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Yang Kai’s Space Dao fluctuated as he coldly snorted, “What I want, you probably can’t satisfy.”

Hearing this, Mo Na Ye’s heart relaxed, afraid that Yang Kai wouldn’t give in and ignore him. Since Yang Kai has paid attention to him, he must have something to ask of him. Today’s situation might not be impossible to survive!

Immediately, he called out loudly, “Sir Royal Lord is here, if I, Mo Na Ye, can’t satisfy you, the Royal Lord can't? It’s just… Brother Yang shouldn’t make any unrealistic requests.”

He was afraid that Yang Kai would say something about wanting the Royal Lord to die here, if he did, there would be no room for negotiation.

No matter how much the Royal Lord valued him, it was impossible for him to be more important than himself, so he would definitely not commit suicide for him.

As soon as Mo Na Ye finished speaking, Mo Yu hesitated for a moment before replying, “We can talk!”

He could also tell that Mo Na Ye’s situation was not good, Mo Yu regarded this capable subordinate of his very highly. All these years, the Black Ink Clan had been in order under Mo Na Ye’s management. Besides this operation to encircle Yang Kai, the Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss, but the plan this time was actually not a problem. It was just that the appearance of the Universe Furnace’s projection was too coincidental, giving Yang Kai a chance to breathe.

Mo Na Ye was a capable subordinate, so if he could save him, Mo Yu wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s movements slowed down slightly, allowing the Territory Lords who were still struggling to escape to breathe a sigh of relief.

After a short while, he said in a low voice, “Remove the great array outside, I want to leave this place safely!”

Mo Na Ye turned his head to look at Mo Yu, and the latter hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Good, the Great Array can be removed, and I can also bring the Territory Lords away from this place. Stop!”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t trust you. Even if you leave this place, who can guarantee that you won’t secretly return? I’ve personally experienced the strength of the Royal Lord, if you attack me after I leave this place, how can I resist? At that time, all you need to do is delay for a moment and the Great Array will be formed again!”

Mo Yu said solemnly, “Since I promised you, I won’t go back on my word!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling disdainful. Mo Yu agreeing so readily was obviously part of his plan, but what he was certain of was that if Yang Kai really left the projection space, the other party would definitely launch a sneak attack. If he cut off Yang Kai’s escape route and continued to harass him, it would be troublesome.

Mo Yu impatiently asked, “What are you going to do? Since you want to leave this place but are unwilling to come out, how are you going to leave?”

Mo Na Ye also persuaded, “Brother Yang, the Royal Lord is quite sincere.”

Yang Kai said, “Since you’re so sincere, then do as I say, or else everyone will be split up.”

Suppressing his anger, Mo Yu coldly said, “Speak.”

Yang Kai already had a plan in mind, so he immediately said, “I want the Black Ink Clan to send a message to the front lines of the battlefield and send a message to the Human Race’s Head Office Division. There’s no need for the Black Ink Clan to worry about anything else.”

In today’s situation, if he wanted to safely leave this place, he would need a Human Race master to assist him, but right now he had no way of contacting the Human Race, so using the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest was a good idea.

This way, he could directly contact the Human Race and explain the situation.

There was no need for too many people to come, just one Ninth Order was enough!

Although this would expose the fact that the Human Race had a hidden Ninth Order, now that the Universe Furnace was about to appear, Ninth Order Open Heaven had to stand on the stage.

What’s more, the Black Ink Clan should have already guessed whether the Human Race had a hidden Ninth Order, but they just didn’t have concrete evidence.

After listening to Yang Kai’s words, Mo Yu remained silent while Mo Na Ye frowned.

It had to be said that although Yang Kai’s request was simple, it was extremely meticulous, completely eliminating any possibility of the Black Ink Clan secretly plotting against him.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help sighing…

He knew that the Royal Lord would never agree to Yang Kai’s request. The reason he was willing to withdraw the Great Array and bring the Territory Lords away was because even if he did so, the situation was still within his control and there was still a chance he could continue to kill Yang Kai.

However, if he really agreed to Yang Kai’s request and allowed him to contact the Human Race, all of his previous efforts would be meaningless, and the Territory Lords would have died in vain.

Yang Kai observed his expression and couldn’t help sneering, “Mo Na Ye, it seems your King Lord doesn’t think much of you!”

Mo Na Ye said lightly, “Now that things have reached this point, why must Brother Yang try to drive a wedge between us?” With a solemn expression, he respectfully bowed towards Mo Yu and said, “Sir Royal Lord, this plan has already caused my Black Ink Clan to lose hundreds of Innate Territory Lords. We must not let our previous efforts go to waste because of this subordinate’s life, otherwise, many Territory Lords will die with grievances. Yang Kai is a great talent of the Human Race, and now that the Universe Furnace is about to appear, if we allow him to seize the opportunity in the Universe Furnace, it will definitely become a calamity for the Black Ink Clan in the future. Sir Royal Lord, today, regardless of whether I or many of my comrades die, we must not let the efforts of our clansmen go to waste. I, Mo Na Ye, am willing to exchange my life with the Human Race’s Yang Kai!”

These words were spoken with a sincere expression and a powerful voice, causing Mo Yu and the other Innate Territory Lords to be greatly moved.

