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Ouyang Lie’s purpose in entering the Universe Furnace this time was not to search for opportunities for himself.

He was thinking that if possible, he would seize a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill and hand it over to Yang Kai, allowing him to break through to the Ninth Order! In the past, Yang Kai had chosen to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven directly due to the suppression of the Cave Heaven Paradise, but now they had to rely on Yang Kai to shoulder the heavy responsibility of continuing the Human Race’s great fortune.

This was what the various Cave Heaven Paradise owed him. Since that was the case, he would find an opportunity to make up for it.

Moreover, Yang Kai’s strength far surpassed his peers, so if he were to ascend to the Ninth Order, it would bring greater advantages to the Human Race.

Of course, this was only Ouyang Lie’s own considerations and plans, so he might not necessarily be able to obtain what he wanted. There were very few Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, and now that the three party of the Human Race, Black Ink Clan, and the native Chaos Spirit Race had gathered in the Universe Furnace, it would not be easy to obtain a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

Putting away the distracting thoughts in his mind, Ouyang Lie turned to look in the direction of the Monster Leopard and recognized it to be the Myriad Monster World’s Great Emperor who had risen to fame in the last thousand years. Just as he was about to say his thanks, he heard Thunder Shadow’s voice transmission, “Everyone, Yang Kai is currently fighting a Pseudo-Royal Lord. I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on for much longer, so please hurry up and help him!”

Ouyang Lie’s expression suddenly became serious, “Where is Yang Kai?”

Thunder Shadow transformed into a black shadow and flew towards the four Eighth Order Human Race masters, its voice echoing in their ears, “Enter my Divine Ability, I’ll lead you there!”

A black shadow spread out and the four figures disappeared. Thunder Shadow activated his Natal Divine Ability and silently rushed towards the battlefield where Yang Kai and Meng Que were.

On the battlefield, Yang Kai’s condition was gradually deteriorating. At some point, his chest had caved in, and most of the fine dragon scales on his body had been shattered. The situation was quite precarious.

Facing such an unscrupulous Pseudo-Royal Lord, even Yang Kai felt somewhat powerless. In half an hour’s time, he estimated that he would only be able to last for half an hour at most. At that time, he would definitely lose the ability to fight back due to his injuries, and before that, he would have to use his life-saving trump card.

He could only hope that everything went smoothly with Thunder Shadow.

However, Meng Que, despite having the upper hand, continued to blabber on, constantly shouting that if Yang Kai dared to flee, he would immediately kill those Eighth Order Human Race cultivators…

Listening to this, Yang Kai became annoyed. The key was that he really wasn’t his opponent. He had relied on the Jellyfish Chaos Body he had collected many times to avoid danger, but these Jellyfish Chaos Body had limited effect on Pseudo-Royal Lord masters. Every time they were released, they would be swept away by Meng Que’s vigorous power, causing the Jellyfish Chaos Body he collected to be almost completely exhausted in a short time.

In comparison, Meng Que was undoubtedly quite pleased with himself at this moment. The several times the Black Ink Clan had targeted Yang Kai, they had all failed. Mo Na Ye had once said in front of the true Royal Lord that if he didn’t have some kind of method to seal the heavens and lock the earth, restricting Yang Kai’s Space Ability, he definitely couldn’t easily attack him, otherwise he would be punished.

At that time, the Royal Lord also deeply agreed. Yang Kai had brought endless shame and unimaginable losses to the Black Ink Clan, and his greatest reliance was not his strength that surpassed his peers. No matter how strong he was, could he be stronger than the Pseudo-Royal Lord and Royal Lord?

What he relied on was none other than his elusive escape method.

If he couldn’t limit this point, all of his schemes would be meaningless.

As such, the Black Ink Clan had Black Ink Disciple study the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array and also refine a number of array foundations in order to set up a large array when dealing with Yang Kai.

But now, he, Meng Que, had single-handedly nailed Yang Kai to the ground, not relying on the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array or any other helpers, all he needed to do was threaten him.

Such a brilliant and effective method, how could Mo Na Ye compare?

If he could kill Yang Kai here, it would be a great merit, not to mention that Yang Kai still had a Open Heaven Pill.

After this successful return to the No-Return Pass, the Royal Lord would definitely reward him handsomely. A trivial Mo Na Ye would be trampled under his feet sooner or later.

His heart filled with anticipation, he didn’t forget the threat of the Monster Leopard. After all, he is a Pseudo-Royal Lord master, so he wouldn’t be so careless.

At this moment, Meng Que suddenly felt something and retracted his attack towards Yang Kai, suddenly throwing a punch towards the empty space beside him with a sneer.

In that direction, there was an unusual movement. Obviously, the Monster Leopard couldn’t help attacking.

Originally, he had thought that even if he couldn’t succeed with this attack, he would be able to force the Monster Leopard to show itself, but after this punch, the Monster Leopard’s strength had clearly surpassed the strength a Monster Leopard should have.

The sneer on Meng Que’s face turned into shock as the Ink Force enveloping his body was dispersed by this force, causing him to stumble a few times.

An invisible shockwave spread out like a ripple, and the Thunder Shadow’s Natal Divine Ability was broken. One figure after another appeared in front of Meng Que’s eyes, their auras gathering together like a sword.

Seeing the situation in front of him, Meng Que was stunned for a moment, unable to understand why so many Eighth Order Human Race masters had suddenly appeared.

