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At that time, Yang Kai’s injuries were heavy and he was in a hurry to heal his injuries. Since he was trapped in this projection space, it was temporarily inconvenient for him to move. Mo Na Ye used the small Ink Nest to contact the No-Return Pass, he asked the Royal Lord to lead many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters here to set up an ambush.

Since the time the Royal Lord had been responsible for guarding the No-Return Pass, besides the first time Yang Kai had run amok in the No-Return Pass, he had never left.

This was especially true after Yang Kai’s strength had increased and he was able to pose a great threat to the No-Return Pass. Mo Yu had become the most important force to ensure that the No-Return Pass remained safe. No one knew when Yang Kai would run back to the No-Return Pass to cause trouble. Under such circumstances, how could Mo Yu dare to leave the No-Return Pass?

He was almost pinned down there by Yang Kai, unable to move.

This time, in order to carry out the plan smoothly, Mo Na Ye had even invited the Black Ink Clan’s only Royal Lord, showing his determination and boldness.

There were also many Innate Territory Lords who had been transferred back from the front lines of the battlefield, all of them hiding in the shadows, waiting for Yang Kai to escape before launching a fierce attack.

One of the more difficult problems was this strange projection space.

Mo Na Ye guessed that there was a high chance this place would not be able to trap Yang Kai, but if Yang Kai sensed danger after breaking free, he could simply return here to avoid disaster!

This strange projection space was like a natural shelter for Yang Kai.

Therefore, in the plan that Mo Na Ye and Mo Yu had secretly discussed, they planned to wait for Yang Kai to move away from the projection space before Mo Yu took action. This way, the Territory Lords who had brought the Array Foundations would be able to set up the Great Array.

Once the Great Array was set up, Yang Kai would have no way out and Mo Yu would be able to kill him inside.

This plan could be said to be watertight. Although he didn’t dare say he had full confidence, he had at least sixty to seventy percent confidence, which was enough for the Black Ink Clan to take a risk. The key point of this plan was the amount of time Royal Lord Mo Yu could hold Yang Kai back.

As long as Mo Yu could delay Yang Kai for long enough, this plan could be carried out perfectly.

Therefore, when he saw Yang Kai walk out of the projection space, although Mo Na Ye was a little puzzled, he still looked forward to it.

However, he never imagined that before he could implement this plan, there would be the risk of dying prematurely, and the cause was actually Royal Lord Mo Yu exposing his aura?


It was impossible for the Royal Lord to expose his aura so easily. He had repeatedly warned him before, and the Black Ink Clan had suffered several losses under Yang Kai’s hands, so the Royal Lord would not lower his guard against Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was playing a trick!

In the blink of an eye, Mo Na Ye had seen through everything. Just as he was about to let out a reminder, a majestic aura suddenly burst out, and soon after, from somewhere in the void, a black light shot towards Yang Kai like a bolt of lightning!

Mo Na Ye closed his eyes in pain…

The sound of a battle between two masters came from the outside and Yang Kai let out a muffled groan.

When Mo Na Ye opened his eyes again, he saw that Yang Kai had already retreated into the projection space. Outside the projection space, Royal Lord Mo Yu's figure stood there quietly, a pair of fleshy wings spread out behind him, each one of which had sharp bone spikes protruding out like fangs.

Yang Kai’s arms couldn’t help trembling as blood dripped down from them, colliding head-on with the true Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan. His arms were almost broken, but he was still smiling, a smile filled with ridicule.

Royal Lord Mo Yu stood outside with a gloomy face, frowning as he looked at him, then at Mo Na Ye, seemingly understanding something and couldn’t help snorting coldly.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t deal with this trick, but the Black Ink Clan really think highly of Yang Kai. When Yang Kai shouted just now, Mo Yu instinctively felt that he had been exposed. If he didn’t act now and waited for Yang Kai to use his Space Principle to escape, he wouldn’t have a chance to act.

So he decisively took action.

However, Yang Kai was not far from the projection space, so although he was caught off guard, he was still forced back.

More figures appeared from the shadows and slowly gathered around Mo Yu, a group of Innate Territory Lords.

They should have taken the opportunity to set up the Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array while the Royal Lord was pestering Yang Kai, but in this situation, they didn’t know what to do and could only wait for the Royal Lord's orders.

Looking at each other through the projection space, Yang Kai shook his arm and chuckled before turning to Mo Na Ye, “The Black Ink Clan sure is enthusiastic!”

Mo Na Ye said lightly, “Since Brother Yang has already expected this, why bother probing? Just ask, I will tell you everything I know.”

What he was certain of now was that Yang Kai had made some kind of prediction regarding his various secret arrangements, which was why he had taken the initiative to step out of the projection space to probe it. The result was as he had expected.

Just as he understood Yang Kai quite well, after having fought with him for so many years, how could Yang Kai not know anything about him?

Such a heaven-sent opportunity, it would be strange if the Black Ink Clan didn’t cherish it.

“Who knows if you’re telling the truth or not? Some things can only be trusted with your own eyes. Mo Na Ye, you’ve really disappointed me!” Yang Kai said as he slowly shook his head, “I originally planned to bypass the lives of some Territory Lords here, but now it seems I can’t be too kind to you!”

Mo Na Ye smiled lightly, “In order to deal with Brother Yang, so many of my Black Ink Clan’s Innate Territory Lord-level masters have already died, so it’s not a big deal to have more death.”

