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Inside the Universe Furnace’s projection space, Mo Na Ye had been forced into a desperate situation. Every time the folded space was thrown into chaos, it was as if an invisible millstone was grinding down on it, causing Mo Na Ye’s injuries to worsen.

He grit his teeth and persevered without making a sound.

Outside, Royal Lord Mo Yu's eyes were still closed, but the aura emanating from his body clearly showed his inner turmoil.

He had already done what he should and shouldn’t have done. If Mo Na Ye was destined to fall here, there was nothing he could do about it, but such a capable subordinate was difficult to find, making him feel somewhat regretful.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Kai suddenly took a step forward and his figure flashed through the layers of folded space, appearing behind Mo Na Ye without any warning and stabbing towards him.

Although Mo Na Ye had been struggling to survive, how could he not have taken precautions against Yang Kai? As such, when he saw Yang Kai take action, he immediately became cautious.

The moment the Azure Dragon Spear was thrust out, he suddenly turned around, madly summoning his Ink Force, and punched out.

Using his full strength, he managed to block the ghostly attack from behind him. As the two forces collided, the void suddenly collapsed and Yang Kai gently retreated. Mo Na Ye’s hand hung low as blood ink dripped from his fist…

Although he managed to block Yang Kai’s attack, he still suffered some minor injuries.

“Heh…” Yang Kai chuckled as he continued to manipulate the body of the Universe Furnace which was hidden somewhere, shaking the projection space and causing it to tremble even more violently.

As he attacked again, Mo Na Ye’s injuries continued to accumulate. Although this Black Ink Clan’s Pseudo-Royal Lord also wanted to find Yang Kai’s position, in this treacherous environment, he was powerless to do anything. Facing Yang Kai’s repeated attacks, he could only passively defend.

This was exactly what being cut by blunt knife meant.

Inside this projection space, Mo Na Ye's strength was stronger than Yang Kai’s, but it was difficult for him to display his full strength, so he could only allow Yang Kai to slowly wear down his vitality. When he reached his limit, Yang Kai would definitely launch a killing blow and send him on his way.

Mo Na Ye was well aware of this, but he was powerless to change anything. He could only struggle for his life, feeling extremely humiliated and helpless.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai, who was constantly executing his Space Dao, suddenly frowned. The turbulence in his Space Dao also slowed down a little, and that feeling appeared once again. If this continued, it was highly likely that something unexpected would happen…

As this feeling appeared, Yang Kai clearly felt that the connection between him and the Universe Furnace’s main body had become stronger.

The reason he was able to cause this projection space to fluctuate non-stop was because of the profound mysteries of the Beating Ox Secret Technique.

The more intense the spatial fluctuations here were, the more accurate he was able to pinpoint the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body. On the other hand, the closer he was to the Universe Furnace’s main body, the easier it was for him to locate it.

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of uncontrollable thing would happen, but it shouldn’t be a bad thing to have a close connection with the core of the Universe Furnace. Perhaps he could use this opportunity to determine where it was hidden.

Moreover, Mo Na Ye’s injuries were extremely heavy at this moment, so he only needed to increase his strength a bit more and he would have a chance to finish him off!

Therefore, although he felt that something was wrong, Yang Kai still didn’t stop what he was doing. After a moment of hesitation, he pushed his Space Dao even harder.

Sure enough, the connection between him and the Universe Furnace became even stronger, causing the space around him to tremble even more violently.

Mo Na Ye’s expression changed slightly as he clearly felt the changes in this place, but he was powerless to change anything. Facing the chaotic grinding of the layers of folded spaces, he could only try his best to avoid them…

Suddenly, the folded space became like boiling water as layers of space were completely interlaced. Looking from the outside, the space inside this projection space had become extremely distorted and abnormal, as if pieces of broken mirror fragments had been placed inside.

Inside, Mo Na Ye’s figure was imprinted into the eyes of the Black Ink Clan powerhouse outside, no longer a single entity. His head may be in one place, but his body was in another, while his arm was in the third place…

The Territory Lord didn’t know if this was because of the space disorder or because it's true. If it was just a spatial distortion, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but if it was the truth, then Mo Na Ye was dead.

It wasn’t just Mo Na Ye, the Black Ink Clan’s masters also saw Yang Kai’s situation is the same!

Yang Kai’s body was also divided into more than a dozen pieces, scattered across the various folded spaces.

This scene was simply too bizarre. Even the Territory Lords couldn’t help crying out in alarm.

Inside the space, Mo Na Ye felt as if he had been struck by lightning and spat out a mouthful of black ink blood. His body was covered in countless wounds and he felt like he was about to explode.

