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Following the command of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters followed closely behind and rushed towards Xiang Shan.

Ouyang Lie also knew that the situation wasn’t good, so he quickly rushed out and rushed towards the Royal Lord, shouting, “Big Head Xiang, I’ll protect you, you can break through peacefully. When you break through to the Ninth Order, you and I will work together to kill the enemy!”

From afar, Xiang Shan’s angry roar rang out, “Ouyang Lie, you old bastard, this old master will kill you first after breaking through!”

'Did I dug up your family’s ancestral grave?' Ouyang Lie was dumbfounded.

In terms of implicating people, he felt that Xiang Shan was the one who was implicating them! If it wasn’t for Xiang Shan suddenly leaking the aura of a breakthrough, the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan would have probably retreated by now, but now, a great battle was about to break out and countless masters were about to fall.

Although he was cursing in his heart, Ouyang Lie still quickly stopped the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Among all the people present, only a newly promoted Ninth Order like him could compete with the Royal Lord. The others could hardly be opponents unless they formed a Six Directions Array

He stopped the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and asked the others to protect Xiang Shan so he could have a chance to break through!

Streams of light, figures, and battle formations flew towards Xiang Shan’s hiding place and soon began a fierce battle.

This time, the Human Race’s main focus was on defense. Hundreds of masters had formed a tight encirclement around Xiang Shan, blocking the continuous attacks of the Black Ink Clan.

Seeing this, Xiang Shan knew that this opportunity would not come again, so he immediately released all his suppression and used all his strength to break through.

However, breaking through to the Ninth Order from the Eighth Order was not an easy task, so it would take some time. If the Black Ink Clan could break through the Human Race’s defensive line before Xiang Shan broke through, it would definitely cause a great disturbance to him.

Even at this moment, the shockwaves from the battle between the two sides made it difficult for Xiang Shan to calm down. If it weren’t for his firm will, he would have likely failed.

As the battle raged on, on the battlefield between the Ninth Order and the Royal Lord, Ouyang Lie had a slight advantage. Both of them had just recently broken through, so their strengths were basically the same, but in comparison, Ouyang Lie was more courageous. This time, he had risked his life to protect Xiang Shan, so the Royal Lord’s aura was slightly weaker.

However, very quickly, Ouyang Lie’s expression changed because he saw the Royal Lord suddenly take out a small ink nest in the midst of a fierce battle. His Divine Sense surged, obviously trying to contact someone.

He was calling for help! Ouyang Lie was furious and his attacks became even fiercer, suppressing the Royal Lord to the point where he couldn’t even lift his head.

In the next moment, when this Royal Lord used the Ink Nest to send a message, in the depths of the universe furnace world, in a distant and secluded chaotic jungle, an Ink Nest stood towering.

Judging from its aura alone, this Ink Nest was undoubtedly a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, but it had not fully hatched, so it naturally did not have the ability to nurture the Black Ink Clan.

However, such an Ink Nest could allow injured Black Ink Clan masters to enter it to recuperate.

At this moment, there was a powerhouse of the Black Ink Clan sleeping inside.

Mo Na Ye!

Speaking of which, this guy’s luck was also quite good. Previously, when he was outside the No-Return Pass, in the projection space of the Universe Furnace, he had been injured by Yang Kai’s strength, almost dying.

Unfortunately, just as Yang Kai was preparing to kill him, he inadvertently touched upon some profound mysteries, causing him and Mo Na Ye to enter the Universe Furnace ahead of time.

After entering the furnace world, Yang Kai, the initiator, was trapped and witnessed the birth of nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, but Mo Na Ye did not.

After entering the universe furnace world, the first thing he did was find a secluded place and hatch the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest he was carrying, preparing to use its power to hibernate and heal.

As the leader of the Black Ink Clan’s forces, he naturally carried a large amount of resources with him, which was why he was able to hatch the Ink Nest and use it to heal himself.

If he didn’t have any supplies, he naturally wouldn’t be able to talk about healing.

Just as he was hatching the Ink Nest, he suddenly saw a colorful light shoot towards him from the distance.

Although Mo Na Ye was seriously injured, his foundation was still there, so he immediately grabbed the stream of light and examined it, confirming that what he had obtained was the opportunity mentioned by the Human Race.

As such, if one were to ask who had the best opportunity in the entire universe furnace world, it would not be Yang Xiao or Yang Xue who had accidentally found a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, but Mo Na Ye. From a certain perspective, the first person to obtain a Spirit Pill was this Black Ink Clan master.

With the pill in his hand, Mo Na Ye could faintly feel the profoundness of this pill and was overjoyed. This was truly a case of heaven never cutting off one’s path. He had thought that after entering this place with his severely wounded body, he would be doomed, but now he had unexpectedly obtained such an unexpected harvest.

He immediately brought the Spirit Pill into the Black Nest and began refining its medicinal efficacies while using its power to heal himself.

Previously, the many Black Ink Clan masters in the universe furnace world had sent a message using the power of this Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Yang Kai had once guessed that there must be a Territory Lord or a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in this universe furnace world, but he didn’t know where it was. Otherwise, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have been able to communicate with each other. The Black Ink Clan’s communication always required a higher level Ink Nest as a transit point.

At this moment, the Ink Nest was shaking and the sleeping Mo Na Ye was startled awake. His face was filled with anger, but after understanding the information brought about by the Ink Nest’s shaking, Mo Na Ye was also shocked.

The message was simple, just one sentence.

Xiang Shan obtained a Spirit Pill and wanted to break through!

Below the Ninth Order Human Race, there were only three people who could make Mo Na Ye feel fear!

