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In the middle of the desert, an intense battle had broken out that nearly caused the entire Sand Sea to collapse. This was the first time Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had faced a Chaos Body and Chaos Spirit Race, but they didn’t panic. After all, they had fought countless battles throughout the Great Domain Battlefield.

In addition to not being able to find a suitable method to defend against the enemy at the beginning, as time passed, the initiative of the battle was gradually grasped by the two.

Pure World Force, Dragon Vein Force, or ordinary Secret Techniques could not harm these monsters, but when the two of them used the Great Dao of Time together, they were able to suppress their enemies.

The strength of these three Chaos Spirit Race was roughly equivalent to an Eighth Order Human Race or Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, but the strength displayed by these Chaos Body that had no physical form was somewhat uneven. Some of them were so weak that they were easily washed away by the power of the Great Dao of Time, while others were able to resist for a while.

However, in this sea of sand formed from shattered Dao Marks, there seemed to be an endless number of Chaos Body…

Fortunately, the two of them had been planning to capture the leader of this group.

Of the two of them, one was an Ancient Dragon with a rich Dragon Vein, while the other was a peak Eighth Order. Both of them were not to be underestimated, and both of them had cultivated the Dao of Time for thousands of years since they were young. By combining their strengths and cultivating the Great Dao of Time together, they were able to derive many profound mysteries that far exceeded their level.

After spending a great deal of effort and paying a great price to cut down the three Chaos Spirit Race masters one by one, all that was left was the several hundred meter tall sand mountain that was fleeing towards the depths of the desert…

While the two people were fighting the Chaos Spirit Race, Yang Kai and Liao Zheng were traveling along the edge of the Endless River. After asking about Xiang Shan, Yang Kai learned that he had yet to break through to the Ninth Order and had even entered the Universe Furnace. Yang Kai felt a little regretful.

However, in this way, whether it was him or Xiang Shan, a famous veteran Eighth Order master, once they were discovered by the Black Ink Clan master, they would definitely be targeted.

The Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be willing to see either of them obtain the opportunity to break through to the Ninth Order.

“Senior Brother Yang, was there a Black Ink Clan master spying on us just now?” Liao Zheng suddenly asked.

He clearly remembered that after Yang Kai secretly joined forces with him to kill the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lord, Yang Kai immediately chased after him, obviously having discovered something.

Yang Kai nodded, “There was one, but when he saw that the situation wasn’t looking good, he quickly fled. I wasn’t able to grasp his movements.”

When he chased after him, the other party only had a trace of his aura left, and in this Universe Furnace filled with countless shattered Dao Marks, even Yang Kai found it difficult to accurately determine the direction the other party was fleeing in, so he could only return bitterly.

If he was outside, with his Space Ability, it would be impossible for him to let a Territory Lord escape right under his nose.

However, this special environment made it much more difficult to search, track, and investigate.

Hearing this, Liao Zheng couldn’t help feeling a lingering fear in his heart. He knew that if he hadn’t met Yang Kai just now, the situation would have been reversed, and the Territory Lord’s end would have been his own.

The two of them continued forward, searching for the Open Heaven Pill while also searching for other human race cultivators.

In less than half a day, Liao Zheng’s expression suddenly brightened as he took out a communication bead and said happily, “Senior Brother Yang, there’s a Seventh Order cultivator up ahead.”

It had to be said that the Head Office or Mi Jinglun’s side was quite meticulous in their considerations. Of course, this was also thanks to the Human Race’s abundant information regarding the Universe Furnace.

Knowing that most of the people who entered would be separated, the Human Race’s cultivators were allowed to travel along the Endless River. This way, no matter which direction they went, they would always encounter others. In this Universe Furnace, the Human Race could only band together to fight against the Black Ink Clan's Pseudo-Royal Lord.

Moreover, Mi Jinglun had specially asked Divine Cauldron Heaven to create a set of communication beads that would allow all Human Race cultivators to communicate with each other and distribute them early.

Liao Zheng had been trying to sense the movements of his communication bead and tried to send a message to the others, but he had never received a response.

However, just now, a Seventh Order Human Race cultivator had contacted him.

Since their communication beads were connected, it meant they weren’t far from each other.

Yang Kai immediately nodded, “Go find him and tell him not to go too deep into the river.” Although he felt that the other party wouldn’t act so rashly, he still reminded him that there were many Chaos Body in the Endless River and Yang Kai had yet to see any Chaos Spirit Race, but if a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator entered, it would be quite dangerous.

Hearing this, Liao Zheng’s Divine Sense surged.

The two of them continued forward for a while, and as expected, a figure appeared in front of them. It was a woman with a graceful figure. The other party was only in contact with Liao Zheng and obviously didn’t know that Yang Kai would be here, so when they met, the woman couldn’t help feeling excited and respectfully bowed, “Disciple Qu Lingling greets Palace Master!”

Yang Kai was surprised, “High Heaven Palace Disciple?”

Although he had never met this Qu Lingling before, since she called him Palace Master, she was undoubtedly from High Heaven Palace.

Just like how everyone who called him Dao Master came from the Void Dojo.

