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Mo Na Ye ignored the gazes, his heart filled with grievance and anger.

It was like this again, every time!

As long as he was up against Yang Kai, even if his strength was greater than his, he could still cause his mental state to explode. This was because if he couldn’t beat Yang Kai, he could run, and he could also run very fast, so he had been tolerating Yang Kai many times.

However, this time, he couldn’t tolerate it and couldn’t retreat.

“Yang Kai!” Mo Na Ye roared again as he increased the intensity of his attacks, causing the Six Directions Array led by Yang Xiao to become even more pressured.

The six Eighth Order masters has formed a battle formation, and with the help of the power of the Flowing Time Divine Palace, they could barely contend with Mo Na Ye, but at this moment, they couldn’t help feeling that they were no match for him.

An angry Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was truly not someone to be trifled with.

The Flowing Time Divine Palace, which had been transformed by Yang Xiao and Yang Xue’s countless battle achievements, was no less powerful than Dawn Squad's Battleship. At this moment, even with all of its defences activated, it was still shaking violently, with cracks appearing on its surface.

Yang Xiao also felt extremely aggrieved. This guy Mo Na Ye was roaring the name of his foster father and was madly trying to kill him, his foster son. What kind of logic was this…

As a son, was he supposed to shield his father?

“What are you calling my father for!”

As his voice rang out, ripples appeared in the air, and Yang Kai, who had already escaped, suddenly reappeared, still holding the flowing river in his hand.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he gently shook his hand and a dozen or so figures immediately flew out from the river. When everyone looked over, they were all shocked.

These were the dozen or so Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who had been swept into the river. However, in just a few breaths of time, these dozen or so originally lively Territory Lords had all died.

Most importantly, there were no wounds on their bodies, and their expressions were extremely peaceful, as if they had been robbed of their lives in their sleep.

The Black Ink Clan masters were all shocked!

Yang Kai was able to use that strange river to kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord, so these Territory Lords were naturally doomed to die if they were swept into the river. What made them feel horrified was how these Territory Lords had died.

The unknown was the greatest fear. Yang Kai’s method of killing Territory Lords was truly terrifying.

The moment Yang Kai appeared, the several Pseudo-Royal Lords who had been chasing him earlier all attacked, sending out powerful Secret Techniques that swept through the void.

Yang Kai’s figure flashed as his Space Principle fluctuated wildly. After taking a few hits, he brazenly charged out of the encirclement of these Pseudo-Royal Lord, coughing up blood as he rushed towards a certain direction.

In that direction, the dozen or so Territory Lords who had formed their own battle formations suddenly looked like they had lost their parents. How could they not know what Yang Kai wanted to do?

The events of the past were still fresh in their minds. The bodies of their dead clansmen were still warm, they didn’t want to die here.

Seeing Yang Kai rush towards them, the dozen or so Territory Lords were about to retreat, but at this moment, Thunder Shadow which had taken advantage of the chaos to conceal itself suddenly appeared. Thunder Spots flashed all over its body, and with it as the center, a giant thunder ball suddenly exploded, like a net of lightning that was wrapped around a rope, causing all the Territory Lords to stiffen…

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Human Race masters in that direction also began to attack these Territory Lords.

These Human Race masters were basically being beaten up because they had to set up a defensive line to protect Xiang Shan’s advancement, so they were unable to move at will. Facing the attacks of the Black Ink Clan masters, most of the time they were on the defensive. Fortunately, with the help of the Battleships they brought, they were able to persist until now.

Now that they had a chance to act, they naturally wouldn’t hesitate.

The methods of the Thunder Shadow and the Human Race’s masters had caused the dozen Territory Lords to lose their best opportunity to retreat. When Yang Kai rushed over, the huge river swept over them and the dozen Territory Lords instantly disappeared.

This scene caused Mo Na Ye to feel pain in his heart as he roared, “Yang Kai, you dare!”

On the opposite side, the Six Directions Array led by Yang Xiao was on the verge of collapse, and the pressure was increasing…

He felt extremely sorrowful in his heart. Sure enough, this time, he had come here specifically to shield his foster father.

On the other side, Yang Kai, who had collected more than ten Territory Lords, once again grabbed the Space-Time River and fled, coughing up blood as he shouted, “I’ll be back!”


The Pseudo-Royal Lord also used 120% of their strength to attack in the direction Yang Kai had fled, but no matter how they tried, there was no trace of him.

Mo Na Ye’s face was so gloomy that it was about to drip water, thinking to himself that Yang Kai was indeed a huge variable. The moment this guy appeared, he had caused a huge loss to the Black Ink Clan. Not only had more than twenty Territory Lords fallen, but even one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords had been killed.

Moreover, because they had sent out several Pseudo-Royal Lords to encircle him, the strength of the Human Race’s defensive line had become imbalanced. Originally, the Human Race’s side could only passively take a beating, but now they had actually begun to fight back. In some places, the Human Race’s side had even gained the upper hand, forcing the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords to retreat.

He couldn’t follow his rhythm anymore, otherwise he would definitely be played by him!

Mo Na Ye had fought with Yang Kai many times, so he naturally had a deep understanding of him. In the past, whenever he fought with Yang Kai, once he guided the direction of the battle, the Black Ink Clan would not be far from defeat.

