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Inside the Flowing Time Divine Palace, Yang Xiao was smiling harmlessly while the two Territory Lords, who had their cultivation sealed, shivered like quails in winter.

They all felt that the Human Race was about to burn the bridge after crossing it. Before this, they had clearly said that they wanted to obtain some information, but now they wanted to kill all of them.

However, the two Territory Lords couldn’t resist at all.

Yang Xiao didn’t care what they thought. After activating his Light of Purification, the two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords struggled and screamed as their Ink Force was purified and their auras rapidly weakened.

A moment later, Yang Xiao stopped.

Although the two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords appeared to be in a sorry state, at least they were still alive, both of them were shocked.

Not dead? Did that mean the Human Race really had no intention of killing them?

Yang Xiao coldly snorted, “Since Little Aunt said she would spare one of your lives, she naturally wouldn’t go back on her word. What, do you think I want to kill you?”

The two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords didn’t dare to say anything after surviving this calamity, but compared to their previous panic, their mood was somewhat better.

They also understood why the Human Race was willing to fulfill their promise.

The Light of Purification did not take their lives, but under the cover of the Light of Purification, their auras had greatly weakened and their strength had been greatly reduced. Originally, their cultivations had been at the Territory Lord level, but now they were only barely at the High Rank Black Ink Clan’s level, and their thousands of years of hard work had been reduced to nothing.

Two existences that were barely at the level of a High Rank Black Ink Clan master, in this Universe Furnace filled with so many masters, what could they do? If they encountered other Human Race masters, they would be easily killed.

“Seeing how cooperative you two were just now, I’ll spare you both,” Yang Xiao said again before extending her hand, “Hand over your Ink Nest!”

The two Black Ink Clan masters didn’t dare hesitate and quickly handed over their small Ink Nest.

With a wave of his hand, Yang Xiao sent the two Black Ink Clan out of the Flowing Time Divine Palace and shouted, “Scram!”

The two lucky survivors from the Black Ink Clan immediately fled like stray dogs. As for whether or not they would encounter other Human Race masters and die at their hands, that would depend on luck.

On the Flowing Time Divine Palace, Yang Xue asked, “If you let them go, who will guide the way?”

“There’s no need for them, I can sense the location,” Yang Xiao replied, the Sun and Moon Marks faintly appearing on the back of his hand.

Yang Xue understood.

Initially, it was with the help of the Sun and Moon Marks that Yang Xiao was able to bring her to find a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and help her break through to the Ninth Order.

During this time, although Yang Xiao had been using this method to search, he had found nothing, causing the two of them to think that the previous incident was a coincidence.

Looking at it now, it wasn’t a coincidence. Under the control of the Sun and Moon Marks, he could really sense the location of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

Now that Yang Xiao was able to sense it, it meant that they weren’t far from the battlefield. That Best Quality Open Heaven Pill should be the one Xiang Shan possessed.

Yang Xiao turned to look at her and said, “Little Aunt, the reason I took the two Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest was because I was afraid they would inform them ahead of time. The Black Ink Clan’s side doesn’t know that you’ve also broken through to the Ninth Order. When we arrive at the battlefield later, I’ll lead some people to disturb the Black Ink Clan’s line of sight while you wait for an opportunity to act. It would be best if you cooperate with Martial Uncle Ouyang to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.”

Yang Xue nodded, “Good!”

“Old Fang, cooperate with Little Aunt and act together.” Yang Xiao turned to look at Fang Tianci. Although Yang Xiao’s mood had been a bit off recently, he had once commanded an elite team to slaughter enemies on various battlefields, so his arrangements were quite orderly.

Fang Tianci nodded, “Rest assured.”

“The rest will split up into two groups with me. Let’s go meet the Black Ink Clan’s masters!” Yang Xiao ordered. The Great General was about to set out and stir up a storm.

Everyone agreed.

After a while, the shockwaves from the battle in front of them could be felt, reaching the battlefield.

Fang Tianci and Yang Xue glanced at each other before both of them disappeared in a flash.

Yang Xiao, on the other hand, commanded the Flowing Time Divine Palace to charge forward aggressively. From afar, before they even arrived at the battlefield, Yang Xiao's voice rang out, “Dragon Clan’s Yang Xiao, lead the Human Race’s masters here to assist in the battle. Black Ink Clan animal, step forward and accept your death!”

On the battlefield, the Human Race was currently in a difficult situation. With Xiang Shan at the center, many Human Race masters had gathered together to form a defensive line.

After all, they were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. Even if they didn’t have any constraints, the Human Race wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand in a fight, not to mention Xiang Shan was unable to act at this moment.

Many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters continued to attack from the periphery, using their powerful Secret Technique to break through Xiang Shan’s defensive line.

On Ouyang Lie’s side, there was nothing he could do to help. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord called Xiao You was desperately pestering him, not giving him any time to catch his breath. If he didn’t force Xiao You back, how could he go help Xiang Shan?

Ouyang Lie cursed Big Head Xiang in his heart. This time, he had really been ruined by him. He had chosen to advance at such a time, and the position he chose was so uncomfortable…

Because of this, many of the Human Race’s masters were unable to advance or retreat, and could only struggle here.

But if this situation continued, once the Human Race’s defensive line was broken, it would be like an avalanche. At that time, not only would Xiang Shan’s breakthrough fail, but the Human Race would also suffer heavy casualties.

