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Even after racking his brains, Mo Na Ye still couldn’t figure out how Yang Kai had managed to form this Eight Directions Array so easily.

Before this guy summoned Blood Crow, everything had been under his control, including the siege of Xiang Shan and the suppression of Yang Xiao and the others. However, the moment the Eight Directions Array was formed, his control over the situation was broken.

This guy… was always able to do something surprising.

With Yang Kai as the formation eye, the Seven Directions Array formed by the various masters was already enough to rival his. Now that the Eight Directions Array had been formed, its power was even greater than before, so how could he possibly resist?

He almost couldn’t resist using his hidden trump card.

This contingency plan had been set up by Xiao You to be activated at the critical moment to ensure that this situation would not be lost. This was also the reason why Mo Na Ye had been so confident in finishing off Xiang Shan and Yang Kai.

However, if they were to act now, although Xiang Shan’s side could be dealt with, Yang Kai would be able to escape this calamity, so all the patience they had been waiting for would become meaningless.

If he only wanted to get rid of Xiang Shan, he could have used his trump card a long time ago. The reason he had been fighting with the Human Race was because he was waiting for Yang Kai to appear.

He was certain that Yang Kai will show up.

Sure enough, Yang Kai arrived a little late, everything was going according to plan.

Compared to Xiang Shan, Mo Na Ye wanted to get rid of Yang Kai, this variable. He had a feeling that if he allowed Yang Kai to live, it would bring even greater disaster to the Black Ink Clan than if Xiang Shan were to ascend to the Ninth Order.

Originally, everything was under control, but the appearance of the Eight Directions Array became the only variable that disrupted his plans.

In just a short moment of hesitation, Mo Na Ye suppressed the anxiety in his heart. It was not yet time to act. As a Royal Lord, even if Yang Kai borrowed the power of the Eight Directions Array, it would not be easy to kill him, so he still had a chance to restore order!

What’s more, it was difficult to say how long this Eight Directions Array would last. Even if it was Yang Kai, how long could he maintain this battle formation as the formation eye? Once he couldn’t, the Eight Directions Array would collapse.

With this thought in mind, Mo Na Ye also changed his aggressive stance and switched from offense to defense. Facing the torrential attacks of the Human Race’s masters, he was forced to retreat step by step, seemingly in a miserable state, but in reality he didn’t suffer much damage.

Opposite him, Yang Kai couldn’t help secretly praising Mo Na Ye. Mo Na Ye had made the right choice. In the face of a powerful enemy, if he couldn’t defeat them, he would avoid them. If he were in Mo Na Ye’s position, he would also make the same choice. Sometimes, defending was more effective than simply attacking.

It didn’t matter if the enemy was strong, as long as they could stall for time, the enemy would naturally be discouraged…

Attracting everyone’s aura and guiding all of their strength to strengthen himself, this Eight Directions Array gave Yang Kai a great deal of pressure. Even with his powerful physique, which was only a step away from becoming a Divine Dragon, it was difficult for him to maintain this state for too long. Mo Na Ye had used a dragging technique, so if he couldn’t defeat him in half an hour and force him to retreat, his advantage would be lost.

From the looks of it, he still had to take the risk…

Once the Eight Directions Array was unable to deal with Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai’s last resort would be to combine his three bodies and attempt to break through to the Ninth Order.

However, Wu Kuang was the one who had taught Yang Kai the Three Parts Normalizing Art. It was a technique he had deduced to break the shackles of the Open Heaven Method. Since he had deduced it, no one had ever cultivated it, so naturally, no one had provided Yang Kai with any valuable experience.

How was it possible to combine three bodies into one? Would one really be able to break through one’s shackles and reach the Ninth Order?

Yang Kai didn’t know any of this, so even though he had the Human Race Body and Monster Race Body with him, Yang Kai didn’t rashly choose to combine the three bodies. He had originally planned to wait until this matter was settled and return to the 3000 Worlds before finding a suitable time and safe place to do so.

In this way, if anything went wrong, he could think of a way to fix it.

However, in this situation, if he were to combine all three of his bodies, if he were to make a mistake, not only would he be doomed, but the entire Human Race here would also be in deep trouble.

However, at this moment, the tenacity and choice displayed by Mo Na Ye forced him to make such preparations.

It was better to be prepared, but it will be better if he didn't have to use this method here.

With this thought in mind, he sent a voice transmission to Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow and the man and the leopard immediately understood and quietly began to act.

Originally, in the Eight Directions Array, the Human Race Bodu and Monster Race Body had only fused their Qi and strength into Yang Kai’s body, but after receiving Yang Kai’s voice transmission, not only had they fused their Qi and strength, but their Soul Force had also quietly resonated with the main body.

The Eight Directions Array suddenly became more flexible, while Thunder Shadow and Fang Tianci’s eyes became blank, as if they had lost their consciousness and were only able to channel their energy into each other.

The reason why this Eight Directions Array could operate so freely was not because of Yang Kai’s strength as the formation eye, but rather because of the two special existences that formed it.

