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Between five million and eight million, if it was in the middle. Six million and five hundred thousand was quite a lot. Was the Black Ink Clan trying to start a war inside the Universe Furnace?

However, the Black Ink Clan’s understanding of the Universe Furnace was perhaps even worse than his own, so they probably hadn’t expected that the situation inside the Universe Furnace would be so complicated. If an army of millions was thrown in, the effect would be minimal.

Yang Kai quickly thought of something else, “Since millions of troops came from the same entrance, why are you the only one here? What about the other Black Ink Clan?”

The Feudal Lord shook his head and said, “After entering this place, there was no trace of the other clansmen. The entrance seemed to have turned the world upside down and all the clansmen who entered were scattered.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai immediately frowned, a trace of worry appearing in his heart.

Millions of Black Ink Clan soldiers had entered from the same entrance, but all of them had been separated, so the Human Race powerhouse was naturally the same. In other words, after entering the Universe Furnace, everyone basically had to fight one on one or find companions as soon as possible to look after one another.

However, it wasn’t an easy task to find a companion in this Universe Furnace.

Most of the people from the Human Race who had come this time were Eighth Order, so if they were to encounter the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Everyone’s strength was equal and they could still fight, but if they were to encounter a Pseudo-Royal Lord like Mo Na Ye, they would be doomed!

During this time’s opportunity with the Universe Furnace, it was unknown how many masters from the Human Race would fall, but the Head Office Division might have made some arrangements. After the Universe Furnace’s projection appeared, Yang Kai had been trapped inside and had no contact with the Human Race.

With Mi Jinglun’s thorough knowledge, he would definitely try his best to collect as much information about the Universe Furnace as possible and then make appropriate arrangements for any possible problems.

If he were to encounter a lone human race in the future, he would be able to take care of them. Yang Kai thought to himself, trying to alleviate the worries in his heart. Since things had come to this point, there was no point in worrying. If the Human Race dared to enter the Universe Furnace to fight for opportunities, they would definitely be prepared to die here.

On the other hand, the forces of the Black Ink Clan would also be scattered, and their understanding of the Universe Furnace was much lower than that of the Human Race, so they should have no plans for this situation. As such, in the short term, the overall situation of the Human Race might not be any worse than that of the Black Ink Clan.

This Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord had always stayed inside the No-Return Pass, and this time he had entered through the Spatial Territory's entrance, so he didn’t know much about the outside world. Yang Kai asked a few more questions, but none of them answered.

After confirming that he couldn’t obtain any valuable clues, Yang Kai didn’t waste any more time and slowly raised his hand.

Seeing Yang Kai’s murderous intent, the Feudal Lord hurriedly said, “Sir Yang Kai, I’ll give you a piece of information that is of great use to the Human Race in exchange for my life!”

“Oh?” Yang Kai looked at him with interest, “Information about the Human Race? What kind of information?”

The Feudal Lord’s forehead was covered in sweat, but he still grit his teeth and said, “I know that Sir Yang Kai is a man of his word, he will never go back on his word…”

“Fine, if this information is really useful, I’ll spare your life!”

Yang Kai interrupted him impatiently.

Only then did the Feudal Lord let out a sigh of relief and carefully said, “It’s the Open Heaven Pill that you human race are fighting over!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow and asking curiously, “Did you see the Open Heaven Pill?” When he had activated the Sun and Moon Scroll just now, he hadn’t been able to sense anything. In other words, the nine Open Heaven Pills he had branded weren’t nearby, so where had this Feudal Lord seen them?

As he wondered about this, the Feudal Lord stretched out his hand and pointed behind him, “It was swallowed by that strange thing. I saw it with my own eyes, and because of that, I fought with it, wanting to kill it and seize the Open Heaven Pill!”

Yang Kai turned his head and saw that within the black ink cloud, there seemed to be something tumbling about. It was the strange monster that had been born here.

The corners of his mouth couldn’t help twitching as he realized what was happening.

The Open Heaven Pill this Feudal Lord had seen was indeed a Open Heaven Pill, but it was not the kind he was looking for, but a lower quality one.

He had personally witnessed the breeding process of these two type of Open Heaven Pills, so he knew that the Open Heaven Pills of the Universe Furnace were divided into different grades, but the Black Ink Clan did not know that, and when this Feudal Lord saw a Open Heaven Pill, he thought it was a great opportunity for the Human Race’s masters.

The information was correct, but… it was a bit lacking.

Yang Kai raised his hand and sent a palm strike towards the Feudal Lord. The World Force surged and the Feudal Lord was sent flying backwards, blood spraying from his mouth. He had thought that Yang Kai had gone back on his word and that he would die without a doubt, but who would have thought that after he fell, he would still be alive.

“Scram!” Yang Kai’s voice came from afar.

The Feudal Lord seemed to have received a great amnesty and shouted, “Many thanks to Sir Yang Kai!” Ignoring his injuries, he turned into a black ink cloud and fled.

