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Of the nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, only six remained. Of these six pills, it was unknown how many the Human Race can obtain.

So no matter what, this third Open Heaven Pill must not fall into the hands of the Black Ink Clan, otherwise, if the Black Ink Clan were to give birth to another Royal Lord, the situation of the Human Race in this Universe Furnace would become extremely difficult.

However, it was extremely difficult to obtain this Spirit Pill. Not to mention the fact that there was a Chaos Spirit King here, even Yang Kai had seen several dozen Chaos Spirit Race gathered together.

This should be a gathering point for the Chaos Spirit Race, he had never seen so many of them gathered here before.

They weren’t like those Chaos Body who had no self-awareness and didn’t even have a fixed form. Along the way, Yang Kai and the others had encountered many Chaos Spirit Race. In comparison, the strength that the Chaos Spirit Race could display was roughly equivalent to a human race Seventh Order or Eighth Order Open Heaven.

One or two wasn’t a big deal, but with dozens of them gathered together, it was difficult to deal with.

At this moment, looking around, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who was fighting the Chaos Spirit King seemed to be riding a tiger, unable to get off. He had relied on the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill to become a Royal Lord in this universe furnace world, so he naturally knew the benefits of this pill. He wanted to seize it, but he was unable to do so, and was unwilling to give up, so he could only continue fighting with the Chaos Spirit King.

After observing for a moment, Yang Kai sent a sound transmission to everyone, and under the support of the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, he silently retreated.

When they reached a safe place and could no longer feel the aftermath of the battle, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brother Tian, I’ll leave the Junior Brother and Sister to you for now. You lead them away from here as quickly as possible.”

Tian Xiuzhu frowned and asked, “What does Junior Brother want to do?”

Could it be that this person wanted to take advantage of the battle between the Chaos Spirit King and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to cause trouble? This was not a good idea. The battle between the two top masters was not something an ordinary person could interfere with, not even Yang Kai.

He still wanted to persuade Yang Kai, but he heard Yang Kai say, “There’s a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill over there, I want to grab it!”

Tian Xiuzhu swallowed his words of persuasion and was stunned, “There’s a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill over there? Junior Brother saw it?”

The others were also excited. A Best Quality Open Heaven Pill represented a new Ninth Order for the Human Race, especially Zhan Tianhe and the others who had personally witnessed Ouyang Lie’s breakthrough, so how could they remain indifferent?

Yang Kai nodded, “The Best Quality Open Heaven Pill is currently being refined by a mass of Chaos Body, and there are also several dozen Chaos Spirit Race masters guarding it. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord must have discovered this pill and had a conflict with the Chaos Spirit King over there.”

“Several dozen Chaos Spirit Race…” Everyone gasped.

They also knew just how strong the Chaos Spirit Race was. With several dozen of them gathered together, it would not be easy to deal with them.

“No wonder!” Tian Xiuzhu suddenly understood why the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would have a conflict with a Chaos Spirit King. So it was because of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, so he immediately said, “Since that’s the case, we should act together with Junior Brother so we can take care of each other.”

Zhan Tianhe and the others nodded.

Wanting to snatch a Spirit Pill from the protection of dozens of Chaos Spirit Race was not an easy task. If they weren’t careful, they could easily fall into a trap. If they were to join forces with Yang Kai, it would be better than him fighting alone.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “It’s not appropriate. If everyone follows me, the chances of success will be higher, but the target will also be higher. Even if we can obtain that Spirit Pill, we may not be able to escape safely. If I bring Thunder Shadow along, it will be easier for us to move.”

Tian Xiuzhu pondered for a moment before nodding slightly, “Indeed.”

The Thunder Shadow had a Natal Divine Ability that allowed it to conceal itself, and with the support of this Divine Ability, it and Yang Kai were able to approach the Spirit Pill without anyone noticing. With Yang Kai’s methods, if he suddenly attacked, there was a high chance he would be able to seize the Spirit Pill. Moreover, Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principle, so as long as he could obtain the Spirit Pill, he would be able to quickly escape.

If he brought the five of them with him, it wouldn’t be so convenient.

Understanding this, Tian Xiuzhu said seriously, “Then Junior Brother must be careful. If you can seize that Spirit Pill, take it. If it’s too dangerous, don’t try to force it. As long as there’s life, there’s hope. Junior Brother’s safety is the future of the Human Race!”

Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll remember.”

Tian Xiuzhu cupped his fists towards Yang Kai before turning to Zhan Tianhe and the others, “Let’s go.”

Zhan Tianhe and the others didn’t delay and quickly bid farewell to Yang Kai before following Tian Xiuzhu.

After watching the five of them leave, Yang Kai once again turned around and used the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability to sneak towards the battlefield.

As for the safety of Tian Xiuzhu and the others, he didn’t need to worry too much about it. The five of them could form their Five Directions Array at any time, so as long as they didn’t encounter the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord or a large number of Black Ink Clan masters, they wouldn’t be in any danger. Even if they did encounter a Pseudo-Royal Lord, they would still be able to put up a fight.

Not long after, Yang Kai returned to the edge of the battlefield and opened his Demon Eye of Annihilation to observe from afar.

It had to be said that Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, which allowed him to conceal himself, was truly amazing. At such a distance, if Yang Kai was alone, it was very likely that he would be discovered by both sides, but under the cover of Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability, whether it was the Chaos Spirit King or the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, none of them noticed that someone was spying on them.

