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After swallowing and integrating the Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacies, the monster born from the Universe Furnace could actually shape its own body.

This body had four limbs and facial features, and from its appearance alone, it was somewhat similar to the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord Yang Kai had let go before…

Yang Kai pondered for a moment. The similarity in appearance was naturally not a coincidence. In other words, did this monster have some kind of innate ability? Because it had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord for a long time, it had subconsciously imitated the appearance of this Feudal Lord.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat relieved. Fortunately, he hadn’t had too much contact with this guy, otherwise, standing in front of him with his face right now would have been somewhat awkward.

The appearance of such a strange existence quickly made him realize that the situation of this Universe Furnace was perhaps more complicated than he had imagined.

Originally, when the Open Heaven Pill was being nurtured in the Universe Furnace, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had entered to fight for this opportunity. However, these two forces were enemies, and apart from allies, they were enemies. It could be said that there was a clear distinction between them, but now, there was a third party.

The Open Heaven Pills produced by the Universe Furnace were undoubtedly extremely beneficial to these native monsters, so they were naturally needed.

As a result, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, the difficulty of obtaining the Open Heaven Pills scattered around would undoubtedly increase greatly.

From ancient times until now, every time the Universe Furnace appeared, the Universe Furnace would give birth to a Open Heaven Pill. After the Open Heaven Pill was born, these native monsters must have obtained many harvests, allowing them to escape the chaotic and disorderly state and obtain new life…

This monster in front of him already had a human form and was somewhat similar to the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord. It could already be considered a special creature.

Yang Kai could feel some vitality from it, and it could even be said that it had gained a certain degree of sentience, all because it was currently carefully exploring this world. Unfortunately, this was Yang Kai’s Small Universe, so he naturally wouldn’t let it see through anything.

There was a local third force in the Universe Furnace, and no one knew how powerful this force was. This was undoubtedly bad news for the Human Race masters who had entered this place to seize opportunities.

The strength of this native creature… could not be underestimated.

With a single thought, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in front of the monster, raised his hand, and sent a palm strike towards it, causing the battle to erupt.

A moment later, the dust settled and Yang Kai stood in place, staring at the remains of the monster in front of him with a frown.

He had encountered some native chaotic monsters in the Great River and fought with them, but none of them had fused with the Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacies, so it wasn’t too difficult to deal with them. The only problem was that when they sensed something was wrong, they would fuse with the Great River and disappear.

However, after the probing just now, this monster that had fused with the Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacy and gained a physical body was undoubtedly more difficult to deal with.

Its greatest strength was its endurance. Yang Kai’s cultivation was at the peak of the Eighth Order, and his strength far exceeded his peers. With his full strength, he could kill a Innate Territory Lord in three moves.

However, dealing with this monster had taken quite a bit of effort. They seemed to have an extremely high resistance to the World Force of the cultivator's Small Universe, so even if he use his full strength, only 30% to 40% of its strength could be displayed.

Moreover, they had no flesh and blood, so it was difficult for them to be injured.

However, they also had a weakness. The complete Dao Concepts seemed to have a great restraining effect on them. Yang Kai had just activated his own Dao Concepts and created many mysteries to wash its body. This guy was like a snowflake under a blazing sun, gradually melting under the waves of pain and miserable screams, leaving behind only a tiny bit of debris.

After many experiments, he came to the conclusion that these monsters born from the Universe Furnace were a bit troublesome!

After throwing the remains out of his Small Universe’s body, Yang Kai examined it again to make sure there were no hidden dangers, then calmed his mind.

The biggest opportunities in the Universe Furnace were naturally the nine Open Heaven Pills that could help Human Race powerhouses ascend to the Ninth Order, but ordinary Open Heaven Pills should also be treasures, so they naturally couldn’t be missed.

Since an ordinary Open Heaven Pill had appeared here, there might be more.

Yang Kai immediately began searching through this mountain range. This mountain range was formed purely from scattered Dao Marks, so it wasn’t easy to find treasures here. Because his Divine Sense was restricted, he couldn’t probe too far.

Fortunately, Yang Kai’s speed wasn’t slow and soon finished searching the mountain range, allowing him to find two ordinary Open Heaven Pills.

These two Open Heaven Pills had been swallowed into the bodies of the local monsters, but because of this, it was difficult for them to hide their whereabouts. Yang Kai easily discovered them, and with the help of his Dao Concepts, the two monsters were easily washed away.

Suddenly, he discovered that this native monster had something in common with him. Both of them were proficient in escaping! However, as long as their ability to escape was restricted, it was not difficult to deal with.

As Yang Kai was travelling, he secretly reflected on himself. When the Black Ink Clan had dealt with him, they probably had the same idea, which was why they needed to set up the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array.

