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In the end, Wei Junyang was unable to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lord he had targeted. Although the Pseudo-Royal Lord could only display seventy to eighty percent of the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, he had still reached this level, so killing him in one fell swoop was not easy.

Not to mention, Wei Junyang had only recently broken through to the Ninth Order, so the accumulation of his foundation was even worse than Luo Tinghe’s. If he had reached the peak of the Ninth Order, the situation would have been different.

At this moment, Wei Junyang was somewhat envious of Yang Kai’s Space Ability. If Yang Kai had his strength, killing a Pseudo-Royal Lord should be a piece of cake. Under the constraints of space, the enemy would have no way to escape, unlike him, who had to work so hard to chase after him, only to have his efforts go to waste.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to continue pursuing them, it was just that he didn’t have enough time.

The entrance to the Universe Furnace was about to disappear, so he had to return to the other side to oversee the situation. Otherwise, once the Human Race masters entered the Universe Furnace, some unexpected changes would occur.

Although he wasn’t able to kill the Pseudo-Royal Lord, he was still able to severely injure him. For the time being, this Pseudo-Royal Lord could only return to the Ink Nest to recuperate.

With Wei Junyang personally overseeing the situation, the situation at the entrance to the Universe Furnace quickly stabilized. Just like in the Azure Sun Territory, the Human Race masters poured into the Universe Furnace one after another, and under the assault of the Black Ink Clan masters, they allowed a group of Black Ink Clan masters to leave.

The situation of the two Ninth Order Human Race was undergoing a thorough planning process.

As for the Great Domain Battlefield where the Human Race was at a disadvantage, it was not completely empty-handed.

The Human Race masters who were determined to enter the Universe Furnace had already received Mi Jinglun’s instructions and were now constantly breaking through the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line and entering the Universe Furnace from all directions.

In the Azure Sun Territory, even if the Human Race had the upper hand, it was impossible for them to stop all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces. On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan’s forces were also unable to stop the Human Race.

Seeing one of the Human Race masters rush into the Universe Furnace and disappear, how could the Black Ink Clan masters who didn’t know what was happening not guess?

Since the appearance of the Universe Furnace’s projection, the Black Ink Clan’s side had always adopted a method to counterattack, and now was no exception.

If the Human Race wanted to enter the Universe Furnace, they would have to do the same!

In these several great domain battlefields, the Black Ink Clan had complete control over the entrance to the Universe Furnace, so they naturally wouldn’t be obstructed.

But soon, they encountered the same situation as the Human Race. As the masters on their side entered the Universe Furnace, their advantage was gradually falling…

Generally speaking, in the various entrances to the Universe Furnace, the Spatial Territory was the home ground of the Black Ink Clan, and the three Great Domain Battlefields abandoned by the Black Ink Clan were the home grounds of the Human Race.

In the remaining entrances, the advantages and disadvantages of the two sides were constantly changing, and the battle situation could be said to be changing rapidly.

After a short three days, the already solidified Universe Furnace suddenly shook violently, and when everyone was caught off guard, it suddenly transformed into specks of light and disappeared.

The Universe Furnace’s projection disappeared and the entrance disappeared, greatly affecting the situation of the various Great Domain Battlefields.

Originally, the war between the two races had been centered around the projection of the Universe Furnace, so naturally there were many obstacles in the way. For example, the side with the advantage had to arrange their forces and guard the entrance.

Now that the projection was gone and the entrance was gone, all these obstacles naturally disappeared.

Wei Junyang let out a long sigh, feeling as if he had broken free from an invisible shackle. For a moment, he felt refreshed as he pointed his spear forward and shouted, “Black Ink Clan bastards, are you ready to die?”

Previously, he had been unable to exert his full strength without restraint. As a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator, there were many things he needed to consider, otherwise he wouldn’t have given up on chasing after the severely wounded Pseudo-Royal Lord and instead returned to guard the entrance of the Universe Furnace.

But now, there was no reason to restrict himself. Today, the Black Ink Clan of this great domain was destined to remember a name.

It was him, Great Battle Heaven, Wei Junyang!

On the other side, Luo Tinghe also let go of all restraint and rushed into the Black Ink Clan army. The Yin Yang Fish seemed to have transformed into something solid as a huge mysterious pattern descended upon the Black Ink Clan army, grinding the Yin and Yang forces and turning these millions of creatures into flesh and blood.

Originally, Mi Jinglun had thought that for the two newly promoted Ninth Order Open Heaven masters of the Human Race, he should send one of them into the Universe Furnace to protect the Human Race masters who were fighting for opportunities.

However, after discussing with Xiang Shan, Mi Jinglun gave up on this idea.

After the appearance of the Universe Furnace, the war between the two races would definitely erupt, and the previous agreements would no longer be binding them. Two Ninth Order masters fighting on the battlefield was far more valuable than entering the Universe Furnace.

As for what was happening inside the Universe Furnace, there was no need for a Ninth Order cultivator to intervene, how could the so-called opportunities not be accompanied by risks? If one still needed a Ninth Order cultivator to protect them in order to seize opportunities, that human race master would have wasted so many years of cultivation.

What’s more, the space inside the Universe Furnace was vast and boundless. A Ninth Order cultivator might not be of much use inside.