Calmly observing, Yang Kai did not rush to act.

Thunder Shadow whispered, “How confident are you?”

After all, it was Yang Kai’s Monster Race Body. Although it had grown up in a different environment and had experienced many different things, it had inherited some of Yang Kai’s personality.

Although Yang Kai had just casually mentioned the pill to Tian Xiuzhu and the others as if it was something they could easily obtain, from his point of view, the chances weren’t high.

Sure enough, Yang Kai replied, “Less than thirty percent!”

Seizing that Spirit Pill wasn’t as difficult as simply seizing it. Although it was difficult to deal with several dozen Chaos Spirit Race masters, Yang Kai didn’t need to fight them.

With the help of Thunder Shadow’s Divine Ability, as long as he could get close enough, Yang Kai was confident he could seize the pill.

This time, the difficult part was how to escape after obtaining this Spirit Pill.

At this moment, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the Chaos Spirit King were engaged in a fierce battle, seemingly determined to fight to the death. However, if an external force interfered and seized the pill, Yang Kai could guarantee that they would immediately join forces to deal with him.

Yang Kai didn’t even have the confidence to face such a top master, let alone two of them. Even if he delayed for a moment, his life would be in danger.

Although a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was important, it wasn’t worth risking one’s life for it.

When Thunder Shadow heard this, he immediately felt a headache coming on. Less than a thirty percent chance of success was indeed too dangerous, causing him to worry, “Then what should we do?”

“Wait!” Yang Kai said simply.

Thunder Shadow couldn’t help asking curiously, “Wait for what?”

Yang Kai glanced at it casually, and the Thunder Shadow immediately became angry, “I am your Monster Race Body, in a sense, I am you, don’t look at me like I’m an idiot.”

Yang Kai choked for a moment. These words weren’t wrong.

He could only patiently explain, “Look at these two, who is stronger?”

Thunder Shadow replied, “Of course it’s the Chaos Spirit King, is there a need to ask?”

On the battlefield, it was undoubtedly the Chaos Spirit King who had the absolute upper hand. In this intense confrontation, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was almost completely suppressed, his rich Ink Force overflowing.

“Then do you think this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord has a chance to seize that Spirit Pill?”

“Of course there’s no chance!” He couldn’t escape from a single Chaos Spirit King, not to mention the several dozen Chaos Spirit Race guarding the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

On Yang Kai’s side, he still had a thirty percent chance of seizing it from sneaking around, but now that his whereabouts had been exposed, the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord didn’t even have a ten percent chance, unless he had the ability to suppress the Chaos Spirit King.

“Since he doesn’t have a chance, why does he insist on pestering the other party? Why doesn’t he just obediently retreat? Fighting with a Chaos Spirit King here is quite risky, if he is injured, it won’t be a pleasant experience.”

Thunder Shadow suddenly realized something, “You mean…”

Yang Kai grinned, “Since he doesn’t have the ability to seize the Spirit Pills from the Chaos Spirit Race, and he doesn’t retreat and instead keeps pestering the other partu. I’m guessing he’s already called for help.”

“So that's how it is!” Thunder Shadow suddenly understood, and his two amber colored leopard eyes brightened slightly, emitting a faint light as he couldn’t help recalling his previous experience.

When it had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords for the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, it had been like this. The Territory Lords had used the small Ink Nest they carried with them to call upon their friends. If Yang Kai hadn’t happened to discover it, it would have had no choice but to flee.

“Perhaps there are some Black Ink Clan masters hiding nearby, but we just haven’t discovered them yet,” Yang Kai said as he swept his left eye towards the depths of the void, but was unable to find anything.

On the other hand, Thunder Shadow was quite pleased with himself, “As expected of me, being able to think so thoroughly.”

Yang Kai was speechless. From the Monster Race Body’s stance, it seemed that it had not inherited much of his intelligence, but it was understandable. The Monster Race…

The fierce battle between the two Supreme Master continued for an unknown period of time, but Yang Kai didn’t remain idle. This was the first time he had encountered a Chaos Spirit King in the furnace world, and there was also an opponent of a similar level fighting with it. This was the perfect opportunity to observe the other party’s fighting style.

Soon, Yang Kai discovered something.

Rather than calling this Chaos Spirit King a strange creature, it was more accurate to call it the combination of Great Daos. It was formed purely from the power of various Great Daos, but it had taken human form and had its own consciousness. The way it fought its enemies was also extremely simple, which was to constantly use its various Great Daos to form sharp attacks.

Simple but extremely fierce!

Each of these attacks contained an earth-shaking power, causing the surrounding space to crack and the Dao Marks to become chaotic. Yang Kai secretly compared the two of them. If he called Ouyang Lie over, there was a high chance he wouldn’t be a match for this Chaos Spirit King.


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Yang Kai glanced at it casually, and the Thunder Shadow immediately became angry, “I am your Monster Race Body, in a sense, I am you, don’t look at me like I’m an idiot.”

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Rudiansyah R
Rudiansyah R
Mar 10, 2023

If it is the Embodiment, as long as the main body were nearby, he was able to access the thought and memories of each other

Mar 29, 2023
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That was different. It was a soul clone whereas now it's just pieces of his soul that were reincarnated in other bodies essentially. Not the same

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