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“Why is there such a desert here?”

Half an hour later, Yang Xue stared at the strange scenery in front of her, lost in thought. In this vast and boundless void, such a vast desert had suddenly appeared.

Under their careful investigation, the two of them soon discovered that this desert was not a real desert. Even though it looked no different from the real thing, this vast desert was actually condensed from a special kind of shattered Dao Mark.

As far as the eye could see, the sky was filled with yellow sand, and there was even a strong wind blowing, creating a magnificent sight!

Anyone who saw this scene would be able to tell that it was dangerous.

However, the closer he got to this place, the more obvious the two marks on the back of Yang Xiao’s hand became. He knew that he wasn’t far from the source of these two marks.

“Is Big Brother inside?” Yang Xue frowned slightly.

Yang Xiao said, “No matter what, we’ll know after we take a look!”

Yang Xue nodded and gently waved her hand, causing an object to spin and transform into a palace the size of an ordinary house. The words ‘Flowing Time’ were written on the plaque in front of the palace. This was the Flowing Time Divine Palace which had been passed down from the Star Boundary's Flowing Time Great Emperor.

Over the past thousands of years, as their cultivations increased, their comprehension of the Great Dao of Time and their attainments in this Great Dao had long surpassed the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

However, the Flowing Time Great Emperor was still their Honored Master in name, and their Dao of Time could be considered to have been passed down from this famous Great Emperor. As such, Yang Xue couldn’t bear to abandon the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

Over the past few years, the two of them had exchanged their battle merits for countless treasures, and had even asked a Great Master Artifact Refiner from Divine Cauldron Heaven to help them constantly improve the power of the Flowing Time Divine Palace.

The current Flowing Time Divine Palace was no longer the Flowing Time Divine Palace in the past. Although its appearance had not changed much, in terms of power, it was not inferior to Dawn Squad's Battleship back then!

Over the years, Yang Xiao’s team had relied on the Flowing Time Divine Palace to contend with many of the Black Ink Clan masters.

This palace artifact could be said to have accompanied the growth of the two of them and witnessed their rise to power. Countless times, they had relied on this artifact to escape, so its existence was no longer just a treasure.

Summoning the Flowing Time Divine Palace, the two of them entered together. Yang Xue lifted her hand and a sand-like artifact appeared in her palm. This was also a treasure passed down from the Flowing Time Great Emperor, the Endless Hourglass.

Inside the hourglass, there were ten thousand and eight grains of Years Divine Sand. As the Divine Sand flowed, an invisible Great Dao of Time wrapped around the Flowing Time Divine Palace, making it seem as if the Flowing Time Divine Palace had merged into an invisible River of Time, making its movements even more mysterious.

As they slowly flew deeper into the desert, the two of them remained vigilant.

A few days later, the Flowing Time Divine Palace suddenly came to a stop. Standing in front of the palace, Yang Xiao activated the Sun and Moon Marks and silently felt around before raising his eyes to look towards a giant sand mountain, “It’s here!”

In this Endless Desert, there was actually a sand mountain several hundred meters tall. No matter how one looked at it, it was somewhat abnormal.

At this point, the two of them also knew that the one who had triggered the Sun and Moon Marks was definitely not Yang Kai, because if Yang Kai had been here, he would have long since noticed their arrival and would not have remained hidden.

“Let me try!” Yang Xiao said softly and raised his hand.

The Endless Hourglass in Yang Xue’s hand release the concept of Time Principle, and it became denser, and it was concentrated to the extreme.

Space trembled as a Dragon Force surged out, sending a stream of light towards the sand mountain.

A violent shockwave immediately spread out from the sand mountain, sweeping up the sand in the air. After suffering this blow, the originally lifeless sand mountain seemed to come to life, hundreds of millions of grains of sand rolling about, forming several hundred meters tall structure.

What is this?

Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were both stunned.

But soon, Yang Xue’s beautiful eyes lit up as she pointed towards a certain spot on the sand mountain, “Open Heaven Pill!”

As the sand flowed, a dense light flashed, and although it was only for a brief moment, Yang Xue could still see the outline of a Spirit Pill, as well as the various Dao Strength it contained.

Even though she was stuck at the peak of the Eighth Order, she was still slightly shaken!

Yang Xiao also saw this scene and couldn’t help laughing, “Little Aunt, we’ve struck gold!”

He had never imagined that not long after entering this Universe Furnace, he would actually find a Open Heaven Pill! He came from a pure-blooded Dragon Clan, so he didn’t need such a thing as a Open Heaven Pill. As long as he continued to improve his Dragon Vein in the future, he would have a chance to break through to the Divine Dragon realm. Of course, this was not an easy task. The Dragon Clan had not produced many Divine Dragons over the years. [MSN: Didn't he use open heaven method?]

But Yang Xue needed it.

Back then, Yang Xue’s breakthrough to Open Heaven was a direct breakthrough to the Sixth Order. At that time, the World Tree Subtree had only just begun to feed the Star Boundary, so Yang Xue didn’t receive many benefits from it. The reason she was able to break through to the Sixth Order was mostly because of her own aptitude.

If this were the current era, with Yang Xue’s aptitude and the Subtree's support, she would most likely be able to break through to the Seventh Order directly.

