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Liao Zheng was obviously overwhelmed by this unexpected favor and couldn’t help calling out "Senior Brother Yang".

Yang Kai used his Space Dao to wrap around him, “This is not the place to talk, follow me.”

A short while later, Yang Kai and Liao Zheng appeared beside the great river. Seeing the magnificent sight of the great river, Liao Zheng couldn’t help feeling excited and blurted out, “So this is the Endless River, it really is endless!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help asking curiously, “You know about this great river?”

Liao Zheng replied, “Before we came in, we all received a set of information about the interior of the Universe Furnace and also listened to some of Senior Brother Blood Crow’s information about this place, including some records about the Endless River.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “How much do you know about the Universe Furnace?”

There was also Blood Crow, as expected, he had indeed entered the Universe Furnace. The Open Heaven Pill left in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven should be the harvest from the Universe Furnace.

Since the Human Race had a witness like Blood Crow, collecting some information about the Universe Furnace was naturally not difficult.

For Yang Kai, this was exactly what he needed right now. Although he had been brought here by the Universe Furnace long ago, he still didn’t know much about the situation here.

Liao Zheng quickly took out a blank jade slip and said, “Senior Brother, please wait a moment, I’ll record down all the information I know. Before we entered, Senior Brother Mi had already instructed that if anyone encountered Senior Brother Yang, they must immediately hand over the information about the Universe Furnace to you.”

Yang Kai nodded and waited.

The power of Liao Zheng’s Divine Soul surged and he quickly imprinted everything he knew into the blank jade slip before handing it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and took it…

Sure enough, there were records of the Endless River, and the Human Race also intended to use this great river to gather more people. Because they knew that they would be separated once they entered the Universe Furnace, it was difficult to gather all the scattered people together. After all, the space inside the Universe Furnace was vast, so even if each of them wore some kind of communication artifact, it would not be easy to find each other in this vast world.

Of course, before entering the Universe Furnace’s entrance, if one’s body had some kind of fetters, such as holding hands, they would appear in the same place and would not be separated. In addition, even if one’s aura or some kind of secret technique was used, it would be useless.

However, in the various Great Domain Battlefields, with the exception of the three great domains that the Black Ink Clan had abandoned long ago, which one of them wasn’t particularly chaotic, especially the Wolf Fang Domain Battlefield where Liao Zheng came from, where the Black Ink Clan had the upper hand. If a human race master wanted to enter the Universe Furnace, they would have to break through the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line. At that time, even if everyone worked together, they wouldn’t be able to hold hand and enter the universe furnace, so when Liao Zheng entered the Universe Furnace, he was all alone.

There were also many Human Race masters who had entered together, forming groups of three or five, so their own safety was naturally guaranteed. Seeing this, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. Originally, he had been worried that the Eighth Order Human Race masters would be at a disadvantage if they encountered the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord, but now it seemed that the situation wasn’t too bad. If three or five Eighth Order masters joined forces, they would be able to put up a fight against the Pseudo-Royal Lord.

As for the Human Race cultivators who were unable to enter the Universe Furnace together with others, Blood Crow proposed a plan. After the scattered Human Race masters entered this place, they would first search for the Endless River and then use it as a reference point to travel along the winding river. In this way, regardless of whether they went forward or backwards, they would always meet with their companions who had the same goal, allowing them to gather together.

That was why Yang Kai had been able to detect the battle between Liao Zheng and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord near the Endless River, because Liao Zheng had come to find the Endless River and then reunite with the other clansmen.

Yang Kai continued to read about the Open Heaven Pill produced by the Universe Furnace. Sure enough, it was just as he had thought. The Open Heaven Pill was divided into grades, and according to Bloow Crow, the nine Open Heaven Pills were Best Quality while the rest were Lower Quality.

Best Quality Open Heaven Pills could help an Eighth Order Human Race break through to Ninth Order, but those Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills were also extremely valuable. Taking them could help a cultivator break through their bottleneck and save them many years of secluded cultivation.

[MSN: Wouldn't direct 7th order be able to reach ninth order with just the lower quality ones? Since it's just a bottleneck and not a shackles.]

There was another piece of information that made Yang Kai frown as he raised his head and asked, “This Best Quality Open Heaven Pill can allow the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord to become a Royal Lord? Did Blood Crow say anything about this?”

All this time, Yang Kai had thought that the Open Heaven Pill produced by the Universe Furnace was an opportunity for the Human Race. Even if the Black Ink Clan had a master who entered this place, it was only to hinder the Human Race from seizing this opportunity. But now, it seemed that this opportunity was an opportunity for both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan!

Yang Kai couldn’t understand how a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill could help a Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord become a Royal Lord.

Liao Zheng said, “Senior Brother Xiang asked about this matter that day, but Senior Brother Blood Crow couldn’t explain the exact reason. He only speculated that this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill had its own mysteries, so whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, anyone who obtained this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill would be able to break through their shackles.”

Yang Kai frowned. This was not a good news. Originally, the Black Ink Clan’s goal was to stop the Human Race’s masters from seizing this opportunity, but now they had the qualifications to participate. If one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords obtained one of the nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills and became a Royal Lord, not only would the Human Race gain a powerful enemy, but they would also lose a chance to produce a Ninth Order. This would be a great loss.

