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Cleaning up the battlefield and collecting the corpses of the few Eighth Order Human Race masters who had died here, the group of people continued forward, their mood heavy and silent.

This time, in the universe furnace world, quite a number of masters from both the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had entered, especially the Black Ink Clan. Just the number of Pseudo-Royal Lord alone numbered about twenty or more.

A team like Yang Kai was hunting down the Black Ink Clan’s masters, so how could the Pseudo-Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan not be hunting down the human race masters?

In the outside world, the two races had maintained a stalemate for thousands of years, but because of the appearance of the Universe Furnace, it had been completely destroyed. The two races’ large-scale confrontation was unavoidable, and the true war that would decide the fate of the two races had already begun, so the struggle in this universe furnace world was particularly important.

If the Human Race could kill more Black Ink Clan masters here and seize more opportunities, it would definitely be of great help to the situation outside. On the contrary, it would give the Black Ink Clan a greater advantage.

Over the years, every time the Universe Furnace appeared, the masters who entered it would fight for more than just an opportunity, but also the fate of the two races!

Fortunately, the situation this time was special. Because the destruction of the original Black Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield has led to the interruption of informations transmission, the Black Ink Clan’s inheritance had been cut off. The Black Ink Clan knew nothing about the Universe Furnace, so in comparison, the Human Race had a lot more information.

However, with such an advantage in intelligence, it was difficult to determine the final direction of this event, so he had to rely on the many masters of the Human Race to work hard!

This time, the Universe Furnace had produced nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, and the only one that could be determined was the one Ouyang Lie had refined. The remaining eight pills is still nowhere to be seen.

It was impossible to obtain all nine Open Heaven Pills for the Human Race, Yang Kai had already anticipated this.

Forget about the Black Ink Clan, when it came to obtaining the Open Heaven Pill, only the native Chaos Spirit Race had a natural advantage. The Chaos Spirit Race covered the entire universe furnace world, so no matter where the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill landed, there was a high chance the Chaos Spirit Race would immediately obtain it.

Wasn’t the Spirit Pill Yang Kai obtained before come from the Jellyfish Chaos Body?

Currently, the remaining eight Spirit Pills had most likely fallen into the hands of the Chaos Spirit Race. If the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan discovered them in time, they might be able to snatch them back, but if they were too late, once the Chaos Spirit Race refined them, it would be useless even if they found them.

Therefore, Yang Kai had always felt that if the Human Race could obtain four of the nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, it would be a great harvest. If they could obtain five or six, it would naturally be better.

Although he had the Sun and Moon Marks as a backup, it wasn’t an easy task to find a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to find one until now.

Just as he was thinking about how to find more Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and turned his head in a certain direction, a strange look appearing on his face.

This was truly a case of searching high and low only to find it by luck. Just as he was thinking about how to find the remaining Open Heaven Pills, the Sun and Moon Marks actually began to react!

If luck was on his side, how could he not be able to stop it?

Yang Kai secretly rejoiced as the Thunder Shadow crouching on his shoulder sensed something and sent a voice transmission, “What did you find?”

“Spirit Pill!” Yang Kai simply replied before sending a message to everyone, “Restrain your aura and follow me!”

Saying so, he took the lead and flew off in that direction. Everyone quickly converged their auras and the Thunder Shadow immediately urged his Natal Divine Ability to envelope everyone.

In the silent void, a group of six people and a Leopard flew forward silently like a black shadow.

A moment later, the joy on Yang Kai’s face slowly faded, gradually becoming solemn.

He could faintly sense the sounds of a battle between two masters, but because he was still far away, he didn’t dare to recklessly investigate, so it was difficult for him to determine the strength of both sides.

However, with such a great distance between them and the shockwaves of the battle, it was clear that the strength of both sides was extraordinary.

The Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord and the Human Race’s Eighth Order? No! There were only two of them fighting. If one of the Human Race’s Eighth Order had encountered a Pseudo-Royal Lord, he would definitely not be a match, so how could they have fought so fiercely?

Continuing forward, Yang Kai’s expression became even more solemn.

At this moment, Tian Xiuzhu, the strongest veteran Eighth Order, also noticed this and couldn’t help glancing at Yang Kai suspiciously. He couldn’t understand how Yang Kai had noticed this anomaly and rushed over.

As the distance between them continued to shrink, Zhan Tianhe and the others finally realized what was happening. All of them gathered their strength and waited for Yang Kai’s order to kill their enemies.

This was how they had been doing all this time. Every time, they were invincible, and many Territory Lords had died under their hands.

However, Yang Kai suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked towards the aftermath of the battle with a solemn expression. A golden cross appeared in his left eye, looking both strange and dignified.

The scene before his eyes made his heart sink.

The most worrying situation had occurred, and it was right in front of him!

Tian Xiuzhu also noticed that something was wrong, but without Yang Kai’s eye technique, he couldn’t see the situation of the distant battlefield clearly, so he couldn’t help asking, “Junior Brother Yang, who are the two sides fighting?”

The aftermath of this battle was too violent, and no one had even noticed that the shockwave had already disrupted the shattered Dao Marks here.