After a brief consideration, Mo Na Ye shouted, “Break the Human Race’s defensive line and kill Xiang Shan!”

The several Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately changed directions and charged towards the Human Race. This was what they were originally doing, but Yang Kai had disrupted their plans. With the addition of these Pseudo-Royal Lords, the Black Ink Clan once again gained control of the situation. Although the Territory Lords was reduced by twenty now, it was not a big deal. The advantage of numbers still remained.

It had to be said that Mo Na Ye was a man of great skill and strategy, not allowing Yang Kai’s reckless actions to disturb his concentration. The core of this battle was whether Xiang Shan could break through.

As long as the Black Ink Clan could destroy Xiang Shan’s opportunity to advance and prevent the Human Race from having another Ninth Order, this battle would be won.

There was a high chance that the Human Race’s long vigilance would lead to a loss, and as long as he defeated the Six Directions Array in front of him, he would naturally be able to assist. At that time, who would die if Xiang Shan didn’t die?

If it weren’t for Yang Kai, the future of the war would be in the hands of the Black Ink Clan.

Now, even if there was an additional Yang Kai, as long as the Black Ink Clan insisted on their current plan, the Human Race would be powerless to reverse the situation. At most, they would be able to stall for time.

The battle was fierce, and Yang Kai, who had just returned, wore a solemn expression as he tossed out a dozen or so intact Territory Lord corpses from the Space-Time River.

If he had enough time, he could continue to harass the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords and weaken their forces.

However, judging from the current situation, there was not enough time.

It wasn’t that something had happened to the defensive line guarding Xiang Shan. Before he arrived, even though the Human Race’s masters were at a disadvantage, they were still able to resist the frenzied attacks of the Black Ink Clan. Now that the Black Ink Clan had lost more than twenty Territory Lords, the pressure on them had decreased somewhat.

The problem was the Six Directions Array led by Yang Xiao.

After all, the one they were facing was a true Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Even with the Flowing Time Divine Palace as a barrier, it was difficult for them to be a match for him. The only reason they had been able to fight him for so long was because they had put in all their effort.

At this moment, the Flowing Time Divine Palace was on the verge of collapse. Yang Xiao’s face was pale, and the people around him were coughing up blood, their auras weak.

The six Eighth Order masters formed the battle formation, and if any of them couldn’t hold on any longer, it would lead to the collapse of their forces. At that time, Mo Na Ye would be able to kill them all.

Mo Na Ye could clearly see that these people’s strength was not up to par, and his attacks were like a tsunami, never-ending. Not only that, but he also clenched his teeth and roared, “Yang Kai, this boy is said to be your adopted son, so what if I kill him?”

After so many years of fighting, if he couldn’t kill him, how could he not kill his adopted son?

In the air, Yang Kai frowned slightly.

Provoke me?

What the hell is this Mo Na Ye doing? What’s the point of provoking me at this time? Is he afraid I’ll target those Territory Lords again and use this opportunity to force me to fight him?


However, this Mo Na Ye fellow couldn’t be ignored. All along, this fellow had always given him the impression that he was someone who had been tolerant enough. After so many years, it was rare for him to personally act against him, so his blatant provocation might have some other meaning.

However, no matter what he planned to do, Yang Kai had to go help.

Yang Xiao and the others’ Six Directions Array wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer, and under Mo Na Ye’s fierce assault, it could be broken at any moment.

Letting out a long laugh, Yang Kai stepped forward, “Bullying a little kid, let me fight you!”

Yang Xiao rolled his eyes when he heard this. After all, he was an Ancient Dragon that was a few thousand years old, how could he be a little kid? This foster father was too much.

Sweeping past the Human Race’s defensive line, the Space-Time River in his hand lashed out like a whip, catching several Territory Lords off guard and sending them into the river.

Within the long river, violent waves and undercurrents surged as thousands of Great Daos merged together. By the time Yang Kai rushed to the battlefield, the corpses of the Territory Lords had fallen from the river and were now dead.

Taking a step into the Six Directions Array led by Yang Xiao, Yang Kai released his aura and fused it together with theirs.

The Six Directions Array instantly transformed into a Seven Directions Array, but Yang Xiao’s face was filled with difficulty as he grit his teeth and shouted.

As the formation eye, Yang Xiao needed to coordinate with the forces being transmitted from all directions and bear a great deal of pressure. As an Ancient Dragon with a body of more than nine thousand zhang, Yang Xiao should be able to withstand this pressure, but the key point was that he had never formed a Seven Directions Array with anyone before, so for a time he was unable to coordinate with everyone’s strength. When he formed the Six Directions Array, he was still able to operate it freely, but after Yang Kai’s aura fused with it, it became extremely unstable, as if it would collapse at any moment.

This was also the reason why it was difficult for the Human Race’s masters to form a high-level battle formation. The more people there were, the better but it also become harder. It was just like wearing shoes, one had to choose the most suitable ones.

Those Eighth Order Human Race cultivators who were able to form Seven Directions Array were usually active together all year round and had a deep understanding of each other. They also needed to go through countless training to form their own battle formation at critical moments.

For someone like Yang Kai, rashly breaking into a fully formed battle formation was actually a very dangerous move, because if he made a mistake, not only would he fail to form a higher level battle formation, but he would also cause the original battle formation to collapse.


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