The good news was that the Black Ink Clan knew very little about the Universe Furnace, and their understanding of this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was even less. It was likely that they still didn’t know how to use this pill.

However, as long as the Black Ink Clan’s master obtained a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, they would naturally know about this matter.

What made Yang Kai’s head hurt even more was that this Best Quality Open Heaven Pill was not only useful to the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, but also to the local monsters.

According to the jade slip’s information, the strange monsters born inside the Universe Furnace were Chaos Body, the ones Yang Kai had encountered in the Endless River and the mountain range.

Blood Crow was indeed someone who had participated in the struggle for the Universe Furnace opportunity, so he had a good understanding of this place.

There were also differences between Chaos Body. The kind that were formed purely from the fragmented Dao Marks was the purest form of chaos. Although this kind of thing was not easy to deal with, as long as a cultivator used their complete Great Dao to cleanse it, it would not be too difficult to deal with.

Inside the Universe Furnace, other than the countless Chaotic Bodies, there were also some Chaos Spirit Race that had gained sentience and had fixed forms!

If the monsters Yang Kai encountered in the Endless River were called Chaos Body, then the ones he later absorbed into his Small Universe and refined the Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacy, eventually transforming into Chaos Spirit Race that resembled the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord.

At the end of the day, the Chaos Spirit Race was evolved from a Chaos Body, so what the two lacked was a Open Heaven Pill.

Blood Crow had warned the human race cultivators that if they encountered Chaos Body in the Universe Furnace, it wouldn’t matter. If they didn’t provoke them, they wouldn’t take the initiative to attack. After all, these were some strange existences without any intelligence.

However, if they were to encounter a Chaos Spirit Race, they would have to be extremely careful, because each of these Chaos Spirit Race would gather a large number of Chaos Body, each of them taking the initiative to attack any creature that did not belong to them.

If they were to encounter one another, they would either end the battle quickly or leave as soon as possible.

What made Yang Kai’s hair stand on end was that Blood Crow speculated that there might be a Chaos Spirit King hiding inside this Universe Furnace!

What is this Chaos Spirit King?

When a Chaos Body swallowed and refined the Open Heaven Pill, it could transform into a Chaos Spirit Race. An ordinary Open Heaven Pill could create an ordinary Chaos Spirit Race, but a Best Quality Open Heaven Pill could create a Chaos Spirit King!

This speculation wasn’t without basis. From ancient times until now, the Universe Furnace had appeared countless times, and even if it only produced nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pills each time, it couldn’t have all been taken away by outsiders. There were always some lucky Chaos Body who managed to refine those Best Qiality Open Heaven Pills.

Blood Crow couldn’t say for sure how strong the Chaos Spirit King was since he had never seen it before.

However, the last time he had come to the Universe Furnace to seize the opportunity, he had felt the fluctuations of an intense battle in the void. It was the battle between a Ninth Order Human Race master and a strong powerhouse, Blood Crow never sense the aura of a powerhouse from the Black Ink Clan…

Since it wasn’t a Black Ink Clan master who was fighting against a Ninth Order Human Race master, it was obvious.

If his speculations were correct, then the strength of this so-called Chaos Spirit King was likely not inferior to a Ninth Order Human Race or Black Ink Clan Royal Lord. It was also a peak existence.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Although he had long known that there was a third party in this Universe Furnace, he hadn’t realized that this third party was more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

What the bullshit!

If he didn’t handle the opportunities inside this Universe Furnace well, it might become a disaster!

Inside the jade slip were various other pieces of information about the Universe Furnace, which Yang Kai carefully read and memorized.

Then, he crushed the jade slip and asked, “How many human race have come this time?”

Liao Zheng said, “I don’t know exactly how many people have entered, it was arranged by the Head Office Division. However, just from the Wolf Fang Army, about six hundred people have entered, less than two hundred of them are Eighth Order while the rest are Seventh Order.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “The Seventh Order also entered?”

But soon, he understood, “For those Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills?”

Liao Zheng nodded, “Many of these Seventh Order cultivators haven’t reached their limits, but because they haven’t cultivated for long, even if they have accumulated enough resources, they still have a bottleneck. Best Quality Open Heaven Pills aren’t their goal, but if they can obtain some Lower Quality Open Heaven Pills, they may be able to quickly advance to the Eighth Order.”

Yang Kai roughly understood Mi Jinglun’s arrangements.

Currently, because the Human Race had the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World, two Open Heaven Stage cradle, they were able to continuously produce High Rank Open Heaven.

All of them were young geniuses who had received the benefits of the World Tree Subtree, so their starting points were very high. Many of them had directly broken through to the Sixth Order, and even though they had reached the peak of the Seventh Order and their Small Universe had accumulated enough resources, it was still difficult for them to break through to the Eighth Order in a short period of time because they had not cultivated for long.


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Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
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"[MSN: Wouldn't direct 7th order be able to reach ninth order with just the lower quality ones? Since it's just a bottleneck and not a shackles.]"

No, the low quality only looses the bottleneck of a cultivator in order for them to breakthrough, it doesn't break the limit of the Incomplete Open Heaven Method.

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