The first was naturally Yang Kai! He was a dignified Pseudo-Royal Lord, but he had suffered countless losses at Yang Kai’s hands. In the previous battle, not only had he lost a large number of Innate Territory Lords, but he had also almost been killed by Yang Kai, causing him to lose all his prestige and face in the Black Ink Clan.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t seem to be able to break through to the Ninth Order on his own, otherwise Mo Na Ye would have long since found a way to kill him.

However, the appearance of the Universe Furnace had given Yang Kai a chance to break through, so this time, the Black Ink Clan masters’ mission to enter the Universe Furnace was not only to kill as many Human Race masters as possible, but also to prevent the Human Race from obtaining opportunities. More importantly, they had to keep a close eye on those few masters so they could not be allowed to advance to the Ninth Order.

Yang Kai was first!

The second was Mi Jinglun.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, Mo Yu didn’t care about the big and small matters. After Mo Na Ye became a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he had been in charge of all the big and small matters, while the Human Clan’s leader was Mi Jinglun.

Although Mo Na Ye had never met this Eighth Order Human Race master before, they were all managers of their respective races, so it was unknown how many times they had clashed.

If Yang Kai could be described as a fierce fighter, then Mi Jinglun was a strategic commander! Although such an existence was stationed at the rear, it was often more terrifying than some fierce fighter who only knew how to kill.

If he were to break through to the Ninth Order and come to the front desk from behind the scenes, the danger he would bring would not be as simple as just another Ninth Order human race.

Xiang Shan was ranked third. After all, he was a famous veteran Eighth Order. Although his personal strength wasn’t as great as Yang Kai’s, he was still capable of devising strategies and winning a thousand battles. It was said that back in the Great Evolution Army, Xiang Shan was the Regiment Commander while Mi Jinglun had to obey his orders.

The Great Evolution Pass was also taken over by Xiang Shan!

Among these three, any one of them breaking through to the Ninth Order was a huge disaster for the Black Ink Clan, so even though he was in a deep sleep, when he learned that Xiang Shan had already obtained a Spirit Pill and was about to break through to the Ninth Order, Mo Na Ye couldn’t sit still.

Inside the Ink Nest, Mo Na Ye hurriedly opened his eyes as the rich Ink Force around him poured into his body, allowing him to clearly feel his strength.

In terms of aura, he didn’t seem to have changed much, just a bit more condensed. After all, the aura of a Pseudo-Royal Lord and a Royal Lord didn’t differ much.

But gently clenching his fist, Mo Na Ye knew that he was no longer the same person when he had entered this world.

He was now able to display his full strength, and the current him was the true Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan!

On top of that, his injuries had also improved by eighty percent. The Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacy not only allowed him to successfully break through, but also allowed him to heal his injuries.

This was a pleasant surprise.

Without any hesitation, Mo Na Ye determined his direction and rushed out of the Ink Nest towards the battlefield.

Moreover, for such a big event, Yang Kai would definitely appear. It was a great humiliation to have nearly been killed by him before, but now that he had successfully become a true Royal Lord, there was no need for him to act like a snake in front of Yang Kai. If Yang Kai dared to show himself, he would kill him as well to avenge his previous humiliation!

Mo Na Ye’s heart become ruthless…

This time, he would kill Xiang Shan, Yang Kai, and destroy the prestige of the Human Race!

At the same time, on the other side of the world inside the furnace world, a majestic Divine Palace flew through the void. Above this Divine Palace was a plaque with the words ‘Flowing Time’ written on it!

In front of the palace, a white-robed man and a woman were leading seven or eight human race masters.

Since it was the Flowing Time Divine Palace, the white-robed man and woman were naturally Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.

After obtaining the Spirit Pill from the Great Desert, Yang Xue immediately refined it and successfully broke through to the Ninth Order. Not long ago, she had just come out of seclusion and continued exploring this universe furnace world with Yang Xiao.

Coincidentally, they encountered a group of human race cultivators.

And among this group of human race cultivators, there was a familiar face.

Fang Tianci!

At that time, Fang Tianci was leading the other Human Race masters into a battle formation, and when he saw Yang Xiao, he was pleasantly surprised. When he saw that Yang Xue had already reached the Ninth Order, he was even more surprised.

They had known each other for many years and had fought side by side in bloody battles. Now that they had reunited in this Universe Furnace, it could be considered fate.

As such, the two sides decided to travel together.

During this time, Yang Xiao constantly activated the Sun and Moon Marks on the back of his hands, hoping to gain something, but unfortunately, he didn’t sense anything else. This made him wonder if it was a coincidence that he was able to use the Sun and Moon Marks to sense the location of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill…

Although they hadn’t obtained any Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, they had killed some of the Black Ink Clan’s masters, so everyone was quite satisfied.

This was especially true for one of the Black Ink Clan’s masters who had been killed, a Pseudo-Royal Lord!

In that battle, Yang Xue personally took action and killed a powerful enemy, shattering the chaos and shattering the void, causing Yang Xiao and the others to stare in awe.


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Porque ese tipo tenía que atrapar una píldora de calidad superior ? 🤨


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Since true royal lords can use the surname Mo, does that mean Mo Na Ye can now be called Mo Mo Na Ye? I'm going to call him Momo from now on. For however much longer he may live...

And wasn't Old Fang over with Ouyang Lie a chapter or two ago?

Xue Ying
Xue Ying
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Nope Arstein is correct, author has dementia and this happened maaaaany times before and probably for the remaining chapters to come. You're probably reading different one so I copied these sentences from above.

"This time, he would kill Xiang Shan, Yang Kai, and destroy the prestige of the Human Race!

AT THE SAME TIME, on the other side of the world inside the furnace world, a majestic Divine Palace flew through the void."

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