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Yang Kai didn’t know how the Open Heaven Pill, which could help a cultivator break through their shackles, was formed, but the Open Heaven Pill inside the Universe Furnace definitely had its own mysteries. If he was pulled into it like this, he was afraid he wouldn’t have a good end.

Therefore, after realizing his awkward situation, Yang Kai immediately pushed his strength to break free from the connection between himself and the Universe Furnace.

However, it was to no avail. The invisible rope bound him tightly, and the force from the other end of the rope was something even a peak Eighth Order master like him felt powerless to resist.

The Space Dao fluctuated wildly as the void distorted. Amidst Yang Kai’s stunned and innocent expression, a vortex suddenly appeared where he stood. Immediately after, Yang Kai’s figure was quickly swallowed by the vortex and disappeared!

At the last moment, a single thought flashed across Yang Kai’s mind…

He hadn’t killed Mo Na Ye yet!

For a time, his heart was filled with sorrow. He had worked so hard to persevere, and if there were no unforeseen circumstances, Mo Na Ye definitely wouldn’t have been able to survive. But now, because of the Universe Furnace, his future was uncertain and Mo Na Ye had escaped death.

This made him quite unwilling. Even if he had to kill Mo Na Ye before being dragged into the Universe Furnace, he could still accept it.

Forget it, forget it. Although he hadn’t been able to kill Mo Na Ye, he had still managed to kill so many Innate Territory Lords, so he had done his best.

After consoling himself like this, he felt somewhat better.

Inside the projection space, the changes happened extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai suddenly disappeared and the battered Mo Na Ye was still evading the attacks of the layers of folded spaces. Suddenly, the chaotic and turbulent space stabilized and the omnipresent killing intent disappeared.

Mo Na Ye was stunned for a moment before turning to look in Yang Kai’s direction, only to discover that he had disappeared.

However, he didn’t dare to lower his guard and remained vigilant.

After a long time, there was nothing unusual, so he couldn’t help asking, “Royal Lord, where is Yang Kai?”

Mo Yu frowned and briefly explained what had just happened. In fact, he didn’t understand how Yang Kai had disappeared. He only saw a strange vortex appear where Yang Kai was and then Yang Kai was swallowed by it before disappearing.

Mo Na Ye was stunned.

Yang Kai had been swallowed by a vortex?

Was this an illusion? If so, it meant that he was still hiding somewhere, but no one from the Black Ink Clan had been able to find him.

But what was the point of doing so? The outside of this projection space had already been sealed by the Great Array. As long as the Great Array was still there, Yang Kai could forget about leaving. Once the image of the Universe Furnace condensed, he would naturally expose himself.

On top of that, he had clearly wanted to kill him just now and was about to succeed, so there was no reason for him to complicate things now.

In this strange projection space, Mo Na Ye naturally couldn’t block Yang Kai’s attack. As long as he continued to resist, he would definitely die.

In other words, something really did happen, causing Yang Kai to be swallowed by that strange vortex instead of giving up on his previous actions.

Mo Na Ye racked his brains but couldn’t figure out why.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, their understanding of the Universe Furnace was simply too limited. Mo Na Ye couldn’t even determine if Yang Kai was still hiding in this projection space.

Pondering for a moment, Mo Na Ye said, “Royal Lord, the Universe Furnace is about to appear and the war between the two races is about to break out. You need to return to the No-Return Pass and oversee the situation!”

Mo Yu nodded slightly, “Your side…”

Mo Na Ye smiled lightly, “Sir Royal Lord need not worry, if Yang Kai wanted to kill me, he wouldn’t have stopped just now. Since he didn’t continue, he must have other plans, so this subordinate will just wait and see. However, just to be safe, we should still keep the Great Array so that if he really manages to escape, this subordinate will have more capital to speak with him.”

Mo Yu had no objections and ordered the Territory Lords who were in charge of the Great Array to stay where they were and obey Mo Na Ye’s orders. After taking a deep look at the projection space, he turned into a black streak of light and flew off towards the No-Return Pass.

The No-Return Pass was now the rear of the Black Ink Clan, and all of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been placed there. This time, in order to deal with Yang Kai, Mo Yu, the true Royal Lord, had personally taken action, but it was not appropriate for him to leave for too long, lest it be taken advantage of by the Human Race’s masters.

Watching his Royal Lord leave, Mo Na Ye sat down cross-legged and looked around before asking, “Brother Yang, the Royal Lord has already left, can you show yourself so we can have a good talk? Since things have reached this point, there’s no need to hide anymore, right?”

He had a feeling that Yang Kai was no longer here, but he couldn’t confirm it because he couldn’t figure out where Yang Kai would go if he wasn’t here.

What was that vortex that had swallowed him?

However, he had to consider all possible scenarios, assuming that Yang Kai was still hiding here and probing him.

Naturally, there was no response…

In the various projected spaces, Yang Kai’s phantom that filled the void only appeared for a few breaths before suddenly disappearing.

This abnormal situation was quickly reported to the Head Office, Mi Jinglun, Xiang Shan, and Blood Crow gathered together and studied for a long time, trying to figure out what was going on.

