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Relying on his instincts, Yang Kai fled in the direction of the Endless River, but he still couldn’t find any trace of it, making him wonder if he had gone in the wrong direction.

But if this Endless River really run through the entire universe furnace world, then no matter where he went, he would eventually encounter it.

While escaping, Yang Kai had already used his Great Dao to completely refine the Chaos Body that had swallowed the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and put it away.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound filled the world as the Great Dao trembled. The evolution of the Universe Furnace had begun again…

How many times had it been?

Yang Kai couldn’t remember if this was the sixth or seventh time.

He quickly stopped and focused on sensing the changes around him.

Every time the Universe Furnace evolved, it was the process of the Great Dao’s power transforming from chaos into order. After nine times, the shattered Dao Marks that filled the world inside the furnace would no longer exist, making it no different from the outside world.

This was an extremely miraculous evolution. Yang Kai had a feeling that if he could understand this evolutionary secret, it would be a great harvest for any cultivator, perhaps even a pleasant surprise.

In the past, he had tried to meditate on these changes, but he hadn’t been able to obtain any results. This time, his condition was even worse.

Soon, the evolution ended.

The chaotic feeling of the world inside the furnace world had indeed become a bit more vague, and the shattered Dao Marks had become much thinner, instead forming some tender embryonic Great Dao.

The invisible fog that shrouded the entire Universe Furnace was being lifted bit by bit by the Great Dao!

At this moment, two Divine Senses stretched out from the void and probed his position.

Yang Kai’s face turned black as he hurriedly used his Space Divine Ability to escape, the primal chaos became thinner, so even the investigation from the Divine Sense become more effective.

A short while later, two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords rushed over from different directions, but Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. However, the residual fluctuations of the Space Force in this place undoubtedly explained everything. They quickly used the Ink Nest to send out a message to the surrounding forces to gather.

On the other side, Yang Kai appeared with his Thunder Shadow, completely exhausted.

He had never tried to teleport so many times with a companion at the same cultivation level as him. Compared to him alone, the consumption was undoubtedly several times greater.

Just as he was worrying about what to do next, he suddenly felt something and sent out his Divine Sense to investigate.

The next moment, the sound of flowing water came from the depths of his heart.

Endless River!

Yang Kai was overjoyed. It seemed that his feeling was correct. He had indeed been fleeing in the direction of the Endless River until now.

Hurriedly urging his body, Yang Kai brought the Thunder Shadow and flew towards the Endless River. Soon, he saw the magnificent river that seemed to have no source or end.

At this point, Yang Kai was actually a bit hesitant. Hiding in the Endless River was undoubtedly the only way out right now. The many masters of the Black Ink Clan had gathered here to search for him, and with his current condition, if he didn’t recover soon, he would be surrounded sooner or later. At that time, it would be impossible for him to escape.

But if he really wanted to enter this Endless River, Yang Kai didn’t know what he would encounter. After all, this river wasn’t safe.

But now that things had come to this, there was no other choice.

Yang Kai gritted his teeth and used his strength to protect himself and the listless Thunder Shadow on his shoulder. Leaping up, he jumped into the river silently, not even causing a single splash.

The Human Race had obtained a lot of information about the universe furnace world, including information about the Endless River, all of which was provided by Blood Crow.

However, although the information mentioned the Endless River, it did not mention what would happen if one fell into it.

Yang Kai speculated that either Blood Crow hadn’t considered this point, or all those who had fallen into the river had died, so no information had been leaked.

But no matter what, breaking into this Endless River was an extremely risky move.

Yang Kai soon suffered.

The moment he fell into the Endless River, he felt the dense broken Dao Mark around him wash over him, as if countless Chaos Body were attacking him at the same time!

In fact, it was true.

The Chaos Body was condensed from shattered Dao Mark, so the impact of the shattered Dao Mark was no different from the attacks of the Chaos Body.

Even though he was on guard, Yang Kai still felt his body go limp and couldn’t summon any strength. His body continued to sink, and all kinds of inexplicable emotions filled his heart, causing him to feel despair.

The Black Ink Clan was so powerful, could the Human Race really contend with them?

Although the two racecs could now compete with one another, the Black Ink Clan still had some powerful masters who had yet to appear, as well as Black Ink's true self who had been sealed in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

Even if the Human Race were to exterminate all of the Black Ink Clan, without the means to deal with Black Ink, it would be impossible to end this war that had begun since ancient times.

This was an opponent that even Cang and nine other Martial Ancestors had failed to defeat…

Why did he have to fight for that Best Quality Open Heaven Pill? Now that he was surrounded by enemies, he had no way out.

With so many distracting thoughts assaulting his mind, Yang Kai couldn’t help wanting to sink into this Endless River, no longer paying attention to the outside world’s disturbances, becoming a part of this Endless River. It was a good ending…

He suddenly realized why the information provided by Blood Crow hadn’t mentioned the consequences of falling into the river.