Although what the other Territory Lords saw was just a visual illusion, in this space, there really was such a distorted power of space that was applied to Mo Na Ye’s body. If Mo Na Ye didn’t resist, his body would really be cut into countless pieces and scattered into layers of folded spaces, becoming what the Territory Lords saw.

'My life is over!'

Mo Na Ye's heart pounded wildly. Between life and death, there was a great terror. He regretted the righteous words he had just spoken. At that time, he had thought that Yang Kai wouldn’t act so ruthlessly, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to survive. But now it seemed that Yang Kai was determined to kill him.

Thinking back to his life, although he had not experienced any great ups and downs, he had not lived an ordinary life, especially during the years he had fought against Yang Kai, it had been quite exciting…

Just as Mo Na Ye was about to die, while his heart was filled with emotions, Yang Kai’s face was filled with confusion…

As expected, something uncontrollable happened.

Borrowing the profoundness of the Beating Ox Secret Technique, Yang Kai intended to trace the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body while simultaneously shaking up this folded space, constantly inflicting injuries on Mo Na Ye while waiting for an opportunity to kill him.

Everything went smoothly, and soon, Mo Na Ye was unable to fight back. Just now, Yang Kai clearly felt that there was a mysterious connection between him and the body of the Universe Furnace, as if there was an invisible shackle binding him to it.

Yang Kai was overjoyed. With this connection, he would be able to trace the location of the Universe Furnace!

Currently, there were more than a dozen Universe Furnace projections, but no one knew where it would appear in the end. If he could determine the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body in advance, perhaps he would be able to discover something…

As for how to report this discovery to the Human Race, Yang Kai didn’t have time to think about it. In fact, he didn’t even care if he could escape this place alive.

When this connection appeared, Yang Kai didn’t even have time to trace the location of the Universe Furnace before something unexpected happened.

This layer of connection was like an invisible rope that bound him, and immediately, a powerful and irresistible force came from the other end of the rope. In that instant, Yang Kai felt the universe’s movements become chaotic as the void around him changed.

At this moment, many of the Black Ink Clan masters outside saw Mo Na Ye and Yang Kai’s bodies scattered across the void, as if they had been cut into pieces…

At this moment, not only did the projection space of the Ink Battlefield distort and boil, the dozen or so other projections also began to distort and boil…

At this moment, countless pairs of eyes were focused on the projection space in different locations.

Because of the constant fluctuations and distortions in this projection space, it had already attracted the attention of the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s masters. No one knew what was happening in this projection space, and even Blood Crow, who had once entered the Universe Furnace, couldn’t say anything about it. The Human Race’s Head Office Division was doing their best to gather information from various places, but they didn’t gain much from it, so they could only continue to pay attention to it.

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, on the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, a group of Eighth Order Human Race masters stared at the projection space in confusion. Yang Xiao then asked Fu Guang, “Senior, this Universe Furnace projection seems to be quite dangerous, do we really need to enter it from here?”

The space inside the projection space was distorted and chaotic. If they rushed in like this, not many would survive.

Fu Guang frowned in confusion, “I’ve never heard of such a thing happening before the Universe Furnace appeared…”

Although the Dragon Clan didn’t know much about the situation inside the Universe Furnace, they still had some basic information. In the past, when the Universe Furnace’s projection appeared, it should have been stable, constantly condensing, and then transforming into the entrance to the Universe Furnace. This had never happened before.

Yang Xiao then turned to look at Zhao Yebai, “Junior Brother, with your attainments in the Dao of Space, if you enter now, how confident are you in protecting yourself?”

Zhao Yebai pondered for a moment before saying, “About sixty percent!”

“Even you only have sixty percent?” Yang Xiao was shocked. He knew how deep Zhao Yebai’s attainments in the Dao of Space were. If Zhao Yebai only had sixty percent, the others who entered would likely die.

Zhao Yebai was somewhat ashamed and said, “My aptitude is poor and I didn't do my Honored Master's teachings justice. If Honored Master were here…” Saying so, his eyes suddenly widened as he stared at the empty space in front of him and cried out, “Honored Master?”

He couldn’t believe his eyes as a massive figure suddenly appeared in the projection space, filling the entire projection space. This figure was none other than his Honored Master!

On the Withdrawing Black Ink Pavilion, a group of Human Race masters were all shocked. Shocked cries rang out one after another, allowing Zhao Yebai to confirm that what he saw was not an illusion. His Honored Master had really appeared in the projection space!

In the Withdrawing Black Ink Army, many of Yang Kai’s friends and family were also unable to control themselves.

Fu Guang shouted, “It’s not a physical body, not a real one!”

He could tell at a glance that the figure of Yang Kai who had suddenly appeared in the projection space was not the real Yang Kai, but a kind of phantom. It was also because of this that the projection space was so large.


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