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The foundation of mutual trust and the resolve to entrust one’s life to another was the key to forming a battle formation. The Human Race’s masters had never lacked this, and it was something the Black Ink Clan’s masters did not possess.

Moreover, because Thunder Shadow was a Monster Race Body, although there were six of them, Yang Kai only needed to coordinate the strength of Ouyang Lie and the other three Eighth Order masters, so he didn’t need to worry about the Monster Race Body. This situation was equivalent to using the difficulty of forming the Five Directions Array to form the Six Directions Array, so even though he had never cooperated with them before, when Ouyang Lie and the others appeared, Yang Kai’s Qi fused into them, causing the battle formation to shift slightly. In just a short moment, the battle formation was completed, as if it had been tempered countless times.

Sensing the power of this force, Meng Que immediately realized that he was in big trouble.

As this thought flashed through his mind, a ripple appeared in the void and a sense of alarm filled his heart. A long spear, seemingly illusory, shot out from the void towards his face.

This spear contained the combined strength of Yang Kai, four Eighth Order Human Race masters, and a Monster Race Great Emperor. The power of this spear was so strong that it caused the void in the furnace world to explode and the chaotic and shattered Dao Marks to be swept away.

This spear contained the Dao Concept of the rich Space and Time Great Dao, as if it had come from a point in the past, piercing towards the future.

This spear was unfathomable and filled with infinite variations.

Meng Que’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly gathered his strength to block the attack. The thick Ink Force transformed into a barrier, but the spear was able to pierce through all the barriers without any hindrance, causing a stream of black ink blood to flow out.

Meng Que retreated, gritting his teeth as he retreated!

Yang Kai followed like a shadow, the long spear in his hand transforming into countless spear images that alternated between fast and slow, the Concepts of the Space and Time Great Dao interchanging and transforming into endless mysteries.

The four Eighth Order masters who were connected to him by the battle formation followed closely behind him, allowing their bodies and minds to be free and allowing Yang Kai to control their strength.

The situation on the battlefield instantly reversed. Yang Kai, who had been suppressed to the point where he could barely breathe, now took the initiative and gained the upper hand, suppressing Meng Que to the point where he could not fight back.

In terms of strength alone, Yang Kai and the others who had formed a battle formation should be about the same as Meng Que, but the Space and Time Great Dao power Yang Kai controlled was extremely profound. By borrowing the power of Ouyang Lie and the others, Yang Kai was able to display his own Great Dao. Every strike he made at this moment was unfathomable.

Others may not be able to sense much, but Meng Que, who was fighting Yang Kai, could.

Many times, Meng Que had been confident that he could block all of these attacks, but the results had surprised him.

The spear’s distinct attack had always been difficult to predict at some point, causing him to make a wrong judgment, resulting in a disadvantage in his defense.

It was as if Yang Kai’s attack was not aimed at the current him, but the past or future him…

This made Meng Que feel extremely uncomfortable. With Yang Kai’s strength, whether it was his own aura or the strength he displayed, they were no less than his. Just this alone was enough to ensure that no one could defeat the other.

But this guy’s methods were too strange…

What made Meng Que even more confused was how this guy had managed to endure it.

Meng Que had also practiced the Four Directions Array with the other Territory Lords before, so he knew the difficulty of setting up a battle formation. Not only did this require the cooperation and trust of others, but it also required the person in charge of the formation eye to be able to withstand it.

This was because the person who was in charge of the battle formation was equivalent to gathering the strength of everyone else. If they gathered too much of their strength, it would be difficult to bear.

Yang Kai had already been riddled with wounds from his previous attacks, but now that he had formed the Six Directions Array, it was as if he had gathered the strength of the other five masters into his body. This immense pressure was enough to crush any Eighth Order master, yet he acted as if nothing had happened.

Meng Que suddenly remembered that this fellow was not a human race, but a dragon clan…

The Dragon Clan had thick skin and strong physiques, so it was understandable that they could withstand such pressure.

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Meng Que’s mind, causing him to become extremely angry. He was clearly just a step away from success, but at the last moment, he had failed. This was something he found difficult to accept.

Killing Yang Kai and seizing the Open Heaven Pill were both great merits, so why should he always be trampled by Mo Na Ye?

Did he think he was smarter than him?

Is it because he become a Pseudo-Royal Lord before him?

Flames of anger surged, the Ink Force surged, and the World Force surged. Wherever the battle spread, spiderweb-like cracks appeared in the void of the furnace world, but they quickly recovered.

A Pseudo-Royal Lord master’s desperate struggle was not something to be underestimated. Powerful Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were being used by Meng Que, and the Ink Force that was being released was almost enough to blot out the entire sky.

It wasn’t that Meng Que was willing to risk his life like this, but there was really no other way. Yang Kai and the other masters had formed a battle formation, so it was impossible for them to let him go so easily, so no matter what, they had to fight.

Meng Que was also stunned by Yang Kai’s sudden increase in strength, but after stabilizing his position, the situation did not become worse.

