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At this moment, seeing Tian Xiuzhu leading his men to attack, how could Meng Que dare to face him head-on? He instinctively dodged to the side.

Unexpectedly, Tian Xiuzhu had no intention of confronting him, instead leading his Five Directions Array to brush past his body and rush towards Yang Kai.

Meng Que was stunned for a moment before suddenly reacting, turning his head and shouting, “In your dreams! All of you, stay!”

Although he didn’t know the exact intentions of Tian Xiuzhu and the others, he could tell that these five Eighth Order masters wanted to assist Yang Kai, so how could he allow them to do so?

There were nearly ten Pseudo-Royal Lords present, and none of them had made any mistakes in the areas that the others were responsible for. If a powerful enemy were to escape from his side, it would be unreasonable.

Originally, he hadn’t received much attention from these five, if these five ruined Mo Na Ye’s plans, this fellow wouldn’t let him off.

As such, Meng Que was determined to keep Tian Xiuzhu and the others here and forcefully circulate his strength to chase after the Five Directions Array. As he chased after them, his Ink Force surged and he launched a series of attacks.

The attack from Meng Que was not to be underestimated, so Tian Xiuzhu and the others had no choice but to counterattack, entangling with one another as they approached the battlefield where the Eight Directions Array and Mo Na Ye were.

Soon, Tian Xiuzhu’s brow wrinkled. If this continued, they would either have to quickly escape from Meng Que or quickly deploy some people to support the Eight Directions Array. Otherwise, they would only draw the enemy closer to Yang Kai and the others, making the situation worse.

He could already see that two of the Eight Directions Array’s Eighth Order Human Race masters were about to collapse…

Ouyang Lie, who was fighting against Xiao You and the other Black Ink Clan masters, also noticed the situation here and wanted to come over to support them, but he was held back by Xiao You and the other Territory Lords.

Yang Xue’s side was even more impossible to count on. Strictly speaking, her strength was inferior to the Chaos Spirit King’s, so now that she was able to contend with it and restrain it, she had gone all out.

At this critical moment, Tian Xiuzhu shouted, “Two of you go!”

Inside the battle formation, the four people understood.

Lin Wu immediately responded, “I’ll go!”

Saying so, he immediately left the battle formation and rushed towards Yang Kai. In the next moment, another figure flew out, it was Zhan Tianhe.

Joining forces with Yang Kai to resist a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was a huge risk, and if one wasn’t careful, they could be consigned to eternal damnation. Lin Wu, an Eighth Order cultivator who had broken through in the universe furnace world, had such a responsibility, so Zhan Tianhe, as his Senior Brother, was naturally not inferior.

With two people less on the Five Directions Arrays, it had suddenly become a Three Directions Array. Coupled with all the previous battles, Tian Xiuzhu and the others had long since lost their peak strength, so how could they be a match for a Pseudo-Royal Lord?

The situation suddenly became precarious.

Fortunately, it was not easy for Meng Que to kill them. This guy was also seriously injured and his strength had been greatly damaged. If he had been in good condition, he would have been able to quickly kill Tian Xiuzhu and the others.

Two breaths later, Lin Wu and Zhan Tianhe arrived near the battlefield where the Eight Directions Array and Mo Na Ye were entangled. Lin Wu called out, “Senior Brother Yang, we have come to assist!”

Yang Kai happily replied, “Good!”

Just as he was worrying about how to maintain the Eight Directions Array, two replacement candidates arrived.

In this Eight Directions Array, with him as the formation eye, Fang Tianci, Thunder Shadow, Yang Xiao, and Blood Crow, there were five of them. The remaining three Yang Kai was not too familiar with, one of them was an old Eighth Order while the other two should be new Eighth Order.

The problem was these two new Eighth Order masters. Their foundation couldn’t compare to the old Eighth Order master, and they also didn’t have the physical strength of Yang Xiao, Thunder Shadow, and the others, nor did they have the solid foundation of Fang Tianci and Blood Crow. When they were fighting with Yang Kai in the battle formation, they had suffered too much pressure. At this moment, their bodies were on the verge of collapse, and even the Small Universe’s aura was in chaos.

If this continued, it wouldn’t be long before they were powerless to continue. Once the two of them were unable to persist, the Eight Directions Array would collapse.

Mo Na Ye had seen through this point, which was why he had changed from defending to attacking. Even if he was injured, he still wanted to quickly defeat Yang Kai’s battle formation, especially the position of the two new Eighth Order masters.

Once Yang Kai and the others lost their Eight Directions Array, how could they be his opponent? At that time, he could kill whoever he wanted!

However, his plan was disrupted by the unexpected actions of Tian Xiuzhu and the others. Seeing the two Eighth Order cultivators who were still in good condition rush over, Mo Na Ye became anxious and his attacks became even fiercer, even wanting to bypass Yang Kai and the others to kill Lin Wu and Zhan Tianhe.

How could Yang Kai allow such a thing to happen? Leading the crowd, he began to engage in a heated battle while simultaneously sending a voice transmission to the Eighth Order who were unable to hold on, let them find a chance to exchange position with Lin Wu and Zhan Tianhe.

The two of them understood and nodded, their faces filled with shame and unwillingness.

At such a critical moment, they, who were in the middle of the battle formation, had encountered some kind of problem that could lead to the complete collapse of the situation. This naturally made them feel quite uncomfortable.

