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At this moment, if they could attack Yang Kai, it would be the safest method. Unfortunately, under the Space Fold, they couldn’t even get close, so how could they attack?

Escaping from this place was even more impossible. Entering this place, all the Territory Lords were like insects trapped in a spider’s web.

After thinking about it for a long time, they still couldn’t figure out a way to resolve this situation. For a time, they were filled with grief and indignation.

Right at this moment, the void suddenly trembled slightly, as if a giant drum had been struck. The shaking was extremely strong, allowing all the trapped Territory Lords to clearly feel it.

Looking up, they saw that the source of the tremors was actually Yang Kai. His eyes were closed and the Space Force around him fluctuated wildly as he pushed his finger forward, causing ripples to appear in the air.

The ripples continued to spread outwards, all the way to the depths.

Yang Kai continued to attack, causing ripples to spread out, causing the void to tremble more violently…

Mo Na Ye suddenly had a bad feeling, as if he had made the wrong decision to suggest Yang Kai to trace the location of the Universe Furnace!

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly felt a great sense of danger and quickly used his Ink Force to form a protective barrier around himself.

It was as if an invisible force had cut through his body, cutting through the condensed Ink Force and slicing through his flesh.

Even someone as strong as Mo Na Ye couldn’t help feeling a piercing pain as he quickly changed his position. Looking up, the space where he was originally standing was like a broken mirror, quickly returning to its original state, and the force that had cut through his body was actually a tiny spatial crack!

Mo Na Ye’s expression changed drastically as he quickly shouted, “Brother Yang, please stop!”

The Territory Lords didn’t know why Mo Na Ye suddenly became so nervous, so all of them turned their heads to look. At this moment, one of the Territory Lords suddenly felt an inexplicable pain in his body. His vision suddenly turned upside down, and what entered his eyes was a body that had been cut open at an angle. The cut was as smooth as a mirror, and there was a burst of black ink blood.

This body that had been cut open… seemed very familiar. As this thought flashed across his mind, the Territory Lord quickly realized that this was his body.

Lowering his head, he saw that his lower body had indeed been cut open. He hadn’t even noticed anything unusual before, so his heart was filled with panic as he shouted, “Sir Mo Na Ye, save me!”

How could Mo Na Ye save his life? His face was so gloomy that water was about to drip from it as he watched the two halves of the Territory Lord’s body fall apart and his life force flow away. Unfortunately, this Territory Lord’s vitality wasn’t too weak and he wouldn’t die in a short time…

“The space is out of order, defend with all your might!” Mo Na Ye shouted, and the Territory Lords quickly reacted, activating their strength to protect themselves.

Although Mo Na Ye didn’t know what Yang Kai had done, his perception wasn’t wrong. Under Yang Kai’s manipulation, the space here had become completely chaotic. This was a strange place formed from countless layers of folded space, and the layers of folded space were like mirrors. Originally, they could still be pieced together, but under Yang Kai’s manipulation, these mirror-like spaces began to become chaotic.

The dead Territory Lord’s upper body was in a folded space while his lower body was in another folded space. When the two layers of space separated, his body was also cut off.

The Territory Lords were very strong. If they were at their peak, it would naturally be impossible for them to be killed so easily, but the Territory Lords here were different. All of them were like arrows at the end of their flight, and their injuries were heavy. Facing such a strange attack, it was impossible to guard against.

No one knew if they were safe or not, but as the layers of folded space shifted around them, one after another Territory Lords cried out in alarm, the Ink Force condensed around their bodies unable to stop the sharp cutting of the Space Force.

In just a moment, several more Territory Lords suffered a tragic fate and their bodies were separated.

Mo Na Ye was both shocked and angry as he shouted, “Brother Yang, quickly stop!”

At this moment, he was filled with regret!

Why did he suggest Yang Kai to use the Dao of Space to trace the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body? Space was an extremely mysterious existence, and now that the space here was so treacherous, with Yang Kai’s actions, how could these Black Ink Clan masters have a good ending?

Another scream rang out, and Mo Na Ye turned his head to look, only to see a Territory Lord’s corpse being torn apart, his eyes filled with fear and unwillingness. It was as if he had never imagined that he would die so suddenly.

“Brother Yang!” Mo Na Ye shouted angrily.

“Shut up!” Yang Kai didn’t even bat an eyelid. Although he was trying his best to trace the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body, he still had some understanding of the situation around him. He hadn’t expected such a situation to occur, it could be said that he had hit the nail on the head. How could he agree to Mo Na Ye asking him to stop?

In any case, according to the agreement, he only needed to keep the lives of ten Territory Lords. As for the rest, it would be best if they all died, saving him the trouble of killing them.

Mo Na Ye grit his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart. They were already on opposing sides and had fought a great battle several months ago, so what was the point of begging Yang Kai now?

He could only secretly remember today’s losses and pay them back a hundredfold when the opportunity arose!

