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In this tense situation, if either side had an additional Supreme powerhouse, it would determine the direction of the battle.

Xiao You hesitated for a moment before mustering his courage and fighting Ouyang Lie.

Although he had been injured by Yang Xue’s sneak attack and his strength had been greatly damaged, it wasn’t as if he had no strength to fight back. At this moment, he was able to stabilize his state of mind and defend with all his might, so he wouldn’t be defeated in a short time.

The huge battlefield had already been divided into three parts by the masters of the two races. One was a Ninth Order fighting the Royal Lord, the other was a Ninth Order fighting the Chaos Spirit King, and the other was a battle between the various Human Race masters.

As the battle raged on, the void trembled.

The commotion from this battle continued to spread outwards, attracting the attention of many nearby Human Race masters, but most of them were from the Black Ink Clan.

With the help of the Ink Nest’s transmission, almost all of the Black Ink Clan masters who had received the news were gathering in this direction. Mo Na Ye had also come out of seclusion and was on his way.

The Black Ink Clan’s side obviously had plans to accomplish this task in one fell swoop. If they won this great battle that would sweep through the thousands of masters of the two races, they would definitely be able to inflict heavy damage to the Human Race.

In the past, when the Universe Furnace had been opened, although there had been conflicts between the two sides, there had never been such a large-scale war. The only reason this had happened was because of various coincidences.

The battlefield was in full swing, but Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow were completely unaware of this. At this moment, Thunder Shadow was crouching on Yang Kai’s shoulder, the lightning spots on his body flickering as if they had transformed into a ball of lightning.

Thunder Shadow felt somewhat happy.

He had never thought that one day he would be able to hold on because he had swallowed too much Great Dao…

The Great Dao power in the depths of this Endless River was extremely pure and dense. No matter who it was, as long as they could enter this place, they would definitely obtain unimaginable benefits.

Unfortunately, although the Universe Furnace had appeared many times since ancient times, very few people had ever set foot on the Endless River. Even the Ninth Order Open Heaven masters of the Human Race found it difficult to reach this place.

Although there seemed to be no danger in the Endless River, it was actually filled with dangers. If one’s comprehension of their own Great Dao was insufficient, it would be difficult to resist the erosion of the undercurrents in the Endless River. This was a three-layered test of one’s physical body, mind, and even Great Dao.

The strength of a Ninth Order Supreme was indeed powerful, and their attainments in the Great Dao weren’t low, so they had more or less fulfilled the requirements. However, without the Soul Warming Lotus to protect their mind, without the Subtree to seal their Small Universe, how could they freely wander the Endless River?

Therefore, for countless years, the opportunities within the Endless River were destined to be unattainable.

Thunder Shadow was somewhat envious of his main body. It was still better for the Human Race who cultivated the Open Heaven Method. After all, their body has the Small Universe, so if he couldn’t eat it, he could store them inside.

It was unknown how much Great Dao power the main body had absorbed into his Small Universe, but in any case, the door to his Small Universe remained open, and the Great Dao power continued to flow into his Small Universe…

However, after thinking about it, what was there to be envious about? When the main body found the Human Race Body, all the benefits he obtained would be integrated into the main body.

With this thought in mind, Thunder Shadow’s depression eased slightly.

After an unknown period of time, the Small Universe's door that Yang Kai had been opening all this time suddenly closed, giving him a feeling that he was holding on…

Currently, Yang Kai had divided up countless areas and sealed a large number of different Great Dao forces.

At a glance, these Great Dao forces were like ribbons or small streams flowing through the various regions.

He had refined a massive amount of Great Dao force inside the Endless River, and now it could be said that he had condensed all the Great Dao force in his body. All the Great Daos he had dabbled in before had reached the sixth or seventh stage.

Even some of the Great Daos he had never dabbled in before, such as the Thunder Shadow’s Dao of Thunder, Yang Kai had never come into contact with them before, but now he had reached the fifth or sixth stage.

There were many Dao Marks in his Small Universe.

As his attainments in the various Great Daos increased, Yang Kai also gained new insights.

Since ancient times, no one had ever grasped so many Great Daos, much less reached such a high level of attainment in so many.

Yang Kai had reached his limit and was unable to refine any more Great Dao power. The Small Universe had also sealed a lot of it, so if he sealed more, Yang Kai would not be able to bear it.

Originally, this was just an escape trip, but he hadn’t expected to obtain such a great harvest. This was far more valuable than obtaining a few Best Quality Open Heaven Pills.

Yang Kai had no use for Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, but these three thousand Great Dao were real.

Yang Kai didn’t stop there, instead continuing to dive deeper with his Thunder Shadow.

He wanted to know what was in the deepest depths of this Endless River.

The Endless River had evolved from the outside to the inside. It was the chaos that divided Yin and Yang, the Yin and Yang transformed into the Five Elements, and the Five Elements gave birth to Myriad Great Daos.

What about after Myriad Great Daos? What kind of evolution would there be?

For cultivators who had reached Yang Kai’s level, the mysteries of the Endless River were undoubtedly fatal attraction.