Why did it give him the feeling that a Ninth Order Human Race master was fighting against a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord?

Yang Kai sighed and slowly said, “A Black Ink Clan Royal Lord Lord and a Chaos Spirit King!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they gasped and stared at Yang Kai in disbelief.

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, feeling a headache coming on, “I also hope I’m mistaken, but there are no Human Race masters fighting over there!”

The information provided by Blood Crow was correct. In this universe furnace world, there really was a powerful existence comparable to a Ninth Order Human Race and Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

The fact that none of them had encountered such an existence before was likely due to their good luck. On top of that, there weren’t many such existences to begin with.

Unexpectedly, they actually encountered one here!

Compared to the Chaos Spirit King, the other information Yang Kai revealed was even more difficult to accept.

“The Black Ink Clan… has a Royal Lord been born here?” Zhan Tianhe’s expression became extremely ugly.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lords, after the battle in the Spatial Territory all those years ago, only Mo Yu remained. This time, the ones who entered the Universe Furnace didn’t have any Royal Lord, and the strongest ones were only the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

However, at this time and place, a Royal Lord had appeared. This existence obviously born in the universe furnace world. In other words, this guy had obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and refined it.

The Black Ink Clan really didn’t know anything about the information inside the Universe Furnace, but a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was incredibly profound. If the Black Ink Clan’s masters didn’t obtain it, they wouldn’t care too much about it. Their goal this time was to kill the masters of the Human Race and destroy their lucky chances so that the Human Race wouldn’t have too many Ninth Order masters.

However, once this thing was in his hands, the Black Ink Clan would naturally be able to sense its wonders. As long as he refined it, he would have a chance to become a Royal Lord.

With so many masters from the Black Ink Clan entering this time, there was bound to be someone who was lucky enough to obtain this opportunity. This Black Ink Clan Royal Lord should be such a lucky person.

Moreover, his luck had not only allowed him to find one Best Quality Open Heaven Pill…

Yang Kai had been drawn over by the Sun and Moon Marks. In other words, there was another Best Quality Open Heaven Pill here. In fact, after he opened his Demon Eye of Annihilation, not only did he see the two figures fighting fiercely, he also saw the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

From time to time, a strange light would burst out from the body of a Chaos Body. If this wasn’t a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, what was?

This Royal Lord must have also discovered this opportunity and wanted to seize it, but he didn’t expect that there would be a Chaos Spirit King guarding this place, so both sides began fighting. From Yang Kai’s perspective, the Chaos Spirit King’s strength was even higher than the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord’s, so in this battle between these two masters, the Chaos Spirit King clearly had the upper hand.

This was understandable.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had just broken through, and just like Ouyang Lie, he probably hadn’t had the time to familiarize himself with his own strength, so he couldn’t display his full strength. However, this Chaos Spirit King was different. The time it was born was the last time the Universe Furnace appeared.

The time they spent in this realm was different, so their strength was naturally different.

What’s more, not only was there a Chaos Spirit King here, but there were also many other Chaos Spirit Race beings that already had physical forms! These Chaos Spirit Race beings all had different forms, some of them were in human race form, some of them looked similar to the Black Ink Clan, guarding the Chaos Body that had swallowed the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and waiting for the birth of another Chaos Spirit King!

“It’s him!” Liu Feifei suddenly said.

Everyone didn’t understand what she meant, so Liu Feifei explained, “The clansmen who died on the other side should be the work of this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord!”

Only then did Zhan Tianhe and the others come to a realization. Tian Xiuzhu nodded and said, “Very likely.”

Yang Kai wasn’t surprised. In fact, when he saw the remnants of the battlefield, Yang Kai had already suspected that the Black Ink Clan had a new Royal Lord.

With four or five Eighth Order masters working together, unless they encountered a powerful enemy, they wouldn’t be completely wiped out. A single Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lord couldn’t do such a thing.

But if it was a true Royal Lord, that was a different story.

It was just that there were no useful clues left on the battlefield at that time, so he couldn’t be certain. Now that he saw this Black Ink Clan Royal Lord here, everything became clear.

The several Eighth Order Human Race masters must have encountered this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, and even if they had formed a battle formation, they were still unable to defeat him. Afterwards, this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord came to this place and discovered the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

Now that the Black Ink Clan had produced a Royal Lord with the help of a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, it meant that the Human Race had one less Ninth Order. With this, the advantage Ouyang Lie had gained from advancing to the Ninth Order had disappeared.

Of the nine Open Heaven Pills, three had now been confirmed. One had created Ouyang Lie, a new Ninth Order Human Race master, one had created a new Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, and the third was currently being wrapped in a Chaos Body.


[MSN: How would the black ink clan refine the pill tho? The human race has to refine it through their small universe.]

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Movies TechQ
Movies TechQ
Nov 22, 2023

My doubt is, How can BIC fight against Chaos Body and Caos Race. They don't have any Great Daos, only brutal strength and Ink force. Chaos Body can only be killed with Great Daos... So how are they fighting


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May 03, 2023

that's my question too! How can Black Ink Clan refine it HAHHAHA.

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