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There were many Celestial Phenomenon on the Ink Battlefield, each one of them was massive and had outstanding physiques.

As for the Celestial Phenomenon here, they were all small and exquisite.

The huge disparity in physique caused Yang Kai to be unable to connect the dots for a moment, and it wasn’t until that illusion appeared that he suddenly realized.

These balls of light were all different shapes and sizes, each of them emitting a faint light. Wasn’t this a Celestial Phenomenon?

Yang Kai was shocked.

As for the origins of Celestial Phenomenon, Yang Kai knew a thing or two about them.

It was rumored that when the world first opened and the primal chaos first separated, the 3000 Great Daos were not clear. As a result, some strange natural creations were born in this world, the origins of Celestial Phenomenon.

It could be said that Celestial Phenomenon was an extremely strange existence that could be traced back to the source of the world.

During that ancient era, the world was filled with all kinds of Celestial Phenomenon and contained unimaginable dangers.

This was also the reason why there were still remnants of Celestial Phenomenon in the depths of the Ink Battlefield but not in the 3000 Worlds.

In the depths of the Ink Battlefield, there were very few people. Not to mention the Human Race, even the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t venture too deep into the Ink Battlefield, so the Celestial Phenomenon could still maintain their existence.

However, in the 3000 worlds, the birth of the universe, the rise of many living creatures, the exploration and destruction of the unknown, even the original Celestial Phenomenon would gradually disappear over time.

In the current 3000 Worlds, Celestial Phenomenon had long disappeared, and many people had never even heard of Celestial Phenomenon.

Yang Kai had been fortunate enough to witness the various mysteries of Celestial Phenomenon and had even used some Celestial Phenomenon power to escape from powerful enemies. He had also obtained many benefits from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

As such, Yang Kai was quite familiar with the existence of Celestial Phenomenon, but he had never imagined that in the depths of the Endless River, when the Myriad Great Dao returned to the primal chaos, these Celestial Phenomenons would appear.

Soon, Yang Kai was puzzled. Were these Celestial Phenomenon really as small and exquisite as he had seen them before? Was it really just his imagination?

After staring at it for a long time, Yang Kai was suddenly shocked.

Perhaps the scene in front of him was not real, the reason why this Celestial Phenomenon seemed so small was because it was in a special environment. If it was outside…

Thinking so, Yang Kai was stunned again.

In the depths of the Endless River, Myriad Great Daos emerged and returned to the primal chaos, giving birth to these many Celestial Phenomenons. In the depths of the Ink Battlefield, there was a Celestial Phenomenon Sea with many Great Dao rivers…

Inside the Endless River, there were also many Great Dao forces converging.

Before this, Yang Kai had thought it was strange how the Great Dao River could be born from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea. After all, the power of the Great Dao was extremely profound, so it was impossible for it to be born out of thin air. A simple Celestial Phenomenon Sea shouldn’t have such power.

But what if… the Celestial Phenomenon Sea was born from this Endless River?

Everything made sense now.

Yang Kai was shocked.

This speculation was baseless, but Yang Kai faintly felt that this was perhaps the truth.

All the Celestial Phenomenon existences in the depths of the Ink Battlefield, even the ones that had once appeared in the 3000 Worlds and had long since disappeared, their source is this place!

Yang Kai desperately wanted to verify this point and immediately rushed towards the Celestial Phenomenon he had been paying attention to.

A shocking scene appeared. The Celestial Phenomenon should not be too far away from him, but no matter how he tried to move forward, he couldn’t get close to it. The space around him seemed to be endlessly pulled, but Yang Kai couldn’t feel any fluctuations in the surrounding space.

As he flew forward, the strange Celestial Phenomenon that should have been the size of a washbasin was now rapidly expanding.

Sure enough, the illusion he had just experienced was not just a simple illusion. This Celestial Phenomenon was truly massive, but in the depths of this Endless River, it was like an illusion.

Yang Kai stopped and slowly retreated a few steps before everything returned to normal.

He then went to investigate the other Celestial Phenomenons and found that all of them were in the same situation.

He even saw a fog-like Celestial Phenomenon. Upon closer inspection, he found that the dust in this fog was not real dust, but rather an incomplete Universe World.

He had previously encountered this fog-like Celestial Phenomenon inside the Universe Furnace and was shocked by it, but he hadn’t expected it to be born here.

Celestial Phenomenon after Celestial Phenomenon of all shapes and sizes gathered in the depths of this Endless River, filling this place with a wild and ancient aura. As Yang Kai swam through this place, it was as if he had returned to the distant past, lost and unable to return.

“Boss!” After an unknown period of time, Thunder Shadow suddenly shouted.

Yang Kai was shocked and suddenly came back to his senses, realizing that something was wrong. The power of his Great Dao was actually dissipating and was about to merge into this place.

In his panic, he quickly stabilized himself and pushed his strength to stop the collapse of his Great Dao.

Thunder Shadow Queen asked, “What happened?”

Everything was clearly fine, but such a sudden change had occurred. If it hadn’t sensed something was wrong, Yang Kai might have quietly died here.

