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At this moment, the Flowing Time Divine Palace floated in the air and a great battle was breaking out outside it.

With Yang Xue’s strength alone, she was able to fight against four of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords who had formed a battle formation. Even if these four Territory Lords formed a Four Directions Array, it would still be difficult for them to resist.

If it had been four Innate Territory Lords, they might have been able to hold on for a while longer, but this time, all of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords who had entered the Universe Furnace had broken through to this level, so their overall strength was much weaker than the Innate Territory Lord.

Yang Xue didn’t try to kill them, instead continuing to fight with them like she had before, using this opportunity to increase her strength.

The other Human Race masters also understood her intentions, so they didn’t step forward to assist her.

Only Yang Xiao stood in front of the Flowing Time Divine Palace, occasionally shouting.

Shouting something like, ‘Little Aunt is invincible in this world’, ‘Little Aunt is invincible for generations’, and so on and so forth. Yang Xue’s face turned red when she heard these words. Usually, when the two of them were alone together, it was fine for him to act like this, but now that there were so many outsiders present, Yang Xue felt somewhat awkward.

After shouting for a while, Yang Xiao suddenly sighed.

Standing next to him, Fang Tianci turned his head and smiled lightly, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Xiao was somewhat depressed and sent a voice transmission, “Old Fang, she’s already a Ninth Order!”

Fang Tianci said, “I saw it.”

Yang Xiao’s heart was filled with anxiety, “But when will I be able to break through to the Divine Dragon realm?!” If he were to reveal his true form now, he would have a nine thousand zhang long dragon body. Compared to the Human Race, he was equivalent to a peak Eighth Order, not far from the Divine Dragon realm, but in reality, it was extremely difficult for the Dragon Clan to break through from the Ancient Dragon realm to the Divine Dragon realm. If not for this, after countless years of inheritance, the number of Divine Dragons in the Dragon Clan would not have been so few, often only three or two in each generation.

Back then, Fu Guang had been cultivating in the depths of the Dragon Pond for thousands of years, but he had not been able to take that final step. It was all thanks to Yang Kai that he had been able to achieve his goal.

Yang Xiao was confident that he would be able to break through to the Divine Dragon realm, but this required time and effort, not something that could be accomplished overnight.

“She’s my Little Aunt to begin with, and now she’s stronger than me. Could it be that I, Yang Xiao, will have to live off her for the rest of my life?”

Yang Xue’s promotion to Ninth Order was something he was happy about. After all, in this chaotic world, having more strength meant more capital to protect oneself. However, his strength was inferior to Yang Xue’s, so he still felt a little depressed.

In the future, when the two of them made a name for themselves together, he couldn't let others say that Yang Xiao is a man standing behind a Ninth Order master. If word of this got out, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

He was more willing to hear others say that he, Yang Xiao, was a Divine Dragon standing in front of a Ninth Order master!

After so many years together, how could Fang Tianci not understand the meaning behind Yang Xiao’s words? It wasn’t appropriate for him to say anything, so he just smiled lightly, with a meaningful smile on his face.

Yang Xiao frowned and complained, “Old Fang, you’ve changed.”

Fang Tianci asked, “What changed?”

Yang Xiao looked him up and down for a long time before slowly shaking his head, “I can’t explain it clearly, but I feel like you are a bit different from when we first met, especially after you broke through to the Eighth Order and your strength increased.”

Fang Tianci thought that it was because as his strength increased, some of the things sealed in the depths of his Soul had slowly awakened, so he didn’t bother explaining and simply smiled, “Don’t let your imagination run wild.”

However, Yang Xiao didn’t give up and instead grabbed him by the neck, gritting his teeth, “Old Fang, are you looking down on me!?”

Fang Tianci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Why would I look down on you?” You’re obviously trying to pick a fight.

Yang Xiao’s expression became fierce for a moment before suddenly becoming dejected, “Forget it, if I have to live off of her, so be it, it’s no big deal.”

Saying so, he pushed Fang Tianci away, a bright smile appearing on his face as he flew towards Yang Xue, asking, “Little Aunt, are you tired? Are you injured? Just kill these guys, why are you capturing them?”

Yang Xue couldn’t help shooting him a look of annoyance. It seemed that ever since she broke through to the Ninth Order, Yang Xiao had become more talkative and often spouted nonsense.

Was it… inferiority?

Hmph, a man's pride!

“Did Senior Sister want to capture them to inquire about something?” A human race Eighth Order suddenly asked.

With the strength Yang Xue had displayed just now, it was not difficult for her to kill these four Territory Lords, but she had not killed a single one of them and had instead captured all of them alive. This was obviously her intention.

As soon as this Eighth Order said these words, he felt a sharp gaze staring at him. Unsure of what was happening, he turned around and found that the one staring at him was Yang Xiao.

What did I do to provoke you? This Eighth Order was quite confused…

'You’re taking advantage of me!' Yang Xiao’s heart was filled with unwillingness. He called her Little Aunt, yet he called her Senior Sister. 'If this wasn’t taking advantage of me, what was?'

He didn’t know why, but recently, his mind had become particularly sensitive, constantly worrying about personal gains and losses.

