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What confused Fu Guang the most was why Yang Kai’s image had appeared in the projection space of the Universe Furnace! What had this guy done to cause such a bizarre occurrence?

At the same time, the masters of the two races from the Great Domain Battlefield were also puzzled.

Yang Kai’s phantom didn’t just appear in the projection space outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriciton, but in all the locations where the projection space was located, Yang Kai’s phantom also appeared at the same time. It could be said that this was an unprecedented phenomenon!

In the Twin Poles Territory, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan armies were lined up outside the projection space, confronting each other.

During this time, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had been shrinking their forces and there had been no conflicts. With the appearance of the Universe Furnace, the situation was unclear. Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, they had all become extremely cautious, lest they give the other party an opportunity to strike.

The current confrontation was also to seize control of the entrance in the future.

The Universe Furnace was a great opportunity, and if the Human Race wanted to snatch it, the Black Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t allow the Human Race to do so. The current calm was only a sign of a storm approaching.

Although there was a lot of projection space in the Universe Furnace, it was foreseeable that once these projections formed an entrance to the Universe Furnace, it would inevitably lead to a great war between the two races. At that time, whoever could control more entrances would be able to send more masters into the Universe Furnace.

At this moment, when Yang Kai’s phantom appeared in the projection space, two Eighth Order Human Race masters stood side by side, vigilant of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords.

Just like them, there were many Eighth Order masters, and the Black Ink Clan also had many Territory Lords.

One of them suddenly exclaimed, “Junior Brother Fang, it’s Dao Master, it’s the Dao Master!”

The one who called Yang Kai Dao Master was naturally a disciple from the Void Dojo, and the one who spoke was Fang Tianci’s good friend from the Void Dojo, Liu Jingshan.

Ever since he left the Void Dojo and ascended to the Sixth Order Open Heaven outside the Star Boundary, after thousands of years of cultivation, Liu Jingshan had also reached the Eighth Order.

Even so, it was difficult to conceal his admiration for the Dao Master.

Practically all the cultivators who came from the Void Dojo had a kind of blind admiration for Yang Kai, their Dao Master. This didn’t change with the increase in their cultivation.

Standing next to Liu Jingshan was naturally Fang Tianci. Hearing this, he nodded, “Just a phantom!”

When the Withdrawing Black Ink Army was established, Yang Xiao’s team was recruited, but Fang Tianci, who was originally a team member, took the initiative to stay. Mi Jinglun, who was in charge of this matter, naturally wouldn’t make things difficult for him.

Over the past few years, Fang Tianci had been working together with Liu Jingshan to kill enemies in the Twin Poles Territory. Because of the many Divine Abilities he cultivated, and even his habits when facing enemies, he was often compared to Yang Kai. Gradually, he became known as Little Yang Kai, and his reputation wasn’t weak. The Black Ink Clan had targeted him several times, fearing that once he reached Yang Kai’s level, he would turn into the same threat.

After all, Fang Tianci’s attainments in the Dao of Space weren’t low, so even if the Black Ink Clan targeted him, it would be difficult for them to deal with him.

Frowning at the figure, Fang Tianci was puzzled…

How could this phantom appear in the projection space of the Universe Furnace?

However, after thinking about it carefully, this person’s actions had always been quite bold and unconstrained, often capable of doing something unexpected. His phantom appearing here seemed… quite normal?

Smiling lightly, he didn’t think too much about it.

Similar to Fang Tianci, the Monster Race’s Great Emperor, Thunder Shadow, also had the same idea.

When this Monster Race master was promoted to Monster Emperor in the Myriad Monster World, he was only a Fifth Order Monster Emperor, corresponding to the Human Race's Fifth Order Open Heaven. Even the Human Race masters stationed in the Myriad Monster World didn’t dare to look down on him.

Because the Thunder Shadow was not only a Monster Emperor, but also a Monster Race Great Emperor recognized by the Heavenly Dao of the Myriad Monster World!

Over the years, the Thunder Shadow Monster Emperor had spent most of his time cultivating in the Myriad Monster World. With the support of the World Tree and the strength of the entire Myriad Monster World, the Monster Emperor’s cultivation had soared. In just two thousand years, he had broken through to the Sixth or Seventh Order. Three hundred years ago, he had come out of seclusion and was already an Eighth Order Monster Emperor. He had brazenly slaughtered his way into the Azure Sun Territory and relied on the savagery and strength of the Monster Race to create a bloody storm in the Azure Sun Territory. Just the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who had died under his claws numbered no less than five, and achieved a great reputation!

Many of the Monster Race from the Myriad Monster World had been taken as mounts by the Human Race masters. With the protection of the Human Race masters, the Monster Race’s side could often improve their cultivation faster and cooperate with the Human Race in killing enemies.

However, none of the Human Race masters had any thoughts of subjugating this Thunder Shadow Great Emperor. After all, this Thunder Shadow Great Emperor was recognized by the Heavenly Dao of the Myriad Monster World, a Great Emperor who cultivated the ancient techniques. In terms of future prospects, he was far superior to ninety-nine percent of the Human Race, so who was qualified to subdue him?