High Heaven Palace’s reputation was now as high as the sun in the sky, comparable to the various Cave Heaven Paradise. In the Star Boundary, its prestige even surpassed all the Cave Heaven Paradise. [MSN: They're probably at cave heaven level now, they have so many high rank open heaven.]

Because High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master was Yang Kai!

In the early years, when the Star Boundary World Tree Subtree’s ability to feed the world had been revealed, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had set up their own Dao Fields and territories in the Star Boundary to recruit disciples with excellent aptitude. High Heaven Palace had not interfered at all because Yang Kai knew that in the future, there would be many talented people in the Star Boundary, and High Heaven Palace alone would not be able to take them all. Setting up a Dao Field for their own Cave Heaven Paradise was a good way to reduce the pressure on High Heaven Palace and also prevent those talents from being buried.

As such, when the Cave Heaven Paradise was divided into territories in the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace had actively cooperated.

At that time, the people of the Star Boundary were quite interested in the Cave Heaven Paradise. After all, no matter which one it was, they were all top forces in this vast universe. If one could join them, they would definitely be able to learn and become famous in the future.

However, as Yang Kai continued to rise in power over the years, his reputation gradually rose. On the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace had become the representative of the entire universe. If there was a choice, the Star Boundary’s native cultivators would rather join High Heaven Palace.

This was also the reason why the Cave Heaven Paradise had been divided into their own territories and were able to recruit disciples in their own territories. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for them to gain anything from recruiting disciples.

On top of that, now that she had met Yang Kai, Qu Lingling’s face was flushed red with excitement. Her Palace Master was a legendary figure. Although she had entered High Heaven Palace many years ago and cultivated all the way to the Seventh Order, she had never seen Yang Kai’s true self before. She had only seen his statue in the palace’s square.

Unexpectedly, after entering this Universe Furnace, she actually encountered him.

Liao Zheng couldn’t help laughing as he watched from the side. He also had a peak Eighth Order cultivation and was quite famous in the Wolf Fang Army, but compared to Yang Kai, he was like a firefly compared to the bright moon.

On the other hand, he could understand Qu Lingling’s feelings. When he first met Yang Kai, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of respect for him. This was a seed planted in his heart by his Sect’s elders since he began cultivating.

“Martial Niece Qu, Senior Brother Yang is asking you a question.”

Qu Lingling did not respond for a long time, so Liao Zheng had to remind her.

Only then did Qu Lingling wake up from her reverie, her face becoming even redder as she hurriedly said, “Yes, this disciple’s Master is Grey Bones Divine Monarch. Before I became his disciple, I also received the two Master Ancestors from Green Bamboo Peak to teach me.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding, “Grey Bones…” This man was one of Yang Kai’s subordinates from Yin Yang Heaven’s Sin Star. When Yang Kai had subdued him, he had borrowed the power of the Loyalty List and recorded his name on the seventh page of the Loyalty List. He was one of Yang Kai’s early trusted subordinates, but after Yang Kai decided to go to the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai had set him free.

After all, after entering the Ink Battlefield, it was hard to say whether he would survive or not. If he died, the few people who had left their names on the Loyalty List wouldn’t survive, so before leaving, he released everyone on the Loyalty List.

However, while working under Yang Kai, he didn’t reprimand anyone and instead treated them with sincerity, so even if he let them go free, they didn’t leave. Take Chen Tian Fei for example, his strength wasn’t high, there is nowhere to go if he leave the Void Land, so he might as well stay in the Void Land. With Yang Kai’s help, he definitely wouldn’t lack cultivation resources.

After the Void Land migrated, it had become one with High Heaven Palace. The people who had left their names on the Loyalty List had now become High Heaven Palace’s higher-ups.

Luan Baifeng, Su Yan, and the others had even formed an elite team, slaughtering enemies in the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Thinking about Grey Bones, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about many of his old friends. Although he had occasionally returned to High Heaven Palace over the past thousands of years, he had always been in a hurry and had never met them.

After this great calamity, countless familiar faces would disappear…

As for the two Master Ancestors Qu Lingling mentioned, they were undoubtedly Yang Kai’s two parents. His parents’ strength wasn’t high, so although they wanted to go out and kill their enemies, how could Hua Qing Si allow them to do so? If anything happened to them, she wouldn’t be able to explain herself to Yang Kai.

Therefore, she arranged an errand for them so that they wouldn’t feel bored.

As for this task, it was to teach the elite disciples who had just stepped onto the path of cultivation and were not too powerful.

This arrangement also had several profound meanings. The elite disciples were destined to become the cornerstones of High Heaven Palace, and with such a relationship between teaching and cultivating, no matter how high these disciples grew, when they met Yang Fourth Master and Dong Suzhu in the future, they had to remember the kindness of their teachings.

Clearing his complicated feelings, Yang Kai smiled, “Has Grey Bones broken through to the Eighth Order?”

In the past, Grey Bones was a Heavenly Monarch, but now Qu Lingling had called her Honored Master a Divine Monarch, so it was clear that his status was different. According to the 3000 Worlds’ tacit agreement, only a High Rank Open Heaven was qualified to be called a Divine Monarch!


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