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In the depths of the Endless River, when the chaotic force had reached its limit, it suddenly underwent some kind of miraculous change, causing Yang Kai to become interested, which was also why he insisted on continuing his exploration.

As for what this change was, Yang Kai couldn’t tell for the time being. Perhaps if he continued to sink deeper, he would be able to discover it more clearly, but Yang Kai could clearly feel that the surrounding chaotic river water’s impact on him had weakened slightly.

Is it reversed?

As the impact of the river water weakened, the pressure Yang Kai had to bear naturally lessened, so he was in no hurry to retreat.

Now that he had passed the most difficult part, it was naturally time to explore the interior of this Endless River. Yang Kai had a faint feeling that he was about to touch upon some secrets unknown to the world.

In the past, there might have been people who wanted to explore the Endless River, but it was impossible for them to reach such depths.

The reason Yang Kai was able to come here was not only because of his own accumulation, but also because of external forces. Whether it was the Soul Warming Lotus’s protection or the Subtree's suppresion on his Small Universe, none of these conditions could be met by ordinary people.

Not even a Ninth Order Human Race master!

Moreover, in terms of attainments in the Great Dao, Yang Kai wasn’t inferior to any Ninth Order Human Race cultivator. What he lacked was only his cultivation level. In this Endless River, the power of the Great Dao was his greatest reliance, and his cultivation level was secondary.

Therefore, Yang Kai was almost certain that no one had ever been able to reach this place before, much less explore the depths of the Endless River.

Inside the Endless River, it was originally dim and dark, but at some point, the surging chaotic river water around it began to glow faintly.

There were only two colors, yellow and blue…

At first, these dazzling lights weren’t very obvious, but as Yang Kai sank deeper into the river, they also became more concentrated. As far as the eye could see, these lights were like ribbons floating in the river, flowing along with the waves and reflecting the beauty of the river.

The color of this light gave Yang Kai a very familiar feeling, and the aura it exuded was not unfamiliar to him.

Yang Kai was enlightened and suddenly came to a realization, “The chaotic force here is divided into Yin and Yang!”

Thunder Shadow also seemed to be deep in thought, but in the end, it was not as knowledgeable as the main body. At this moment, it seemed to have gained some insights, but it was not clear.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. This trip to explore the Endless River had been a spur of the moment idea, and there were many Black Ink Clan masters outside searching for him. He had only wanted to stay in this river for a while longer and wait for the limelight to pass, but he hadn’t expected to obtain some unexpected harvest. He had actually witnessed the grandness of the chaotic force separation into Yin and Yang, which is not so deep in this great river.

This was the evolution of the Great Dao, the division of primal chaos.

He stopped moving and focused his attention, silently comprehending the changes in the surrounding Great Dao.

Only after a long time did he suddenly open his eyes, seemingly lost in thought, his figure moving as he continued to lead the Thunder Shadow downwards.

The further down he went, the more obvious the yellow and blue colored ribbons became. At one point, Yang Kai’s field of vision was completely filled with yellow and blue light, dazzling him.

At this point, Yang Kai was no longer able to detect even the slightest trace of the chaotic and fragmented Dao Mark. This was the place where Yin and Yang Great Daos condensed.

Pure, primal power surged here, forming the ultimate profundities of Yin and Yang Great Dao.

Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow were practically swimming in the Great Dao River!

Yang Kai was both excited and regretful.

What excite him was that the Great Dao here was so pure and rich that anyone who came here could absorb and refine it, rapidly increasing their attainments in the Yin-Yang Great Dao.

After all, this was the power of the Great Dao derived from the power of primal chaos, so it would be strange if it wasn’t pure.

Unfortunately, the Yin-Yang Great Dao wasn’t his main Great Dao. His Small Universe did have the Dao Mark of the Yin-Yang Great Dao, but that was only because he had obtained some benefits from the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

If a cultivator from Yin-Yang Heaven were to come here, that would be akin to a thief entering a treasure mountain!

For example, Smiles Old Ancestor, Luo Tinghe, and even his wife Qu Huachang or Tao Lingwan. Such a treasure trove would definitely save them countless years of cultivation and allow them to rapidly improve their Great Dao.

He sighed in his heart. Since they couldn’t come, he would have to do it himself.

Immediately opening up his Small Universe, like a starving man who had been starving for hundreds of years, he began to devour the power of the Great Dao here.

He had done this once in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, but at that time, the situation was different from now. There were many Great Dao rivers in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, each of which contained various Great Dao forces. At that time, Yang Kai had absorbed these Great Dao rivers into his Small Universe.

At this moment, there was no need for that. The Yin-Yang Great Dao was too rich, and as the Small Universe opened up, the Great Dao force poured into it.

Inside the Small Universe's Void Dojo, many Emperor Realm masters had gathered, all of them having condensed their own Dao Seals. The disciples were usually in secluded cultivation or exchanging pointers.