Although this Endless River was extremely vast, from the outside, there was still a limit. However, when Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow entered the Endless River, it was as if they had entered an endless abyss.

Inside this river, there was obviously something else.

When the power of Myriad Great Daos gathered together, they were clearly separated but also blended together. Often, when a few related Great Daos collided, they would evolve into new Great Daos.

Or perhaps, some kind of Great Dao force had been stimulated by some kind of accident and split into several other Great Dao forces.

As Yang Kai descended, he witnessed many miracles.

The pressure also became greater. Originally, at the place where the Myriad Great Dao had just evolved, the power of the Great Dao was still relatively calm. If not for this, Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow would not have been able to refine and absorb it.

However, the further down he went, the more restless the Great Dao became, causing the pressure Yang Kai felt to increase.

He had been maintaining his own Space-Time River, revolving around himself and the Thunder Shadow to resist the Endless River water.

Fortunately, he had made great gains here and his attainments in the Great Dao had improved greatly, otherwise he would not have been able to persist.

Gradually, the Space-Time River began to shrink and press down on the man and leopard, a result of the external pressure.

Further down, the originally stable Space-Time River began to tremble, and no matter how Yang Kai pushed his Great Dao to support it, it was difficult to maintain its stability.

At this point, the power of the Great Dao had become extremely violent, and every stream of light and undercurrents was extremely powerful, making it difficult for Yang Kai to maintain his balance.

Thunder Shadow’s expression became worried as he vaguely felt that his main body was doing something extremely risky, but he had no way to persuade him, so he could only use his own Great Dao to resist the outside forces in the Space-Time River.

After diving for an unknown amount of time, when the external pressure reached its limit, Yang Kai suddenly felt as if he had passed through a critical point. The originally multicolored environment suddenly became chaotic and filled with endless darkness…

The surrounding pressure also disappeared in an instant.

Yang Kai was somewhat confused.

Myriad Great Daos merging together, a hundred flowers blooming to the end, was it returning to the primal chaos?

If that was the case, wouldn’t it be a cycle? If he continued to dive deeper, wouldn’t he encounter the scene of primal chaos splitting into Yin and Yang again? However, this cycle repeated endlessly?

No! Yang Kai suddenly noticed something different.

The primal chaos here was somewhat different from the one he had encountered when he first entered the Endless River. If the primal chaos he had encountered when he first entered the Endless River was still and silent, then the primal chaos here already had a different kind of charm.

The darkness here was not pure darkness, but instead had a faint light…

Yang Kai followed the faint light and was slightly lost in thought.

These flickering lights were all extremely strange existences, not living creatures, but rather natural creations of all shapes and sizes. Some of them were like Chaos Body, but not really Chaos Body.

Yang Kai felt like he had seen these natural creations somewhere before, but after thinking about it carefully, he couldn’t remember…

Crouching on his shoulder, Thunder Shadow suddenly said, “Boss, these things seem to be a bit dangerous.”

Its bestial instincts told it that these seemingly ordinary things were filled with unpredictable dangers, and if it were to accidentally enter, it would definitely be in great trouble.

Yang Kai didn’t seem to hear him and simply stared in a certain direction. In that direction, there was a strange object the size of a washbasin that seemed to be intertwined with seaweed. This object also emitted a faint halo of light, sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

He felt like he had seen these things before, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen them before. It was quite strange.

When one’s cultivation reached his current level, having a photographic memory was only a basic ability. If he had seen it somewhere before, it was impossible for him not to recognize it.

Focusing his gaze, Yang Kai soon had the illusion that this strange existence, which was the size of a washbasin and was like a tangle of seaweed, had suddenly become infinitely larger in his field of vision, transforming into a creation that filled the entire world in a very short time.

Immense, majestic, and everlasting!

In front of such a creation, he was as insignificant as dust.

His heart palpitated as he felt endless shock!

Yang Kai quickly came back to his senses, finally understanding why he felt a sense of familiarity when he saw these things.

He finally knew where he had seen these things.

Strictly speaking, what he saw was not these things, but rather something of the same nature.

Celestial Phenomenon!

In the depths of the Ink Battlefield, there were all kinds of dangerous Celestial Phenomenon!

The reason why he couldn’t recognize them at first glance was mainly because each Celestial Phenomenon had a different shape. Moreover, the Celestial Phenomenon he had seen in the depths of the Ink Battlefield was extremely large in size and encompassed the entire vast Starry Sky. The largest Celestial Phenomenon could occupy almost the entirety of a Great Domain, and the dangers it contained were difficult to predict. Even if a Ninth Order or Royal Lord-level master were to enter, they would likely die.


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 16, 2023

This weed thingy reminded me of the vine-like thing linked to the wind gourd, back in the Star boundary. When he found it (the gourd) in a space Crack of some sort, it was entangled in a vine that disappeared as soon as he touched the gourd. It would have been a nice callback.

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That's the same thing that had come to mind


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Rudiansyah R
Mar 12, 2023

Right. This is the key to the level after open heaven realm

May 10, 2023
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