The universe furnace world had just undergone its first evolution, and the chaotic and shattered Dao Marks had only improved slightly. This place was still vast and boundless, so finding help here was extremely difficult.

He was afraid that if he couldn’t find a helper, he would attract more enemies instead.

According to the information he had obtained from Liao Zheng and the others, on this trip alone, the Black Ink Clan had brought in more than a dozen or twenty Pseudo-Royal Lords, possibly more.

If this attracted the attention of another Pseudo-Royal Lord, Yang Kai would find it difficult to deal with it.

However, now that things had reached this point, he had no other choice but to act according to plan.

As he was fleeing, Yang Kai quietly opened his Small Universe’s door and quickly closed it again, his figure quickly disappearing without a trace.

Although he didn’t seem to be doing anything, the Thunder Shadow that had been squatting on his shoulder suddenly noticed that the moment the door opened, Yang Kai had taken out a jellyfish-like Chaos Body.

The moment the jellyfish-like Chaos Body was released, it was in an illusory state, it was imperceptible, and his mind was unable to sense anything. Yang Kai must have planned this.

Thunder Shadow naturally understood what Yang Kai was doing and couldn’t help paying attention to what was happening behind him.

In the next instant, Meng Que chased after them, and just as the jellyfish-like Chaos Body was about to reveal itself, a brilliant light burst from its body and it crashed into him.

This caused Meng Que to jump in fright. Although he was much stronger than Yang Kai, in the face of this powerful enemy who had brought endless trouble to the Black Ink Clan for thousands of years, he didn’t dare to be careless. As he chased after him, he constantly maintained his vigilance, lest he fail miserably.

Unexpectedly, he still fell under Yang Kai's tricks.

This jellyfish-like Chaos Body was something he had previously discovered in the place where the Territory Lords had died. At that time, he had not carefully examined it, but now that he had touched it, he immediately felt an invisible chaotic force being released from the jellyfish-like’s Chaos Body and attacking his mind.

Meng Que’s mind went blank for a moment before he instinctively struck out with his palm, knocking aside the jellyfish-like Chaos Body blocking his path…

Up ahead, the Thunder Shadow saw this scene clearly and licked his claws, slowly saying, “It’s useful, but not very useful!”

Yang Kai nodded.

The Soul Attack from this jellyfish-like Chaos Body could interfere with the Pseudo-Royal Lord behind him, but the time it could interfere was too short, unlike the previous Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who had been disturbed by this jellyfish-like Chaos Body.

After all, he is a Pseudo-Royal Lord. In terms of level, he was no different from a Ninth Order Human Race, or a true Royal Lord, so he naturally had a strong resistance to this kind of mental shock.

Because of this, Yang Kai’s plan to use the jellyfish-like Chaos Body he had collected to fight this Pseudo-Royal Lord to the death had been foiled. The jellyfish-like Chaos Body could at most serve as a distraction, unable to become the key to victory.

In fact, Yang Kai had at least two ways to deal with such a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but the price he had to pay was too great, so using these two methods wasn’t worth it.

I should find a way to find help!

In this universe furnace world where time and space is extremely vague, the two figures, one chasing and one fleeing, had crossed an unknown distance.

Because of Yang Kai’s intentions, Meng Que was unable to gain anything, but he was unwilling to give up on Yang Kai, a big fish, so he could only chase after him.

At this point, Meng Que had also noticed some clues. Although he was not as smart as Mo Na Ye, he was still a Pseudo-Royal Lord and had a lot of information about Yang Kai. After such a long chase, how could he not see that Yang Kai was deliberately baiting him?

Although he could see this point, he still couldn’t figure out what Yang Kai was planning, or if he was hiding some kind of scheme, making him feel somewhat uneasy.

Between the chasing and fleeing, the Void Great Dao shook and underwent a second evolution, just like the first. It happened quickly but also go quickly, and after the transformation, the shattered Dao Marks became more complete.

Yang Kai, who had extremely high attainments in the Dao of Time and Space, had a much more intuitive understanding of it than others.

The helper he wanted to find was still nowhere to be found.

It wasn’t until a certain moment when Yang Kai suddenly noticed the violent aftermath of the battle in front of him that he realized something was wrong.

The next moment, he frowned.

After two evolutions, the disturbance he received during his investigations was less than before, so Yang Kai quickly noticed that the ones fighting in front of him were the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan.

On the Human Race’s side, there were about four or five different auras, all of them at the Eighth Order. For them to be able to gather together so quickly, it was likely that they had used the help of a physical fetters and enter the Universe Furnace.

As for the Black Ink Clan master who was facing them, his aura was extremely tyrannical, clearly showing the might of a Royal Lord. He was obviously a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

The worst thing happened.

Along the way, Yang Kai hoped to run into at least three Eighth Order masters. This way, by joining forces with him and Thunder Shadow, they could easily form a Five Directions Array and teach this Pseudo-Royal Lord a lesson.

An ordinary Eighth Order's Five Directions Array was almost comparable to a Pseudo-Royal Lord, but with him as the eye of the battle formation, the chances of defeating a Pseudo-Royal Lord were quite high, but killing him… was indeed somewhat difficult.

