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The Best Quality Open Heaven Pill lived up to its reputation as the greatest opportunity in the world. Xiang Shan could clearly feel that under the effects of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, his Small Universe’s thick barrier was slowly melting. Once this damned barrier was completely broken, he would be able to break through to the Ninth Order Open Heaven.

However, at this moment, less than seventy percent of the barrier had been destroyed, leaving only thirty percent of it behind, blocking the Small Universe’s expansion and making it difficult for him to cross that threshold.

Xiang Shan’s heart was burning with anxiety, but there was nothing he could do. He even had thoughts of giving up on his breakthrough.

If he gave up on his breakthrough, the Human Race’s situation would not be so passive. At the very least, there would be no need for so many Human Race masters to surround and protect him.

But if he really gave up on advancing, not to mention wasting a rare Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, in this situation, what use could a peak Eighth Order like him have?

Only by breaking through, with the strength of a Ninth Order Supreme, only then can he turn the universe upside-down!

Ouyang Lie was anxious, but how could he not be? But what can he do?

Gritting his teeth, he pushed his strength to the limit and began refining the Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacy, hoping that it would help the Small Universe’s barrier melt faster.

Inside the protective circle formed by the Human Race’s masters, the Eighth Order Human Race master who was separated by Yang Kai earlier had formed a Five Directions Array with others to defend themselves.

Of these five, Tian Xiuzhu, a veteran Eighth Order acting as the formation eye, Zhan Tianhe, Xiong Ji, Liu Feifei, and Lin Wu were all present. Among the five of them, besides Lin Wu, who had broken through to the Eighth Order in this universe furnace world, the others had long since reached the Eighth Order, so their strength was not weak.

In the fierce battle with the Black Ink Clan masters, Lin Wu suddenly sent a voice transmission to everyone, “Everyone, I’m afraid Senior Brother Yang won’t be able to hold out for long.”

Since he didn’t mention this matter, the others didn’t want to think too much about it, but as soon as the topic was brought up, Liu Feifei also became worried, “The Eight Directions Array’s burden on the people who form it is too great.”

To be honest, when Yang Kai’s side displayed the Eight Directions Array, not only was the Black Ink Clan shocked, even the Human Race was shocked.

However, considering the fact that Yang Kai was a legendary figure who could always accomplish things ordinary people couldn’t, it was understandable.

However, although the battle formation had been formed, it was hard to say how long it would last.

This was something everyone could see, so Mo Na Ye was stalling while Ouyang Lie roared.

Tian Xiuzhu shouted, “Don’t be distracted, focus on defending!”

At a time like this, all they needed to do was focus on their own affairs, what was the point of worrying about other battlefields? If their side was broken through by a Black Ink Clan master, Xiang Shan would be in danger.

In the end, they were all new generation Eighth Order, not as steady as the veterans! Tian Xiuzhu thought to himself.

Under normal circumstances, if he said so, the others would naturally obey, but Lin Wu seemed to be a man of his own opinion, so he said, “Senior Brother Tian, we must think of a way to support Senior Brother Yang’s side, otherwise, once that side’s forces are defeated, the situation will become irreversible.”

Tian Xiuzhu frowned, “How do we support them?” What was he thinking? There were many Black Ink Clan masters in the periphery, so it was difficult for them to break through the defensive line. The reason why Blood Corw was able to escape was because he cultivated a special cultivation technique that caught the Black Ink Clan off guard.

The few of them didn’t have Blood Crow’s ability, so how could they leave? Moreover, if they left, the pressure here would be even greater.

Lin Wu quickly said, “It’s not that I don’t believe in Senior Brother Yang’s ability. With Senior Brother Yang’s ability, even if he is the formation eye, maintaining the Eight Directions Array shouldn’t be a problem, but what about the others? How long can they last? Besides Senior Brother Yang, if any of the other seven can’t hold on, it will lead to the collapse of the battle formation.”

This was the truth, and everyone was worried.

Lin Wu continued, “Looking at the situation here, besides us, there is no one else who can help Senior Brother Yang. If even we don’t try to think of a solution, do we really have to wait for the Eight Directions Array to collapse? Senior Brother Tian, please reconsider!”

Everyone fell silent.

The reason why Lin Wu said that besides them, no one else had a chance to help Yang Kai was mainly because the pressure they were facing was smaller than the others, because they were facing a heavily injured Pseudo-Royal Lord!

Meng Que!

The Black Ink Clan’s side had nearly ten Pseudo-Royal Lords gathered here, and although one of them had been killed by Yang Kai’s sneak attack just now, there were still many of them. At this moment, they were scattered in all directions, creating pressure for the Human Race.

Tian Xiuzhu and the others were facing Meng Que and some Territory Lords.

Regarding Meng Que, Zhan Tianhe and the others were naturally no strangers to him. He, Xiong Ji, and Liu Feifei had first encountered Meng Que and had nearly been killed by this Pseudo-Royal Lord. If Ouyang Lie hadn’t appeared in time to save them, they would have most likely died. When Ouyang Lie had formed a Four Directions Array with them to defend against the enemy, Yang Kai had rushed out and injured Meng Que, forcing him to retreat.

