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Yang Kai suddenly understood. No wonder the Human Race hadn’t retreated even though they were at a disadvantage. It was because they wanted to protect Xiang Shan’s breakthrough. Xiang Shan was quite lucky to have obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

Yang Kai had originally planned to give him the Spirit Pill in his hand, but now it seemed he could save it.

It was good that Xiang Shan had his own fortuitous encounter, but now that he was about to break through, he had attracted the attention of the Black Ink Clan. This was not good.

Looking at the current situation, Yang Kai was quite surprised.

The first was naturally Yang Xue’s side. After not seeing each other for so many years, this time his little sister had actually broken through to the Ninth Order! On the other hand, Yang Kai, the big brother, was still hovering around the peak of the Eighth Order. This made Yang Kai feel both gratified and disappointed.

Thinking back carefully, he had failed as a son and as a big brother.

The root of Yang Xue’s birth was because he had been roaming the world for many years and had not been able to fulfill his duty as a filial son to his parents. Moreover, there is often no news of him, so his parents were afraid that one day they would be unable to accept the news of his death. His parents could not accept such outcome, and they couldn't count on their son to be home all the time, so they decided to have another child.

As a result, Yang Xue was born…

However, ever since his little sister was born, he, as her big brother, had never fulfilled his responsibilities as her big brother. He had never accompanied her when she was a child and had never taught her how to cultivate. Even when she was out adventuring with Yang Xiao and the others, Yang Kai had not provided much protection.

Even now, his little sister was like him, rushing about outside to kill enemies, leaving her parents behind in High Heaven Palace, eagerly waiting…

What a terrible era!

In addition to Yang Xue, Yang Kai was even more surprised by Mo Na Ye.

This guy was also on the battlefield, facing the Six Directions Array led by Yang Xiao, and actually had the upper hand.

One had to know that Yang Xiao had the backing of the Flowing Time Divine Palace, and he had also formed the Six Directions Array, so how could Mo Na Ye be an opponent?

Logically speaking, he should have yet to recover from his injuries.

In the projection space of the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai had caused him to be in an extremely sorry state, and his injuries were not light.

Under normal circumstances, a Five Directions Array was enough to restrain the Pseudo-Royal Lord Mo Na Ye.

Yang Kai looked around for a moment and was shocked. Mo Na Ye’s injuries didn’t seem to be as serious as he had expected, and he was no longer a Pseudo-Royal Lord. The strength he displayed was definitely at the level of a true Royal Lord!

This guy had also obtained an opportunity and found a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill?

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with disdain, agreeing with the old saying, 'Good people don’t live long, but scourges live for a thousand years.' He had not killed Mo Na Ye in the projection space of the Universe Furnace, which was really a mistake.

It was just that at that time, he hadn’t expected that his methods would trigger the Universe Furnace’s true self, causing him and Mo Na Ye to be pulled into the universe furnace world.

“Boss, Second Brother is over there.” Thunder Shadow was still crouching on Yang Kai’s shoulder, circulating his Natal Divine Ability to conceal Yang Kai’s aura as he sent a voice transmission.

It recognized Fang Tianci. After all, everyone had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s masters in the Great Domain Battlefield and had met several times, but it had never known that Fang Tianci was Yang Kai’s Human Race Body until Yang Kai told Ouyang Lie about it.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, naturally seeing Fang Tianci.

Fang Tianci was among Yang Xiao’s Six Directions Formation, and it was thanks to his tacit cooperation with Yang Xiao that he was able to hold back the Royal Lord Mo Na Ye.

It wasn’t that Yang Xiao didn’t want to form the Seven Directions Array, if he could form the Seven Directions Array now, it would undoubtedly be of great help to the situation. At the very least, it wouldn’t be so difficult for him to fight against Mo Na Ye.

But right now, the Human Race had fewer people than the Black Ink Clan, and each of them had their own battle formations. If they were to deploy one more people, it was highly likely that the other side’s defensive line would collapse.

What’s more, the Seven Directions Array wasn’t so easy to form. Since they weren’t familiar with each other and their coordination wasn’t good enough, rashly forming the Seven Directions Array wasn’t as easy as using the Six Directions Array.

At the very least, Yang Xiao was able to maintain a Six Directions Array with ease.

On the whole, the situation on the Human Race’s side was not optimistic. Yang Xue and Ouyang Lie, the Ninth Orders' side is not too problematic, but Yang Xiao's side and the others on the defense line surrounding Xiang Shan ara at stake.

Once Yang Xiao’s side was defeated or their defensive line was broken, the Human Race would definitely suffer a great loss.

Yang Kai was glad he didn’t waste too much time in the Endless River.

Right now, the only advantage the Human Race had was that he and Thunder Shadow were hiding in the shadows.

He had to choose a breakthrough point to relieve the pressure on the Human Race.

The Chaos Spirit King could be left alone, as long as Yang Xue was able to restrain it, it would be enough. Moreover, Yang Kai secretly thought that even if he were to launch a sneak attack, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Chaos Spirit King. If he couldn’t kill it in one blow, it would only cause the Chaos Spirit King to become even more violent.

Dealing with the two Black Ink Clan Royal Lords?

Neither of these two Royal Lords were in perfect condition. Ouyang Lie’s opponent seemed to have suffered heavy injuries and his aura was unstable, but there were still eight Territory Lords working together with him.

