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In the face of a powerful enemy, once their battle formation collapsed, they would be doomed.

However, Yang Kai had no choice but to take the risk.

The momentum of the battle formation was turbulent, and Mo Na Ye’s attacks were relentless. The group of seven was forced to retreat, and one of them was seriously injured, his aura weak and blood flowing from his mouth.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only use the Space-Time River to block Mo Na Ye’s attack and relieve the pressure on his side.

However, even with the Dao of Space and Time as its foundation, the Space-Time River where thousands of Great Daos gathered together could not stop a Royal Lord for too long.

As the violent attacks fell, the great river became turbulent and the river water churned, causing Yang Kai’s blood to boil.

“Change formation!” Gritting his teeth, he forcefully maintained his aura and stepped towards Yang Xiao, who also retreated at the same time.

Although he had never cooperated with Yang Kai and was not a true blood relative, Yang Xiao had been born safely thanks to Yang Kai’s incubation, so he had a blind faith in him.

The two figures instantly swapped places. Yang Kai stood in the position of the formation eye while Yang Xiao took his place. As the aura from the four directions wrapped around him, Yang Kai quickly adjusted himself.

The turbulent atmosphere quickly stabilized, and the falling aura began to rise like a rising sun, quickly reaching a new height.

The price he had to pay for this was that the Space-Time River had almost been destroyed by Mo Na Ye. The moment the battle formation completely changed, Yang Kai quickly regained control of the Space-Time River and transformed it into a long whip that lashed towards Mo Na Ye.

The power of the Great Dao shook, causing Mo Na Ye to stagger back, causing him to be shocked.

Yang Kai’s strength had increased too much!

Before the appearance of the Universe Furnace, he had chased after Yang Kai as a Pseudo-Royal Lord. At that time, Yang Kai had barely been able to fight back and could only flee miserably. In the end, if it weren’t for the Universe Furnace suddenly appearing and creating a projection space which provided Yang Kai with a place to hide, the result of that chase would have been difficult to say.

But now, with Yang Kai as the formation eye, he was actually able to fight him, a true Royal Lord.

Of course, this display of might also showed how powerful Yang Kai was.

Sure enough, his plan was correct. Although Xiang Shan’s breakthrough to the Ninth Order was a crisis, if Yang Kai didn’t die, it would still be a big problem.

This time, he might be able to kill two birds with one stone and completely eliminate these two!

With Yang Kai as the formation eye, the Human Race’s Seven Directions Array was far more powerful than the Six Directions Array just now, and even when fighting against the Royal Lord Mo Na Ye, they were still able to advance and retreat.

For a time, the two sides fought fiercely, causing the void to collapse.

Yang Xiao had already put away the tattered Flowing Time Divine Palace. This artifact had been passed down by the Flowing Time Great Emperor and had witnessed his and Yang Xue’s thousands of years of growth before being forced to use it to resist the enemy, but if it was really destroyed, Yang Xiao’s heart would ache.

Yang Xiao didn’t need to worry about the destruction of the Flowing Time Divine Palace, he just needed to cooperate with Yang Kai wholeheartedly. Compared to leading the battle formation just now, he was much more relaxed.

After fighting for a while, Yang Kai frowned slightly.

It was still not enough. Even though he had formed the Seven Directions Array and act as the formation eye, it was still quite difficult for him to resist Mo Na Ye. In the end, it was not because of the Seven Directions Array itself, but because the injuries of the people who formed it varied.

This was especially true for one of the Eighth Order masters. His injuries were quite severe and his aura was unstable, so the power he was able to transmit from him was far inferior to that of the others, making it difficult for him to display the full power of the Seven Directions Array.

With a thought, Yang Kai sent a few words to the Eighth Order.

The Eighth Order immediately understood and nodded, “Everyone, be careful!”

Saying so, he withdrew from the battle formation, leaving the rest slightly shocked. If someone suddenly retreated, it was highly likely that the entire battle formation would collapse.

However, in the next moment, a figure quickly filled the empty spot where the Eighth Order master had left, and after a brief moment of chaos, the situation quickly stabilized.

Thunder Shadow!

It had been hiding nearby all this time, waiting for an opportunity to attack, but it had not found an opportunity to do so. At this moment, Yang Kai had sent a voice transmission to replace the heavily injured Eighth Order, ensuring that the Seven Directions Array was not lacking.

It even turned its head to smile at Fang Tianci and called out affectionately, “Second Brother!”

Fang Tianci smiled and nodded.

Yang Xiao was surprised, “You two are brothers? That’s not right, Brother Thunder Shadow is a Monster Race while Old Fang is a Human Race. When did you two become close? How come I didn’t know?”

As far as he knew, Old Fang and the Thunder Shadow didn’t have much interaction with each other. After all, in the past thousand years, the Thunder Shadow had only been active in the various Great Domain Battlefields and had spent most of its time in seclusion in the Myriad Monster World.

It was the Great Emperor of the Myriad Monster World. Cultivating there, with the help of the World Tree, it could achieve twice the results with half the effort.

Yang Xiao couldn’t understand why these two people, who shouldn’t have much interaction with each other, would call each other brothers.

Fang Tianci said meaningfully, “There are many things you don’t know.”

Yang Xiao felt that there was more to his words than met the eye, but at this moment, he couldn’t ask any more questions, so he could only suppress his doubts and focus on defending himself.

It had to be said that with the addition of the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor, not only had the power of the Seven Directions Array become stronger, but it had also become more flexible.

Even so, their confrontation with Mo Na Ye did not yield much effect.

