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Yang Kai’s sudden appearance had instantly changed the situation. The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords, who had originally had the advantage in numbers, no longer had any desire to fight. The first thought that came to their minds was to flee as far away as possible, otherwise, their fate would be bleak.

Fortunately, they also knew that in front of Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Principle, it would be impossible for them to escape on their own. Therefore, after a brief moment of panic, several Territory Lords quickly gathered together to form a battle formation to resist Yang Kai.

However, in this strange environment, forming a battle formation was an extremely difficult task. The reason why they hadn’t been able to form a battle formation before was because the terrain was inconvenient. In this swarm of jellyfish, if they weren’t careful, they would come into contact with this strange Chaos Body. Even the powerful Black Ink Clan Territory Lords couldn’t help feeling a bit dazed.

That was why they had given up on the battle formation and used their advantage in numbers to encircle and suppress the Thunder Shadow. If not for that, how could Thunder Shadow have persisted until now?

At this moment, it was already too late for them to form a battle formation. Thunder Shadow, which had seen through their intentions, immediately rushed towards the nearest Territory Lord and transformed into a ball of lightning, instantly arriving in front of the Territory Lord. The lightning wrapped around both the Territory Lord and the enemy, making it impossible for anyone to see them, only a violent collision of energy.

At the same time, Yang Kai charged into the swarm of jellyfish.

As soon as he entered this battlefield, he noticed the strangeness of these Chaos Body. They constantly changed between real and illusory, sometimes appearing and sometimes disappearing without a trace. Moreover, they were constantly changing their positions, as if the entire jellyfish swarm was drifting about in this vast Universe Furnace World. He didn’t know where their destination was.

When they had concealed their tracks, Yang Kai hadn’t been able to detect them at all, causing him to crash into a jellyfish the moment he entered the battlefield and be blocked.

With a flash of light, the jellyfish appeared. Yang Kai could clearly feel a chaotic and disorderly energy burst out from the jellyfish’s body and rush towards his consciousness.

Yang Kai suddenly understood why the Territory Lord who had touched this jellyfish-like Chaos Body was so distracted.

Being struck by such a strange force was equivalent to having one’s mind attacked. Being caught off guard, it was indeed difficult to concentrate.

If this kind of encounter happened a few more times, it might even damage their mind.

These jellyfish-like Chaos Body were born with an innate ability to attack the enemy’s mind.

It was also because of the uniqueness of these Chaos Body that the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord and Thunder Shadow had been restrained. It seemed that everyone had suffered a loss before.

Not far away, one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords saw this scene and immediately rushed towards Yang Kai.

Even if the few of them had joined forces, they still might not be a match for this Human Race's Killing Star. Now that Yang Kai had been caught off guard by this jellyfish, he couldn’t afford to lose this opportunity.

However, as soon as he arrived in front of Yang Kai, the Territory Lord noticed that something was wrong. Although Yang Kai remained in his original position, seemingly in a daze, his eyes were clear and bright, not showing any signs of being affected at all.

By this time, it was too late to realize that something was wrong. The Territory Lord was also a decisive person, so he immediately pushed his hands out and sent out a torrent of Ink Force towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, raised his spear, and thrust it forward. The Azure Dragon Spear transformed into a series of spear images, instantly condensing into one.

As the Ink Force dissipated, the Territory Lord let out a muffled groan and flew backwards, with a hole on his shoulder, bleeding black ink blood as a look of lingering fear appeared on his face.

His vision blurred as a figure appeared in front of him. Looking up, this Territory Lord was shocked to see that it was actually Yang Kai who had appeared right in front of him, smashing his fist towards him.

In a hurry, the Territory Lord raised his arm in front of him, the peak of the fist hit him, sending out a massive burst of energy. The Territory Lord was sent flying like a ragdoll, his arms hanging limply as his chest caved in.

With Yang Kai’s current strength, which was only a step away from breaking through to the Divine Dragon realm, how could a mere Promoted Territory Lord resist?

His broken body crashed into a jellyfish-like Chaos Body that had appeared behind him, causing the already severely injured Territory Lord’s eyes to dim.

Yang Kai raised his hand again and the Azure Dragon Spear pierced through the air, taking advantage of the moment when the Territory Lord’s mind was disturbed.

The aura of a Territory Lord waned!

It had only been three breaths since this Territory Lord had clashed with Yang Kai, yet such a decisive slaughter had caused the other Territory Lords to panic and tremble.

Under the guidance of Yang Kai’s aura, the Azure Dragon Spear flew back and was caught in his hand. Turning his head towards Thunder Shadow, who was fighting his opponent in close combat, he shouted, “Third Brother, why didn’t you warn me about this Chaos Body?”

On the other side, Thunder Shadow let out a low growl and ignored him.

Did he need a reminder?

This place was somewhat of a hindrance to anyone, but to Yang Kai, who had the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, there was no such restriction. With the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, the Territory Lord thought that Yang Kai’s absent-minded state was a good opportunity to attack, but in reality, he was simply seeking death.

Moreover… what the hell was 'Third Brother'?

Feeling somewhat frustrated, his attacks became more ruthless, and the lightning surrounding him and his opponent became even brighter as a series of miserable cries and beast roars rang out.

There were only a total of five Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who had joined forces to attack Thunder Shadow. Originally, there should have been six, but the Territory Lord who had come last was killed by Yang Kai’s sneak attack.

Now that Yang Kai had killed one more and the Thunder Shadow had entangled another, only three Territory Lords remained.

The three Territory Lords took advantage of the moment when their companions were entangled with Yang Kai and gathered together, forming the simplest Three Directions Array.

Although they had already formed a battle formation, they didn’t feel the slightest sense of security. Yang Kai had killed a Pseudo-Royal Lord before, and in the No-Return Pass, he had single-handedly dealt with the Territory Lords who had formed the Four Directions Array.