Just as the situation became extremely tense, Ouyang Lie heard Yang Xiao’s angry shout and was overjoyed, shouting, “Yang Xiao, protect Xiang Shan!”

At this moment, Yang Xiao had also seen the situation on the battlefield, so he didn’t need Ouyang Lie to give him any instructions. Controlling the Flowing Time Divine Palace, he led seven or eight Human Race masters into the battlefield. The Divine Palace was situated at the weakest point of the defensive line and erected a bright barrier to block the attacks.

On this side, the Black Ink Clan members were so depressed that they wanted to vomit blood. Originally, they only needed to increase their strength a bit more to break through this side’s defences. At that time, they could directly attack Xiang Shan.

Xiang Shan was currently breaking through, so he couldn’t resist at all. Whether they could kill Xiang Shan or not, at the very least they could interrupt his breakthrough.

Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, another Human Race master had rushed over, bringing with him a palace artifact. With this, the weak point of their defenses became impregnable.

The group of Black Ink Clan masters hated Yang Xiao to the bone, but with the Flowing Time Divine Palace's outstanding defensive capabilities, they couldn’t do anything about it for the time being and could only shift directions.

Seeing this, Yang Xiao immediately shouted, “Scoundrel, don’t even think about leaving!”

How could the Black Ink Clan’s masters care about him?

Yang Xiao was anxious, but he couldn’t take the initiative to attack, so he could only continue shouting, “Yang Kai is my foster father. My foster father killed the Black Ink Clan like slaughtering chickens and dogs, raising the prestige of my Human Race. Today, my foster father is not here, so as his adopted son, I will act according to my foster father’s wishes. If you have the guts, come and cut me down!”

The Black Ink Clan masters who were about to retreat suddenly stopped, and the leader of the group, a Pseudo-Royal Lord, glared fiercely at Yang Xiao, “Is Yang Kai your foster father?”

Yang Xiao stood in front of the Flowing Time Divine Palace and stared at him arrogantly, “Yes, so what?”

“Then you’re dead!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord roared and ordered, “Kill him!”

In the next moment, under the leadership of this Pseudo-Royal Lord, a group of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords rushed towards the Flowing Time Divine Palace.

On top of the Flowing Time Divine Palace, Yang Xiao was extremely surprised. He had just casually shouted, but he hadn’t expected it to be effective. Seeing the group of enemies approaching, he quickly shouted, “Form the battle formation and defend!”

The seven or eight people he had brought with him had long since linked their auras and formed a battle formation, borrowing the power of the Flowing Time Divine Palace to fight against the invading enemy.

While they were fighting, Yang Xiao suddenly smiled and said, “Look at you, a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but your aura is unstable. Did my foster father beat you up?”

Saying so, the Pseudo-Royal Lord’s attacks became even fiercer.

Yang Xiao was stunned. He had really suffered under his foster father's hands, so he curiously asked, “What’s your name? When my foster father comes back, I’ll have him kill you!”

The Pseudo-Royal Lord grit his teeth and shouted, “Remember, the one who kills you is the Black Ink Clan’s Meng Que!”

He was a dignified Pseudo-Royal Lord, one of the first few Pseudo-Royal Lords born in the Black Ink Clan, yet he had been forced back by Yang Kai and the Human Race masters and had even suffered some injuries. It was simply humiliating.

Yang Kai was currently nowhere to be found, but it was said that he had been seriously injured and was currently hiding somewhere. Even if he wanted to take revenge, he couldn’t find a way.

Yang Xiao, his adopted son, naturally became the target of his anger.

If he couldn’t kill Yang Kai, how could he not be able to kill Yang Xiao? Under this barrage of attacks, the defensive line where Yang Xiao and the others were standing became unstable. Fortunately, they had the support of the Flowing Time Divine Palace, otherwise, they really wouldn’t have been able to resist. After all, the Pseudo-Royal Lord was different from ordinary Territory Lords, and his strength was still quite strong. Fortunately, Meng Que was injured, so it was difficult for him to display his full strength.

On the other side, using his Space Ability, Fang Tianci quietly led Yang Xue towards Ouyang Lie and Xiao You’s battlefield.

Although he had made a name for himself as Little Yang Kai these past few years, his attainments in the Dao of Space were still inferior to his main body’s. Moreover, Yang Xue was now a Ninth Order, and with her around, he had to help conceal her aura. Fang Tianci was under a lot of pressure.

“We can only get here. If we go any closer, we’ll be exposed,” Fang Tianci stopped and said, “Be careful.”

Yang Xue nodded but did not rush to act, instead quietly observing the situation and waiting for an opportunity.

Killing a Royal Lord was not an easy task, and the timing of the attack was crucial.

However, it seemed that because she was spying on him from the shadows, Xiao You felt a little uneasy, as if he was being stared at by some kind of unknown hostility. His attacks also became much more restrained. Originally, Ouyang Lie had been evenly matched with him, but now, he actually had a slight advantage.

Ouyang Lie obviously noticed the abnormality of his opponent and couldn’t help ridiculing him. Xiao You turned a deaf ear to him, only feeling puzzled. Where did this sense of unease come from?

Soon, he understood the source of this uneasiness.

A powerful and undisguised aura suddenly rushed over from the distance. This aura was not created by the World Force of the Human Race, nor was it caused by the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Force fluctuations. Instead, it was somewhat similar to the primal chaos.

Chaos Spirit King!

This guy actually came here?

Xiao You was shocked, his expression somewhat panicked.


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