother Xiang, be careful!”

At the same time he shouted, he suddenly saw two Eighth Order masters from the Human Race’s camp suddenly break away from their respective positions and rush towards Xiang Shan.

Yang Kai’s eyes bulged!

Black Ink Disciple!

He finally understood what he had overlooked. It was Black Ink Disciple!

The Black Ink Clan had arranged for Black Ink Disciple to remain in the Human Race’s camp, ready to attack Xiang Shan at any moment.

Therefore, Mo Na Ye had never been worried that Xiang Shan would break through to the Ninth Order because it was absolutely impossible for him to succeed. He had repeatedly mentioned Xiang Shan because everything was under his control.

In that instant, not only were the Black Ink Clan masters stunned, but the Human Race was also caught off guard. No one had expected that their ally, who had just fought alongside them, would suddenly turn against them and attack the key to this battle.

Everyone had been too careless.

The existence of Black Ink Disciple was not rare. In the early years, when they fought with the Black Ink Clan, there were often people from the Human Race who went missing and were captured by the Black Ink Clan and turned into Black Ink Disciple, especially on the Ink Battlefield.

However, ever since Yang Kai brought the Light of Purification and asked for ten Sun and Moon Marks from Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, the Human Race no longer had to worry about Black Ink Disciple.

Every battlefront camp was guarded by a large number of Expelling Black Ink Battleships that were sealed with Light of Purification. Any cultivator who returned from outside would have to pass through the Expelling Black Ink Battleships to enter the camp.

The Human Race also had Expelling Black Ink Pills! If one were to take one before the battle with the Black Ink Clan, they would not be inked.

The Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds for many years, and although they had managed to convert some of their hunters into Black Ink Disciples, their numbers had always been small and their strength was not high.

Many of the new generation’s cultivators had never seen Black Ink Disciple before, and an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple had never appeared in these past few years.

In order to transform an Eighth Order Open Heaven into a Black Ink Disciple, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had to personally act.

Therefore, when the Eighth Order Cultivators formed their battle formation to defend against the enemy, they lacked vigilance and no one would think that their companion was a Black Ink Disciple.

Even Yang Kai had overlooked this point.

But what if these Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples weren’t Eighth Order when they were transformed? That would be much simpler.

This time, the Human Race's side was not limited to the Eighth Order when entering the Universe Furnace, but also many Seventh Order. They had not come here for the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, but for those Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill.


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