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Luo Tinghe had told Yang Kai that she was very confident that this clone would be able to last for thirty breaths of time. In her opinion, the greatest danger Yang Kai could encounter was none other than encountering the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord alone.

However, this clone of hers was currently facing the combined forces of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and Chaos Spirit King, as well as many Chaos Spirit Race…

To be able to entangle so many enemies on her own, a newly-advanced Ninth Order clone was indeed incapable.

If this Pseudo-Royal Lord wanted to avoid her, the clone would probably not be able to stop it.

The violent energy slammed into Yang Kai’s back, causing his dragon scales to fly and his skin to split open. This Pseudo-Royal Lord also use a killer move. They clearly had a chance to obtain the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, so how could Yang Kai suddenly appear and take advantage of them?

As such, he didn’t hold back at all, releasing all of his strength.

If an ordinary Eighth Order had suffered such a blow, even if he didn’t die on the spot, he wouldn’t have been far from death. Fortunately, Yang Kai’s skin was tough and his flesh was tough, so he was able to endure a good beating. Although his internal organs were churning and his vision was blurry, he was still able to quickly float forward.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord continued to pursue them.

The other Black Ink Clan masters also wanted to chase after them, but they were entangled by the Chaos Spirit Race and could only form a defensive formation to resist. However, without the Pseudo-Royal Lord leading the charge, they were soon injured and all of them became depressed.

They really wanted to shout that the Spirit Pill wasn’t under their control and that it would be meaningless to continue fighting, so they might as well chase after the person who obtained it.

However, they also knew that these Chaos Spirit Race would not pay any attention to them. To the Chaos Spirit Race, the Black Ink Clan and Human Race who had invaded this place were all enemies.

The Space-Time River opened up a path in front of them, sweeping up all the Chaos Body in its path and forcing them to open up a path. Inside the river, the power of the Great Dao of Space and Time was extremely rich. Under the cleansing of the Great Dao, most of the Chaos Body quickly melted into nothingness, but there were simply too many of them.

Yang Kai quickly felt that his Great Dao was being consumed at an alarming rate, and the amount of energy in his Space-Time River was rapidly decreasing. This was not a good thing. He had just drawn in the Chaos Body that was refining the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. If he couldn’t refine this Chaos Body before the Space-Time River collapsed, it would be difficult to obtain the pill.

However, there were still a few powerful Chaos Spirit Race in the river who were taking advantage of his distraction to wreak havoc.

On the other side, Luo Tinghe’s clone had already summoned the Yin Yang Fish Divine Ability, enveloping both the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord and the Chaos Spirit King within it. As the Yin Yang energies flowed together, the Yin Yang Fish transformed into a cage.

Without breaking this Divine Ability, even the Chaos Spirit King and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would find it difficult to escape.

This clone undoubtedly had a trace of Luo Tinghe’s own spirituality, so at this moment, her brow was tightly furrowed as she defended herself with all her might. She couldn’t figure out where Yang Kai had provoked these two masters and why they were working together to kill him.

The thirty breaths of time would be greatly reduced. According to the current situation, it would be good if she could last for twenty breaths of time. Immediately, she sent a voice transmission to Yang Kai, “Run quickly!”

Once her clone couldn’t hold on any longer, with two masters chasing after him, even if Yang Kai had his Space Ability, he would still die.

Hearing this voice, Yang Kai clenched his teeth and pushed his Great Dao to its limit, using the Space-Time River to move forward.

Five breaths, ten breaths…

The Pseudo-Royal Lord behind him launched a series of fierce attacks towards Yang Kai, causing him to stagger back, his body covered in blood. In just a short time, Yang Kai felt as if he had suffered the greatest wound in his life…

All of a sudden, the resistance in front of him disappeared. Yang Kai looked over and saw that he had already broken out of the encirclement of the Chaos Body, so he was overjoyed. Activating his World Force, he transformed into a streak of light and flew towards the depths of the void.

“Stop him!” The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s angry roar came from behind him. He had been paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements while fighting with Luo Tinghe’s clone.

Seeing that Yang Kai was about to escape, he became nervous.

If it was an ordinary Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, they would be able to escape for a while, but not forever. Under the pursuit of a Pseudo-Royal Lord, there would always be a time when they would have to submit.

However, Yang Kai was different. He was proficient in the Dao of Space and was proficient in escaping. Once he escaped, not to mention a Pseudo-Royal Lord, even if he personally took action, he would not be able to catch up.

This matter concerned the ownership of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, how could he be willing to accept it?

Previously, the Black Ink Clan had always thought that the emergence of the Universe Furnace was an opportunity for the Human Race. The reason why so many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters had come here was to harm the Human Race and weaken their strength.

But when he inadvertently obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and used its power to promote himself to a Royal Lord, he realized that this was not just an opportunity for the Human Race, but also for the Black Ink Clan!

The Best Quality Open Heaven Pill inside the Universe Furnace contained a profound power!