No matter what, in this current situation, reaching the peak of the Eighth Order was her limit. If she could obtain the assistance of the Open Heaven Pills produced by the Universe Furnace, she could break through to the Ninth Order!

At that time, not only would she be able to reach the peak of the Martial Dao, she would also be of great help to the Human Race.

This pill was also Yang Xiao’s only goal in accompanying Yang Xue into the Universe Furnace.

Originally, Yang Xiao shouldn’t have been qualified to enter the Universe Furnace, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army had four hundred Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, many of whom were stuck at their own bottlenecks and unable to advance. However, Fu Guang, who was in charge of the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, had only given them fifty slots, so whoever entered or didn’t was up to them to discuss.

As a member of the Dragon Clan, Yang Xiao had no need for Open Heaven Pills, so there was naturally no need for him to waste the entry quota.

Fu Guang didn’t express any opinion on this matter. The fifty Eighth Order masters that were scheduled to enter had been decided by the Withdrawing Black Ink Army. Originally, Su Yan, Yu Rumeng, Shan Qingluo, and the other women were supposed to enter the Universe Furnace.

Because they were all Yang Kai’s wives, if it weren’t for Yang Kai, the Human Race wouldn’t be where they were today. Even these women were not inferior to others when it came to killing enemies, so they indeed had the qualifications.

Including Yang Xue, there were seven or eight people who were related to Yang Kai.

The entire Withdrawing Black Ink Army only had fifty slots, so it was unfair to the others.

In the end, it was Su Yan who said that none of these women would enter the Universe Furnace, and Yang Xiao would accompany Yang Xue to the Universe Furnace to fight for opportunities. Whether or not they would be able to obtain anything, it was all up to fate.

Because Yang Xiao and Yang Xue could be considered childhood sweethearts, they had known each other for thousands of years and had long since reached a mutual understanding. When the two of them joined forces, the strength they could display was far greater than the other Eighth Order masters.

Letting Yang Xiao accompany Yang Xue would undoubtedly guarantee her safety. After all, she is Yang Kai’s only sister. If anything were to happen to her in the Universe Furnace, how could they explain it to Yang Kai?

Thus, Yang Xiao entered with her.

As for Zhao Yebai, Zhao Ya, and Xu Yi, who were also in the Withdrawing Black Ink Army… they had the aptitude to advance to the Ninth Order, so they didn’t need to enter the Universe Furnace to seize treasures.

Before entering, Yang Xiao had secretly made up his mind to do everything he could to ensure Yang Xue’s safety and obtain the Open Heaven Pill that would help her break through to the Ninth Order.

The only problem was how to find this treasure.

But he hadn’t expected that this treasure that countless Human Race masters coveted would be so easily found!

At this moment, what puzzled him was that the Open Heaven Pill inside the Universe Furnace had something to do with the Sun and Moon Marks that his foster father had bestowed upon him… Why was there a subtle connection between them?

He couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t have the time to think about it. Under his probing, the sand mountain stood up like a living thing, hundreds of millions of grains of sand tumbling about, making it seem as if it was trying to escape.

Yang Xiao quickly stopped laughing. Because of the abnormal movements of the sand mountain, a large amount of sand suddenly began flowing on the surface of the desert. Soon after, a large hand suddenly stretched out from the sand sea and pressed down on the ground. With a violent push, a tall figure leapt out.

Looking at this figure, it was more than a dozen zhang tall and had the appearance of a human. Its face was undoubtedly the same as an ordinary person’s, but the size of this figure made it seem like a giant baboon…

However, this wasn’t the end of it. More giant hands stretched out from the sand sea, and soon, besides the human-faced baboon, two more figures appeared.

One of them looked no different from a normal human, while the other looked somewhat like a Black Ink Clan!

Yang Xiao’s expression became slightly dignified. Although he was unable to clearly perceive the strength of these three strange creatures, and even didn’t know what these three Chaos Spirit Race were, the innate keen senses of the Dragon Clan allowed him to understand that these three were not easy to deal with.

They seemed to be the guardians of the Sand Mountain, who had swallowed the Open Heaven Pill, and would not show any mercy to any enemy they encountered.

As the three Chaos Spirit Race appeared, the entire sand sea seemed to come to life. Countless Chaos Body condensed from broken Dao Marks began to surge towards the Flowing Time Divine Palace.

“Little Aunt!” Yang Xiao called out.

Needless to say, Yang Xue had already activated the power of the Flowing Time Divine Palace and rushed towards the three Chaos Spirit Race.

Capture the leader!

Although the two of them didn’t know the difference between a Chaos Body and Chaos Spirit Race, they knew that these three Chaos Spirit Race were the biggest obstacles blocking them from obtaining the Open Heaven Pill. As long as these three were eliminated, the rest wouldn’t be a problem, even the several hundred meters tall sand mountain…

The house-sized Flowing Time Divine Palace shot forward like a bolt of lightning, knocking away all the Chaos Body along the way. This artifact’s overall power was comparable to that of Dawn Squad's Battleship, and its defensive power had reached its peak. After all, Yang Xiao had spent a lot of battle merits on this artifact over the years.

to be continued...

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