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The Sun and Moon Marks was formed from a wisp of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's source strength, and the power it derived from these two marks naturally contained Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's aura.

This was the power extracted from the World's First Light. Perhaps this was why the Open Heaven Pill was unable to completely devour it.

Regardless, this attempt was a success.

Yang Kai did the same in high spirits and soon dyed the remaining eight rays of light with the aura of the Sun and Moon Marks. After he finished doing all of this, Yang Kai suddenly came to a realization.

Doing this… seemed useless!

His original intention was to leave behind some of the power he could control in these nine Open Heaven Pills so that when the Universe Furnace truly appeared, it would be easier to seize it, but the power of the Sun and Moon Marks did not belong to him. This was something Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had bestowed upon him. He could use these two marks to activate the Light of Purification, but he could not use them to control the nine Open Heaven Pills.

Realizing this, Yang Kai’s joy instantly disappeared.

Anyone who had tried for so long would have thought that their efforts had paid off, but in the end, all their efforts had been in vain.

After being dragged into this place by the Universe Furnace, besides personally witnessing the mysteries inside and witnessing the birth of these Open Heaven Pills, there were no practical benefits.

On the contrary, Mo Na Ye managed to escape!

Yang Kai’s mood was quite bad.

However, there was nothing he could do. At this moment, he was bound by this mysterious force, so there wasn’t much he could do.

As time passed, Yang Kai collected his thoughts and continued to observe the Open Heaven Pills absorbing the surrounding Dao Marks and transforming them. As time passed, the nine rays of light became brighter, as if they had transformed into nine suns that floated around Yang Kai.

Compared to these nine suns, the countless specks of light were like fireflies competing with the bright moon, the two were completely incomparable.

However, Yang Kai faintly felt that the Open Heaven Pill represented by these specks of light must also be very useful. After all, it was born from the Universe Furnace, so it couldn’t be anything ordinary.

The Open Heaven Pill he had obtained from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven should have originated from this, but because it was too old, it had not been preserved properly and its medicinal efficacy had been lost.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Kai, who was quietly observing the process of the Open Heaven Pill’s formation, suddenly felt a powerful force press down from all directions.

Yang Kai’s expression changed. At this moment, he couldn’t move at all, so he could only passively resist the attacks from the outside.

However, this mysterious force was extremely powerful, and in the face of this force, even a peak Eighth Order like Yang Kai could feel how small he was.

The sound of bones being dislocated rang out from his body, and his five viscera and six bowels felt like they were about to burst…

Yang Kai had no idea what was happening. Since he had entered this Universe Furnace, although he had been bound, he had not experienced anything else. At this moment, he finally felt the threat of death.

In this moment of life and death, Yang Kai only had one thought in his mind. This Universe Furnace… was it really going to refine him?

Fortunately, the massive force came and went quickly, and after just a moment, it suddenly expanded.

Yang Kai could clearly feel that the space he was in, and even the place where the countless fluorescent lights were, was being stretched out endlessly. At the same time, the specks of light around him also transformed into an overwhelming light that quickly spread out.

Almost instinctively, a thought appeared in Yang Kai’s mind.

The Universe Furnace is open!

The abnormality just now was a sign that the Universe Furnace had appeared!

Moreover, if he were to calculate the time, it would be the corresponding time.

Yang Kai also discovered that the power that had been restricting him had disappeared without a trace.

Yang Kai madly used his Space Dao to restrain his surroundings and stretched out his hand to grab the dazzling light, but the speed at which it disappeared was so fast that it was almost impossible to guard against. Yang Kai’s desperate attempt to grab it had failed.

The constraints of space only managed to capture a faint glow…

The weak lights that had been bound by the Space Dao trembled violently, seemingly trying to break free from Yang Kai’s control. How could Yang Kai allow them to succeed? He simply put them away into his Small Universe and didn’t have time to examine them before chasing after the dazzling light he had just identified.

Under the manipulation of his Space Dao, Yang Kai’s figure flickered, instantly traversing millions of kilometers…

A moment later, Yang Kai stopped helplessly.

It was unknown how far the dazzling light had run, but it was actually much faster than when he had used his Space Ability. Thinking back to the scene just now, Yang Kai immediately realized that it wasn’t because the dazzling light had run fast enough, but rather because the space around it was stretching infinitely.

A great opportunity had been placed in front of him, yet he had not been able to seize it! Yang Kai’s frustration was indescribable. A total of nine Open Heaven Pills that could help one break through their shackles and promote to Ninth Order had been placed in front of him, yet he had not been able to obtain a single one!

Yang Kai was unable to calm his emotions, and coupled with the fact that he had just suffered an injury caused by the immense pressure, he couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of golden blood, causing his aura to weaken greatly.

Standing in place for a moment to recover, Yang Kai frowned and looked around.

What was going on?

Since the Universe Furnace had already appeared, why was he still inside it? Shouldn’t the scene of him flying out of the Universe Furnace with those Open Heaven Pills appear?