If he were to encounter one or two Eighth Order masters, it would be acceptable.

This was the situation they were most afraid of encountering. There were several Eighth Order masters fighting against a Pseudo-Royal Lord…

What he was afraid of really came true, so when Yang Kai noticed the commotion, he immediately turned around, hoping to lure the pursuers away.

The Divine Sense of the Pseudo-Royal Lord was no weaker than Yang Kai’s. Yang Kai was able to sense the commotion over there, and Meng Que, who was chasing after him, was naturally able to.

After hesitating for a moment, Meng Que turned around and continued chasing after Yang Kai.

Seeing this, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief. This Pseudo-Royal Lord… didn’t seem very smart. If this was Mo Na Ye, he definitely wouldn’t chase after him.

Just as he was thinking this, Meng Que suddenly came to a stop, apparently realizing something as he shouted towards Yang Kai’s back, “I’ll kill those human race first, then I’ll deal with you!”

After venting his anger, he immediately turned around and flew towards the direction of the battle.

However, before he could get far, the space in front of him rippled and a figure rushed out from the ripples, holding a long spear in his hand and sending a flurry of spear images towards him.

Meng Que seemed to have anticipated this situation and laughed loudly as he punched out.

As the spear images collapsed, Yang Kai was sent flying while Meng Que’s figure only paused for a moment, a clear indication of their strength.

In the void, Yang Kai’s back constantly rippled as he used his Space Principle to neutralize the counterattack, quickly stabilizing himself and letting out a sigh.

Although this Pseudo-Royal Lord wasn’t very smart, he wasn’t too stupid and knew how to use these Eighth Order Human Race masters to threaten him.

If he was allowed to leave, allowing him to meet up with the other Pseudo-Royal Lord, the Eighth Order masters there would definitely be in dire straits, so when Meng Que said those words, this chase had already ended, and the initiative would now belong to Meng Que.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai was worried about encountering such a situation, because if he did, he would be forced to fight with the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

This was not the result he wanted.

Successfully forcing Yang Kai to face him head-on, Meng Que couldn’t even begin to describe how pleased he was with himself, only feeling that the thought just now was truly a stroke of genius.

Looking at Yang Kai carefully, as if he was looking at his spoils of war, his eyes flashed.

He had seen Yang Kai before, and although he had been guarding the No-Return Pass all year round, Yang Kai had caused a great ruckus twice and he had personally experienced it. On those two occasions, he had only been an Innate Territory Lord, so facing a Killing Star like Yang Kai, he was somewhat lacking in confidence.

The number of Innate Territory Lords who had died at Yang Kai’s hands was not small.

However, now that he was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, his mental state was naturally different.

Having taken the initiative, he didn’t let down his guard and instead turned his head to look around, “What about that Monster Leopard? Call him out, don’t say I’m bullying you.”

He didn’t see any traces of the Monster Leopard on Yang Kai’s shoulder, so he couldn’t help wondering why Yang Kai had hidden it.

Although he was a Pseudo-Royal Lord, if he were to be ambushed by a Mosnter Race master at a critical moment, it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience.

Yang Kai pursed his lips and didn’t answer, simply raising his spear and silently condensing his strength to face a Pseudo-Royal Lord head on. At any moment, his life was in danger, so he couldn’t afford to be careless.

Meng Que lost his patience and coldly said, “Fine, no matter how you scheme, this place will be your burial place today. Remember, the one who kill you is the Black Ink Clan’s Meng Que!”

Before he could finish speaking, he transformed into a black streak of light and pounced towards Yang Kai.

In the next moment, the two figures were locked in a fierce battle, and in the next instant, one of them was sent flying, blood spraying from his mouth. It was Yang Kai.

Although he had fought with two Pseudo-Royal Lords before and had even killed Di Wu, this was the first time he had encountered a Pseudo Royal Lord with his full strength.

When killing Di Wu, Di Wu had been suppressed by the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, and Yang Kai had obtained the right timing and geographical advantage, so the battle between them didn’t mean anything.

Facing Mo Na Ye… Speaking of which, Yang Kai was simply avoiding his pursuit. At that time, because Yang Kai was facing a large number of Innate Territory Lords, he was not at the peak, so how could he have the qualifications to fight Mo Na Ye?

This was the first time he had truly collided with a Pseudo-Royal Lord whose strength had not been suppressed.

Very strong. Although he couldn’t display his full strength, it wasn’t something he could contend with, so he immediately focused all his attention and pushed his Great Dao to the limit.

Compared to Yang Kai’s cautiousness and seriousness, Meng Que also sighed in his heart.

As expected of the famous Killing Star of the Human Race, his strength was indeed not something an ordinary Eighth Order Human Race could compare with.

Before meeting Yang Kai, he had also encountered three other Eighth Order Human Race masters, one of whom was traveling alone while the other two were in a group. However, when facing a Pseudo-Royal Lord like him, whether it was one or two of them, none of them were able to fight back and were killed by him.

But this Yang Kai had blocked his attack head-on…

Not only did Meng Que not think this was ridiculous, he even thought that this fellow should be so strong, otherwise, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have suffered so much.


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