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What the hell was the main body doing! Thunder Shadow was puzzled, but he didn’t want to disturb him, so he could only wait quietly.

As the fierce river water rushed towards him, Yang Kai’s figure swayed from side to side as he stood tall. This direct contact with the chaotic force was extremely dangerous, allowing Yang Kai to see more clearly and understand its true nature.

After a long time, Yang Kai’s flesh body began to fester, and the golden blood disappeared into the river.

Just as Thunder Shadow was feeling anxious, he suddenly rushed down to the intersection of Yin and Yang in the primal chaos and continued to comprehend it.

The festering of Yang Kai’s flesh body became even more severe, and his skin began to crack. Under the impact of the river water, layers of his flesh and blood were being torn apart. Yang Kai’s face was twisted, and it was obvious he was enduring great pain, but he gritted his teeth and continued to persevere.

Seeing this, Thunder Shadow’s heart was filled with anxiety, fearing that his main body would accidentally fall here.

After a long time, Yang Kai came to a realization and continued diving, quickly arriving at the intersection of Yin and Yang and the five elements.

Large chunks of flesh and blood fell from his body. The power of the Dragon Vein and the Eternal Tree had been pushed to its limits, but it was only able to slightly alleviate his injuries.

By the time Yang Kai dived down for the last time and reached the point where the Five Elements formed a Myriad Gread Dao, his aura had become extremely weak, like a candle in a storm that could be extinguished at any moment.

As for his entire body, it was already a mess of flesh and blood. The endless river water had caused his injuries to appear extremely heavy and miserable.

If it weren’t for the fact that there was still a trace of vitality left in his body and that the Space-Time River was still intact, the Thunder Shadow would have already fallen.

At this moment, the Thunder Shadow was truly frightened. It vaguely understood what its main body was busy with, but doing so was simply too risky. A single misstep and he would be doomed.

In the depths of the Endless River, Yang Kai’s tattered body quietly lay dormant, allowing the water to assault him from all directions while his aura continued to weaken until it reached a certain limit…

In his originally lifeless eyes, two faint lights suddenly appeared, like a ghost flame.

“I understand!” Thunder Shadow heard his main body’s voice.

In the next moment, thousands of Great Daos surged within his tattered body. These were not the Great Daos of the Endless River, but rather Yang Kai’s own Great Dao power.

Numerous Great Daos merged together and supported the outside of the Space-Time River, allowing Yang Kai to quickly fly upwards.

As his figure floated up, the interweaving Great Dao power began to rapidly evolve. When Yang Kai arrived at the intersection of the Five Elements and Myriad Great Daos, the Myriad Great Daos around his body began to display the power of the Five Elements. When Yang Kai arrived at the intersection of the Yin and Yang transforming into Five Elements, the Myriad Great Daos began to display the power of Yin and Yang.

By the time Yang Kai arrived at the uppermost layer of the Endless River, his entire body was already in chaos.

Moreover, as he flew up, the Space-Time River beside him began to tremble violently, causing Thunder Shadow to feel as if time and space had been turned upside-down.

Space and time seemed to reverse as layers of flesh and blood appeared on his tattered body, gradually filling it to the brim.

In the end, Yang Kai had completely recovered and was no longer as miserable as before, but his aura had become slightly weaker.

However, he was still in high spirits with a trace of joy, “So that’s how it is!” Turning to Thunder Shadow, he asked, “Do you understand now?”

Thunder Shadow was on the verge of tears. 'Understand my ass!' It vaguely knew that Yang Kai was traveling up and down this Endless River in order to comprehend the mysteries of the primal chaos. However, it didn’t cultivate the power of the Myriad Great Daos, so how could it understand its mysteries?

All he wanted to say was, 'Don’t toss around, it’s making me nervous…'

Yang Kai chuckled as he saw through Thunder Shadow’s thoughts.

It wasn’t that he wanted to toss around, it was just that he didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

The first time he had entered the Endless River, he had used his Great Dao to protect himself, so he had not been able to comprehend anything, nor had he wanted to.

It wasn’t until he witnessed the end of the Endless River that he decided to act.

Having completely given up on the protection of the Great Dao, Yang Kai opened his mind and body to comprehend the mysteries of the Great Dao and primal chaos, which was naturally accompanied by great danger.

Fortunately, the final result was satisfactory. Yang Kai had gained a lot from this trip to the Endless River, and he vaguely felt that this trip would affect his future cultivation.

On top of that, this experience also gave him some doubts.

Was the world’s understanding of Black Ink’s true self really correct? Was Black Ink really in the Creation Realm?

In the past, he had never doubted this point, after all, Cang had also said so, but after he had personally experienced the Myriad Great Dao returning to the primal chaos, he suddenly realized that Black Ink’s Creation Realm was still questionable.

However, this was a matter for another time. If he wanted to face Black Ink directly, he had to first resolve the hidden dangers brought by the Black Ink Clan.

As for the rapid recovery of his physical injuries, it was not just a simple healing process, but a method to reverse time and space.

Now that his attainments in the Dao of Space and Time had reached the eighth stage, and with the ability of the Space-Time River, he was able to stabilize his mark in the Space-Time River and can be restored to that point when needed.