Moreover… the space inside this Universe Furnace was simply too vast.

At this moment, Yang Kai was beginning to feel that his previous thoughts had gone awry. The Open Heaven Pills inside this Universe Furnace had obviously formed a world of their own, and the Open Heaven Pills it had produced had no signs of flying out. Perhaps the so-called seizing of opportunities wasn’t taking them outside the Universe Furnace, but inside?

If that was the case, he would be able to verify it later. As long as he could encounter other living beings here, it meant that he really had to seize this opportunity inside the Universe Furnace.

Calming himself, Yang Kai took a step forward and chased after the dazzling light. Although it had escaped, Yang Kai had to continue chasing.

At this moment, he finally discovered that what he had done before was not completely useless. Although the Sun and Moon Marks he had left behind in the nine Open Heaven Pills couldn’t help him seize the treasure, he could still use them to sense the general direction, provided they weren’t too far away.

Yang Kai’s heart immediately calmed down. Being dragged into the Universe Furnace in advance had some benefits.

Along the way, he took some time to examine the faint light he had just absorbed.

There weren’t many of them, only a dozen or so. At this moment, these weak rays of light were flying around his Small Universe, like shooting stars streaking across the sky, drawing the attention of many cultivators in the Void World. There were even some disciples with higher cultivations who tried to intercept them, but to no avail.

The speed of these faint lights was also very fast. Yang Kai was able to use his Space Principle to capture them, so how could the Emperor Realm masters in the Void Dojo have such ability?

They had thought that this was some kind of incredible opportunity, but how could they have known that this was a treasure that their Dao Master had drawn in? It was just that he didn’t have the time to care about it.

Soon, the scattered light was collected by Yang Kai and suppressed. As the light faded, a number of smooth and flawless pills appeared before his eyes.

Upon closer inspection, these Open Heaven Pills were similar to the ones Yang Kai had obtained in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but their medicinal efficacy was obviously higher.

What was the use of these pills? Yang Kai frowned in confusion. He couldn’t possibly say that these Open Heaven Pills could help Eighth Order cultivators break through to the Ninth Order, right? If he collected more than ten of them at once, it would mean that there were more than ten Ninth Order Open Heaven Pills in this world.

The method to refine the Open Heaven Pill that the Human Race currently possessed was to use the Open Heaven Pill produced by an ancient master to analyze its medicinal efficacy, analyze its medicinal properties, and then choose a suitable spirit flower or spirit grass to refine it. However, the Open Heaven Pill refined by human race and the Open Heaven Pill produced by the Universe Cauldron were basically two different things.

Man-made Open Heaven Pills only had one advantage, and that was that they were easy to refine. As long as there were enough materials and enough Alchemists, there was no limit to their output. Almost every Sect had its own method of refining it, so it was convenient for cultivators to take them and slowly increase their cultivation.

When Yang Kai first entered the 3000 Worlds, he had refined Open Heaven Pills to accumulate his own cultivation resources. Thinking back to the past, it seemed like a long time ago.

Calming himself down, Yang Kai set up a barrier around these dozen Open Heaven Pills and carefully put them away. No matter what, these were all products from the Universe Furnace, so they were definitely not ordinary. Whether they were useful or not, he would ask Senior Brother Mi and the others later.

Continuing his pursuit of the dazzling light, Yang Kai would occasionally activate the Sun and Moon Marks to see if he could sense anything.

The moment the interior of the Universe Furnace shook, after more than two years of solidification, the dozen or so projections finally transformed into the original form of the Universe Furnace. It was a pill furnace that was emitting an ancient and profound aura, massive and magnificent…

Every Universe Furnace projections wasn’t its main body, and as the furnace’s mouth opened, a dense light flowed out from it, occasionally releasing a profound Dao Concept. If someone could cultivate near the furnace’s opening, they would surely gain a great deal.

However, now that the Universe Furnace had appeared, who would still have the mood to cultivate in seclusion nearby? Entering it was naturally the most important thing.

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, the battle which had been peaceful for many years had once again begun. The Black Ink Clan inside the Great Restriction seemed to know that this Universe Furnace was a great opportunity for the Human Race. In order to prevent anyone from the Withdrawing Black Ink Army from entering, they had spared no expense in launching another attack just to restrain the Withdrawing Black Ink Army masters.

The ten thousand zhang long dragon shadow shuttled back and forth in the battle formation, killing one Black Ink Clan master after another, but it was quickly entangled by the two Royal Lords who had paid a huge price to come out.

The Royal Lords who had snuck out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would also suffer heavy injuries. Fu Guang had killed several such Royal Lords before, so in a one-on-one fight, with his strength, the Royal Lords would only be sending themselves to their deaths, but if it was one against two, it wouldn’t be so easy to kill them.


[MSN: Wouldn't the entrance open in Chaotic Dead Territory Too? So many Stone Race army die there, and their strength is no joke either.]

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