This caused Yang Xiao to feel a chill run down his spine. Was the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord really so powerful? He had thought that with his foster father presiding over this battle formation, it wouldn’t be a problem to resist Mo Na Ye, but now it seemed he had been overthinking things.

Had this guy not used his full strength just now? Otherwise, with his Six Directions Array, even with the protection of the Flowing Time Divine Palace, it would have been difficult for him to be his opponent.

Yang Xiao was able to notice this problem, so Yang Kai naturally also noticed it. Mo Na Ye seemed to be getting stronger as the battle progressed. Even though Thunder Shadow had replaced the heavily injured Eighth Order, Yang Kai was unable to gain any advantage.

This guy… seemed a bit strange!

Since he had such great strength, why didn’t he quickly finish off Yang Xiao and the others? Was he afraid of being injured?

This was understandable. The Black Ink Clan being injured was a very troublesome matter. If he really forced Yang Xiao and the others into a corner, it was possible for him to fight with the risk of injury.

Or perhaps he had other considerations?

Regardless of what Mo Na Ye had thought before, at this moment he was displaying a courage that Yang Kai had never seen before, a courage that the Black Ink Clan never had!

The two sides fought back and forth, unleashing all kinds of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, completely fighting to the death.

Yang Kai had a bad feeling about this. If this battle continued, he would be able to hold on. After all, he was already used to this kind of fighting style, and Yang Xiao, a Dragon Clan cultivator, would probably be able to hold on. Thunder Shadow was a Monster Race cultivator, so he could hold on, but the other Eighth Order Human Race cultivators wouldn’t be able to hold on, not even Fang Tianci.

They had been injured before, so if they continued to fight like this, their injuries would only worsen.

He had to solve the problem on Mo Na Ye’s side as soon as possible, there was no hope of killing him. Mo Na Ye was already a Royal Lord, so he wouldn’t die so easily. As such, he could only think of a way to seriously injure him and force him to retreat.

Thinking so, Yang Kai clenched his teeth and shouted, “Blood Crow!”

At the Human Race’s defensive line surrounding Xiang Shan, a figure suddenly raised his head and looked towards Yang Kai. His eyes were red and his entire body was covered in a blood-red aura, exuding an extremely crazed and bloodthirsty aura.

It was Blood Crow!

His face was filled with arrogance as he grinned maliciously, “Are you thinking about your Blood Crow uncle?”

Yang Kai’s face sank as he replied, “Enough nonsense, get over here!”

“Coming, coming!” Blood Crow didn’t seem to care. With a flash of his body, he exploded, transforming into a series of blood-colored crows that flew out from the encirclement of the Black Ink Clan masters.

Mo Na Ye’s expression immediately changed as he shouted, “Stop him!”

The Black Ink Clan’s masters didn’t need him to give them any instructions and had already taken action when Blood Crow broke through the encirclement.

With a series of Secret Techniques, more than half of the blood-colored crows were instantly killed, but the remaining half successfully broke through the encirclement and reformed into Blood Crow.

He smiled disdainfully, “If this old master wants to run, can you stop me?”

Taking a step forward, he flew directly towards Yang Kai.

Mo Na Ye raised his hand and pushed his palm towards the Blood Crow, his palm spinning as if it could cover the sky. He vaguely understood Yang Kai’s intention to summon Blood Crow, so how could he allow him to come?

“In your dreams!” Yang Kai roared as he pushed his strength to the limit, sending the Space-Time River towards Mo Na Ye.

After a series of collisions, the Seven Directions Array became slightly sluggish and Mo Na Ye’s figure flickered.

Seizing this opportunity, Blood Crow arrived beside Yang Kai and shouted, “Dawn's Blood Crow, entering battle formation!”

“Come!” Yang Kai adjusted his battle formation and accept Blood Crow’s aura, quickly blending it together.

The original Seven Directions Array instantly transformed into a Eight Directions Array, and the aura of everyone gathered increased by more than thirty percent!

Mo Na Ye’s expression suddenly changed!

The Eight Directions Array had really been formed!

Although he had heard that there were masters from the Human Race who could form the Eight Directions Array, he had never seen it with his own eyes. Moreover, the Eight Directions Array had only appeared once. At that time, it had only lasted for a short time because the burden of this battle formation was too great.

After that time, the battle formation formed by the Eighth Order Masters had fallen.

However, the Black Ink Clan also paid an extremely heavy price, killing a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

It was also at that time that the Eight Directions Array became famous.

When Yang Kai summoned Blood Crow, Mo Na Ye had suspected that Yang Kai was planning to use this battle formation, so he order the Black Ink Clan masters to stop Blood Crow, but to no avail. Making Mo Na Ye's fantacy to fail.

This Eight Directions Array was not so easily formed, and even Yang Kai found it difficult to create such a miracle.

After all, Yang Kai had been acting alone for so many years and had never coordinated with anyone before, so how could it be easy for him to form such battle formation?

In fact, Yang Kai’s ability to maintain a Seven Directions Array was enough to surprise him.

But now, a brand new Eight Directions Array had appeared in front of him. The eight figures’ auras were linked together and their power was even stronger than his own.

Mo Na Ye immediately knew that he was in big trouble!


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
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Why not use the best quality pill he has as bait to free up his sister? The king spirit thingy isn't smart and doesn't want to tangle with Xiang Shan more than having the pill, so it'd follow YK for sure. And YK can escape easily... Freeing up his sister and breaking the current stalemate...

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That would not make any sense, He can barely handle Mo Na Ye and you want him to attract chaos spirit King who is stronger than a newly promoted Royal Lord, that would be suicide lol


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Harsh Khobra
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Blood Crow became itachi

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