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The sincerity in Zhan Tianhe’s words made Ouyang Lie sigh slightly.

Speaking of which, if he were to ask Zhan Tianhe to refine this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill again, he would be making things difficult for him. A strange feeling suddenly arose in his heart. With such a great opportunity in hand, everyone should be fighting over it, so how did it become such a difficult matter?

Liu Feifei also urged, “Senior Brother Ouyang, you should refine this thing yourself.”

Holding the wooden box, Ouyang Lie turned his head to look at Yang Kai and gently suggested, “How about… we leave it to Big Head Xiang, and he can come in…”

“Senior Brother Ouyang!” Yang Kai interrupted him before he could finish speaking, his expression solemn, “Senior Brother is the ancestor of the Human Race. For so many years, you have fought against the Black Ink Clan and killed countless enemies. Even after experiencing countless life and death battles, you have never retreated. Back then, even when the remnant army have to fought hard outside the No-Return Pass, you never give up. Now that you have the opportunity to refine one Spirit Pill, there’s no need to be so wishy-washy. Senior Brother, please take on the responsibility of the ancestors and don’t let us Junior Brother and Sister underestimate you.”

Liu Feifei couldn’t help glancing over at Yang Kai. After all, she was a woman, so her thoughts were quite sensitive. Yang Kai’s decisive words made her somewhat worried.

Ouyang Lie lowered his head and stared at the wooden box in his hand, his expression solemn and silent.

Yang Kai continued, “Senior Brother, now that the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan have gathered in this furnace world, as well as the native Chaos Spirit Race, our future will be hard. We must strive for the best. An additional Ninth Order master is of great significance to the Human Race!”

Ouyang Lie let out a long sigh, “How could I not understand this principle? Forget it, since you’ve already said this much, if I say anything more, it would seem too petty.”

Suddenly gripping the wooden box tightly, he sank his Qi into his Dantian and shouted, “Junior Brothers and Sister, Senior Brother will refine this pill today and break through to the Ninth Order. I will have to trouble everyone to protect me!”

Yang Kai smiled, “That’s right.”

Zhan Tianhe and the others cupped their fists respectfully, “Senior Brother Ouyang can refine it with ease.”

Having made his decision, Ouyang Lie didn’t waste any time and immediately opened the wooden box and took out the Spirit Pill that was emitting a faint glow. Opening the door to the Small Universe, he stored it inside.

The moment the door opened, Yang Kai caught a glimpse of what was inside and frowned.

An old Eighth Order master like Ouyang Lie had fought with the Black Ink Clan for many years and had experienced countless life and death crises. Although he was still alive, he had suffered many hidden injuries. This was something Yang Kai had long known.

Outside the No-Return Pass, the Eighth Order masters who were guarding the mining teams were all Eighth Order master.

The hidden injuries on their bodies weren’t a big deal, but what made these Eighth Order veterans feel uncomfortable was the problem with their Small Universe.

For example, Ouyang Lie. The moment the Small Universe’s door flashed, Yang Kai clearly saw that something was wrong with his Small Universe.

This wasn’t to say that his Small Universe was damaged or had an unstable foundation, but it was indeed different from an ordinary Small Universe, and the energy it emitted was not stable enough.

Ouyang Lie had said that he wasn’t completely confident, not because he was lying, but because it was true. Otherwise, how could he have thought of letting Zhan Tianhe refine that Spirit Pill?

Now that he had taken the Spirit Pill into his Small Universe, whether or not he would be able to break through his shackles and reach the Ninth Order was an unknown.

However, since he had made this decision and had the qualifications to do so, it was worth the risk.

Yang Kai and the others only needed to protect him.

However, guarding a place like this wasn’t an easy task. The commotion of advancing to the Ninth Order would definitely not be small, and it might even attract some powerful enemies, especially the fleeing Meng Que, who would definitely spread the news. Perhaps there were already Black Ink Clan masters searching for him.

If possible, Yang Kai wanted to seal off this space so that Ouyang Lie’s disturbance wouldn’t spread out, but this was a bit unrealistic. Although he was proficient in the Space Principle, in this place filled with the chaotic and shattered Dao Marks, he was unable to seal off a large area.

Therefore, after a brief discussion, the four human race and one monster race immediately spread out to defend one side.

This was the simplest method, but also the one without a solution.

Many of the Human Race’s ancestors had actually reached the Ninth Order in the Universe Furnace, so the younger generation naturally couldn’t fall behind.

At first, Ouyang Lie’s side didn’t make any big movements, but soon, Yang Kai, who was guarding nearby, noticed a strange energy fluctuation coming from Ouyang Lie’s side. It was obvious that he was refining a Spirit Pill, and this energy fluctuation was extremely strange. Even Yang Kai, who had cultivated the Three Parts Normalizing Art, could feel the profoundness of this energy fluctuation, causing him to have an impulse to follow it and comprehend it.

Since he was already in such a state, there was no need to mention Zhan Tianhe and the others. Fortunately, Zhan Tianhe and the others also understood the current situation and forcefully suppressed their thoughts, using their Divine Sense to monitor their surroundings.