Yang Kai also broke out in a cold sweat. Just now, he had been completely focused on observing the strange Celestial Phenomenon, and after witnessing all of this, he suddenly felt a sense of despair. If it weren’t for Thunder Shadow’s timely shout, he would have been doomed.

Under such circumstances, once his Great Dao force collapsed and merged with this place, his body might really be completely destroyed.

The Soul Warming Lotus didn’t react at all, and the Thunder Shadow wasn’t affected at all…

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before understanding.

The feeling of death was not an external force, but an emotion born from oneself. Naturally, the Soul Warming Lotus would not react.

The reason for this anomaly was because it resonated with the Myriad Great Dao forces here.

The Thunder Shadow did not have it, so it was able to maintain its consciousness. On the other hand, the main body, which had many Great Daos, was affected by this special environment.

After suffering such a loss, Yang Kai immediately became cautious. This place was indeed filled with dangers and he couldn’t afford to be careless.

Thunder Shadow said, “Let’s go up, what’s there to see here?”

It was truly a little afraid. Although Yang Kai had taken a risk before, everything was under his control. The sudden change just now was obviously something Yang Kai had not anticipated.

It couldn’t be of much help here. Once something happened to its main body, no one could save it.

“You don’t understand,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

The many Celestial Phenomenons were indeed nothing to look at, but the essence of this place lay in the power of Myriad Great Dao returning to the primal chaos.

He faintly felt that he had touched something incredible, but he was unable to completely see through it. It was as if there was a layer of shackles in front of him, causing him to be able to faintly see the beauty inside but also unable to see through it.

This place seemed to be the deepest part of the Endless River. Not only was there a large number of strange Celestial Phenomenon, but there was also a riverbed filled with sand.

Yang Kai’s attention had been attracted by the various Celestial Phenomenons, so he hadn’t paid any attention to the riverbed.

At this moment, he looked down towards the riverbed and picked up a handful of sand, carefully observing it. As he expected, the sand here was not really sand.

It was a combination of the power of many Great Daos…

Yang Kai even saw the embryonic form of the Universe World in the sand.

“Creation?” Yang Kai muttered.

The realm of Creation was first heard from Cang's mouth. According to Cang, there was an even higher realm above the Ninth Order, the Creation Realm!

In this entire world, the only one who had reached this realm was Black Ink’s true self, who had been sealed inside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!

Even Cang and the other nine Martial Ancestors were still a step away from reaching this realm. The ten of them had open a path to the Open Heaven Stage, so they had travelled a bit further than others.

It was understandable. If they were also at the Creation Realm, they wouldn’t have been unable to kill Black Ink.

Yang Kai didn’t know how profound this realm was. After all, he was only a peak Eighth Order, not yet a Ninth Order, so the Creation Realm was still quite far away from him.

But in his opinion, if he wanted to completely eliminate Black Ink, he had to at least reach the same realm as him.

However, how to break through to the Creation Realm was still a mystery. Otherwise, from ancient times until now, it wouldn’t have been only Black Ink who had reached this realm.

Cang and the other Martial Ancestors were incredibly talented, but even they had not reached this level, let alone their descendants.

Perhaps Wu Kuang, who had inherited Shi’s will, knew something, but at this moment he should be guarding the Heavenly Beginning Greaat Restriction, so he couldn’t ask.

Yang Kai had never considered the issue of this realm before. For him, the most important thing right now was to break through to the Ninth Order, so he didn’t have the energy or the capital to consider anything more profound.

But in the depths of this Endless River, he seemed to have witnessed the methods of creation.

This was not the work of a living being, but the wonders of the Universe Furnace. It could also be said to be a natural creation!

Each of the grains of sand in his hand had the embryonic form of a Universe World. If he were to take them out, they would likely become a lifeless dead star.

Yang Kai stood in place, deep in thought… not moving at all.

The Thunder Shadow was extremely anxious, fearing that his main body’s Great Dao would collapse like it did just now, so it stared at him, ready to shout at any moment.

What made it feel slightly relieved was that the situation did not appear again. Although Yang Kai stood still like a stone statue, the Great Dao power around him was clearly fluctuating as he obviously comprehended something!

After an unknown period of time, just as Thunder Shadow was waiting anxiously, Yang Kai suddenly moved, the sand in his hand scattering as he flew upwards.

‘Are we leaving?’ Thunder Shadow was overjoyed. Although this damned place didn’t give him much benefits, he really didn’t want to stay here any longer.

Now that its main body wanted to leave, it was more than happy to do so.

Along the way, they had encountered many twists and turns, but at this moment, they were much more relaxed. Although they couldn’t be said to be walking on flat ground, at the very least, they wouldn’t have to go through so much hardship.

Not long after, Yang Kai brought the Thunder Shadow to the upper layer of the Endless River. This place was filled with chaotic and fragmented Dao Mark, condensing boundless chaotic river water.

Above that was the Endless River.

To the Thunder Shadow’s surprise, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and quietly stood in the middle of the river, allowing the chaotic force to wash over him. He even removed the power of the Space-Time River around him, only enveloping the Thunder Shadow, protecting it from disaster.


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