Mo Na Ye was also injured, but his injuries weren’t serious, it should be left over from before.

No matter which one he attacked, Yang Kai didn’t have the confidence to kill them in one blow. An expert at the level of a Royal Lord wasn’t so easy to kill, at most they would suffer some injuries.

Since that was the case, it was better to cut off one of their fingers!

The Human Race’s defensive line was under too much pressure, and the main reason for this was because there were more than a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords. These dozen or so Pseudo-Royal Lords were fighting alone, but it also gave the Human Race a great deal of pressure.

The number of Pseudo-Royal Lords from the Black Ink Clan that had entered the universe furnace world was not limited to this number, but only so many had appeared here. The other Pseudo-Royal Lords were either still on their way or had not brought any Ink Nest with them.

The true core of this battle was not the struggle between the Royal Lord and the Ninth Order, but Xiang Shan!

As long as the Human Race could persist until Xiang Shan broke through to the Ninth Order, they would be able to turn defeat into victory.

Yang Kai quickly made up his mind. With his current strength, he wouldn’t be able to secretly kill the Royal Lord. With the cooperation of the Thunder Shadow, there was a high chance he could kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

After sending a message to Thunder Shadow, the man and leopard immediately flew towards the battlefield like shadows.

At this moment, many of the Black Ink Clan masters were attacking the Human Race’s defensive line, but none of them were able to break through. Many Black Ink Clan masters roared in anger.

In terms of numbers, the Black Ink Clan’s side had the absolute advantage. In terms of battle formations, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords could also form Four or Five Direction Array that were not inferior to the Human Race’s, but the Human Race’s side was able to rely on the Battleships they brought to form a perfect defensive barrier around Xiang Shan.

Facing the frenzied attacks of the Black Ink Clan masters, the Human Race’s side only focused on defending while the defensive arrays on the Battleships were pushed to their limits.

Without breaking through the Battleship’s defenses, the Black Ink Clan’s side had no way to cause any substantial damage to the Human Race.

This was also the main reason why the Human Race’s forces were able to persist until now despite their small numbers. At this moment, Xiang Shan’s location was like a fragrant honey, attracting countless ants and insects.

However, even if it was a Battleship, it wouldn’t be able to withstand such a beating for too long. Once the Battleship was damaged, the Human Race’s masters would have to face the siege of powerful enemies, and it would be difficult to say how long they could last.

Somewhere in the defensive line, a Pseudo-Royal Lord with an ox’s horn on his head attacked madly, sending out waves of pure Ink Force, causing the light curtain in front of him to flicker and dim.

He could feel that the defensive line formed by the Human Race’s Battleship was about to be broken. Perhaps in the next moment, the Battleship’s defenses would be broken by him and the Human Race hiding inside would have to face him directly.

“Human Race brats, you are destined to die here!” He roared, his eyes filled with a bloodthirsty light. Even though he had the upper hand, he did not forget to suppress the morale of the Human Race.

Regardless of whether it was useful or not, shouting out like this made him feel much better. He had once fought a bloody battle with the Human Race’s masters, but before he had become a Pseudo-Royal Lord, the opponents he had encountered were extremely difficult to deal with.

But this time, the Human Race’s several hundred masters were like turtles in a jar, just waiting for them to break through the defensive line before slaughtering them!

This was the Black Ink Clan’s long-awaited victory, and it would definitely be a satisfying one.

He could almost see the scene.

Suddenly, his heart tightened and his body went cold as an inexplicable sense of crisis enveloped him.

The Ox-like Pseudo-Royal Lord was slightly startled, but before he could react, an aura rushed towards him from behind. This aura was so fierce that even he, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, felt a stinging pain on his skin.

He had been ambushed!

Moreover, the one who had ambushed him was no weakling.

In just an instant, this Pseudo-Royal Lord realized what had happened. He didn’t have time to think about who had ambushed him or how he had been able to approach so quietly. The Ink Force around his body suddenly exploded and wrapped around his body in an attempt to conceal himself.

However, it was completely useless. The moment his Ink Force exploded, a sharp pain came from his back. He could clearly feel an extremely sharp weapon piercing through his body.

Looking back in a hurry, he vaguely saw the face of a somewhat familiar young man, his expression cold and his eyes filled with murderous intent!

In this life or death crisis, this Pseudo-Royal Lord’s reaction wasn’t slow at all. His figure rapidly rushed forward, distancing himself from the assailant. The sharp weapon that pierced through his body drew blood, but the wound still contained an extremely profound energy that struck his mind, causing his heart to tremble and his mind to become restless.

Behind him, Yang Kai frowned slightly.

Sure enough, the Pseudo-Royal Lord wasn’t so easy to kill. Although he had the help of the Thunder Shadow and quietly approached a suitable position to launch a sneak attack, his opponent's cultivation had reached the level of the Pseudo-Royal Lord, so it was a bit unrealistic to kill him in one blow.

At the end of the day, his strength was still inferior!

If the other party was just a Territory Lord, even if he was an Innate Territory Lord, Yang Kai could kill him with a single spear strike.

Without the slightest hesitation, Yang Kai put away his spear and threw out the Space-Time River, sending it crashing towards the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Before the Pseudo-Royal Lord could shout out his warning, he suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a huge splash.


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