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Yang Kai’s injuries were quite severe, but his own recovery ability was quite strong, so the injuries on his body weren’t a big deal. It was just that he had suffered some damage to his Soul when he used the Soul Shattering Spike to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord, so he needed the Soul Warming Lotus to slowly heal it.

Fortunately, he had only used the Soul Shattering Spike once, so the injury to his Soul wasn’t too serious.

The man and leopard calmly recuperated in the river water, allowing the water to wash over them as they remained motionless.

In the outside world, however, because of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, a storm of blood was stirred up. More and more Black Ink Clan masters were summoned and gathered in this region, all of them looking around to fight with the Human Race forces who were already here.

Under the repeated transformations of the Universe Furnace's Great Dao, the situation here had become much clearer, unlike in the past, where they had not encountered a single living being for a long time. Now, the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had all gathered together, and every time they encountered one another, a bloody battle would break out.

At first, because the Black Ink Clan had a large number of masters, the Human Race had suffered some losses, but as time passed, the Human Race also gradually began to notice that something was wrong, especially as Tian Xiuzhu and the others spread the news, more Human Race cultivators began to gather.

Yang Kai had obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and was currently being pursued by the Black Ink Clan’s masters, his fate unknown…

How could they let this be? A single Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was equivalent to the birth of a Ninth Order master, not to mention Yang Kai’s position in the Human Race. No matter what, they couldn’t allow the Black Ink Clan to succeed.

With the help of the Communication Bead he carried with him, everyone gathered together.

After Ouyang Lie, a newly promoted Ninth Order cultivator, received the news and rushed over, the situation completely spiraled out of control.

In the vast void, one could almost see the battle between the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan everywhere. The great battles had caused the world inside the furnace world to tremble.

In the Endless River, Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow, who were healing their injuries, were completely unaware of this.

After consuming a large number of Spirit Pills, the man and leopard’s injuries gradually improved. After an unknown period of time, Yang Kai felt that his injuries were no longer a problem, and the damage to his Soul was not as severe as before. With the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus, it was only a matter of time before he recovered, and this minor injury didn’t affect his strength.

After checking Thunder Shadow’s condition, although the latter’s recovery speed wasn’t slow, it was still not as fast as Yang Kai’s. At this moment, most of his injuries had healed and he was still wrapped up in the Space-Time River.

Seemingly sensing Yang Kai’s movements, Thunder Shadow slowly opened his eyes and said, “I'm fine.”

The Monster Race’s physique was also extremely powerful. Although he was almost beaten to death by the Pseudo-Royal Lord, as long as he weren’t killed on the spot, it wouldn’t be too difficult for Thunder Shadow to recover.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and was in no hurry to leave. Instead, he looked down and stared for a moment before sending a voice transmission, “What do you think is inside this Endless River?”

The most mysterious and beautiful thing in the Universe Furnace was undoubtedly this Endless River, a river condensed from the purest and most chaotic of Dao Marks. It almost passed through the entire universe furnace world. When Yang Kai first saw this Endless River, he didn’t think too much about it, and at that time, he was too focused on searching for the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill to think about it.

However, this time, using the Endless River to escape and heal his injuries had given him some ideas.

Was this Endless River really as simple as it seemed on the surface? The Universe Furnace was the most magical treasure in this world, and the most mysterious existence inside this most magical treasure was probably something else.

Hearing this question, Thunder Shadow immediately became vigilant, “What do you want to do?”

Although it was only a Monster Race Body, it could vaguely sense that Yang Kai was thinking of some kind of dangerous idea. This main body of his had never been one to settle down.

Sure enough, Yang Kai said, “If there’s nothing else going on, why don’t we go in and take a look?”

Thunder Shadow was speechless, “What do you mean nothing is going on…”

There were still many Best Quality Open Heaven Pills scattered around, and the Black Ink Clan had so many masters who wanted to kill them, so how could they be safe?

Yang Kai said, “There are probably a lot of Black Ink Clan masters out there searching for me right now, and there’s no shortage of Pseudo-Royal Lord. Perhaps that Chaos Spirit King is also looking for me. If I go out, I’ll have to hide for a while, so I might as well stay here for a while until the storm passes.”

'What you said makes sense…'

Thunder Shadow frowned slightly before saying, “You’re the Boss, you have the final say!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Then let’s see.”

Saying so, he immediately sank down, the Thunder Shadow following close behind, the Space-Time River swirling around him, blocking the impact of the chaotic force.

This Endless River seemed extremely vast and deep from the outside, but there was still a limit. However, when they sank down, Yang Kai discovered that something was wrong.

According to his senses, the depth he and the Thunder Shadow had sunk was probably enough to penetrate the entire river, but in reality, the chaotic river water was still beside them, as if they had fallen into an endless abyss.

Inside this Endless River was actually another universe.

Yang Kai immediately became cautious.

Moreover, the deeper they sank, the stronger the impact of the chaotic river water became. From time to time, there would be some turbulent undercurrents.

