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Even Feng Ying, a seasoned elite of the Human Race in the Ink Battlefield, had been in seclusion for more than two hundred years when she was promoting to Eighth Order from Seventh Order, let alone other people.

Unless it was a cultivator who was extremely lucky and had a solid foundation, most people would have their own bottlenecks, but the difficulty was different.

Once this kind of bottleneck appeared, if one’s luck was good, they could break it in one or two hundred years, but if one’s luck was bad, they could be stuck for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Letting these Seventh Order Open Heaven enter the Universe Furnace to find the Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills was undoubtedly the best way. If they could obtain some opportunities inside the Universe Furnace, the Human Race would undoubtedly have more Eighth Order masters, which would be extremely beneficial to their future struggle against the Black Ink Clan and Chaos Spirit Race.

Compared to the nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills, it was much easier to obtain Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills. Not to mention that Yang Kai had obtained some Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills the moment the Universe Furnace appeared, he had even found two in the mountain range.

According to his previous observations, there were still many Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills. As long as one’s luck wasn’t too bad, there would always be some gains.

This also meant that many people who entered this place would be able to quickly advance to the Eighth Order!

“You mentioned Senior Brother Xiang just now, did Senior Brother Xiang advance to the Ninth Order?” Yang Kai asked again.

Liao Zheng shook his head, “No, Senior Brother Xiang also came this time.”

Xiang Shan had actually failed to break through to the Ninth Order! Yang Kai was a little stunned. He had thought that Xiang Shan’s breakthrough shouldn’t have been a big problem, but from the looks of it, he had been greatly affected by the loss of his Small Universe’s territory. Otherwise, with Xiang Shan’s aptitude, there was no reason he couldn’t break through after so many years of secluded cultivation.

The Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was undoubtedly his only hope.

Was Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill useful to him?

Xiang Shan had the aptitude to break through to the Ninth Order and was different from Ouyang Lie and Mi Jinglun, who had directly broken through to the Sixth Order. Now that he was stuck at the peak of the Eighth Order and was unable to advance any further, it could be said that he had reached a bottleneck. Logically speaking, Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill… was useful to him?

If that was the case, it wouldn’t take long for the Human Race to gain another Ninth Order Open Heaven.

This was undoubtedly good news for the Human Race, but for the Black Ink Clan, it was no less than a disaster.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking this, somewhere in the air above the Universe Furnace, there was a dense forest.

At first glance, this dense forest was filled with towering trees and lush vegetation. Apart from the lack of birds and flowers, it was no different from a real jungle.

However, upon closer inspection, Yang Kai found that this seemingly normal forest was actually formed from the fragmented and chaotic Dao Marks. Its essence was no different from the Endless River and the mountain range Yang Kai had encountered before.

Inside the Universe Furnace, there are still many such strange scenery. The scenery in the outside world could also be seen here. If the outside world doesn't have it, there will be some here.

It had to be said that there was an extremely mysterious world inside the Universe Furnace.

At this moment, a majestic figure was sitting cross-legged next to a large tree. This person wore a set of bright red robes and looked extremely ostentatious. His powerful aura of a peak Eighth Order master was not concealed in the slightest as he recklessly swept his surroundings. If someone was nearby, they would definitely be able to sense him.

Human Race, Xiang Shan!

Normally, Xiang Shan was a very low-key person, but this time, before entering the Universe Furnace, he had deliberately dressed so ostentatiously just to attract as much attention as possible from the Black Ink Clan and also to allow the Human Race to discover him.

It was not arrogance but confidence.

After cultivating in seclusion for more than a thousand years without being able to break through his bottleneck, Xiang Shan knew that he would never be able to break through to the Ninth Order by relying solely on his own hard work, so this time, he decide to come in when the Universe Furnace appeared!

There was a Open Heaven Pill here that could help him break through to the Ninth Order, not because of his own benefits, but because if he broke through to the Ninth Order, it would bring greater strength and deterrence to the Human Race.

Previously, he had already experienced a battle, and the Chaos Body which had been washed away by the power of the Great Dao and only had a few remains was his achievement.

Speaking of which, his luck was quite good. After entering the Universe Furnace, he had appeared here and even encountered a Chaos Body that had swallowed a Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill. Naturally, he didn’t say anything, easily killing that Chaotic Body and seizing that Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill.

Swallow, then refine!

After a while, Xiang Shan stood up and placed his hands behind his back, sighing lightly.

The Lower Quality Open Heaven Pill was unable to resolve his current situation. Although he had already anticipated this situation, the result still left him somewhat disappointed.

The real reason he was unable to break through to the Ninth Order was not because he had encountered a bottleneck, but rather because of the aftereffects of his fall in grade.

Others might not know, but he himself knew very well that because of what had happened back then, his Small Universe had never been complete.

If he wanted to solve this problem, he had to obtain that Best Quality Open Heaven Pill!

[MSN: Poor dude, he was nerfed.]

However, there weren’t many Best Quality Open Heaven Pills to begin with, so it wasn’t easy to find one. No matter what, it was up to fate.

With a single thought, Xiang Shan transformed into a streak of crimson light and rushed out of the dense forest, his powerful aura filling the air as he flew off into the distance.

To Xiang Shan, the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was invisible and he didn’t know where to look for it, but there were always some people who were lucky enough to find it even if they didn’t deliberately search for it.