After eliminating one possibility after another, there was only one answer left for the three of them, Yang Kai had already made contact with the Universe Furnace's main body!

All of these projections originated from the Universe Furnace’s main body. The Universe Furnace’s main body was the source of everything, and for Yang Kai’s shadow to appear in all of these projections at the same time, it must be related to the Universe Furnace’s main body.

In the Azure Sun Territory, Thunder Shadow Great Emperor was able to see some clues about this matter, so Mi Jinglun and the others were naturally able to.

For a moment, everyone was shocked.

No one had ever known where this Universe Furnace’s main body was since ancient times, and no one had ever been able to see its true form. But now, not long after the Universe Furnace’s projection had appeared, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan were still waiting for it to condense into an entrance, but Yang Kai had already made contact with it?

What kind of exciting news was this? If this was really the case, then it would be the Human Race who take the lead.

The unyielding Blood Crow couldn’t help feeling admiration for Yang Kai. He had once fought alongside Yang Kai for many years as a member of Dawn Squad, so he was quite familiar with Yang Kai’s abilities. However, because of his pride and the old grievances between them, Blood Crow didn’t have much respect for Yang Kai. At most, it was just a subtle comparison. Everyone was Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so why couldn’t he do what Yang Kai did?

However, this time, Blood Crow was completely convinced. What kind of mysterious artifact was the Universe Furnace? For Yang Kai to be able to come into contact with it first, this was something he really couldn’t do.

Suddenly thinking of something, he asked, “Does Yang Kai want to use this opportunity to pass on some information to the Human Race? For example, tell them… where is the main body of the Universe Furnace?”

Mi Jinglun and Xiang Shan looked at each other, both of them feeling somewhat excited!

If that was really the case, then it would be too important. As long as they could find the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body, the Human Race would be able to enter it ahead of time and seize this opportunity. Once the entrance was formed, they could then ambush the Black Ink Clan masters in the Universe Furnace and catch them off guard.

However, after carefully comparing all the information he received, Mi Jinglun shook his head and said, “It shouldn’t be any kind of information. Yang Kai’s figure was only revealed for a short time, and from the information gathered here, it seems he was completely unprepared for this matter. It says here that when Yang Kai first appeared, his eyes were filled with shock… This undoubtedly means that Yang Kai was also completely unprepared for this.”

Xiang Shan suddenly said, “According to the information we received before, he should be in the Ink Battlefield right now killing the Territory Lords who escaped from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Could it be that the Universe Furnace’s main body is in the Ink Battlefield?”

Mi Jinglun stroked his beard and nodded, “It’s not impossible, but even in the Ink Battlefield, my Human Race is powerless. In a few years, the entrance will be formed, so it’s too late to mobilize people to the Ink Battlefield. Moreover, without Yang Kai’s protection, how to enter the Ink Battlefield is also a problem. We can’t just swagger past the No-Return Pass.”

Xiang Shan said, “In that case, we can only wait for the entrance to open!”

“There’s no other way!” Mi Jinglun sighed lightly, “Fortunately, the Black Ink Clan doesn’t know much about the Universe Furnace, so we’ve more or less gained some initiative.”

Putting everything else aside, the inside of the Universe Furnace had formed a small world, and after condensing the projection, it would transform into an entrance. The Black Ink Clan most likely didn’t know about this. Although they had Black Ink Disciple, the strength of these Black Ink Disciple’s wasn’t too high, so such confidential information was difficult to obtain.

The reason why the Black Ink Clan had mobilized their armies to confront the Human Race army outside the projection space was not because they wanted to compete with the Human Race for control of the entrance, but rather because they wanted to deal with the Human Race’s large-scale movements.

However, this kind of matter could not be concealed for too long. Once the projection solidified and the entrance opened, the Black Ink Clan would naturally know.

The advantage of the Human Race’s intelligence network was only enough to allow the Human Race to make some preparations in advance, allowing them to gain some benefits while fighting for opportunities in the Universe Furnace.

Over at the Head Office, although Mi Jinglun and the others’ guesses weren’t very accurate, at least two of them were correct.

Yang Kai had really come into contact with the body of the Universe Furnace.

What happened this time was purely an accident, so Yang Kai was completely unprepared.

However, what they didn’t know was that this accident had actually pulled Yang Kai into the Universe Furnace. If they had known, they would have been shocked.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s heart was filled with worry. When he was pulled into the Universe Furnace, besides feeling regretful that he hadn’t been able to kill Mo Na Ye, all he could do was worry about himself.

Inside the Universe Furnace was a Open Heaven Pill. No one knew where this Open Heaven Pill came from, but no matter what, the Universe Furnace was still a pill furnace, so if he was pulled inside, it wouldn’t end well.

Yang Kai was afraid that he would be refined by the Universe Furnace. If that was the case, he would not be able to rest in peace.


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Hiroki Sluope
Hiroki Sluope
Jul 01, 2023

YK stopped his Alchemy dao for almost the entirety of the war since he first arrived only to now be inside a furnace thinking he'll be refined into a pill 💀


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kiznaive 28
Jun 12, 2023

The author really meat riding this Mo Na Ye dude


May 05, 2023

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