In the Black Ink Clan's side, there were far too few people who could disregard life and death, not to mention having such a deep understanding of righteousness, causing the various masters of the Black Ink Clan to admire them greatly.

Originally, many Innate Territory Lords had some opinions about Mo Na Ye. Everyone here was Innate Territory Lord, so none of them were more noble than the other. Mo Na Ye was just lucky and managed to successfully execute the Fusion Technique, obtaining the last of the fruits and becoming a Pseudo-Royal Lord. He also had a few tricks up his sleeve that allowed him to gain the favor of the Royal Lord and was responsible for managing the affairs of the Black Ink Clan.

Over the years, he had fought with the Human Race and fought with Yang Kai, but it seemed that he had not gained any advantage. On the contrary, the Black Ink Clan had suffered quite a loss.

For this kind of matter, anyone could…

But now, because of Mo Na Ye’s words, many Territory Lords couldn’t help changing their opinion of him. Putting everything else aside, they couldn’t bring themselves to say such profound and righteous words. He really wanted to sacrifice himself!

Looking towards Mo Na Ye, a trace of apology flashed across Mo Yu’s eyes. Even though he had been somewhat dissatisfied with Mo Na Ye because of the Territory Lords’ losses, it had all disappeared.

Originally, he had been hesitating whether or not he should act according to Yang Kai’s instructions and allow him to contact the Human Race. Although it was very likely that he would be able to let the tiger return to the mountain, this capable assistant of Mo Na Ye’s could still be saved.

But Mo Na Ye’s words made him make up his mind.

Mo Na Ye was right, Yang Kai’s Eighth Order cultivation had already become the greatest threat to the Black Ink Clan, and now that the Universe Furnace was about to appear, if he were to escape and seize the opportunity of the Universe Furnace, the consequences would be unimaginable!

So no matter what, no matter how great the price, Yang Kai must die here!

After closing his eyes for a moment, he opened them again and Mo Yu’s eyes is full with murderous intent, “Yang Kai, if you stop now, I promise I’ll only ink you, but if you dare kill any of my Black Ink Clan’s masters, I’ll tear you to pieces!”

“You mean… like this?”

As soon as his voice fell, Yang Kai took a step forward. Space twisted and distorted, making it impossible for anyone to see how he moved, but at this moment, a heavily wounded Territory Lord was being held by his head.

The Territory Lord was originally trying to resist the chaotic space's attack, but now he was caught off guard and unable to move.

Yang Kai turned his head and stared straight into Mo Yu’s eyes, his face filled with arrogance as he exerted strength in his hand, causing the Territory Lord’s head to shatter.

He had been staying in place all this time and had only used his Space Dao to trace the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body, but now he had personally taken action.

Mo Yu’s ruthless threat was nothing more than a light breeze to him.

“Or like this?” Yang Kai said again and suddenly appeared behind the other Territory Lord. The Azure Dragon Spear in his hand suddenly shot out and pierced through the Territory Lord’s body. With a shake of his spear, the World Force burst out and the Territory Lord exploded into a bloody mist!

After killing seven or eight Territory Lords in a row, Yang Kai stopped and stared at Mo Yu mockingly.

Mo Yu was so angry that his whole body was trembling, “Good, you’ll regret this!”

Saying so, he closed his eyes. What he didn’t see couldn’t hurt him.

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to argue with him and continued to stimulate the Dao Concept of the Space Dao as he turned to look at Mo Na Ye and smiled, “Good scheming!”

He wasn’t sure if Mo Na Ye's words just now were sincere or just a pretense, but it was undeniable that Mo Na Ye had forced him and himself into a dead end.

However, this was a dead end he had to face. When Mo Na Ye secretly arranged for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and the other Innate Territory Lords to ambush him, it was impossible for him to leave this place.

Since that was the case, he would first kill all of the Black Ink Clan members in this projection space and then fight them two years later. At that time, whether he lived or died would be decided by the Heavens!

There were less than twenty Innate Territory Lords trapped here, and if Yang Kai wanted to kill them, he could easily kill all of them. Only Mo Na Ye was a little troublesome, so he had to first exhaust his strength and slowly accumulate his injuries before he could act.

The Dao Concept of the Space Dao became more profound, and within the projection, the folded space became more chaotic. Many dangers appeared without warning, and the Territory Lords who were lucky enough to survive fell one after another.

Black ink blood continued to pour out from Mo Na Ye’s body as his injuries gradually increased, but even in the face of such a desperate situation, he was unwilling to sit still and wait for death, constantly shifting his position and activating his strength to protect himself.

Although he had just said that he would sacrifice his life for the sake of their race's survival, no matter who it was, in the face of such a life or death crisis, they would always struggle.

Time passed, and gradually, the Innate Territory Lords who had fallen into the projection space had all died. In the void, the only things left behind were the broken limbs and torn flesh of the Territory Lords who had died tragically.

The only ones who were still alive were Yang Kai, who was not affected by this place’s interference, and Mo Na Ye, who was struggling to survive. The only difference was that Yang Kai was pushing his Space Dao to its limit while Mo Na Ye was constantly in a miserable state, the contrast between the two was obvious.


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