At this moment, a female cultivator who specialized in the Great Dao of Yin-Yang suddenly felt a strange sensation, as if there was something else in this world, causing her to feel a sense of enlightenment. Many things she normally couldn’t understand suddenly became clear to her at this moment, and she immediately ended her conversation with her companion and began meditating, causing her companion to stare at her in shock. Not knowing how this woman had suddenly gained something.

What others couldn’t see was that in the void world, a large number of Yin-Yang Great Dao Mark had suddenly appeared, and this increase was still continuing.

After swallowing and refining the Yin-Yang Great Dao, Yang Kai couldn’t help but gain many insights, his understanding of the Yin-Yang Great Dao becoming more thorough.

Originally, his attainments in the Yin-Yang Great Dao weren’t high, and according to his own classification, he was at most at the fourth stage, which was the average standard of his other Great Daos apart from the few Great Daos he mainly cultivated.

As Yang Kai continued to absorb and refine it, the Small Universe’s Great Dao Mark increased and his attainments in the Great Dao also rapidly increased.

Mastered, Outstanding, Technical Champion. It was not until he was about to reach the eighth stage that Yang Kai felt that he had reached a bottleneck. No matter how much Great Dao he absorbed, it would be difficult for him to improve in a short time.

As expected.

Relying solely on absorbing and refining Great Dao forces was impossible to allow one’s Great Dao attainments to increase infinitely, there was always a limit to this.

Just like eating, no matter how big the stomach was, there would always be a time when it was full, and only by slowly digesting it could it become the capital to become stronger.

Yang Kai didn’t feel too bloated at the moment. After all, His Small Universe's territory was extremely large, and he could still continue to devour the Great Dao here, but he was unable to refine it into his own Dao Mark.

He had never thought that there would be a day when he would have to face a problem of having too much wealth like this. The pure and primitive Great Dao force was right in front of him, allowing him to freely take it, as if it was endless, but he was unable to refine it.

However, Yang Kai was still very satisfied. His attainments in the Yin-Yang Great Dao were originally only at the fourth stage, but at this moment, he was already on the verge of reaching the eighth stage. If he were to cultivate and comprehend it himself, it would take him at least a thousand or eight hundred years.

Yang Kai faintly felt that the eighth stage was his bottleneck.

His Space Dao and Time Dao had both stagnated at the Eighth Stage for a long time, and these were the two Great Daos he mainly cultivated, not to mention the Yin-Yang Great Dao he had never cultivated before.

As for the ninth stage, there was no need to mention it. Yang Kai didn’t know how long it would take him to unravel the mysteries of the ninth stage.

There was no way to refine it, but swallowing it was fine.

Yang Kai didn’t close the door to his Small Universe, instead continuing to devour it. After that, he divided a sealed area in his Small Universe's Territory and sealed the Great Dao forces he had absorbed into it for future use.

If the Endless River had any spirituality, seeing Yang Kai act like this, it would likely cry.

He had eaten his fill, yet he was still not satisfied, and now he even wanted to take it out. This was simply too greedy!

Yang Kai’s thoughts were very simple. He had reached a bottleneck, but he didn’t know if he would be able to break through one day. At that time, the Great Dao forces he had sealed up would be useful and could be used to enhance his own attainments.

Even if he didn’t use it himself, he could bring it out to his two wives. They were born in Yin-Yang Heaven and needed the Yin-Yang Great Dao forces to strengthen themselves.

As for Smiles Old Ancestor and Luo Tinghe… both of them had reached the Ninth Order, and after cultivating for so many years, their attainments in their respective Great Dao should have reached their limits, not something external forces could help.

Seeing Yang Kai act in such a manner, Thunder Shadow remained silent. The greed of his main body was quite embarrassing. Fortunately, there were no outsiders here, and… if anyone else were to face such benefits, it would be difficult to refuse.

After eating to his heart’s content, Yang Kai finally closed the door to his Small Universe and led the Thunder Shadow down.

In the depths of this Endless River, there was no lack of pressure, but compared to the most difficult times, the erosion of the Yin-Yang Great Dao was not a joke. Fortunately, Yang Kai himself had some attainments in this Great Dao, and after his previous efforts, his attainments in this Great Dao had steadily increased, so the pressure he felt was becoming smaller. At this time, he felt like he was taking a leisurely stroll.

“What do you think will happen next?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.

Thunder Shadow said gloomily, “I don’t know, I don’t want to guess!”

Yang Kai laughed, “Although you come from the Monster Race, you still need to use your brain. A brainless Monster Race won’t live long!”

Lei Ying glanced at him casually, thinking to himself, 'Don;t you realize you’re scolding yourself by scolding me? You’re the one who gave me the brain.'

Yang Kai, on the other hand, said, “It is said that this world was originally filled with primal chaos, but after countless years of evolution, the primal chaos split into Yin and Yang, after Yin and Yang… it formed the Five Elements!”

Seemingly trying to verify his conjecture, the interior of the great river which was originally filled with yellow and blue colors suddenly gained some other colors.

The power of Yin and Yang was no longer pure, and as the two Great Daos combined, they formed traces of other Great Daos.


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