This was also a result of his gains in the Endless River and after many Great Daos level had been raised, he had comprehended a kind of magical effect towards the Space-Time River. Previously, he hadn’t had such a method, mainly because his attainments in other Great Dao weren’t too profound.

That was why when he was recovering, the Thunder Shadow had the illusion that time and space had been reversed. In fact, it was not that time and space had been reversed, it was just that with the support of the power of the Space-Time River, Yang Kai’s condition had been restored to its original state.

Of course, this method consumed a great deal of Great Dao power, and it was not without damage.

This was an extremely novel method, and at some point it should be able to display many wondrous uses.

Yang Kai turned his head and stared into the depths of the Endless River, his gaze deep.

He vaguely felt that the mysteries of this Endless River were not limited to what he had discovered, because when he was performing the Myriad Great Dao returning to primal chaos, he had clearly felt a faint resonance from far away.

However, at that time, he had been completely focused on activating the power of his Great Dao and had no time to pay attention to it.

Thinking about it now, the resonance was quite intriguing.

Where did this resonance come from?

Since ancient times, the Universe Furnace had appeared many times and had created many Ninth Order masters for the Human Race, but no one had ever seen its true form.

As for what this World Treasure looked like and where it was hidden, even the Ninth Order Ancestors who had lived for a long time couldn’t tell.

The Endless River ran through the entire universe furnace world and was undoubtedly the most important component of the Universe Furnace. The resonance that came from the far end naturally attracted his attention.

However, Yang Kai didn’t have the time to search for it. He had been delayed in this Endless River for quite some time, so he didn’t know how the battle between the masters of the Black Ink Clan and Human Race was going. Calculating the time, he estimated that it wasn’t far from the ninth Great Dao evolution of the Universe Furnace.

Once the ninth Great Dao evolution came, the Universe Furnace would close.

It was time to leave.

He felt somewhat regretful. If he had known this would happen, he would have come to explore this Endless River as soon as possible…

However, if that was the case, there was no way to obtain two Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, so there would always be gains and losses.

Leading the Thunder Shadow, Yang Kai rushed upwards and soon rushed out of the Endless River.

Extending his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings, Yang Kai was slightly startled.

Thunder Shadow also quickly said, “Someone is requesting emergency assistance, it seems they have encountered a powerful enemy!”

It had a communication bead that could be used for communication and was normally carried around with it, making it easier for it to transmit and receive external messages. However, the Human Race’s communication method here was still inferior to the Black Ink Clan’s. For it to be able to receive such a message meant that the distance between them wasn’t too far.

“I’ll ask where it is,” Thunder Shadow said.

“There’s no need,” As Yang Kai spoke, he flew off in a certain direction, already aware of the shockwaves from the battle.

A moment later, Yang Kai’s expression became solemn.

Although he had sensed the aftershocks of the battle just now, he hadn’t been able to perceive it too clearly. Now, as he approached that direction, he faintly felt that the battle there… was no small matter!

The aftershocks were intense and the auras were chaotic. There were many people from both sides fighting, and there were even Royal Lords and Ninth Order master!

Was this the decisive battle?

Yang Kai didn’t expect that after wandering the Endless River, the situation outside would become so tense.

He hadn’t expected that the cause of this situation would be related to the fact that he had obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

At that time, he had snatched away the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and fled into the Endless River with Thunder Shadow, but the Black Ink Clan was unwilling to give up so easily, constantly gathering helpers to search for them. Naturally, the Human Race’s side would react accordingly, and as a result, more people from both sides gathered.

It wasn’t until the Chaos Spirit King joined in that the situation completely spiraled out of control.

If there was only a single Chaos Spirit King, although the Human Race didn’t have the advantage, they could at least maintain the situation. After all, Yang Xue, a Ninth Order, had killed her way out and severely injured Xiao You.

However, with the addition of a new Royal Lord-level master from the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race’s defensive line was once again in danger.

Mo Na Ye arrived and joined the battlefield!

When Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow arrived at the edge of the battlefield, this was the scene they saw.

Ouyang Lie had fought against Xiao You and the two groups of Territory Lords in the Four Directions Array. Xiao You had been severely wounded by Yang Xue’s sneak attack and was far from Ouyang Lie’s opponent. Left with no other choice, he could only gather the eight Territory Lords and form a group to fight him together. In any case, the number of Black Ink Clan masters was greater than that of the Human Race, so it wouldn’t affect the overall situation.

This was the only way he could contend with Ouyang Lie and even gain the upper hand.

Yang Xue and the Chaos Spirit King fought one on one while the World Force and Chaotic Force clashed. The battle was extremely intense, and Yang Xue was at a disadvantage as she fought the Chaos Spirit King.

Yang Xiao led the five Eighth Order Human Race masters into the Six Directions Array and used the power of the Flowing Time Divine Palace to resist Mo Na Ye.

The rest of the Human Race had surrounded this area so tightly that not even a drop of water could pass through, and all of the Black Ink Clan masters from all directions were attacking.

Yang Kai could clearly feel the movement of a Human Race master breaking through from that direction, and that aura was extremely familiar…

Xiang Shan!

Xiang Shan was breaking through!


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