The trouble soon arrived, a trouble Yang Kai hadn’t expected.

He had thought that if Ouyang Lie broke through to the Ninth Order here, he would attract some powerful masters from the Black Ink Clan, but he had not expected that the first ones to react would be the Chaos Body!

The place where everyone was hiding was a mountain range condensed from shattered Dao Marks. It was no different from the real mountain range outside, but its essence was completely different.

Yang Kai had already noticed that there were Chaos Body here, but according to the information Liao Zheng had given him, if he didn’t provoke these Chaos Body, they wouldn’t have much of a reaction. The only exception was if some of the Chaos Spirit Race, who had condensed their physical bodies, had a strong hostility towards all outsiders. Once they entered their territory, they would be attacked.

None of them had paid any attention to these Chaos Body before, but now that they were attracted by this strange energy, countless Chaos Body rushed towards Ouyang Lie from all directions.

Yang Kai immediately realized that these Chaos Body must have been attracted by the pill essence of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

The Chaos Body had an instinctive desire to refine the Open Heaven Pill from the Universe Furnace. If one could refine a Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill, they would be able to condense a physical body and transform into the Chaos Spirit Race. Now that Ouyang Lie had refined this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, with its pill aura, how could these Chaos Body restrain themselves?

It was like a pack of hungry wolves smelling the fragrance of meat.

Yang Kai and the others quickly moved, activating their Great Dao to intercept and kill these Chaos Body.

The full power of the Great Dao was extremely damaging to these Chaos Body, and many of them were unable to withstand it for long before they were reduced to scattered fragments of Dao Mark.

However, there were simply too many Chaos Body. From all directions, it was unknown where these Chaos Body had come from, but there was no end to them.

Yang Kai secretly thought he had miscalculated and should not have allowed Ouyang Lie to break through to the Ninth Order in such a place.

However, the information that Liao Zheng had given him didn’t mention this point, so Yang Kai couldn’t predict the future. The reason they had decided to stay here was to use this place to conceal themselves so that they could heal themselves.

Ouyang Lie refining the Open Heaven Pill here was just a matter of convenience.

Who would have thought that refining a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill here would cause such a thing?

Similar to this place, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue is in a dessert location. The two of them had obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill from this desert and had Yang Xue refine it into her Small Universe. However, not long after, an endless number of Chaos Body emerged from the sand sea and rushed towards them.

Fortunately, the two of them had been inside the Flowing Time Divine Palace the entire time. At this moment, Yang Xiao was standing in front of the palace, activating the protective power of the Flowing Time Divine Palace with all his might while simultaneously using his own Dao of Time to kill these Chaos Body. He had killed them madly and his Dragon Vein had been stirred. How could he allow these ignorant Chaos Body to ruin his Little Aunt’s breakthrough to the Ninth Order?

On Yang Kai’s side, the four human race and one monster race were originally scattered around with Ouyang Lie as the center, but after a short while, they all gathered around Ouyang Lie, each of them guarding a certain spot to block the incoming Chaos Body. Yang Kai’s side was slightly better, after all, his attainments in the Great Dao were extremely high, so dealing with the Chaos Body wasn’t difficult.

On the other hand, Thunder Shadow’s side was also quite mediocre and could barely hold on.

In comparison, Zhan Tianhe and the others paled in comparison, especially Liu Feifei. Although her strength wasn’t weak, it was obvious that her attainments in the Great Dao weren’t as high as Zhan Tianhe and Xiong Ji’s, so she quickly became flustered and was nearly forced out of the range of the Chaos Body several times.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had come to her aid, allowing her to escape.

Of course, this had to do with everyone not being able to use their full strength. Ouyang Lie was refining the Open Heaven Pill not far away and breaking through to the Ninth Order. If these people were to use their full strength, they would definitely disturb him…

“Boss, the Chaos Body outside have also been drawn over.”

During the fierce battle, Thunder Shadow suddenly reminded.

Yang Kai nearly choked on his own breath after being called 'Boss' and quickly glanced around, discovering that it was indeed the case. There were also Chaos Body in the void that had been attracted here, causing the already unfavorable situation to become even worse.

He had to think of a way!

If this continued, Ouyang Lie’s breakthrough to the Ninth Order would likely come to an end. If he failed to break through to the Ninth Order, the Human Race would suffer a great loss.

If he could transform his Great Dao into a protective barrier and completely envelop the area where Ouyang Lie was, he would be able to resolve the current problem. However, how could the invisible Great Dao force accomplish this?

No… in this fierce battle, Yang Kai suddenly realized something…

The power of the Great Dao was invisible? If the Great Dao was invisible, how did the mountain range here condense? How did the endless river appear? And how did these Chaos Body and Chaos Spirit Race appear?

In an instant, many thoughts flooded his mind, allowing him to comprehend many things. Forcefully suppressing this feeling of enlightenment, Yang Kai felt like he was touching something…

The Great Dao was not invisible, it could be manifested!


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