These words caused all the Innate Territory Lords who were trapped to turn pale…

Mo Na Ye continued, “But Brother Yang, even if you can kill all the Territory Lords here, so what? Can you… escape? Right now, my Black Ink Clan really doesn’t have any good methods to deal with you, but after several years, this projection will completely solidify and the space here will naturally be restored to its original state. My Black Ink Clan only needs to set up a great array here in advance, and with the Royal Lord personally taking action, wouldn’t you be like a turtle in a jar? Brother Yang, today is a dead end for you!”

Outside, Mo Yu, who had been silent all this time, decisively shouted, “Set up the formation!”

The Territory Lords standing behind him, who had nothing to do, immediately spread out, holding large array foundations in their hands as they enveloped the space where the projection space was.

The Four Gates and Eight Palaces Array quickly took shape, sealing the world!

Mo Yu’s body was still somewhat restless as he stared at the projection space in front of him. He had already learned about the strangeness of this space from Mo Na Ye and wanted to try it out… but after thinking about it for a while, he decided to give up. In terms of strength, Mo Na Ye was almost the same as him, the only difference was that the strength he could display was slightly less than thirty percent. Since Mo Na Ye was trapped inside, there was no way he could do anything to Yang Kai. If he went in, it would probably be the same, so it was best not to embarrass himself.

This strange space wasn’t something that could be broken with great strength.

While the Black Ink Clan’s masters were busy, Yang Kai simply watched silently and didn’t try to stop them.

Just as Mo Na Ye had said, the current situation was indeed a dead end for him. The Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array had completely sealed off this vast void. Once he lost the protection of the projection space, he would have to face an expert like the Royal Lord Mo Yu directly. At that time, he would be doomed.

This projection space was slowly condensing, and after two years, it would no longer exist. At that time, he would definitely be exposed to the eyes of the many masters of the Black Ink Clan.

Inside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, there were many fortuitous coincidences and the Ancestral Land’s favor for Yang Kai, which was why Yang Kai was able to break out of this situation and kill a master like Di Wu, causing the Black Ink Clan to fail miserably.

However, there was no external force here, nor was there any natural geographical advantage. No matter how strong Yang Kai was, how could he possibly be stronger than the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord?

At this moment, although many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters were trapped, they felt that victory was already in their grasp. Yang Kai’s side seemed to be like a fish in water, but the road ahead was dim.

Whether it was Yang Kai or the Black Ink Clan, none of them knew that after this projection is condensed, it would transform into an entrance into the interior of the Universe Furnace. What they didn’t know was that the Universe Furnace was a world of its own, and the so-called opportunities were fought over inside.

No matter how thorough the Black Ink Clan’s arrangements were, it was all useless.

However, for Yang Kai, who lacked information sources, this was indeed a dead end. In the face of absolute power, he had no way to break through.

It could even be said that ever since he had decided to rush into this projection space, he had stepped into the Black Ink Clan’s scheme.

However, in that situation, there was nothing he could do. His injuries were heavy and he was already an arrow at the end of its flight. With a powerful enemy like Mo Na Ye chasing after him, he had to find a place to recuperate, so the projection space was his only option.

Lifting his eyes slightly, Yang Kai grinned towards Mo Na Ye, “I’m guessing you have some suggestions!”

Mo Na Ye also smiled, “Brother Yang knows me well!”


Mo Na Ye said bluntly, “Calm down and meditate, don’t do anything unnecessary, restrain your own cultivation, after two years, Brother Yang may have a chance to survive!”

Yang Kai asked, “Where does this chance come from?”

Mo Na Ye said, “That will depend on how the Royal Lord decides to settle you down. If the Royal Lord thinks you’re a threat, Brother Yang probably won’t be able to survive. If the Royal Lord wants to keep you alive to serve the Black Ink Clan, you might be able to survive after being inked.”

Mo Na Ye was undoubtedly a smart person. When the Royal Lord was present, he didn’t make any decision, instead give it to Mo Yu to decide. Previously, when he had set up the Great Array, he had only given Mo Yu a slight reminder that the Royal Lord would immediately understand and not directly order people to set up the Great Array. This way, he would only be suspected of overstepping his authority.

That was why for so many years, Mo Yu had given the authority of the Black Ink Clan to Mo Na Ye without any worries, because he knew when to retreat and when to act appropriately. Meng Que, who was also a Pseudo-Royal Lord, couldn’t obtain such favor.

Outside the projection space, Mo Yu opened his mouth and said, “I know that your Small Universe has some kind of artifact that can resist the erosion of the Ink Force. If you discard this artifact, I will personally ink you, so you won’t die!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai smiled, raised his slightly swollen arms, and casually cupped his fists, “Then I must thank Sir Royal Lord for his kindness!”


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Well giving how this is going I dont think YK will Break through with the Furnace heaven open pills it would be a waste of those two clones like embodiment. I believe breaking through with those two clone will not only allow him to breakthrough 9th order shackle but to world creation. Since that is probable a complete open heaven cultivation method which remove all shackles.

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Rudiansyah R
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Yes. Yang Boy will breakthrough to 9th order after obtaining the Open Heaven Pill. And the other two clones will break their shackles too.

With the three of them being 9th order, when they able to merge, that would be the opportunity to breakthrough to the next great realm.

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28 mar 2023
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