The Human Race Body was bestowed by the Heavens, and the birth of the Monster Race Body originated from Yang Kai’s main body. They were similar to clones, but different from actual clones, they had their own experiences.

When the main body required their cooperation, they would be able to perfectly coordinate with the main body.

So, at the end of the day, Yang Kai only needed to maintain this Eight Directions Array and comb through the strength of the other five. As for the Human Race Body and Monster Race Body, he didn’t need to worry about them at all. Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow were able to cooperate perfectly.

This was equivalent to Yang Kai using the difficulty of maintaining a Six Directions Array to stimulate the current Eight Directions Array, not to mention that Yang Xiao and Blood Crow were also in this battle formation, making it easier for them to coordinate.

If Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow were anyone else, even Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to do such a thing.

At this moment, Fang Tianci and Thunder Shadow’s Soul Force were resonating with Yang Kai’s, which was equivalent to giving up everything they had and allowing the main body to control them. Naturally, this would allow the Eight Directions Array to operate more smoothly.

The stronger the attack, the more shocked Mo Na Ye was. He had never imagined that the enemy’s strength would increase at this time.

With his eyesight, he was naturally able to see the problem and was shocked. Was Yang Kai really worthy of such trust? The two people who had formed this battle formation had completely given up on themselves and completely transformed into the source of Yang Kai’s strength. If Yang Kai was even the slightest bit disloyal, he could easily kill them.

He was somewhat envious. The Human Race was able to work together like this, but the Black Ink Clan was much worse. Although they all originated from Supreme Master and were the people of the Supreme Master, they always think about themselves first, but why is it only Mo Na Ye so different?

If he didn’t have his own careful thinking, he wouldn’t have become a Pseudo-Royal Lord and become the current Royal Lord.

Gritting his teeth, he continued to pour out his rich and pure Ink Force, blocking wave after wave of attacks…

'I don’t seek success, but I hope I don’t make any mistakes! I must persist and wait for a good opportunity!'

On the other side, Ouyang Lie fought alone against Xiao You, the Royal Lord, as well as two other Four Directions Array formed by the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Although he was alone, his strength was incomparably fierce and violent, causing Xiao You and the eight Territory Lords to be unable to raise their heads and end up in constant danger.

To be able to achieve such a feat, it was all thanks to Yang Xue’s sneak attack. If it weren’t for Yang Xue silently injuring Xiao You, Ouyang Lie would at most be able to match up to a single Xiao You, how could he have such divine might?

As he fought, he paid close attention to the situation around him. When he saw that Yang Kai had formed the Eight Directions Array to suppress Mo Na Ye, he was first happy, but soon became worried.

The burden of the Eight Directions Array against the formation eye was too great, and even Yang Kai would have a difficult time to maintain it for long. In order to maintain the suppression of an Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, Yang Kai couldn’t afford to relax even the slightest bit, otherwise the enemy would turn the table.

This was not only a test for Yang Kai, but also a test for the other masters who had formed the Eight Directions Array.

Feeling anxious, he couldn’t help roaring, “Big Head Xiang, are you not done yet?”

It had been so long, yet Xiang Shan still hadn’t broken through. Although there had been some twists and turns during his breakthrough, it hadn’t taken him so long.

In the current situation, if the Human Race wanted to win, all of their hopes would be on Xiang Shan’s side. As long as Xiang Shan successfully broke through to the Ninth Order, he would be able to instantly turn the situation around. At that time, he would be able to kill whoever he wanted, even if it was these two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords.

Unfortunately, Big Head Xiang had failed to live up to his expectations and wasted all of his prestige and talent.

Ouyang Lie was also furious, otherwise he would not have disturbed Xiang Shan at such a critical moment.

He could feel that Xiang Shan’s aura was fluctuating, hovering around the peak of the Eighth Order and unable to break through to the Ninth Order. This made him very disappointed. With the help of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, was breaking through to the Ninth Order so difficult? Why was it so easy for him?

At this moment, Xiang Shan’s mouth was also filled with bitterness. He hadn’t expected that his breakthrough would cause so many twists and turns. Perhaps the cause of this great battle was Yang Kai snatching food from a tiger’s mouth by stealing the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, but the turning point was that he had inadvertently exposed the aura of his breakthrough.

If this breakthrough was successful, they would naturally be able to take advantage of this opportunity to defeat the Black Ink Clan and kill them, but if this continued, the situation would only become worse for the Human Race.

He also wanted to quickly break through to the Ninth Order and break through his shackles, but the hidden dangers brought about by the fall of his grade had far exceeded his expectations.

The fall in grade and the breakthrough to the Eighth Order seemed to have caused the barrier to become much thicker.

This was also the reason why Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills were ineffective against him. Logically speaking, a person like him didn’t need Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. He only needed some Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill to break through his bottleneck and reach the Ninth Order.

If the other Eighth Order's barrier was a thin membrane, then his barrier was a wall!

The barrier between the Small Universe World was incomparably thick, so the medicinal efficacy of a Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill was basically useless to him. At this moment, although the medicinal efficacy of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was useful, it would take some time to polish.

Right now, the Human Race lacked time the most!


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