When Yang Xiao led the reinforcements over, Meng Que fought a great battle with Yang Xiao and the others and suffered some losses, adding to his injuries…

As a result, Meng Que was heavily injured and was unable to display his full strength.

The other Pseudo-Royal Lords were different, all of them in perfect condition, making it difficult for the Human Race to make any breakthroughs.

So if someone really wanted to help Yang Kai, breaking through from Meng Que was the best option. It had to be said that Lin Wu’s vision was quite sharp.

After hearing this, Tian Xiuzhu couldn’t help calming down and nodding, “You’re right, only we can help Junior Brother Yang.”

Sure enough, he was old. Although he had more experience than these young people, he was nowhere near as quick-witted as them.

Lin Wu said in a low voice, “Senior Brother Tian, we should be prepared and ready to assist at any time!”

Tian Xiuzhu nodded slightly, “Follow my orders!”

“Yes!” Everyone nodded.

In the next moment, Tian Xiuzhu’s Divine Sense surged as he sent out a voice transmission to the surrounding forces. The Human Race masters who had formed a defensive line all nodded and prepared to lend Tian Xiuzhu and the others a hand at the critical moment.

The arrangements were quickly made, but Tian Xiuzhu didn’t immediately lead his men to assist them. This was just a precautionary measure, so it would be best if they didn’t need to use it. Maintaining the current situation and ensuring that the defensive line didn’t fall is priority, if such a terrible situation really occurred, they would have to go and assist.

In the Eight Directions Array, everyone was under great pressure. Even Yang Kai’s body was covered in cracks and blood.

Every time they attacked, it was a test of their physical strength and will, but if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to compete with a Royal Lord.

At this moment, Mo Na Ye was also in a miserable state. Even though he was a Royal Lord, he was still unable to resist the Eight Directions Array and was forced to retreat, his Ink Force dissipating.

Strictly speaking, a Seven Directions Array was enough to contend with a new Royal Lord master like him. With Yang Kai as the formation eye, the Eight Directions Array was enough to deal with older Royal Lord like Mo Yu.

On the battlefield, the group led by Yang Kai had undoubtedly gained the upper hand. Everyone was fighting with all their might, but it was extremely difficult to kill a Royal Lord. No matter how miserable Mo Na Ye was, the foundation of a Royal Lord was still there. Unless they had overwhelming strength, it would be difficult to kill him.

Yang Kai and the others were now riding a tiger, unable to get off. Everyone had expected this result, but there was no way to reverse the situation.

The Space-TIme River had been transformed into a long whip by Yang Kai, and every time it lashed out, it was the fusion of thousands of Great Daos.

Unparalleled momentum, once it was released, it would weaken again.

When the offensive and momentum of the Eight Directions Array began to fall, the battered Mo Na Ye laughed loudly, “Yang Kai, if you can’t kill me today, it will be your end!”

Yang Kai stared at him coldly, not saying a word as he lashed out with his whip again. The originally incomparably sharp attack suddenly became sluggish, but in the midst of this battle, one of the Eighth Order masters couldn’t hold on any longer and spat out a mouthful of blood, his aura rapidly weakening.

He had persisted for too long!

For thousands of years, the Human Race’s masters had formed a battle formation to resist the enemy, but apart from this one time, the Eight Directions Array had only appeared once. At that time, it had lasted less than twenty breaths of time. In those twenty breaths of time, the Eighth Order master acting as the formation eye had died on the spot, while the other seven had suffered heavy injuries.

On the other hand, the result of this battle was to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord and several other Territory Lords who had joined forces.

Since then, the Eight Directions Array had not appeared on any battlefield until today!

How long did everyone last this time? A full incense stick’s worth of time had passed. Although most of the pressure was withstood by Yang Kai, the others still had to endure it.

The pressure not only came from the battle formation itself, but also from the counterattack of the Royal Lord Mo Na Ye…

An Eighth Order was about to collapse.

With one, there would soon be a second, a third…

Seeing this, Mo Na Ye immediately changed his attitude and became arrogant, “My turn!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he switched from defending to attacking, and the boundless Ink Force transformed into a sharp attack that surged forward.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, but he could only use his Space-Time River to block the attacks.

In that instant, the Human Race’s advantage, which was originally lacking, gradually disappeared…

At the same time, Tian Xiuzhu, who had been paying close attention to the situation, sent out a voice transmission, “It’s time, please lend me a hand!”

With this command, the many Human Race masters in this position all activated their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, changing their defensive stance and taking the initiative to attack.

This sudden change caught the Black Ink Clan masters off guard and for a time they found it difficult to resist.

While Meng Que, who was sitting in this position, was slightly startled, he saw a Five Directions Array rushing towards him in a fearless manner.

The leader, Tian Xiuzhu, shouted, “Bastard, hand over your life!”

This indomitable momentum really gave Meng Que a fright. Although he was the third Black Ink Clan Pseudo Royal Lord, he had never been valued.

Now that the Black Ink Clan had given birth to a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lords, his importance had undoubtedly fallen greatly.

He had always had great ambitions and had wanted to achieve great achievements in this universe furnace world, but his luck wasn’t so good. He had repeatedly encountered powerful enemies and suffered heavy injuries, making him quite depressed.


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