Following the winding river, Yang Kai set out again.

Along the way, Yang Kai saw all kinds of wonders in this world, greatly broadening his horizons and also encountering some isolated Black Ink Clan.

With the Black Ink Clan’s millions of soldiers pouring in, even if they were scattered, they would still be able to see some of them.

When dealing with these Black Ink Clan, there was naturally nothing to say. Often, Yang Kai would kill them on the spot.

In this chaotic world filled with chaotic Dao Marks, the concept of time and space became extremely vague. Yang Kai didn’t know how far he had walked or how long he had been walking, but suddenly, he sensed the sounds of battle ahead.

Moreover, the cultivation of the two sides fighting seemed to be quite high.

Yang Kai’s expression brightened as he withdrew his aura and activated his Space Principle, trying his best to integrate himself into the void as he rushed towards the source of the disturbance.

Soon, he arrived at his destination and looked up to see that the two parties fighting were an Eighth Order Human Race and a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

The Territory Lord should only be a Promoted Territory Lord, and the Eighth Order was also an unfamiliar face. Yang Kai had never seen him before, so there was a high chance he had been promoted in recent years.

These two people’s strengths were almost the same and were currently evenly matched, but whether it was the Human Race Eighth Order or the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, both of them had held back during the fight and had not gone all out.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to kill the other party, but in this Universe Furnace, this kind of battle could attract others at any time. If it was a companion, it would naturally be fine, but if it was an enemy, then the situation would be disastrous.

With enough strength left over, it would be easier for them to escape when they sensed something was wrong.

As such, although the two of them were engaged in a fierce battle, it would be difficult for them to determine who would win and who would lose.

Yang Kai silently observed for a moment before secretly sending a voice transmission to the Eighth Order Human Race master. The other party’s heart trembled, but his expression remained unchanged.

A moment later, he suddenly erupted with his full strength, catching the Territory Lord off guard. The Territory Lord’s reaction was quite fast, and he quickly adjusted his strength and went all out.

However, right at this moment, a phantom-like figure suddenly appeared behind him, displaying a profound Dao Concepts, causing space to freeze and time to become chaotic…

A large hand stretched out behind him, taking advantage of the moment when his perception was disturbed by the Space-Time Force to ruthlessly slap his head.

The head immediately caved in and split open.

The Eighth Order Human Race cultivator on the other side also used his various Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques to kill this Territory Lord.

Killing a powerful enemy with brute force, this Human Race Eighth Order was filled with joy. Just as he was about to greet Yang Kai, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed and he turned his head to look in a certain direction. In the next instant, his figure flickered and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

A voice rang out beside his ear, “Wait here for me!”

Seeing this situation, the Human Race Eighth Order still had some doubts, but he quickly understood the situation and couldn’t help showing a look of fear. He knew that if he hadn’t met Yang Kai and received his help, he would likely have died.

After tidying up the battlefield for a while, he swallowed a Spirit Pill to replenish his energy and waited for a moment before Yang Kai appeared.

The Eighth Order immediately cupped his fists and saluted, “Wolf Fang Army’s Liao Zheng greets Sir Yang!”

Although he was also an Eighth Order, his expression was somewhat excited, as if he had just met someone he admired greatly…

In fact, this was indeed the case. In terms of popularity and prestige, whether it was Mi Jinglun or the newly promoted Ninth Order Human Race masters, none of them could compare to Yang Kai.

After the great migration of the Human Race, the situation had been difficult, and the reason why they had been able to persist for so many years was all thanks to Yang Kai's efforts.

Without Yang Kai, the Mysterious Nether Territory would have been destroyed long ago. Without Yang Kai, these rising stars would not have had a suitable place to train. Without Yang Kai, there would be no Light of Purification, and the Black Ink Clan would not have so many obstacles.

When these young talents had just begun cultivating, the elders of the Sect had constantly instilled in them the various achievements of the Human Race, wanting them to understand how everything had come to be, wanting them to focus on Yang Kai as their goal.

This kind of respect and worship was something that had been branded in their hearts since the beginning of time and would not change as their cultivation grew stronger.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and sized him up before smiling, “We are both Eighth Order, so call me Senior Brother, don’t call me Sir.”

He suddenly understood the mentality of Wei Junyang, Ouyang Lie, and the others in the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Before he returned to the Mysterious Nether Territory, whether it was Wei Junyang or Ouyang Lie, both of them were his seniors, but after advancing to the Eighth Order, Wei Junyang and Ouyang Lie insisted on calling each other as fellow disciple.

Age was not the basis for a Open Heaven Realm cultivator’s relationship, cultivation was!


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