Therefore, if they wanted to fight against Yang Kai, the Four Directions Array was the most basic requirement, provided Yang Kai couldn’t use the artifact that could harm their Divine Soul.

If he used it, the Four Directions Array would be useless.

Inside this Universe Furnace, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t use a treasure like the Soul Shattering Spike, which was harmful to him and would be detrimental to his future plans, but a trifling Three Directions Array was indeed difficult to resist him.

The three Territory Lords were smart enough to immediately escape after setting up the battle formation. One of the Territory Lords even shouted, “Yang Kai, if we don’t die, this Open Heaven Pill will be yours!”

Yang Kai sneered as he stretched out his hand and made a grabbing motion in their direction. Under the manipulation of the Space Principle, an invisible object seemed to be sucked into his hand as he said lightly, “Do you have the qualifications to bargain with me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the three Territory Lords all froze in place.

However, this was not because of the Space Ability, but because the three Territory Lords had been wrapped up tightly by the jellyfish-like Chaos Body. The originally illusory Chaos Body had now appeared and was constantly attacking the three Territory Lords’ minds, causing their Divine Senses to become muddled.

Yang Kai had previously used his Space Divine Ability to absorb the jellyfish-like Chaos Body that filled this space. Although this thing didn’t have much lethality, it was extremely effective against one’s Soul.

Taking a leisurely step forward, Yang Kai casually pushed aside the jellyfish-like Chaos Body blocking his path and stepped towards the three Territory Lords.

The three Territory Lords’ minds were constantly being attacked, and they struggled to free themselves. Occasionally, their minds would clear up, but they would only be able to maintain this state for a moment before falling into a daze again. From the looks of it, they had been frozen in place by these Chaos Body.

This situation was no different from the fish on the chopping board.

When they were close enough, Yang Kai raised his hand and the World Force in his palm surged, killing them one by one.

At the same time, the huge lightning ball suddenly dissipated and the Thunder Shadow’s vigorous body emerged from it. Although there were some injuries on its body, its aura soared to the sky and a tattered corpse lay at its feet. It was unknown what kind of storm it had suffered before it died.

Although the Thunder Shadow’s strength was a level higher than these Promoted Territory Lords, it did not have the Soul Warming Lotus to protect it, so if it wanted to kill a Promoted Territory Lord, it would have to pay a price.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at it and grinned. Without saying anything, he flashed over to the largest Chaos Body.

This Chaos Body was obviously many times larger than an ordinary one, but it was unknown if it was born this way or if it was because it had swallowed the Open Heaven Pill.

As its figure flickered, the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill that it had swallowed would reveal itself, releasing a dense light.

“Long delays may lead to trouble, let’s attack together!” Yang Kai shouted, immediately activating his Great Dao's Concept and rushing towards the jellyfish-like Chaos Body.

Thunder Shadow also rushed over and activated his Great Dao.

With one man and one monster working together, the giant jellyfish-like Chaos Body seemed to have met its nemesis and quickly began melting and shrinking.

It should have had some kind of instinct and wanted to flee in the face of danger, but unfortunately, Yang Kai had used his Space Dao to lock it in place, making it impossible for it to escape. Unable to escape, its physical state began to change at an even faster rate, and its invisible and formless Soul Attack began to spread outwards, allowing it to exert its power through space.

On the other hand, the smaller jellyfish-like Chaos Body in the surrounding area were also clearly affected, each of them releasing a chaotic energy that quickly formed a resonance that enveloped the entire void.

The Thunder Shadow had obviously been disturbed, and its Great Dao was being used intermittently. Seeing this, Yang Kai could only use his Divine Sense power to protect it, allowing it to avoid this disaster.

Under the cleansing of the Great Dao Concepts, the giant jellyfish-like Chaos Body that had swallowed the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill began to shrink and melt until it finally dissipated.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and took the Spirit Pill that was emitting a bright light.

A Best Quality Open Heaven Pill that could help a cultivator break through their shackles and advance from the Eighth Order to the Ninth Order!


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Jun 17, 2023

Does he still need to merge with his clones? Or maybe they will EACH get a pill, get to level 9, then go past that to the Creation realm?


Boban Germanovic
Boban Germanovic
Jan 24, 2023

The whole point of Yang Kai, Su yan and so not being able to become divine dragon, divine phoenix doesnt make sense to me. YK didnt increase his dragon power through open heaven method, so it shouldnt be limited by it. He used the same method that the dragons use who arent limited by it. By puryfying his blood, from the very beginning. But w/e its Authors world hes done this plenty of times. If something makes sense, he will go in great detail to explain. If something works a certain way where it doesnt, he wont explain it. He will just say it, this is how it is, cuz he cant explain it.

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Well opening Heaven cultivator and Holy spirit/ monster race cultivation are completely different. While YK is said to be a Dragon and not a Human he is still unable to break the Shackle of his open heaven cultivation because of his small world which is no apart of his Dragon body so to become a divine Dragon he has to also be 9th order everything is govern by the Law of the Universe. It not that he cant become a Divine Dragon but because he can't become a 9th order which bind his dragon body from making that final ascension. The other aspect of this is the open Heaven is technically an incomplete cultivation method hence all these shackles unl…


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Does he need 2 of the Best Quality ones? Or just 1, because his "second" brother and him both use the open heaven Cultivation, btw, Yang Xioa doesn't use the open heaven method because he was born a dragon, unlike Su Yan and YK who were humans got holy spirit sources

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Harsh Khobra
Apr 16, 2023
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"This might be a spoiler"



I think its because open heaven pill still has shackles of 9th order while 3 way reunification art compleyely removes these shackles enabling him to go even further

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