They heard that it had an extremely close relationship with a small human force called Qinghong Pavilion because when it was young and weak, there were many disciples from Qinghong Pavilion taking care of it…

At this moment, in the Azure Sun Territory, a Leopard with lightning flashing all over its body was quietly staring at the projection in front of it. It didn’t take human form, not because it didn’t want to, but because it couldn’t. Monster Beasts who cultivated the Ancient Techniques focused on tempering their own Monster Core, and the stronger their Monster Core were, the stronger their Monster Race’s strength would become. This was especially true for top Monster Race masters like the Thunder Shadow Great Emperor.

Beside him was a man and a woman, Qin Xue and her husband. Both of them were Seventh Order Open Heaven masters. This kind of cultivation was nothing in the Azure Sun Territory, but with the protection of Thunder Shadow Great Emperor, the couple’s safety was guaranteed. Over the years, they had worked together with Thunder Shadow to kill many powerful enemies.

“Is it that Star Boundary's Master?” Qin Xue stared at the phantom image and suddenly recognized it.

Beside her, Hou Qinghai nodded slightly, “Yes, it’s him. I’ve been to the Star Boundary's High Heaven Palace once and saw his statue in the square.”

Thinking back to the scene of thousands of High Heaven Palace disciples worshiping their Palace Master, Hou Qinghai couldn’t help feeling a sense of longing. Every time he thought about it, it always give birth to the idea of a realm man, but his aptitude was limited. In this life, Seventh Order Open Heaven was the limit, making it difficult for him to advance any further.

“He really is an outstanding talent,” Qin Xue sighed, “It’s all thanks to him that the Human Race was able to persist until now, but why would his figure appear here?”

Hou Qinghai shook his head, indicating that he didn't know why.

However, Thunder Shadow muttered, “It’s probably the same as the projection of the Universe Furnace!”

Qin Xue tilted her head, a puzzled look on her face, but she didn’t think too much about it, only asking worriedly, “Thunder Shadow, are you really going in?”

Thunder Shadow remained silent.

Hou Qinghai also tried to persuade him, “Thunder Shadow, you’re a Monster Race cultivator and a Great Emperor recognized by the Heavenly Dao of the Myriad Monster World. You cultivate the Ancient Technique, so even if you don’t enter this Universe Furnace, you’ll have a chance of becoming a Supreme Master in the future, so why put yourself in danger? I don’t know what’s happening inside the Universe Furnace, but there will definitely be a bloody battle!”

Qin Xue couldn’t help nodding as she looked at the Thunder Shadow expectantly, hoping it would change its mind.

The couple couldn’t understand why the Thunder Shadow, who came from the Monster Race and cultivated the Ancient Technique, would want to enter the Universe Furnace to participate in this mess. There was simply no need for it to enter.

Thunder Shadow only said, “I have a reason to go, there’s no need to persuade me. The entrance to the Universe Furnace is about to open, without me by your side, the two of you must be careful. Don’t try to act tough, Qinghai, take good care of your wife!”

Hou Qinghai sighed heavily, “Rest assured.”

Outside the projection of the Universe Furnace, the masters of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan were communicating with one another through voice transmissions, each of them having their own plans, but without exception, none of them had any idea what the meaning of this image's sudden appearance.

At the same time, in the projection space of the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai’s eyes flickered, as if he had crossed the endless void and broken through the barrier between realms.

He saw the stunned looks on the faces of the disciples and his wives one the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, as well as Fang Tianci from the Twin Poles territory. The moment their eyes met, he nodded slightly and said nothing.

He also saw the Azure Sun Territory, Thunder Shadow Great Emperor, Qin Xue and her husband, as well as the tense atmosphere of the two armies outside the projection…

The barrier of space was meaningless at this moment. By relying on the mysterious connection between his body and the Universe Furnace’s main body, Yang Kai was able to perceive the location of its projection.

Suddenly understanding something, Yang Kai couldn’t help cursing!

He roughly understood why such a change had occurred.

This was the self-protection of the Universe Furnace.

This World Treasure had been hidden from the outside world since ancient times, and no one knew where it was hidden. In fact, no one had even seen its true form.

Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Great Dao, was able to use the mysteries of the Beating Ox Secret Technique to trace its core and investigate the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body.

However, the Universe Furnace didn’t allow him to discover where it was, so after he formed a close connection with the Universe Furnace, the connection became an invisible rope, and from the other end of the rope came a powerful pulling force.

Universe Furnace wanted to drag Yang Kai inside so that he wouldn’t continue investigating!

Since ancient times, every time the Universe Furnace appeared, everyone had to wait for the entrance to appear before they could enter, but this time, Yang Kai had the qualifications to enter in advance, and this was not something he could refuse.

It was also because Yang Kai and the Universe Furnace’s main body had a close connection that his phantom image appeared in various spaces.

These strange spaces were originally projected by the body of the Universe Furnace, and Yang Kai was closely connected to it, so his figure was also projected everywhere.

A series of coincidences had led to all of this.

Yang Kai’s original intention was to trace the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body and kill the Black Ink Clan’s masters, but now, all of this had happened.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat terrified. If he were to enter, would he be refined by the Universe Furnace? If that was the case, it would be a tragedy. With his current cultivation, would he become a part of the legendary Open Heaven Pill?


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