Those who had fallen into the river should have already disappeared, right?

A cool feeling spread out from his mind, like a rising sun, and all of his distracting thoughts were instantly swept away.

Yang Kai quickly used his strength to stabilize his sinking body and couldn’t help breaking out in cold sweat.

This Endless River was indeed extremely strange. If it weren’t for the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him at this critical moment, he really would not have had a good end.

The impact of the shattered Dao Mark from all directions contained all kinds of mysterious power that was simply not something a human could resist. This power was able to draw upon the most subtle flaws in one’s heart and continue to magnify them. This was not simply the power of temptation, but the wonders of the Great Dao.

Yang Kai immediately became vigilant and activated the Soul Warming Lotus to protect himself.

Turning his head to look, he saw that the Thunder Shadow crouching on his shoulder had a peaceful look on its face and its leopard eyes had lost their light. It was obvious that it had also been affected, and even its physical body was showing signs of collapsing.

In this kind of place, once one’s body collapsed, they would definitely die without a burial.

Yang Kai’s tongue flashed like lightning as he shouted, “Thunder Shadow!”

Thunder Shadow slowly turned his head to look at him, but he showed no intention of responding, as if he had already accepted the current situation…

Yang Kai became anxious. With the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, he could temporarily stabilize his state of mind, but Thunder Shadow doesn't have it. If this continued, it wouldn’t be long before the Thunder Shadow really died.

Shattered Dao Mark washed over him from all directions, and it was the influence of these shattered Dao Mark that caused the Thunder Shadow and him to act strangely.

Since that was the case, he could only think of a way to isolate the surrounding shattered Dao Mark.

Yang Kai immediately activated the power of the Space and Time Great Dao and summoned his own Space-Time River, which transformed into a water dragon that coiled around his body, protecting him and the Thunder Shadow, isolating him from the Endless River water.

The next moment, the Thunder Shadow suddenly recovered, his eyes filled with fear and trepidation, “There’s something strange about this river!”

It wasn’t just strange, it was simply evil to the extreme. Even an expert like Yang Kai had nearly fallen into this trap, let alone the Eighth Order Human Race and Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords.

Perhaps even those at the level of a Pseudo-Royal Lord wouldn’t have a good ending if they fell into this river.

The only question was whether Ninth Order and Royal Lord could resist the erosion of the river.

“Yes,” Yang Kai grunted, gritting his teeth as he examined his Small Universe.

He hadn’t paid much attention to it just now, but when he activated the Space-Time River, he discovered that his Small Universe was also acting strangely.

The Endless River water not only washed his body, but also affected his mind, and even affecting Small Universe.

At this moment, inside the Small Universe, the World Tree was constantly swaying, forming a giant tree crown phantom that transformed into an invisible shield, like a rain umbrella that blocked the chaotic force from the outside world.

Yang Kai suddenly felt some lingering fear. If it weren’t for the World Tree sealing his Small Universe, even if he could use the Soul Warming Lotus to escape the influence of his mind, his Small Universe’s current strength would probably be extremely contaminated.

Once the river water of the Endless River corroded his body, the Small Universe would be filled with a large amount of chaotic and fragmented Dao Mark, and his own strength would be greatly affected. At that time, not to mention maintaining his original strength, it would be quite good if he didn’t fall in grade.

The dangers of this Endless River were truly impossible to guard against.

It could be confirmed that even if a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator entered this Endless River, they would not have a good ending. Even if they could resist the river’s waters, it would still affect their strength's purity.

The Soul Warming Lotus and the World Tree had helped Yang Kai greatly this time.

He didn’t have to worry about himself for the time being, but he needed to activate the Space-Time River to protect Thunder Shadow, which was quite taxing on his Great Dao power.

However, this wasn’t too troublesome, so Yang Kai carefully controlled it to reduce the size of the Space-Time River and reduce his consumption.

It wasn’t until the Space-Time River was able to wrap around Thunder Shadow that he stopped. As for himself, he didn’t need any protection, just the Soul Warming Lotus and the World Tree were enough.

Although the process was quite bumpy, in general, there was no danger. It seemed that entering this Endless River was the right decision.

There were no more Black Ink Clan masters here to disturb them, so Yang Kai simply said, “Go heal.”

Thunder Shadow nodded and quietly took out a Space Ring, poured out some healing pills from it, and swallowed them.

Although it came from the Monster Race and many of the Spirit Pills refined by the Human Race were useless to it, it could still heal its wounds. It had been beaten so badly that it was on the verge of death, so it needed some time to recover.

Yang Kai also took out some healing pills and poured them into his mouth, quietly adjusting his breathing.


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