A heavily injured Feudal Lord’s strength had been greatly reduced, so it didn’t matter if he let him go. Since Yang Kai had promised him before, he naturally wouldn’t go back on his word.

If possible, he could also use this Feudal Lord to spread some news that Yang Kai had obtained a Open Heaven Pill! This way, he could attract the attention of some of the Black Ink Clan’s masters and reduce the pressure on the other Human Race masters.

In any case, even if he couldn’t defeat an expert on the level of a Pseudo-Royal Lord, escaping wouldn’t be a problem.

At this moment, he was even more curious about why this monster wanted to swallow the Open Heaven Pill!

There was such a strange monster in the river, as well as in this mountain range. It seemed this type of monster was not uncommon in the Universe Furnace.

The Open Heaven Pill was also born from the Universe Furnace, so what use was it to these monsters?

With a wave of his hand, the black ink cloud that the Feudal Lord had summoned earlier was dispersed by the violent energy, revealing the monster’s true body.

Endless fragmented Dao Marks flowed around its body like water, constantly changing its form.

Yang Kai hadn’t paid much attention to this monster before, but now that he had been warned by the Feudal Lord, he was able to observe it carefully and finally see some abnormalities.

Inside this monster’s body, there was indeed a Open Heaven Pill, wrapped in the shattered Dao Marks that formed its body. When the Dao Marks flowed, it would only appear once in a while before quickly being wrapped up.

Whether this monster was a living creature or not was difficult for Yang Kai to determine, but from the fact that it was easily trapped by a Feudal Lord’s black ink cloud, even if it was a living creature, its intelligence wasn’t very high.

What puzzled Yang Kai was why it didn’t hide in this mountain range…

Previously, when he was testing the waters of the river, these monsters would instinctively fuse into the river when they realized they were no match for him, making it difficult for him to track them.

Logically speaking, this monster in front of him should also have the instinct to integrate itself into this mountain range, so there was basically no difference between it and this mountain range. It was made up of countless shattered Dao Marks that could perfectly fuse together.

Seemingly confirming what he was thinking, Yang Kai’s thoughts had just finished when the monster seemed to be about to escape into the mountain range. Yang Kai was about to stop it, but he quickly stopped.

Although the monster was trying its best to integrate itself into the mountain range, it was unable to succeed. It was as if the entire mountain range was resisting it, causing it to flow like a stream of water over the mountain, completely revealing the Open Heaven Pill it had swallowed.

It was indeed a Open Heaven Pill of lower quality. Yang Kai had collected some before, so he was naturally familiar with it.

If he were to take action now, he would naturally be able to obtain this Open Heaven Pill, but because of his curiosity, he didn’t immediately take action.

There was always a feeling that understanding these monsters’ intentions to swallow the Open Heaven Pill was more important.

The flowing water began to flow, and the Open Heaven Pill also began to move. It tried to fuse into the mountain range from different directions, but was unable to succeed.

Under Yang Kai’s observation, he finally saw the problem.

This monster had already fused with a trace of the Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacy, so to it, the shattered Dao Marks that formed it had undergone some minor changes, making it difficult for its existence to be absorbed by this mountain range that originally shared the same origin.

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help pondering.

In other words, this monster swallowing the Open Heaven Pill wasn’t completely useless, but was it just an instinct? But even if it completely digested the Open Heaven Pill, what could it do?

Its foundation was nothing more than a unique existence born from the Universe Furnace…

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed, opening his Small Universe’s door.

Under the restraint of the Space Principle, the monster was lifted off the ground and tossed into his Small Universe without giving it any time to react.

Immediately after, Yang Kai separated a wisp of his consciousness and used his Small Universe’s power to imprison the monster’s true body while simultaneously activating his Time Principle to perform the Dao of Time in the sealed region.

The flow of time in his Small Universe was already ten times faster than in the outside world, and now that he had intentionally used it, the flow of time in this sealed region became even faster.

Under Yang Kai’s full strength, the outside world only lasted for an instant, but the place where the monster stood was perhaps a month.

The Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacies were constantly being absorbed and refined by this monster, fusing into its body.

Under Yang Kai’s observation, the disorderly and chaotic Dao Marks that formed this monster’s main body gradually underwent some unexpected changes.

As these Dao Marks changed, the monster’s body also began to transform.

When Yang Kai first encountered these monsters, he couldn’t even determine if they were living creatures because they didn’t have the slightest trace of life.

But at this moment, as the Open Heaven Pill’s medicinal efficacy fused into its body, the fundamental changes that formed its body gradually began to show signs of life.

The changes became more obvious.

After the Open Heaven Pill completely disappeared from this monster’s body and was completely digested by it, the monster in front of Yang Kai was no longer a pool of water.

Its body constantly twisted and changed, gradually forming a rough outline. As the outline continued to adjust, what appeared in front of Yang Kai was a humanoid figure.


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I actually finished this novel a year ago. I'm just rereading it cause I skipped some chapters before (⁠~⁠ ̄⁠³⁠ ̄⁠)⁠~

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