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On the Black Ink Clan’s side, the Ink Giant Spiritual God did not appear, and the Royal Lord-level powerhouse were basically the peak strength. They were not pushovers who could be easily crushed. Fu Guang being able to fight one against two without falling into a disadvantage, and even faintly suppressing them, showed just how powerful he was.

On the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army did their best to block the enemy’s path as powerful auras filled the air, brazenly slaughtering their way into the enemy forces as another Battleship shuttled back and forth.

Although the situation seemed to be still under control, more Black Ink Clan had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, with no lack of Innate Territory Lords among them. As time passed, the pressure on the Withdrawing Black Ink Army’s side would only increase.

Fifty Eighth Order quietly stood atop the walls of the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, not participating in the battle.

They were the Eighth Order masters who had been selected to participate in the competition for the Universe Furnace's opportunity. Originally, they should have rushed into the Universe Furnace as soon as possible, but the Black Ink Clan’s attack had disrupted their original plans.

This was also within their expectations, how could the Black Ink Clan allow the Human Race to seize the benefits? When the Universe Furnace’s projection appeared, the Black Ink Clan had already anticipated this.

The Divine Dragon’s killing intent surged as it repelled the two Royal Lords attacking from the left and right, its roar echoing through the void.

“If you don’t enter now, when will you?”

Fu Guang saw that the fifty Eighth Order masters had not moved and couldn’t help urging them.

An Eighth Order cultivator also sent a voice transmission from the battlefield, “Opportunity must not be lost. Everyone, quickly enter the Universe Furnace. There is no need to worry about this place. If the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion is not destroyed, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army will not retreat!”

On top of the city wall, the fifty Eighth Order masters still didn’t move. The entrance to the Universe Furnace had clearly been opened, and the entrance wasn’t too far away from them. As long as they jumped, they would be able to enter the Universe Furnace and seize the opportunity to reach the peak of the Martial Dao.

It wasn’t that they wasn’t tempted, they had already made up their mind.

Yang Xiao let out a long laugh, “Obtaining opportunities is also to kill enemies. Now that the enemy is right in front of us, there’s no need for us to act so recklessly. Let’s kill to our heart’s content first.”

As he spoke, Yang Xue’s figure flashed into the battlefield. Yang Xue didn’t say a word, and almost at the same time Yang Xiao made his move, both of them simultaneously attacked a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord who was trying to sneak attack a Human Race master.

One figure after another leapt down from the city walls, but instead of rushing towards the Universe Furnace, they rushed straight towards the battlefield and killed their way into the enemy ranks.

In the distance, Fu Guang saw this and sighed lightly, not trying to persuade them.

There weren’t many people in the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, only a total of six thousand people. Although these six thousand people had four hundred Eighth Order masters and had also relied on the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion as an offensive artifact, the reason why they had been able to safely defend the gap in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for so many years and resist the attacks of the Black Ink Clan again and again was because of their solidarity.

Fifty Eighth Order masters brazenly attacked, quickly allowing the Withdrawing Black Ink Army to gain the upper hand. The Black Ink Clan masters were also surprised that the Human Race masters would not be tempted by such a great opportunity, causing them to be unable to back down.

In the past, when they tried to force back the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, they didn’t hesitate to send one batch after another of the Black Ink Clan’s masters out to die, even sacrificing the lives of several of their Royal Lords. The main reason for this was to distract Fu Guang and Wu Kuang’s attention so that it would be easier for these Innate Territory Lords to sneak out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

The sacrifice was huge, but the result was not small either. In total, more than a thousand Innate Territory Lords had successfully escaped.

However, after Wu Kuang repaired the flaw in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Black Ink Clan on this side calmed down, because they knew that sending themselves to their deaths was useless. The Human Race had set up a tight line in front of the opening, and with Human Race masters controlling the size of the opening, it was difficult for the Black Ink Clan to gather enough strength to break through the Human Race’s defensive line.

There was no way to break through the Human Race’s defensive line at once and slowly increase their strength, only wasting their own strength.

So these past few years, they had been very stable until the appearance of the Universe Furnace.

In order to stop the Withdrawing Black Ink Army’s Human Race masters from entering to compete for opportunities, the Black Ink Clan launched another attack. Originally, they thought that the situation would improve, but who would have thought that the Withdrawing Black Ink Army’s response would cause them to be greatly disappointed.

Facing this opportunity that was so close to them, the Human Race powerhouses weren’t moved in the slightest and only focused on killing their enemies. As a result, the Black Ink Clan was somewhat at a loss.

If they continued to increase their forces, it would only be a waste of time, but if they didn’t increase their forces, the Black Ink Clan, who had already left the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, would most likely die without a burial site, including the two Royal Lords!

This was really difficult!

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the Withdrawing Black Ink Army and the Black Ink Clan competed against each other, while the Source Area was the home ground of the Black Ink Clan.

The Spatial Territory also had the projection of the Universe Furnace, and it was difficult for the Human Race army to arrive here. Apart from Yang Kai occasionally passing by this place, the Spatial Territory had been an uninhabited place for thousands of years.

The Black Ink Clan had already arranged an endless army here, and when the entrance to the Universe Furnace opened, after a brief hesitation and probing, the Black Ink Clan’s army, led by some powerful masters from the Black Ink Clan, leapt into it and disappeared into the world inside.