However, there was a limit to human strength, and they really couldn’t hold on any longer. The immense pressure from both inside and outside had caused their Small Universe to tremble violently. If this continued, they would only become a breakthrough point for Mo Na Ye, and at that time, they would implicate Yang Kai and the others.

Rather than stubbornly holding on, it was better to retreat!

Lin Wu and Zhan Tianhe rushed towards Yang Kai, but before they even arrived, their auras had already arrived.

On the battlefield, this kind of last minute change was an extremely risky move. Originally, the Eight Directions Array was already difficult to form, and in a situation where both sides were entangled with each other, if they were to change sides halfway, the situation would collapse.

No one had ever done so before.

This was a huge test for the person who was the formation eye. After all, as the formation eye, everyone’s strength had to be adjusted, so it could be said that the leadership of the entire battle formation was completely in the hands of the formation eye.

At the same time that Lin Wu and Zhan Tianhe’s auras arrived, the two Eighth Order who were unable to hold on began preparing to retreat, and Yang Kai had to devote half of his energy to maintain the operation of the battle formation. This time, the situation was not too good and it only got worse. Mo Na Ye took this opportunity to increase his offensive again, the battle formation was turbulent, and everyone shook wildly.

In the next moment, two figures flew out from the battle formation while Lin Wu and Zhan Tianhe flashed into the battle formation. Yang Kai roared as he focused all his attention on adjusting the battle formation while Mo Na Ye attacked.

The momentum of the Eight Directions Array quickly stabilized after just two breaths.

The formation was formed again!

Everyone’s anxious hearts finally relaxed, and they all exclaimed in amazement. Fortunately, Yang Kai was in charge of the situation. If it were anyone else, they would have most likely collapsed.

“Hurry up and help me!” On the other side, Tian Xiuzhu, who was leading Xiong Ji and Liu Feifei against Meng Que, hurriedly shouted.

He was about to collapse…

Seemingly because his defense is flawed, allowing the Human Race to have a chance to replace players at the last moment, Meng Que became somewhat angry. He was already heavily injured, but at this moment, he completely disregarded his own injuries and madly poured out his strength towards Tian Xiuzhu and the others.

In this kind of battle, even if he could kill Tian Xiuzhu and the others, he would definitely not have a good end, but Meng Que couldn’t care less.

The two Eighth Order broke away from the Eight Directions Array, and immediately swallowed a lot of Spirit Pill, and quickly moved closer to Tian Xiuzhu.

During their confrontation with Mo Na Ye just now, they didn’t even have time to take a Spirit Pill.

When these two new Eighth Order met up with Tian Xiuzhu and the others and re-established their Five Directions Array, the pressure on Tian Xiuzhu and the others lessened slightly.

However, it was difficult for them to hold on for too long. After all, these two new Eighth Order had suffered heavy injuries.

“Come to my side!” Ouyang Lie shouted. While he was fighting against Xiao You and the Four Directions Array formed by the eight Territory Lords, although he didn’t have the upper hand, protecting his clansmen was not a problem.

When Tian Xiuzhu heard this, he didn’t hesitate at all and led the other four people towards Ouyang Lie. Meng Que followed closely behind. Soon, both sides gathered together and the battlefield became a battle between a Ninth Order and Five Directions Array against a Royal Lord, a Pseudo-Royal Lord, and two Four Directions Array. The Human Race was at a slight disadvantage, but Tian Xiuzhu and the others weren’t in any immediate danger.

Seeing that there was no way to kill this powerful enemy, Meng Que slowed down his attacks slightly. At this moment, he had calmed down and knew that there was no way to reverse the situation, so it was best to focus on his own safety. With his heavily injured body, it was not appropriate for him to risk his life.

The situation on the battlefield was ever-changing, and victory and defeat were constantly fluctuating. With the exchange of manpower, Yang Kai’s Eight Directions Array temporarily stabilized, and Mo Na Ye once again fell into a disadvantageous position.

Yang Xue’s situation remained unchanged.

The pressure on Ouyang Lie’s side increased slightly.

On Xiang Shan’s side, the Human Race was still as loyal as ever, forming an indestructible line of defense. Although the number of Black Ink Clan masters far exceeded that of the Human Race, they were temporarily helpless.

In truth, if the Black Ink Clan were to ignore their casualties and forcefully attack, the Human Race might not be able to defend themselves, but this would require the assistance of the Pseudo-Royal Lords, most of whom would likely die in battle.

These Pseudo-Royal Lords had all been created using the Fusion Technique. The birth of each Pseudo-Royal Lord meant the sacrifice of more than ten Innate Territory Lords.

It was almost a one in a million chance that they would be able to become Pseudo-Royal Lords. The Black Ink Clan valued their lives, so how could they be willing to give up their lives here?

Even though the Black Ink Clan had the advantage, they were actually unable to do anything against the Human Race’s defenses.

In the middle of the defensive line, Xiang Shan sat cross-legged while the phantom of a Small Universe appeared behind him, his aura constantly rising, almost breaking through the limit of an Eighth Order.

At this moment, ninety percent of his Small Universe's barrier had been destroyed, leaving only the last of its shackles to be broken. When his Small Universe's barrier was broken and his territory expanded, it would be time to break through to the Ninth Order.

When Ouyang Lie was fighting against a powerful enemy, he was still cursing and urging Xiang Shan to quickly break through, but this was not something that could be rushed.


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