That Monster Leopard…

He had always thought that the Monster Leopard was hiding nearby, waiting for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack, but who would have thought that the Monster Leopard had directly gone to another battlefield and joined forces with the four Eighth Order masters to defeat the other Pseudo-Royal Lord before hurriedly bringing them over to help.

Meng Que couldn’t help cursing in his heart.

The Pseudo-Royal Lord he curse in his heart was actually such a useless piece of trash, being forced back so quickly.

He hated himself even more for making the wrong decision. He thought he could use words to force Yang Kai to fight him, but in reality, Yang Kai had already prepared a countermeasure.

At that time, he should not have been chasing after Yang Kai, but instead working together with that unknown Pseudo-Royal Lord to deal with these four Eighth Order masters. This way, Yang Kai would not just sit back and watch.

At that time, the two of them, the two Pseudo-Royal Lord, would join forces against Yang Kai, the Monster Leopard, and the four Eighth Order Human Race masters, firmly gaining the upper hand!

This was the first time Meng Que had experienced the hardships and difficulties of Mo Na Ye. When dealing with such a cunning fellow like Yang Kai, he couldn’t afford to be the slightest bit careless. Perhaps his superiority was just a facade.

He also consoled himself that this wasn’t his fault, but rather that killing Yang Kai was too tempting. If it were any other Pseudo-Royal Lord in his position, they wouldn’t have let a big fish like Yang Kai off so easily.

Thinking about this now was meaningless. When the Monster Leopard and the four Eighth Order Human Race masters appeared, Meng Que knew that his plan to kill Yang Kai today had failed. Now, he had to consider whether he should fight them to the death or flee.

The power of the Dragon Vein was burning, and the majestic Towering Evergreen Secret Technique that had been enveloping Yang Kai all this time also transformed into a green light that filled the sky and poured into his body. The wounds on his body were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even his sunken chest was rising up again.

Yang Kai turned his head and spat out a mouthful of blood as he pointed his spear towards Meng Que, his expression cold, “Bastard, are you ready to fight the second round?”

Ever since he had been hunted down by a Black Ink Clan Royal Lord outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had never suffered such a loss.

There were many in the Black Ink Clan who were stronger than him, but the only one who could beat him to such a miserable state was this Pseudo-Royal Lord named Meng Que.

This enmity had grown!

As soon as he finished speaking, his aura became closely connected to Ouyang Lie and the others, and in an instant, a formation was formed, covering the entire sky.

Originally, Ouyang Lie’s group of four Eighth Order masters had only formed the Four Directions Array, but with the addition of the Thunder Shadow, they had formed the Five Directions Array, and now with Yang Kai, it was the Six Directions Array.

Ouyang Lie was originally the eye of the formation, but at this moment, he took the initiative to focus his attention and shift the power of his battle formation. In an instant, Yang Kai, who had transformed into a new formation eye, had an aura that surpassed the Eighth Order.

The void trembled as Meng Que’s expression became solemn.

He naturally recognized the Six Directions Array. This was a battle formation from the Human Race, and the Black Ink Clan’s masters had also practiced it before. Previously, in the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye had set up a trap to deal with Yang Kai, and the Territory Lords had set up a formation to deal with him, but the Black Ink Clan’s side had never been able to grasp its essence.

Not to mention the low-level Black Ink Clan soldiers, at the Territory Lord-level, many Territory Lords could only form the Four Directions Array, and even those who could form the Five Directions Array were few and far between. As for the higher-level Six Directions Array, they had never succeeded.

This kind of situation was mainly due to the need for everyone to work together when setting up the battle formation. Not only did this require meticulous coordination, but it also required a tacit understanding of each other’s intentions. Most importantly, it required a complete trust in the person in charge of the battle formation.

In other words, once a battle formation was formed, the one who formed it would become a part of the battle formation. There was no need for them to make any judgements or wills, they would have to hand over their life and death to the person in charge of the array.

The Human Race’s ability to easily form a high-level battle formation was a result of countless years of life and death oppression. The Human Race’s side had long since been united, but the Black Ink Clan’s side was different.

Who wouldn’t have their own thoughts? These Territory Lords were all extremely powerful, so it was actually very difficult for them to entrust their lives to the other Territory Lords.

Not to mention the Black Ink Clan, even the Human Race had a precedent for forming the Six Directions Array and the Seven Directions Array, but the Eight Directions Array and Nine Directions Array were also difficult for the Human Race to form. This was no longer a matter of trust, but rather, the stronger one was, the more difficult it would be to form the battle formation, and the person who presided over the eye of the formation would find it difficult to withstand the pressure brought about by such a massive force.

At this moment, for Ouyang Lie and the other three Eighth Order masters, they were willing to give their lives to Yang Kai. After so many years of hard work, Yang Kai’s name had become a cornerstone of the Human Race, a pillar of the Human Race’s spirit that had stood firm against the invasion and plunder of the Black Ink Clan. Which young talent hadn’t heard of Yang Kai’s name while cultivating and growing? It could be said that most of them had bathed in Yang Kai’s prestige and had grown up with him as their goal.

Now that Yang Kai was in front of them, how could they hesitate? Ouyang Lie and Thunder Shadow were even more so. The former was his personal friend while the latter was his Monster Race Body.

Trust was not an issue.


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