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Xiao You was traumatized by this Chaos Spirit King…

There was nothing he could do about it, he was afraid of this Chaos Spirit King.

If he really wanted to get to the bottom of this matter, Xiao You would feel very wronged.

The Best Quality Open Heaven Pill from the Chaos Spirit Race was indeed discovered by him and he had tried to obtain it, but in the end, wasn’t he unable to obtain it? The pill had been secretly taken away by that bastard Yang Kai, and this Chaos Spirit King was also a fool. Since Yang Kai, the main culprit, had run away, it had been staring at him and refusing to let him go!

Before he had encountered Ouyang Lie, he had been pursued by this Chaos Spirit King and had only managed to escape after much difficulty. Unexpectedly, this fellow had appeared again.

He didn’t know if it was because of the commotion here, but there was a high chance that it was because the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan were engaged in a chaotic battle here. The disturbance was too great, so it was normal for the Chaos Spirit King to notice.

Therefore, when he noticed the Chaos Spirit King appear, Xiao You almost immediately fled.

Facing one Ouyang Lie, who was evenly matched to begin with, if the Chaos Spirit King were to intervene again, he would not be able to fight one against two.

He had experienced the strength of the Chaos Spirit King before, and it was three times stronger than him and Ouyang Lie.

But soon, Xiao You calmed down. This Chaos Spirit King’s brain wasn’t sharp and its intelligence wasn’t high, otherwise it wouldn’t have been chasing after him so relentlessly.

Now that it had appeared, regardless of whether it had been drawn here by the aftermath of the battle, the most attractive thing to it was not the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, but the aura of the Spirit Pill.

Because he had lost a Spirit Pill, this Chaos Spirit King had become enraged. Now that a Spirit Pill had appeared here, would the Chaos Spirit King want to snatch it?

Xiao You suddenly felt that the appearance of the Chaos Spirit King at this time was not necessarily a bad thing for the Black Ink Clan. Perhaps… the situation would develop in a direction that would cause the Human Race to collapse!

Therefore, he suppressed his desire to escape and instead focused his attention on the Chaos Spirit King while entangling with Ouyang Lie.

The sudden appearance of such a powerful aura and the fact that it was heading straight towards the battlefield naturally caused the masters of the Black Ink Clan and Human Race to be shocked.

Soon, the Chaos Spirit King arrived at the battlefield. Without any hesitation or pause, it rushed straight towards Xiang Shan’s location. Along the way, the surrounding Black Ink Clan members all retreated to make way for it, while the Human Race masters who were protecting him could only brace themselves and fight.

A Six Directions Array formed by six Eighth Order masters met the Chaos Spirit King head on. In just a single exchange, the six Eighth Order Human Race masters all turned pale as their World Force fluctuated. The Chaos Spirit King was clearly enraged and roared like a beast as it charged forward.

The Six Directions Array could only helplessly meet this attack head-on. For a time, all the Human Race masters were suppressed and forced to retreat, completely outmatched. According to this situation, in less than ten breaths’ time, the Six Directions Array would be broken. At that time, the Chaos Spirit King would rush in and Xiang Shan’s life would be in danger!

“Hahahaha!” Xiao You couldn’t help laughing out loud. This was truly a stroke of good fortune. Originally, he had been quite resentful towards this Chaos Spirit King, but now that he looked at it again, this fellow was truly a blessing from the Heavens.

It was actually attracted by the aura of the Spirit Pill and attacked the Human Race. This was equivalent to the Black Ink Clan picking up a powerful helper.

Of course, this was not a true helper. If the Black Ink Clan dared to stop it, the Chaos Spirit King would also attack. Its target was only the Spirit Pill.

However, this was a wonderful development. The Human Race was already at a disadvantage, and now with the pressure from the Chaos Spirit King, the situation was quickly falling apart.

Opposite Xiao You, Ouyang Lie’s heart burned with anxiety. The appearance of the Chaos Spirit King had undoubtedly worsened the situation of the Human Race. He wanted to break free from Xiao You’s entanglement and stop the Chaos Spirit King, but how could Xiao You be so easily shaken off?

Just now, Xiao You had only restrained his attacks to guard against the Chaos Spirit King, but now that he had seen through Ouyang Lie’s intentions, he naturally took the initiative to attack. As he continued to fight, he even taunted, “Where do you think you’re going? If we don’t fight to the death today, neither of us will be able to escape, hahahaha!”

“If you laugh again, this old master will knock your teeth out!” Ouyang Lie roared, enveloped by the World Force, his entire body seemed to transform into a ball of flame.

Was the Heavens really not blessing the Human Race? Why had so many unforeseen events occurred during Xiang Shan’s breakthrough? Although there were some twists and turns during his breakthrough to the Ninth Order, overall, it was still smooth sailing, but when it came to Xiang Shan’s breakthrough, it was extremely bumpy and even the Chaos Spirit King had come to deal with him.

Ouyang Lie was so angry that he nearly exploded!

Xiao You’s attacks became fiercer. In order to entangle the angry Ouyang Lie, he had completely given up on his own defence, all in order to delay his rescue.

At this moment, a faint ripple appeared in the air, and in Ouyang Lie’s field of vision, a slender long sword slowly emerged from the void, a white jade hand resting on its hilt…

Where did this come from? Who was this?

Ouyang Lie was slightly stunned.

In the next moment, he was overjoyed, because after the long sword and jade hand, two figures stepped out from the void ripples, both of them familiar faces!

