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Since the birth of this vast universe, there had been a total of three important eras. The Ancient Era where the Holy Spirit ruled the Heavens, the Ancient Era where Monster Race reigned supreme, and the Ancient Era where the Human Race rose to prominence. Each era had thousands of magnificent chapters, each representing the favor of the Great Dao of the Heaven and Earth.

As a race that represented an entire era, it naturally had its own unique strengths, powerful physiques, sharp senses, and complexity. This was the greatest advantage of the Monster Race.

Although the Thunder Shadow was a Monster Race Body created by Yang Kai using the Three Parts Normalizing Art, it had lived in the Myriad Monster World since its birth and was filled with an ancient aura. In an environment where the strong preyed on the weak, and where it cultivated the Monster Race’s Ancient Technique, it could be said that it was no different from the Monster Race of the ancient era, only that it lived in a different era.

The Thunder Shadow’s strength was actually very strong, otherwise it wouldn’t have been able to face so many Black Ink Clan Territory Lords by itself. It was just that the brilliance of Yang Kai’s main body was too great, concealing its sharpness.

Relying on his sharp intuition, he was able to detect this anomaly.

Behind him, the Pseudo-Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan chased after him. Since he wasn’t his opponent, he could only leave first.

However, just as Yang Kai was about to use his Space Principle to escape, he suddenly changed his mind. He continued to use his Space Principle, and the universe moved upside down…

Seeing this, the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was chasing after Yang Kai became anxious and sent a palm strike towards Yang Kai from afar, not caring if this attack could stop him.

There was no way he could remain calm. He had received a message from several Territory Lords saying that they had discovered a Open Heaven Pill, but a Monster Leopard was currently trying to deal with them, making it impossible for them to obtain it easily. This Monster Leopard was extremely powerful, and he had also heard that it was a Great Emperor from the Myriad Monster World called Thunder Shadow.

This wasn’t because the Black Ink Clan’s intelligence network was outstanding, but because after Thunder Shadow left the mountain, he had become too fierce and had killed a few Territory Lords, so the upper echelons of the Black Ink Clan had a record of him.

He had been stationed in the No-Return Pass all year round, and although he was often obsessed with competing with Mo Na Ye for power, he had not made any progress over the years and was not valued by the Royal Lord, so he could only investigate the information he had received from various places.

Coincidentally, this Pseudo-Royal Lord was the Black Ink Clan’s third Pseudo-Royal Lord, Meng Que!

The first Pseudo-Royal Lord created by the Black Ink Clan was Di Wu, who was killed by Yang Kai in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. The second was Mo Na Ye, and the third was him.

Compared to Di Wu’s spectacular display and Mo Na Ye’s strategic planning, he, the Third Pseudo-Royal Lord, had always remained unknown. Not to mention the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race had not even known of his existence for many years, causing him to feel depressed.

Therefore, all along, Meng Que had wanted to do something big to promote his own prestige and establish his own status, preferably trampling over Mo Na Ye…

Unfortunately, the Royal Lord had never given him a chance, and before he could display his strength, the Universe Furnace had appeared.

In order to obtain the opportunity to compete with the Human Race for the Universe Furnace, and because a large number of Innate Territory Lords had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, not only did this increase the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s forces, but it also brought many Royal Lord-level Ink Nest masters.

The Royal Lord made up his mind and gathered all the Innate Territory Lords outside to create a large number of Pseudo-Royal Lord…

Originally, there was only him and Mo Na Ye, so he only needed to compete with Mo Na Ye in terms of wits and courage. Even if he was a nobody, he was still the right hand of the Royal Lord, but now that there were so many Pseudo-Royal Lords, he, the Third Pseudo-Royal Lord, seemed insignificant.

So when he received a message from the Territory Lords that they had discovered a Open Heaven Pill, he immediately rushed over.

The Open Heaven Pill was the greatest opportunity of the Human Race. As long as he could obtain it and destroy it, the Human Race would lose a future Ninth Order. Such a great contribution was enough to allow him to look down on all the other Pseudo-Royal Lord!

However, when he arrived, he discovered that several Territory Lords had already been killed. On the battlefield, there were many remnants of the Ink Force left behind by the Black Ink Clan’s masters, and the legendary Open Heaven Pill had also disappeared.

Following these faint traces, Meng Que chased after the traces and unexpectedly found Yang Kai!

On this guy’s shoulder was a small black leopard…

In a flash, Meng Que realized that the one who had killed those Territory Lords was undoubtedly Yang Kai, and the Open Heaven Pill that had disappeared had also fallen into his hands.

Meng Que was overjoyed. Seizing the Open Heaven Pill was already a great merit, and if he could take advantage of this opportunity to kill Yang Kai, his status in the Black Ink Clan would definitely soar, surpassing Mo Na Ye. At that time, he would be an existence above Mo Na Ye.

After all, Mo Na Ye and Yang Kai had fought for so many years, yet they hadn’t been able to do anything to him. On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan had suffered many losses, lost many resources, and lost many masters.

If he could kill Yang Kai, didn’t that mean he was stronger than Mo Na Ye?