Therefore, after discovering that there was also a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill here, he summoned his helpers to assist him. Everything had been fine until Yang Kai suddenly appeared out of nowhere, causing the situation to spiral out of control…

This Royal Lord was also quite depressed. Why did the Black Ink Clan have to deal with this Human Race's Killing Star? No matter where there go, they would always see this guy.

At this time, whether it was the Black Ink Clan or the Chaos Spirit Race, almost all of them were engaged in a chaotic battle, with only the Pseudo-Royal Lord chasing after Yang Kai.

Most importantly, his strength was so great that ordinary Chaos Spirit Race were unable to restrain him.

Seeing Yang Kai rush out of this battlefield, the Pseudo-Royal Lord also became anxious, desperately activating his Qi to lock onto Yang Kai’s figure, preventing him from suddenly escaping. At the same time, his Ink Force surged as he attacked Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was hit so hard that his head was spinning, but at this moment he had no way to resist. If he wanted to escape, he would need to use his Space Teleportation, but if he couldn’t solve the problem in the Space-Time River, he wouldn’t be able to use it.

As such, Yang Kai focused most of his energy on activating his Great Dao to deal with the Chaos Spirit Race and Chaos Body that had been sucked into the Space-Time River.

As for the attack of the Pseudo-Royal Lord behind him, he could only resist it.

But even with his Dragon Vein body, it was impossible for him to resist for long.

Fortunately, there was still the Thunder Shadow, and seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, it leapt off Yang Kai’s shoulder and summoned its true body. Using the power of the Thunder Pond, it stood behind Yang Kai while fighting the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

However, it only lasted for five breaths of time…

Five breaths later, the lightning around Thunder Shadow's body dimmed and his aura dropped drastically, almost causing him to breathe heavily.

Although its strength was not bad and was not inferior to any Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, it was still far from being able to fight against a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

At this time, Yang Kai also took the opportunity to open up his Small Universe and release the remaining Jellyfish Chaos Body.

Not only that, but there were also groups of Small Stone Race…

His Small Universe had always had a Small Stone Race army, which was meant to deal with some dangerous situations at critical moments, even if they couldn’t delay the enemy for too long, he couldn’t care less.

With the help of these Jellyfish Chaos Body and the Small Stone Race, Yang Kai managed to buy a few more breaths of time.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord’s cold voice rang out from behind him, “Yang Kai, hand over the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill or you will die!”

According to the newly promoted Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, he also understood the significance of such a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill. At this moment, he was already a Pseudo-Royal Lord. If he could refine this pill, he could become a true Royal Lord!

This pill had been prepared for him, so how could he let Yang Kai take it away?

Yang Kai, who was fleeing in front of him, turned a deaf ear to this. Suddenly, he shook the Space-Time River he had been holding in his hand, causing the power of the Great Dao to tremble. A few ripples appeared on the surface of the river as several figures emerged.

These were the Chaos Spirit Race he had swept into the Space-Time River!

Normally, if he used the power of the Space-Time River to refine these Chaos Spirit Race, it would not be difficult at all. With the full power of his Great Dao, he could easily refine them into nothingness.

However, the current situation was urgent and time was short, so how could he have the time and energy to refine these guys?

Since he didn’t have the time to refine them, he decided to throw them out.

As such, the only thing left in the Space-Time River was the Chaos Body that had swallowed the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill!

The power of the Great Dao surged and the entire river seemed to boil. The Chaos Body’s strength was not high to begin with, so how could it withstand such refinement? Soon, its body melted and the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill that had been wrapped in its body fell into the river.

Yang Kai took advantage of this opportunity and easily caught the pill.

Seeing this, the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was chasing after him roared, “Give me the Spirit Pill!”

“Eat shit!” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood. Although his aura was extremely weak, his expression was much more relaxed than before.

Now that the troubles in the Space-Time River had been resolved, it was time to leave!

At this moment, a powerful aura suddenly dissipated in the distance. Yang Kai was well aware that Luo Tinghe’s clone had been destroyed, causing her five hundred years worth of cultivation to dissipate. However, it wasn’t a pity. When Luo Tinghe condensed the butterfly, she had already spent five hundred years cultivating.

Without thirty breaths of time, it was estimated that less than twenty breaths of time had passed. In a one versus two situation, being able to persist for so long was already quite good.

Without the obstruction of Luo Tinghe’s clone, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the Chaos Spirit King also rushed over, two powerful auras extending from afar.

Yang Kai didn’t dare be negligent. Under the pursuit of a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he was confident he could escape, but if he waited until the two Supreme Master arrived, he would really have to wait for death.

On the back of his hand, the Sun and Moon Marks appeared and the yellow and blue lights converged, transforming into a dazzling white light that enveloped his body, cutting off the aura of the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

The Space Principle fluctuated wildly as the Thunder Shadow returned to his shoulder, almost transforming into the shadow of a dead leopard…

In the next instant, space rippled and his figure blurred.

“Don’t even think about leaving!” The Pseudo-Royal Lord roared as he sent a violent wave of energy towards Yang Kai, slamming into his gradually fading shadow. The shockwave penetrated the void and chased after him.


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