On the other hand, the originally arrogant Xiao You seemed to have been struck by lightning as his expression changed greatly.

A great sense of crisis suddenly enveloped him as a powerful aura locked onto him, making him feel like he was on the verge of death.

He didn’t have time to consider what had happened, he only knew that he had been ambushed. Just as he was so pleased with himself and was using his full strength to entangle Ouyang Lie, an expert suddenly broke through the void and launched a sneak attack from behind!

To be able to cause such a great sense of crisis, this person’s strength must be extraordinary.

The smile on Xiao You’s face instantly froze as he let out a furious roar and released a thick wave of Ink Force. In an instant, it transformed into a thick black ink cloud that enveloped him, concealing his figure.

However, in the next moment, the long sword still accurately stabbed into his back, piercing through his body and creating a hole in his body.

The black ink cloud also shook and exploded into a dozen or so balls of flame. Ouyang Lie’s body was bursting with flame and a torrential flame swept out, instantly extinguishing seven or eight black ink clouds but unable to wrap around Xiao You’s true body.

The next moment, a voice rang out, “Senior Brother, I’ll leave this to you!”

The reinforcements that had suddenly appeared had already wrapped themselves in their sword light and rushed towards the Chaos Spirit King.

“Don’t worry!” Ouyang Lie simply replied, recognizing the identity of this person.

His heart trembled slightly. This person… had actually broken through to the Ninth Order. It seemed she had obtained her own opportunity.

Fortunately, she had come to their aid in time, otherwise the Human Race would have been in deep trouble.

On the other side, the moment Fang Tianci led Yang Xue to attack, he had already left. At this moment, he had arrived at the Flowing Time Divine Palace and joined the battle formation of Yang Xiao and the others, joining forces to fight the Black Ink Clan masters led by Meng Que.

Recalling the scene just now, Fang Tianci felt quite gratified, Yang Xue had undoubtedly made the right choice.

Just now, when he was hiding with Yang Xue and waiting for an opportunity to strike, the Chaos Spirit King suddenly attacked. At that time, Yang Xue only had two choices, one was to fight the Chaos Spirit King to prevent it from attacking the Human Race’s defensive line. The impact of such a supreme master was a huge test for the Eighth Order Human Race, and the slightest mistake could lead to a complete collapse.

One was to immediately attack and kill Xiao You!

However, at that time, most of Xiao You’s strength had been focused on defense, so even if she had secretly attacked, the effects wouldn’t have been too great. It was highly likely that it would have been completely useless, and once she was exposed, Yang Xue wouldn’t have the time to join forces with Ouyang Lie.

Therefore, the best choice at that time was to directly confront the Chaos Spirit King.

However, Yang Xue made her third choice and continued to wait for an opportunity!

As the Chaos Spirit King charged towards the Human Race’s defensive line, the Human Race’s Six Directions Formation was in imminent danger, and Xiao You was so pleased with himself that he lost control of himself and went all out to entangle Ouyang Lie, then Yang Xue suddenly attacked.

With just a single blow, she had severely wounded this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and immediately turned to fight the Chaos Spirit King.

In just two or three breaths of time, Yang Xue’s choice had actually affected the overall situation of the battle. Yang Xue’s choice was both a gamble and a show of her trust in the Human Race’s masters.

She believed that the Human Race would be able to hold on for a short time! No matter how strong the Chaos Spirit King was, as long as the Human Race’s masters’ faith was not destroyed, they would not collapse.

The Six Directions Array didn’t disappoint her, nor did she disappoint the Human Race.

Fang Tianci sighed slightly in his heart. That little girl from back then was now able to hold her own…

However, this was also caused by the tragedy of the era.

Concentrating his mind, he connected with Yang Xiao and the others and formed a battle formation to defend against the enemy!

In the air, Ouyang Lie’s red hair fluttered like flames as he stared coldly at the terrified Xiao You and grinned, “You’re dead!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he transformed into a raging inferno that rushed towards Xiao You.

The vitality of a Royal Lord was extremely tenacious. Although Yang Xue had seriously injured him with a single sword strike, Xiao You still had the strength to fight!

However, he was terrified.

Another Ninth Order Human Race cultivator had appeared! Counting Ouyang Lie, there were two, and if Xiang Shan was included, there were three.

Yang Kai also obtained a Spirit Pill…

Was the destiny of the Human Race so great?

The originally good situation had been completely destroyed by the sudden appearance of this Ninth Order master.

Did the Human Race have any more Ninth Order master?

At this moment, Xiao You even had the illusion that there were some Human Race masters hiding in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to attack him.

He almost couldn’t help but flee.

However, he still resisted the urge to flee. This was such a great situation, and if he were to lose his life because of a moment of carelessness, not to mention the losses he would bring to the Black Ink Clan, even he would find it difficult to accept.

What’s more, the Black Ink Clan wasn’t a force to be reckoned with. On Xiang Shan’s side, the Black Ink Clan still had the advantage. The newly-arrived Ninth Order Human Race master was currently fighting against the Chaos Spirit King and couldn’t stop the attacks of the Black Ink Clan masters.

And… Mo Na Ye was on his way!

As long as Mo Na Ye appeared and the Black Ink Clan gained another Royal Lord, the situation would return to their control.


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Plot hole...

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Yes at one point I though the author was recounting what had happen after Yang Xue break through but after reading further the timing wasn't right which only mean that the author had made a mistake or Ouyang Lie made a mistake lol

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