He wasn’t too stupid and didn’t insist on fighting Yang Kai to the death, instead focusing half of his attention on dealing with Yang Kai’s attacks, while the other half focused on attacking Ouyang Lie and the others who had formed a battle formation with Yang Kai. He didn’t need to kill too many of them, as long as he could kill one of them and break through the battle formation, the initiative would still be in his hands.

However, although this action had caused some trouble for Yang Kai, it had not made any substantial progress. His intentions were obvious, so how could Yang Kai allow him to succeed so easily? Since the Monster Leopard was about to entrust his life to him, he naturally could not disappoint everyone.

This fierce battle caused the void to tremble and the aftershocks to spread out.

At a certain point, Yang Kai suddenly slowed down his attacks. Meng Que, who was in a sorry state and covered in black ink blood, finally seized the opportunity to escape. His body trembled as he transformed into hundreds of black ink clouds and flew off in all directions.

Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of chasing after him, his eyes filled with regret.

Without any delay, he maintained the Six Directions Array and forcefully activated his Space Principle to wrap Ouyang Lie and the others up before flying away.

A moment later, far away from the battlefield, Yang Kai and the others appeared in a mountain range condensed from scattered Dao Marks.

With this thought in mind, the battle formation which he had been maintaining for so long finally dispersed.

In the next moment, everyone groaned and spat out mouthfuls of blood, even Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow. Yang Kai’s body swayed, his face as pale as paper as he held the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, not allowing himself to fall as he sent out a voice transmission, “I’ll protect you, everyone heal first.”

Ouyang Lie and the other Eighth Order masters looked at him with complicated expressions but didn’t say anything. All of them nodded, sat down cross-legged, took out some pills and stuffed them into their mouths.

Yang Kai stood in place with his long spear, silently circulating the Dragon Vein’s power to heal his injuries, but he still maintained his vigilance in order to avoid being taken advantage of by his enemies.

Fortunately, there were no Chaos Spirit Race here, only a few Chaos Body. If he didn’t provoke them, they wouldn’t take the initiative to disturb him.

Thinking back to the battle just now, he felt somewhat regretful.

After all, he hadn’t been able to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lord named Meng Que on the spot, but at that point, Yang Kai didn’t want to let him go, but he had no choice.

Before Ouyang Lie and the others had come to support him, he had already been severely injured by Meng Que, and when Ouyang Lie and the others fought with the other Pseudo-Royal Lord, they had more or less been injured.

It could be said that before this group of people formed their battle formation, apart from one Thunder Shadow, none of them were in perfect condition.

After setting up the battle formation and engaging in a fierce battle with Meng Que, the strength of Ouyang Lie and the others was constantly converging on Yang Kai, and Meng Que’s attacks were constantly being distributed to everyone…

After this great battle, everyone’s injuries had worsened, making it difficult for them to continue.

If Meng Que didn’t escape, the final result would be Yang Kai using his momentum to kill him while Ouyang Lie and the others would most likely be buried along with him. As for himself, he was confident he wouldn’t die, but it was hard to say how serious his injuries would be.

Even at this moment, Yang Kai’s injuries were extremely severe. Half of these injuries came from fighting Meng Que alone, while the other half came from the subsequent battles.

However, after this battle, one could see that his previous speculations were correct. If he were to act as the formation eye, forming the Five Directions Array, it would be enough to contend with a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

This time, because the people who formed the Six Directions Array were not in their peak condition, even the Six Directions Array was unable to gain any advantage.

As time passed and everyone was still recovering, the Void Great Dao shook.

The third evolution of the Universe Furnace came.

The people who were healing their injuries were awakened and realized that there were no foreign enemies attacking them, allowing them to relax.

Seeing that Yang Kai was still standing on guard, Ouyang Lie stood up and said, “Junior Brother should also heal his injuries, I’ll be the protector.”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “My injuries are recovering quickly, don’t worry Senior Brother.”

Ouyang Lie looked him up and down and found that his recovery speed was indeed much faster than his group’s, so he no longer persisted and sat down cross-legged.

However, even with the Dragon Vein protecting Yang Kai, the first to recover was still the Thunder Shadow.

The main reason was that the Thunder Shadow hadn’t suffered any injuries before the battle formation was formed, so its final injuries were the lightest. With the Monster Race Body protecting him, Yang Kai was able to focus on healing.

After an unknown period of time, the people who had been healing opened their eyes one after another. Although they didn’t dare say that they had completely recovered, all of them were fine.

Ouyang Lie sighed, “It’s a pity that the Pseudo-Royal Lord managed to escape.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “It’s not a pity. The Black Ink Clan’s masters heal their wounds differently from the Human Race. This universe furnace world doesn’t give them a place to rest and heal their wounds. This time, he was seriously injured, so I estimate he only has about forty to fifty percent of his strength left. It’s difficult for him to accomplish much.”

It was also because of this consideration that Yang Kai did not fight to the death with Meng Que at the last moment. Otherwise, if he allowed a Pseudo-Royal Lord to leave like this, it would pose too great a threat to the other Eighth Order Human Race masters, so Yang Kai would kill him no matter what.


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Xue Ying
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