The Territory Lords all tensed up, constantly changing their positions while simultaneously activating their energy to protect their bodies. However, the attack from the chaotic space had no warning and was impossible to guard against. No matter how hard they tried, they would still die.

Even Mo Na Ye had inadvertently suffered some injuries. Fortunately, his strength was vigorous and he was in good condition, so there was no danger to his life for now.

But as time passed, it became difficult to say…

After an unknown period of time, more than a dozen Territory Lords had died, and within the Universe Furnace’s projection space, there were broken limbs and pieces of flesh everywhere. The severed limbs were all neatly cut, and black ink blood floated in the air.

Yang Kai suddenly stopped and frowned.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t continue, nor was it that he had gained nothing. In fact, he had indeed traced back to the aura of the Universe Furnace’s main body, but it was difficult to determine its location.

However, he had a feeling that if he continued like this, something he couldn’t control would happen, and it would be difficult for him to determine whether this was a good or bad thing, but he didn’t feel any sense of danger.

To be safe, he decided to stop first.

Looking up at the miserable Mo Na Ye, a subtle light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes…

During the unforeseen event just now, not only had a large number of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords died, but the Pseudo-Royal Lord Mo Na Ye had also suffered some injuries, but it seemed his injuries weren’t serious.

In a one-on-one fight, he was no match for this Pseudo-Royal Lord Mo Na Ye, but with his Space Dao, Mo Na Ye could do nothing to him.

But in the space projected by the Universe Furnace, there was a chance to kill Mo Na Ye!

As long as he continued to use the same method to continuously injure Mo Na Ye and wait for his injuries to accumulate to a certain extent before attacking…

Let’s see if he dies!

Mo Na Ye regarded Yang Kai as a great threat to the Black Ink Clan, so how could Yang Kai not regard him as a threat to the Human Race? This fellow was an anomaly in the Black Ink Clan, and if he could eliminate him in advance, the Royal Lord Mo Yu would definitely lose a powerful arm. In the future, when the two races fought, it would be less of a threat.

It's thanks to Mo Na Ye for providing him with such a convenient and effective method.

Seemingly sensing the malicious intent in Yang Kai’s eyes, Mo Na Ye’s expression changed slightly. They were old rivals, so how could Mo Na Ye not see what Yang Kai was thinking?

Immediately, he felt bitter in his heart. His proposal had not only caused the Territory Lords to suffer heavy losses, but his life is also in danger.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help feeling like he had just shot himself in the foot.

As their eyes met, Yang Kai chuckled and slowly got up.

Under the watchful eyes of Mo Na Ye and the many Territory Lords, he walked out step by step.

The distorted and folded space did not stop his footsteps, and soon, he arrived at the edge of the projection space.

“Brother Yang wants to leave?” Mo Na Ye finally couldn’t hold back and asked. If Yang Kai really wanted to leave this place, that would be great news, but how could Yang Kai just leave like this? Mo Na Ye had clearly seen some clues from his eyes just now.

“Do you want me to stay here and continue chatting with you?” Yang Kai replied casually before activating his Space Principle and taking a step forward!

Seeing this scene, Mo Na Ye’s mood became strange. This guy really could leave. Being trapped in this projection space, he, the Pseudo-Royal Lord, was helpless and unable to find a way out, but to Yang Kai, this was not a big problem.

He didn’t know what Yang Kai’s intentions were, but to him, it was good news. At the very least, if Yang Kai left, he wouldn’t be threatened.

On top of that, as long as Yang Kai dared to move further away, his previous arrangements would be of use.

Looking at Yang Kai’s back with some anticipation, he hoped that he could go further.

However, before Yang Kai could take two steps, he suddenly turned his head towards a certain direction and shouted, “Mo Yu, I was about to spare your Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, how dare you ambush me?”

As soon as these words came out, Mo Na Ye’s expression changed drastically. Had he been discovered?

Impossible, when he had asked the Royal Lord to bring the Black Ink Clan’s masters here to set up an ambush, he had specifically warned them not to expose themselves.

Mo Na Ye had also secretly observed their surroundings and confirmed that their masters were lying in ambush. It was impossible for them to be exposed so quickly, so how did Yang Kai discover them?

That’s right, outside the projection space, he, Mo Na Ye, had secretly arranged a contingency!

To deal with an enemy like Yang Kai, the biggest problem was his Space Ability. Even if his strength was stronger than Yang Kai’s, it was meaningless if he couldn’t catch up to him or trap him.

Inside the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, the Black Ink Clan once had an opportunity to kill Yang Kai, but unfortunately, it was ruined by Di Wu.

A few months ago, Mo Na Ye had chased Yang Kai into this strange space. Although he had fallen into Yang Kai’s trap, he was keenly aware that this was a rare opportunity!


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 16, 2023

They are trying to outsmart the outsmarter using their own outsmarting techniques.


kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 12, 2023

There's literally an opportunity to kill every territory lord in that

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