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All the Human Race masters who were watching from the side were secretly impressed. This simple method was far more useful than any form of torture. As expected of that man's little sister. In the past, they had heard of her name, but in this chaotic world where geniuses appeared, she had lost some of her sharpness. After advancing to the Ninth Order, she would become famous throughout the Human Race and Black Ink Clan!

Yang Xue continued, “You don’t have the qualifications to bargain, so you don’t need to worry about me going back on my word. Since I said I would spare the life of one of you, I will naturally do so. The Human Race values reputation more than your Black Ink Clan.”

This was also true. Over the years, they had fought with many masters of the Human Race, so under normal circumstances, the Human Race had indeed kept their word.

The two Territory Lords glanced at each other before one of them quickly said, “We received orders from Lord Xiao You to meet up with him.”

The other also spoke at the same time, “Lord Xiao You ordered us to assist in the battle and kill a Human Race master.”

The two Territory Lords spoke at almost the same time, both of them mentioning Xiao You’s name, causing Yang Xue to frown slightly, “One sentence at a time for one person, take your time.”

She turned to the Territory Lord on the left and asked, “Is this Xiao You a Pseudo-Royal Lord?”

Before the Territory Lord could reply, an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator behind her said, “This old master has crossed paths with this Xiao You several times before, but at that time, he was only a Innate Territory Lord and was very strong. In a one-on-one fight, this old master wasn’t his opponent, but if he was still alive, he should be a Pseudo-Royal Lord.”

In order to deal with the emergence of the Universe Furnace this time, the Black Ink Clan had summoned all of their remaining Innate Territory Lords to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord. This was also the reason why the Black Ink Clan had suddenly sent out dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords at the last moment.

The reason why the Black Ink Clan hadn’t done so before was because it had nothing to do with the overall situation. The birth of dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords meant the sacrifice of more than ten times the number of Innate Territory Lords, but the emergence of the Universe Furnace had forced the Black Ink Clan to make this choice. Only with more Pseudo-Royal Lords could the Black Ink Clan gain an advantage in the Universe Furnace.

Pseudo-Royal Lords were only qualified to be created by Innate Territory Lords, and those who died were destined to remain unknown. Only those who survived could become famous.

The Territory Lord on the left hesitated for a moment before saying, “Lord Xiao You is now a true Royal Lord. He obtained an opportunity in the Universe Furnace…”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

The so-called opportunity in the Universe Furnace was undoubtedly a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill!

Although everyone had thought of this possibility before coming here, and the Black Ink Clan might have a chance to obtain a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, that was only a possibility. What if the Black Ink Clan’s luck was too bad and they couldn’t find a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill?

However, the information they received at this moment undoubtedly shattered this fantasy.

The Black Ink Clan had already produced a Royal Lord, and it was a result of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. This not only wiped out Yang Xue’s advantage in advancing to the Ninth Order, but also caused the Human Race to lose a great deal of opportunities.

But now that things had come to this, it was useless to feel regret.

Yang Xue looked towards the Territory Lord on the right and said, “Continue.”

The Territory Lord seemed to sense the thoughts of these Human Race masters and quickly said, “As far as I know, the Human Race has also given birth to a Ninth Order master.”

Saying so, he added, “In addition to Great Lord, that Ninth Order is currently leading the Human Race’s masters to fight against Lord Xiao You.”

At this moment, all the Human Race masters became excited. Other than Yang Xue, there was actually a known Ninth Order on the Human Race’s side? This was good news.

Sure enough, Yang Xue didn’t try to kill them, instead asking these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords for information was the right thing to do. With the help of the Ink Nest, they were able to quickly spread the news, while the Human Race’s forces were unable to do so in this Universe Furnace.

“Do you know the name of the Ninth Order master?” Yang Xue asked.

The Territory Lord on the right was about to speak when the Territory Lord on the left interrupted, “My turn!”

As mentioned before, whoever revealed more information would be able to survive. Since this matter concerned their own lives, they naturally had to fight for it.

Yang Xue turned her head and saw the Territory Lord on the left immediately say, “That Ninth Order master seems to be a Lord named Ouyang Lie!”

Hearing this, everyone was surprised.

Ouyang Lie was one of the most experienced Eighth Order cultivators in the Human Race. He had once fought with the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield for tens of thousands of years and luckily survived. He had even killed his way through the Mysterious Nether Territory and everyone present had more or less heard of his name.

Moreover, it was rumored that this veteran general had fought many battles in his life and had suffered many hidden injuries, while his Small Universe had suffered some losses and was no longer at his peak.

Unexpectedly, after entering this Universe Furnace, he had obtained another opportunity to break through to the Ninth Order.

This was truly a cause for celebration, causing everyone to be overjoyed.

The Territory Lord on the right continued, “The cause of this conflict is an opportunity.”

The Territory Lord on the left interrupted him, “After Lord Xiao You ascended to the Royal Lord level, he inadvertently discovered another opportunity, but that opportunity was guarded by a group of native masters, one of whom was no weaker than Lord Xiao You.”

“Chaos Spirit King?” Someone asked.