Just as Yang Xue was about to agree with this Eighth Order master's theory, Yang Xue shot a glance and Yang Xiao immediately stopped.

“The Black Ink Clan we’ve encountered recently have all gathered in one direction. Something must have happened there, so I capture them to ask,” Yang Xue explained.

She didn’t know if anyone else had noticed this abnormality, but all of the Black Ink Clan masters they had encountered during this time were rushing in the same direction.

After being reminded by her, everyone suddenly understood that this woman was indeed a bit more meticulous. Although some of them had noticed this, they hadn’t thought too deeply about it. Now it seemed that something had really happened in that direction.

The four promoted Territory Lords had all been sealed by Yang Xue and were now standing in front of her with fearful expressions.

It couldn’t be helped, the four of them had joined forces to formed a battle formation but were still captured by this woman. Moreover, the strength she displayed just now was clearly a Ninth Order Open Heaven!

Sweeping her beautiful eyes over the four Territory Lords, Yang Xue lightly said, “I have something to ask you, just answer honestly!”

Saying so, Yang Xue suddenly struck out with her palm, causing a Territory Lord to be smashed into a bloody pulp. Yang Xue’s white robes didn’t even have a drop of blood on them, but Yang Xiao, who was standing next to her, was caught off guard and was covered in black ink blood.

This action not only caused the remaining three Territory Lords to turn pale with fright, but even the Human Race masters were dumbfounded.

Didn’t she want to ask them something? Why did she suddenly kill someone?

If she really wanted to kill them, she could have just killed them. Why did she have to bring them back and kill them in front of them?

Yang Xiao lowered his head to look at the blood stains on his body and remained silent. Little Aunt was complaining about him, she was definitely doing this on purpose.

Yang Xue, on the other hand, acted as if she hadn’t done anything at all and quickly arrived in front of the second Territory Lord. The Territory Lord suddenly became extremely nervous and opened his mouth, “This big…”

Yang Xue interrupted him, “I won’t listen, I won’t listen!”

Raising her hand, she sent out another palm strike. The second Territory Lord who had been captured had fallen!

Black ink blood splashed all over Yang Xiao’s body again. This time, he was somewhat prepared, but he didn’t dare to defend himself. Instead, he secretly glanced over at his little aunt and saw the corners of Yang Xue’s mouth lift slightly, seemingly in a better mood.

Yang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. Being a man was really difficult…

The other Human Race masters were all stunned, completely unable to understand what Yang Xue was trying to do, but after thinking about it for a moment, they understood Yang Xue’s intentions and couldn’t help secretly admiring her brilliant methods. It was just that this method was a bit too shocking, especially for these captured Territory Lords.

This newly promoted Ninth Order Human Race cultivator looked gentle and kind, but in reality, she was also a ruthless character. However, it wasn’t surprising. After all, she was that man's younger sister, so how could she possibly weaken his reputation? If she really was a kind-hearted person, she wouldn’t be able to survive in this chaotic world.

The remaining two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were truly shocked.

This Ninth Order Human Race master had said she wanted to ask them some questions and capture them alive, but now she killed two of them without asking anything. What kind of logic was this?

Seeing Yang Xue walk up to the third Territory Lord, this Territory Lord nearly knelt down and hurriedly said, “If this Great Lord wants to know anything, please ask, we will tell you everything we know, we only ask that Great Lord spare our lives!”

Saying so in one breath, he was afraid that if he was too slow, he would die.

This time, Yang Xue did not try to kill them, instead calmly asking, “Do you still want to live?”

The Territory Lord didn’t know how to respond. Who didn’t want to live? Meeting a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator this time was really bad luck, it's better if they could survive.

Looking at each other, they both nodded, “Yes.”

The fourth Territory Lord also said, “If Great Lord insists on killing us, just do it. However, it’s impossible to obtain any information from us from doing so.”

This was a bold statement, but it was also their desire. If death was certain, who would be willing to leak any information?

All they wanted now was for Yang Xue to give them a way out.

Yang Xue’s seemingly unreasonable actions had completely destroyed their psychological defenses.

Yang Xue hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Good, since you want to live, I’ll give you a chance.”

The two Territory Lords were both overjoyed, but the third Territory Lord cautiously asked, “Will Great Lord go back on her word?”

If she really went back on her word, there was nothing they could do about it, but at least there was some hope.

This time, Yang Xue did not respond, while Yang Xiao coldly snorted, “Do you think you have the qualifications to bargain?”

These words caused the two Territory Lords to become extremely depressed.

With their life in the hands of another, how could they bargain?

Yang Xue continued, “However, only one of you will be able to survive. How about this, tell me what you want to do, and what information you have about this place. Whoever says more will be able to live, and the other one… will die!”

If one of the two were to survive, the one who leaked the most valuable information would have a chance to survive. This was undoubtedly a vicious plan, causing the two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords to have no other thoughts.


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Visper Ai
Visper Ai
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Useless chapter


Damn! Like big brother like little Sister lol


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Smart. I love her and her tight pussy.

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I think that was what Yang Kai do a long time ago 🤣

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