At that time, Blood Crow, who had been listening nearby, slowly said, "I don’t know if a Ninth Order can enter the Universe Furnace, but the last time the Universe Furnace was opened, no Ninth Order or Black Ink Clan Royal Lord entered it. Maybe it was a coincidence, but maybe the Universe Furnace has restriction on the cultivation of the creatures that enter it."

In any case, the two newly promoted Ninth Order Human Race masters who could fight this time had not entered the Universe Furnace.

However, Mi Jinglun knew that the dangers inside the Universe Furnace this time were far greater than before!

Because this time, many of the Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lords had entered, and before this, when the Universe Furnace had appeared, the Black Ink Clan should not have had a Pseudo-Royal Lord.

This was just a test for the human race masters who had entered the Universe Furnace.

When the Universe Furnace projection disappeared, the 3000 Worlds and even the entire Ink Battlefield shook.

Inside the Wind Mist Territory, Smiles and Wu Qing were sitting cross-legged, their bodies filled with World Force. In front of the two of them, the Domain Barrier shattered and a giant hand stretched out from the Domain Barrier, its entire arm stretching across the sky like a giant pillar.

On this arm, a chain was wrapped around it, a Secret Technique formed by the two Ninth Order Human Race masters.

It had been thousands of years since the Ink Giant Spiritual God had broken through the barrier between the Wind Mist Territory and the Spatial Territory and the Black Ink Clan’s army had invaded the 3000 Worlds.

Smiles and Wu Qing had also been sitting here for thousands of years, exchanging blows with the Ink Giant Spiritual God!

If they were to fight head-on, the two Ninth Order Human Race masters would never be a match for the Ink Giant Spiritual God, let alone lock one of its arms. However, with the barrier separating them, the power the Ink Giant Spiritual God could display would be greatly reduced.

Not to mention, this Ink Giant Spiritual God had been seriously injured at the time, which was why Smiles and Wu Qing had been able to suppress it for so many years.

A thousand years ago, the strength of this Ink Giant Spiritual God had been restored, and the two Ninth Order Human Race masters had clearly felt the pressure. Fortunately, Yang Kai had arrived in time and used the Light of Purification to reduce its strength.

But now, more than a thousand years had passed, and the power of this Ink Giant Spiritual God was slowly recovering over time. Smiles and Wu Qing didn’t know how long they could last.

Now that the Universe Furnace had appeared and the Great Dao was shaken, the two of them naturally felt it clearly and exchanged a glance, knowing that a great change was about to occur!

However, at this moment, the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had not spoken to them for thousands of years suddenly laughed, its laughter echoing from the shattered Domain Barrier, “The Human Race's destruction is imminent!”

As this voice rang out, the arm that were bound by the chains struggled slightly, causing a series of crashing sounds.

Wu Qing and Smiles didn’t dare to be negligent as they both circulated their strength and under the support of the World Force, the chains became more solid.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God didn’t try to do anything else, as if it was just a casual attempt, but the two Ninth Order Human Race masters felt a great pressure.

Wu Qing coldly snorted, “It’s not too late to boast after you escape safely!”

The Ink Giant Spiritual God chuckled lightly and said no more.

Wu Qing’s face became gloomy and his brow wrinkled. He could feel that if this Ink Giant Spiritual God, whose arm was locked by him and Smiles, really wanted to escape, it would have done so long ago. The price was to break its own arm.

However, it obviously didn’t want to suffer such a loss, which was why it hadn’t made any big moves over the years, giving the two of them the capital to restrain the other.

Over the years, it had been quietly accumulating strength in order to escape unscathed, but now it seemed that it wouldn’t be long before it did.

What’s more, over the years, there had been no Black Ink Clan masters who had come to disturb them, so this was obviously somewhat abnormal. They had been suppressing the Ink Giant Spiritual God, so how could the Ink Giant Spiritual God not be using this opportunity to restrain the two of them?

But now, the Black Ink Clan might want to change the situation…

Wu Qing couldn’t help turning his head to glance at Smiles, but Smiles' expression didn’t change. Her white hand wrapped around her sleeve as she gently nodded towards him, sending him a void transmission, “Yang Kai has already made arrangements!”

The object in her hand was the one Yang Kai had secretly given her when he came to visit the two of them last time. She had also secretly examined this object and couldn’t help exclaiming in surprise when she saw it.

However, because this matter was of great importance and they had to guard against the investigation of the Ink Giant Spiritual God, she had kept it a secret. Even Wu Qing didn’t know about it.

Hearing this, Wu Qing was stunned for a moment before asking with a frown, “You trust that boy so much?”

Smiling lightly, she pondered for a moment before replying, “It’s not purely out of trust, it’s just that he gave the Human Race such confidence!”

Simple trust was useless. The thing she held in her hand was the biggest asset she could use to deal with this Ink Giant Spiritual God. If this Ink Giant Spiritual God was willing to stay here, it would be fine, but if it wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to escape, she would have something good to show it.

Wu Qing nodded slightly and didn’t ask any more questions. As a fellow Ninth Order Human Race cultivator, he wasn’t too familiar with Yang Kai. When Yang Kai’s reputation had risen, he had been sitting here idly, but he had heard a lot about Yang Kai. Generally speaking, he was a junior who could often create unexpected surprises.

Let’s wait and see…


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