In another part of the void, a great battle had just ended, and the disorderly and chaotic fragmented Dao Marks had been disturbed by the aftermath of the previous battle, causing this void to become treacherous.

Two figures stood side by side. One was a young man wearing a white robe, his hair as white as snow, his eyes as sharp as swords, and the other was a graceful woman.

When this man and woman stood together, they gave off a feeling of a perfect match.

This young man and woman were obviously Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, who fought enemy with the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion.

Back at the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, the projection of the Universe Furnace appeared and the Black Ink Clan’s army rushed out from the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction in an attempt to restrain the Withdrawing Black Ink Army. However, after a great battle, the Black Ink Clan’s side suffered heavy casualties, and even the two Royal Lords who had taken the risk to attack were seriously injured by Fu Guang’s Dragon Bead, nearly dying on the spot.

With no other choice, the Black Ink Clan could only withdraw their forces, while the fifty Eighth Order Withdrawing Black Ink Army soldiers who were originally scheduled to enter also rushed into the Universe Furnace at the last moment.

Since the Withdrawing Black Ink Army had taken on the task of guarding the Heavenly Beginng Great Restriction, they had been unable to contact the Human Race’s Head Office Division. After all, the distance between them was too great, and only Yang Kai was able to freely travel through the void because he had visited them once regarding the matter of the Innate Territory Lords.

As such, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue didn’t know much about the situation with the Universe Furnace, so they naturally didn’t know that after entering it, everyone would be separated.

Although they didn’t know about this matter, Yang Xiao still grabbed Yang Xue’s hand before entering. He wasn’t a greenhorn, and after all these years of fighting and killing with the Black Ink Clan, he was no longer the mischievous child he once was. Now, he was able to hold his own in all aspects.

As a man, he naturally would always protect Yang Xue who accompanied him day and night. Entering the Universe Furnace and grabbing Yang Xue’s hand was only a subconscious action.

It was also because of this that the two of them didn’t separate after entering the Universe Furnace and instead appeared in the same place.

Coincidentally, not long after they arrived, they met a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

This time, all of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords who had entered the Universe Furnace were Promoted Territory Lords, and all of the intact Innate Territory Lords had participated in the plan to create a Pseudo-Royal Lord. Currently, the only Innate Territory Lords on the Black Ink Clan’s side were those who had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restrictoin and had yet to recover from their injuries.

The strength of these Innate Territory Lords was greatly reduced, so it was naturally unsuitable for them to enter the Universe Furnace.

Even if it was a one-on-one fight against a Promoted Territory Lord of the Black Ink Clan, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue would be able to easily defeat him, let alone after they join forces.

In this great battle, the Territory Lord didn’t even have a chance to escape before he was reduced to dust in front of the two who had joined forces to activate the Time Principle.

The two of them were completely unharmed!

However, at this moment, Yang Xiao frowned and turned to look in a certain direction.

Seeing this, Yang Xue couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, “Are you injured?”

Yang Xiao shook his head, “No, but… Little Aunt, there seems to be something in that direction.”

“What is it?” In this vast void, hearing Yang Xiao say this, Yang Xue couldn’t help feeling a chill run down her spine, as if someone was secretly spying on them.

“I don’t know what it is,” Yang Xiao couldn’t explain himself, so he raised his hands and activated the power of the Sun and Moon Marks, “When I was activating the Light of Purification just now, I vaguely felt that there was something in that direction that faintly resonated with the two marks my foster father gave me!”

In the past, Yang Kai had obtained ten copies of the Sun and Moon Marks from the Chaotic Dead Territory and given them to ten Holy Spirits. This way, these Holy Spirits would be able to guard the various Great Domain Battlefields and provide the Human Race with the protection of the Light of Purification, allowing them to relieve some of the pressure.

As such, Yang Xiao had the Sun and Moon Marks from Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

When he had joined forces with his Little Aunt to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, Yang Xiao had used the Light of Purification against him. It was precisely because of this action that the marks on the backs of his hands had reacted slightly.

But what was inside this Universe Furnace that could resonate with the Sun and Moon Marks? Yang Xiao couldn’t understand.

Yang Kai probably didn’t expect that the mark he had left behind in the nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills would actually allow Yang Xiao to obtain such a harvest. It could only be said that it was a lucky coincidence. If such a thing as karmic luck came, it would be impossible to resist.

Yang Xue’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Could it be Big Brother?”

The reason for this speculation was because Yang Kai also had the Sun and Moon Marks, so if he activated them together, it was normal for the two to have the same source.

Yang Xiao also perked up, “That’s possible, let’s go take a look.”


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Vamporace F
Vamporace F
May 13, 2023

What the hell!? YK received 10 sun and moon marks, gave 1 to good girl Su Yan and the remaining 9 to big head Mi to distribute to Holy spirits... At no point did Yang Xiao make the cut in the selected 9... Damn you Author! 🤣 Hehe

Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 17, 2023
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Lol that's author for you. He is the only one who can control everything in here. He can forget or add something out of the context whenever it's convenient for him/her and we can only rant. 🤣🤣🤣


Mar 28, 2023

Dayumm ok. At the handholding stage now

Apr 11, 2023
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"As a man, he naturally would always protect Yang Xue who accompanied him day and night."

I think they already went a bit further😏

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