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The evolution of the Great Dao’s power was extremely profound. In the depths of the Endless River, the yellow and blue colors were gradually replaced by five colored lights. Golden color of the Gold Element, Green color of the Wood Element, Blue color of the Water Element, Red color of the Fire Element, and Brown color of the Earth Element!

As the five colors converged, the interior of the great river became more colorful.

Chaos was divided into Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang became the Five Elements.

The Yin-Yang Great Dao could be divided into two Great Daos, and the Five Elements Great Daos could also be divided into five Great Daos. If one were to divide them carefully, the Five Elements Great Daos would have five Great Daos, and when cultivators cultivated, they would always have their own focus.

However, for any human race cultivator, the Yin-Yang + Five Elements were the foundation of the Great Dao. This was because after reaching the Emperor Realm and condensing one’s own Dao Seal, one would need to refine the seven types of resources, refine the power of these resources, and give the cultivator a capital to create a new world within their body.

The power of the Yin-Yang + Five Elements was extremely important.

In other words, no matter which Human Race Open Heaven cultivator it was, no matter what kind of Great Dao they cultivated, they would more or less have some understanding of the Yin-Yang + Five Elements Great Dao, but their attainments were different.

Taking Yang Kai as an example, even if he didn’t have all the benefits he had gained from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he still had some attainments in the Yin-Yang + Five Elements Dao, but they were very shallow.

Now, his Yin-Yang Great Dao was about to reach the eighth stage, and the Five Elements Great Dao is bound to change here.

The rich and pure power of the Five Elements Great Dao lingered around his body, but Yang Kai was not in a hurry to absorb and refine it, instead silently comprehending it.

After a while, Yang Kai opened his eyes and slowly shook his head.

His attainments in the Five Elements Great Dao weren’t high, so at this moment, he could only feel that the Five Elements Great Dao around him was constantly suppressing each other, transforming endlessly, but he was unable to comprehend much more.

However, he was not discouraged. Right now, it was more important to improve his own Great Dao.

Now that he was here, he felt a little more pressure. The surrounding Great Dao’s power caused the Space-Time River around him and Thunder Shadow to tremble violently. This was obviously because his Five Elements Great Dao attainments were insufficient.

Just like that, he opened the door to his Small Universe and began absorbing and refining the power of the Great Dao here.

The Five Elements' Dao Marks in the Void World rapidly accumulated.

This reminded him of the situation in the Celestial Phenomenon, which was somewhat similar to what he was seeing now, but in the Celestial Phenomenon, he still had to spend a lot of effort to capture the Great Dao rivers, but here, it was completely different. All he needed to do was devour them.

As the Dao Marks of the Five Elements' Great Dao continued to increase, another disciple in the Void Dojo suddenly comprehend something and quickly went into retreat to cultivate…

After an unknown period of time, Yang Kai once again felt a bottleneck. The Dao Marks of the Five Elements Great Dao in his Small Universe could no longer be increased, and the Great Dao power he had absorbed could no longer be refined.

Silently sensing his Five Elements Great Dao, he found that it was basically the same as his Yin-Yang Great Dao, both at the peak of the seventh stage.

Sure enough, the eighth stage was a bottleneck on the Great Dao and was not easy to break through.

Using the same method, Yang Kai divided a separate area in his Small Universe and sealed the Five Elements Great Dao he had absorbed into it for later use.

Just as he had thought before, the Yin-Yang Great Dao power he had sealed could be given to Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan. If he couldn’t use this Five Elements Great Dao power later, he could give it to the Human Race’s masters.

The Human Race now had many more masters, but although these newly promoted High Rank Open Heaven masters weren’t weak, compared to the older generation’s Eighth Order masters, they were still lacking in terms of accumulation, especially in terms of Great Dao attainments.

Most of the older generation Eighth Order cultivators had already reached the limits of their Martial Dao and were unable to improve their cultivation, but the accumulation of time could help them improve their comprehension of their Great Dao.

After all, the newly promoted High Rank Open Heaven cultivators had only been cultivating for a short time, especially those who had reached the Seventh Order. Although their starting point was high and their cultivation speed was fast, their comprehension of the Great Dao might not be able to keep up with the speed at which their strength increased.

Many things required time to polish.

If these Five Elements Great Dao forces were brought out, it would definitely benefit many human race cultivators.

As Yang Kai’s attainments in the Five Elements Great Dao increased, the pressure he had to endure became smaller.

Inside his Small Universe's territory, Yang Kai sealed enough of the Five Elements Great Dao before stopping and continuing to sink.

At this moment, Thunder Shadow suddenly asked, “According to what you said, the primal chaos is divided into Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang transforming into the Five Elements, so what’s next is the Five Elements giving birth to the Myriad Great Dao?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Probably.”

Thunder Shadow was shocked, “Why is there such a miraculous evolution inside this Endless River?”

This was not just the evolution of the Great Dao, but also the transformation of the world. The development of this Great Dao force was equivalent to displaying the world from the primal chaos one by one.

Perhaps in the distant era, this was how the vast world was born.