The power of the Soul Warming Lotus continued surging, protecting Yang Kai’s mind so that he wouldn’t be disturbed by the chaotic force. Inside his Small Universe, the Subtree's giant umbrella-like canopy became more condensed.

After sinking for an unknown period of time, Yang Kai suddenly felt like he couldn’t hold on any longer. Even with the Soul Warming Lotus protecting his mind and the Subtree suppressing his Small Universe, the cleansing of the chaotic force was still inevitable.

The Dragon Vein that was only a step away from becoming a Divine Dragon was actually unable to resist the corrosion of the chaotic river water!

With no other choice, Yang Kai could only use his own Space-Time River to wrap himself and the Thunder Shadow together, allowing the pressure to subside.

But now, the consumption of his Great Dao was too great. Originally, he only needed to wrap a Thunder Shadow in his Space-Time River, but now, not only did he have to protect the Thunder Shadow, but he also had to protect himself, which was equivalent to double the cost.

The power of Great Dao was Yang Kai’s comprehension and accumulation of his own Great Dao. If he consumed too much of it, it would definitely affect the foundation of his Great Dao.

Continuing to sink, it was as if there really was no end to it, and the pressure became greater, causing Yang Kai’s forehead to sweat.

Thunder Shadow sensed that something was wrong and quickly sent a voice transmission, “It’s about time to go up!”

If he didn’t hold back on his consumption, he might end up trapped here. At that time, the power of Yang Kai’s Great Dao would be exhausted and the Space-Time River would be difficult to maintain, so he and his main body would definitely die here.

Yang Kai also felt that it was about time to go up, but there was something strange about this Endless River. He had already sunk so deep, yet he still hadn’t reached the end. If he just went up like this, he wouldn’t be satisfied.

He had a feeling that this Endless River was not as simple as it seemed.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai continued to sink down, but he was still using more of his Great Dao.

His Great Dao was not limited to the Great Dao of Time and Space. The ones he had diligently cultivated before included Alchemy Dao, Spear Dao, and Artifact Refining Dao. In the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, he had absorbed and refined many Great Dao rivers, each of which contained different Great Dao forces. It could be said that the Great Dao's Dao Marks in his Small Universe were almost all-encompassing, the only difference being their attainments.

This was also the main reason why cultivators from the Void World were able to have achievements in many Great Dao. The Small Universe had many Great Daos, so cultivators from the Void World could cultivate many of them.

If he hadn’t obtained the harvest from the Celestial Phenomenon back then, the cultivators in his Small Universe World would either have no achievements or would only be able to obtain benefits from the few Great Daos he had.

Spear Dao, Sword Dao, Array Formation Dao, Artifact Refining Dao, Saber Dao…

Numerous Great Dao forces were activated and supported the Space-Time River.

When the Thunder Shadow saw this, it also hurriedly activated its Great Dao. As a Shadow Leopard, it was innately proficient in the Art of Concealment, and after becoming a Great Emperor, it had comprehended the Dao of Thunder. At this moment, when it activated its Great Dao, it caused the lightning outside the Space-Time River to flicker and become illusory and extremely strange.

With the two of them working together, the pressure on them lessened significantly.

Sure enough, the best way to suppress the chaotic river water was to use the complete Great Dao.

While activating his Great Dao, Thunder Shadow complained, “How did you survive for so long?”

It was just an Endless River, knowing how dangerous it was inside, he still wanted to explore it. With such a bold personality, Thunder Shadow was quite surprised that he was still alive.

Yang Kai laughed, “If I die, how can you be born?”

'You speak as if I am your son…' Thunder Shadow suddenly fell silent.

As they continued to sink deeper, the undercurrents in the river became even more violent, each of them consuming a great deal of their Great Dao and causing the Space-Time River to tremble violently.

At this moment, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about retreating. The reason he had been able to persevere before was because he hadn’t used his full strength, but if he continued to persevere now, he might not be able to return. Once he exhausted too much of his Great Dao, it would be difficult for him to maintain the Space-Time River.

In the end, Yang Kai only have a sudden impulse to explore the Endless River. It would be a pity if he didn’t obtain anything, but it wasn’t worth it to risk so much.

However, just as Yang Kai was about to retreat, his expression suddenly became serious. He faintly felt that the surrounding chaos seemed to have undergone some kind of change, as if it was no longer as pure…

Thunder Shadow suddenly had a bad feeling. Although its cultivation was the same as Yang Kai’s, the gap in strength between them was not small. It couldn’t sense anything that Yang Kai could detect, so it didn’t know what Yang Kai had found that made him so excited.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Yang Kai continued to dive deeper and faster.

Thunder Shadow couldn’t help but sigh and swallow his words of persuasion. Since his main body wanted to take this risk, he could only risk his life to accompany him. He couldn’t just abandon his main body and run away.

But soon, Thunder Shadow realized something was wrong and asked in surprise, “This river… something changed?”

After all, he was still considered an Eighth Order, so although he had noticed it a little later than Yang Kai, he had still managed to notice it.

Yang Kai nodded, “There seems to be some strange changes.”


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