The Black Ink Clan didn’t know about the Chaos Spirit Race, but the Human Race did. A native master comparable to the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was undoubtedly the Chaos Spirit King.

“Probably,” The Territory Lord continued, “After Lord Xiao You discovered that opportunity, he summoned his men to assist him. While he was entangled with the Chaotic Spirit King, he let others seize the opportunity, but who would have thought that Lord Yang Kai, who had been secretly lurking there, would take the opportunity first.”

“What?” Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were both shocked.

Yang Xiao hurriedly asked, “You said my foster father… that opportunity was taken away by Yang Kai?”

The other Territory Lord quickly nodded, “This is also the cause of the large-scale battle between our two races. Since that opportunity was stolen, Lord Xiao You was naturally unwilling to accept it, so he gathered his forces and searched for Lord Yang Kai’s whereabouts, attracting the attention of the Human Race. As a result, more masters from both races gathered, so we also had to go there.”

“Before we even got there, we ran into you, but only two of the four Territory Lords survived."

“How are Yang Kai’s injuries?” Yang Xue asked solemnly.

A Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and a Chaos Spirit King, trying to snatch a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill right under the eyes of these two Supreme Master. Even if it was her big brother, it was impossible for him to remain unscathed. Right now, her big brother was definitely injured, but no one knew what the situation was.

The Territory Lord on the left shook his head, “I’m not sure, the news didn’t mention Lord Yang Kai again.”

“Ask!” Yang Xue said coldly.

The two Territory Lords didn’t dare to delay. One of them quickly took out a small ink nest and began communicating with the other Territory Lords.

After a while, he put away his Ink Nest and said, “Lord Yang Kai seems to have suffered some serious injuries, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.”

Yang Xue let out a sigh of relief. Since his whereabouts were unknown, it meant that he had not fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan. With her Big Brother’s ability, he should have already escaped and was now hiding somewhere to heal.

The two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords also realized that Yang Kai’s relationship with this Ninth Order woman in front of them wasn’t simple, otherwise, the other party wouldn’t have reacted so violently upon hearing Yang Kai’s name.

After carefully waiting for Yang Xue to calm down, one of the Territory Lords continued, “Now that Lord Yang Kai has brought this opportunity with him, we don’t know where he is hiding. Originally, the war between our two races had come to an end, but unexpectedly, another accident occurred, causing the battle to become even more intense.”

“What kind of accident?” Yang Xiao frowned. Although he hadn’t personally participated in this matter, hearing these two Territory Lords talk about it made him feel that the situation over there was quite complicated.

The other Territory Lord said, “Your Human Race’s Lord Xiang Shan seems to be in that area, suddenly showing signs of breaking through. He must have obtained an opportunity and was hiding there, preparing to refine and break through. He probably didn’t expect so many masters to suddenly gather there…”

When the group of people heard this, they wanted to laugh.

A man like Xiang Shan had actually obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and was about to break through. If he could successfully break through, the Human Race would have a total of three Ninth Order.

This wasn’t even counting the Open Heaven Pill Yang Kai had taken away.

However, Xiang Shan’s choice of hiding place was so awkward that the two races' masters noticed his breakthrough and the battle that was about to end suddenly erupted again.

Behind Yang Xue, an Eighth Order master cupped his fists and said, “Senior Sister, the battle over there is quite fierce, it’s more important for us to rush over to help.”

Although they didn’t know what the situation was like over there, the Human Race had a high chance of not being able to gain any advantage. The Black Ink Clan could use the Ink Nest to summon their forces, but the Human Race couldn’t, so in terms of numbers, the Human Race definitely had fewer masters than the Black Ink Clan.

Even with Ouyang Lie, he could only restrain one Xiao You and had to protect Xiang Shan. The situation was definitely not good.

Yang Xue nodded, knowing that there was no time to lose. Originally, she had planned to slowly extract all the information these two Territory Lords had, but now, she no longer had the mood to do so. She immediately activated the Flowing Time Divine Palace and flew forward while ordering the two Territory Lords, “Point out the direction!”

If she really asked them direction and go to the battlefield themselves, they might not be able to find the correct location, but with the help of these two Territory Lords, there was no need to worry. The Ink Nest had its own advantage.

The two Territory Lords felt bitter in their hearts, but they didn’t dare disobey and could only give Yang Xue direction.

As they traveled, Yang Xue constantly asked these two Territory Lords about the information the Black Ink Clan currently possessed.

However, the information they had was ultimately limited, and there would always be a time when they had nothing to say.

In the end, she could no longer ask anything of value.

Yang Xue gestured towards Yang Xiao, who immediately understood and smiled towards the two Territory Lords, causing them to tremble in fear.

In the next moment, a shocking scene appeared. Two marks appeared on the back of Yang Xiao’s hand, one yellow and one blue, merging together to form a dazzling white light.

Light of Purification!

After fighting with the Human Race for so many years, the Black Ink Clan naturally wasn’t unfamiliar with this kind of pure white light. On the battlefield, there were often Human Race masters who used the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, which contained the Light of Purification.

However, this was the first time the two Territory Lords had encountered someone who could directly activate the Light of Purification, so they were immediately shocked.


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Harsh Khobra
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I am not the one who killed them so...

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