Yang Kai had some guesses, but he wasn’t certain.

The man and leopard continued to remain calm while the surrounding Great Dao force evolved just as Thunder Shadow had said, the Five Elements countering each other and transforming into Myriad Great Dao.

The further down they went, the more dazzling the color of the great river became, and many different colored ribbons gathered in the depths of the river, forming an undercurrent.

Although he had already expected this, when he saw this scene, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit excited.

Exhaling lightly, Yang Kai said, “Third Brother, we’ve struck gold!”

At this moment, Thunder Shadow couldn’t care less about him. It had long ago summoned its strength to grab a ribbon of twinkling thunder light, opened its bloody mouth, and devour it.

This was the manifestation of the Great Dao of Thunder, primitive and pure…

Thunder Shadow’s mouth was filled with lightning, and even the lightning spots on his body flickered as he swallowed, “It’s really convenient for you to have Small Universe.”

Yang Kai only needed to open the door to his Small Universe to swallow and refine the Great Dao power, but it couldn’t. It came from the Monster Race and cultivated the Ancient Technique, without a Small Universe, it could only do so.

When Yang Kai had swallowed and refined the Yin-Yang + Five Elements Great Dao, it had been extremely envious. Now, it was finally time to reap some benefits.

While refining the Thunder Great Dao, Thunder Shadow said regretfully, “Unfortunately, Second Brother is not here…”

As for Fang Tianci, Yang Kai hadn’t been able to find any trace of him and didn’t know where he was hiding.

Feeling regretful, he grabbed another Shadow-like Great Dao and continued to devour and refine it. As for the Second Brother, he had long since been tossed out from his mind.

Unlike the Thunder Shadow’s selective devouring, Yang Kai really didn’t refuse anything.

The door to his Small Universe opened, and the colorful great river water poured into it like a broken dam. Yang Kai tried his best to refine it, but he was unable to keep up with its speed.

All kinds of Great Dao's Dao Marks were constantly accumulating in his Small Universe, and his attainments in the Great Daos were also steadily increasing.

Inside the Void Dojo, things had been quite strange recently. First, a female disciple who cultivated the Yin-Yang Great Dao suddenly had some insights and went into secluded cultivation, followed by three other disciples who cultivated the Five Elements Great Dao.

This made the other disciples envious.

Their cultivations had long since reached the peak of the Emperor Realm, and they had condensed their own Dao Seals and refined all kinds of resources, only a step away from breaking through to Open Heaven Stage.

Unfortunately, their Dao Master hadn’t appeared these past few years and hadn’t taken them away, so even if they wanted to leave the Void World, they had no way.

When one’s cultivation reached their current level, unless they left this place to break through to Open Heaven Stage, it would be difficult for them to advance any further.

As such, those who had suddenly benefited from their own Great Dao were the envy of others.

Recently, more of these disciples had suddenly gained new insights. Often, they did not do anything and were even chatting with their companions while drinking tea. For some reason, they had gained new insights.

For a time, the originally lively Void Dojo became incomparably quiet, with almost no one in sight. Everyone had gone into secluded cultivation…

This was something that had never happened in the tens of thousands of years since the Void Dojo was established, and it could be said to be unprecedented.

On the other hand, in the outside world, Yang Kai felt that he was really holding on. If he were to cultivate on his own, if he wanted to raise his Great Dao to the peak of the seventh stage, even with his current level, it would take him at least hundreds or thousands of years.

But in this place, there was no need to cultivate, all he needed to do was swallow and refine.

The pure power of the Great Dao could be transformed into Dao Marks and integrated into the Small Universe.

His Spear Dao quickly reached the peak of the seventh stage, his Sword Dao also reached the peak of the seventh stage, his Saber Dao, and even his Array Formation Dao is also like this…

All kinds of Great Dao power gathered, and although his Small Universe didn’t seem to have changed, it was no longer the same Small Universe it was before.

Yang Kai could faintly feel that the power of the Great Dao in his Small Universe, its not a Myriad Great Dao, but it was at least three thousand…

No one had cultivated so many Great Daos before, let alone having so many with high level.

Yang Kai was able to accomplish this not because of his own ability, but because of two opportunities.

The first time was the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, which was the foundation of his Myriad Dao power, and the second time was the Endless River.

Yang Kai had obtained a great harvest from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, but at that time, he had not had enough time. After advancing to the Eighth Order Open Heaven, he had been in a hurry to exit seclusion.

Before leaving, he had also left some Space Spirit Bead at the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, planning to follow the guidance of the Space Spirit Bead in the future and plunder all the benefits of the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

Unfortunately, after so many years, he had never had the time or energy to do so. After all, a trip to the Celestial Phenomenon Sea would take a long time. Now that the situation between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan was unclear, how could he dare to leave?

From the looks of it, there was no need to go to the Celestial Phenomenon Sea again. The benefits from the Endless River were more than enough.

On top of that, the benefits from the Endless River were more primitive and pure, making them easier to obtain. On the other hand, the Celestial Phenomenon Sea required a lot of effort.


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