On the other side, in the projection space of the Ink Battlefield, Mo Na Ye, who had been trapped here for almost two years, had not seen Yang Kai again. Only now did he confirm that Yang Kai had really left this place. Although he didn’t know how he had left or what the vortex that had swallowed Yang Kai was, this was a good thing for him. At the very least, he didn’t have to worry about Yang Kai suddenly appearing and killing him.

Although his life was not in danger, his previous injuries were not light, and he was unable to heal himself when he was trapped.

When the image of the Universe Furnace condensed and the entrance appeared, he only felt the world distort and the void fluctuate. When he came back to his senses, he found himself in a vast and boundless void.

Mo Na Ye immediately became vigilant, his Divine Sense spreading out in all directions like a tide, not sensing any danger, but he did not relax in the slightest. To suddenly appear in such a strange place, who knew what kind of disaster he would encounter?

A moment later, he suddenly realized that this was the space inside the Universe Furnace. Combined with the scene of Yang Kai disappearing, he immediately came to a conclusion.

Yang Kai had entered the inner world of the Universe Furnace almost two years ago, which was why he hadn’t shown himself yet. Suddenly, the sense of crisis he felt increased greatly. Yang Kai was here, and his current state was not good. If he encountered him, it was hard to say who would kill who!

He forced himself to calm down and did not immediately leave.

He had directly entered the Universe Furnace from that strange folded space. If the Territory Lords outside had a bit of brains, they would have been able to see through it.

Whether it was them making their own decisions or reporting to the Royal Lord, there was a high chance that the Territory Lords would follow him in a while. He had to wait here for the Territory Lords. Only by meeting up with them would he feel safe.

Unfortunately, to his disappointment, no matter how he waited, he couldn’t find any trace of the Territory Lords…

Outside the projection of the Universes Furnace, when the projection completely solidified and the entrance was revealed, Mo Na Ye’s aura also disappeared.

On the outside, the Territory Lords who had been setting up the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array all this time were somewhat at a loss. They had set up this Great Array here to prevent Yang Kai from escaping, but now that Yang Kai had disappeared and Sir Mo Na Ye had disappeared, what were they supposed to do?

Moreover, after the projection of the Universe Furnace condensed, the mysterious energy inside the furnace’s mouth seemed to transform into an entrance to another world.

After a brief discussion, the Territory Lords hurriedly sent out a message to ask Royal Lord Mo Yu.

At the same time, Mo Yu also received all kinds of information from the Spatial Territory. According to the information they received, after the projection of the Universe Furnace condensed, there was no sign of the Universe Furnace’s main body. Instead, a strange entrance appeared at the mouth of the furnace, presumably the entrance to the Universe Furnace. The Black Ink Clan army in the Spatial Territory had entered in an orderly manner.

Only then did Mo Yu realize that the Black Ink Clan’s understanding of the Universe Furnace had always been wrong. The dozen or so projections had all turned into entrances.

He immediately ordered these Territory Lords to enter the Universe Furnace and cooperate with Mo Na Ye.

After receiving the order, the Territory Lords who were guarding outside the projection didn’t dare to delay, quickly putting away their respective array foundations and rushing into the furnace.

However, after they entered the Universe Furnace, they suddenly realized that all the Territory Lords had been separated. The dozen or so Territory Lords had entered through the same entrance, but now they were all alone…

This was also the reason why Mo Na Ye had been waiting here for so long and hadn’t received any reinforcements from the Territory Lords.

With no other choice, Mo Na Ye could only leave this place and find a safe place to recuperate.

Great Battle erupted in the various battlefields at the same time.

The Black Ink Clan’s understanding of the Universe Furnace had always been limited, so they had only been able to respond differently to the various reactions of the Human Race.

The Human Race had gathered an army outside the Universe Furnace’s projection, and they had also gathered an army. When the Human Race conscripted powerhouses, they also conscripted powerhouses. In any case, they would act according to the situation.

This was the Black Ink Clan’s brilliant plan, and it had been arranged by Mo Na Ye.

Since he didn’t understand, he could only act according to the enemy’s actions.

In the void of the various battlefields, the armies of the two races surrounded the entrance of the Universes Furnace and began attacking it. In the blink of an eye, countless lives were lost.

Mi Jinglun was in charge of the Head Office, so he quickly gathered a number of information.

Soon, he frowned!

Because of some unexpected changes in the Great Domain Battlefield, the Human Race’s army had broken through three of the Great Domain Battlefields like a hot knife cutting through butter, destroying the Black Ink Clan’s army’s defensive line in an extremely short period of time and killing countless enemies. The Human Race’s masters had reached a point where no one could stop them.

The main reason for such a one-sided situation was that the Black Ink Clan had not arranged for any powerful masters to guard these three Great Domain Battlefields. Almost none of the Territory Lords had appeared, and even the number of Feudal Lords were few.

In these three Great Domain Battlefields, although the Black Ink Clan’s army was large in number, it was only a front to attract the attention of the Human Race. Most of them were cannon fodder that couldn’t be put on the table!

Mi Jinglun immediately understood something.

A long time ago, the Black Ink Clan had made the decision to abandon these three Great Domain Battlefields, only secretly deploying troops to give the Human Race the illusion that there were still powerful masters present.


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