However, he soon realized that killing Yang Kai wasn’t a simple matter. This guy’s strength was indeed inferior to his own, but he was proficient in the Space Principle and was proficient in escaping. Even the Royal Lord himself couldn’t do anything to him, so if Yang Kai escaped, where would he find him?

In a hurry, Meng Que sent out a palm strike.

The Dao of Space filled the air as the universe turned upside down. Just as Yang Kai’s figure was about to disappear, Yang Kai opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. Turning his head around, he glared at Meng Que who was attacking from behind, his Space Principle once again fluctuating as his figure became blurry.

Meng Que shouted anxiously, “Don’t run!”

However, there was nothing he could do. He could only watch as Yang Kai disappeared without a trace, his heart filled with frustration, feeling that he had acted too hastily. If he had known this would happen, he would have quietly snuck over and captured Yang Kai.

However, for these Pseudo-Royal Lord who relied on the Black Ink Clan’s Secret Techniques to reach this level, they couldn’t control their full strength, so they couldn’t conceal their auras, so concealing themselves wasn’t an option.

These Pseudo-Royal Lord, no matter where they went, their auras would always be as dazzling as fireflies in the night…

Instinctively scanning his surroundings, Meng Que wanted to find Yang Kai’s whereabouts, but soon after, he was startled and quickly chased after him.

He had actually found Yang Kai’s position. This time, Yang Kai had not teleported too far away. He didn’t know if it was because of his palm strike or because of the special environment here, but regardless of the reason, this situation was advantageous to him.

In that direction, Yang Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and ran forward.

On his shoulder, Thunder Shadow narrowed his eyes and sized him up before asking curiously, “Are you really that useless? What do you want to do?”

It clearly saw some clues. If Yang Kai had really intended to leave just now, Meng Que’s palm strike would not have hit him. In other words, Yang Kai was deliberately doing this.

“You and I share the same heart, why don’t you take a guess?” Yang Kai smiled.

Thunder Shadow curled his lips, “I’m too lazy to guess, and you need to understand that although I was born from your soul and supported the Monster Race Body, my living environment and experiences since I was young are different from yours, so my personality and temperament are different from yours.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Of course I know, but from a fundamental point of view, you still originate from me. You should be able to guess what I want to do. Don’t think that just because you’re from the Monster Race, you can’t be bothered to use your brain.”

Thunder Shadow snorted and asked a moment later, “Lead him away?”

Yang Kai nodded and said with a solemn expression, “In order to compete with the Human Race for the Universe Furnace's opportunity, the Black Ink Clan has built many Pseudo-Royal Lords. If we encounter a Pseudo-Royal Lord, we will naturally be safe, but if we really escape and allow him to find another Human Race, others may not be able to deal with him, so we should lead him away so he won't find trouble with others.”

Thunder Shadow nodded and said, “The Black Ink Clan really did put in a lot of effort this time. The previous Innate Territory Lords outside were all summoned to the No-Return Pass. They should all be there to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord.”

Yang Kai sighed, “Many Innate Territory Lords have emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, giving the Black Ink Clan such confidence. Although these Innate Territory Lords are still injured and can’t be of much use for the time being, as long as they cultivate in the Ink Nest for a hundred or two years, they can naturally recover.”

Pausing for a moment, he turned his head to look at the Pseudo-Royal Lord who was chasing after him, “This guy shouldn’t be a newly born Pseudo-Royal Lord. If I’m not mistaken, he should have been hiding in the No-Return Pass.”

Although the Pseudo-Royal Lord was unable to use his full strength, as long as he lived long enough, his control over his own strength would become stronger.

The palm strike the other party sent out just now was almost the same as the one Mo Na Ye had used. Obviously, it was not a newly born Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Combined with the warning he had felt outside the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai naturally had a guess.

On his shoulder, the Thunder Shadow’s aura was closely connected to Yang Kai’s, so when Yang Kai used his Space Principole to move it, he could save some energy.

It was also because it was Yang Kai’s Monster Race Body that it was able to cooperate so well. If it was anyone else, it would have been impossible. If it was another Eighth Order, the amount of energy Yang Kai needed to teleport would have increased several times over.

Behind him, Meng Que continued to pursue, relying on his superior strength and speed to constantly close the distance between him and Yang Kai. However, every time the distance between them reached a certain limit, Yang Kai would teleport away, and he would be found by Meng Que.

If Mo Na Ye was here, with his intelligence, he would definitely be able to see some clues. After all, Meng Que was much worse than Mo Na Ye, so not only was he not vigilant after coming here so many times, it only made him angrier and more determined to kill Yang Kai.

It could be said that Meng Que’s intelligence was inferior to Mo Na Ye's, and it could also be said that his understanding of Yang Kai was inferior to Mo Na Ye's. Being so close to success again, only to watch Yang Kai escape, it was quite uncomfortable.

Between the chasing and fleeing, the void moves.

Yang Kai was also constantly scanning his surroundings.

To him, leading the Black Ink Clan Pseudo-Royal Lord away and making it impossible for him to find trouble with the other human race was not his entire plan. His real goal was to lead him away, find helper, and kill him.

Facing such a Pseudo-Royal Lord, even if Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow joined forces, they still wouldn’t be his opponent, but as long as they could find another three Eighth Order masters and form a Five Directions Array, they would be able to contend with him.


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