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“A projection!” Yang Kai frowned. This was something he hadn’t expected, and he had only felt that this matter was a bit strange. Since the Universe Furnace was about to appear, why were there more than a dozen phantoms in the various Great Domain Battlefield, even here?

If these phantoms were just the projections of the Universe Furnace’s main body, it would make sense.

“Is this information obtained by the Black Ink Clan?” Yang Kai asked.

Mo Na Ye replied, “It was my guess!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, no doubt regarding Mo Na Ye's wisdom. According to the information he had gathered, if he could calm his mind and analyze the situation, he would likely come to this conclusion.

“What else?” Yang Kai asked again.

Mo Na Ye pondered for a moment before saying, “According to my observations, this projection is slowly condensing. Brother Yang should be able to tell that it has been several months since this projection appeared, and it will take about two years before it fully condenses. I speculate that when this projection fully condenses, the Universe Furnace will truly appear!”

Yang Kai looked around and examined the degree of solidity of the projection here. After comparing it to several months ago, he came to the same conclusion as Mo Na Ye. At this rate, it would take about two years for the projection to solidify.

“The timing of the appearance of the Universe Furnace can be roughly determined, but the location of its appearance cannot be determined. Currently, there are more than ten projections, so it is difficult to determine where the Universe Furnace will appear, so I think there are only two possibilities.”

“What two possibilities?” Yang Kai asked.

Mo Na Ye glanced at Yang Kai somewhat resentfully. After so many years of competing with Yang Kai, they both understood each other quite well. Yang Kai’s actions seemed rash and impulsive, but in reality, he had many considerations each time. With his talent and intelligence, it wasn’t difficult for him to come up with an answer.

At this moment, he was too lazy to think too much about it, or perhaps he wanted to inquire about how much information the Black Ink Clan had, which was why he had used the lives of so many Territory Lords to force Mo Na Ye to give it up.

“One possibility is that the Universe Furnace will randomly reveal its true form at the location of one of its projections. The other projections are all illusory,” Mo Na Ye stated his speculations, not daring to conceal anything. After all, it was not a conclusive piece of information. “The second possibility is… all of the projections are closely related to the main body. Wherever the projections are, the Universe Furnace will reveal itself!”

Yang Kai listened carefully and nodded slightly, “It’s reasonable, there are only two possibilities.”

It wasn’t difficult to make such speculations based on the current information, but whether it was Mo Na Ye or Yang Kai, none of them knew that no matter when these projections condensed, the body of the Universe Furnace would never be revealed. No one had ever seen what this World Treasure looked like since ancient times.

After these projections solidified, they were only an entrance to the Universe Furnace, and the so-called opportunities were hidden inside.

This wasn’t because Mo Na Ye and Yang Kai weren’t quick-witted enough, but because the two of them had too little information at the moment, and both of them had preconceived notions about it. They felt that since the Universe Furnace was called the Universe Furnace, it was naturally just a magical pill furnace, so how could they have imagined that the inside of this pill furnace would form its own world?

Mo Na Ye didn’t continue speaking, not because he didn’t want to, but because he didn’t have any valuable information to share, so he immediately thought about it…

Yang Kai didn’t rush him and also sank into contemplation.

He suddenly remembered something.

Yang Kai really didn’t know much about the Universe Furnace. The only thing he knew was that the Open Heaven Pill inside the Universe Furnace could help a cultivator break through their shackles.

However, a Human Race master had once told him that every time the Universe Furnace appeared, it would cause a bloody storm!

At that time, he didn’t know much about the 3000 Worlds, and his cultivation wasn’t too high, so he didn’t have a deep understanding of these words. He just assumed that such a treasure was what everyone thought. The so-called bloodbath was caused by the masters of the various Cave Heaven Paradise competing for treasures.

But now, it seemed that this was obviously wrong.

Since ancient times, for countless years, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had been dedicated to sending their outstanding talents to the Ink Battlefield to intercept the Black Ink Clan. Even the Ninth Order Old Ancestors had been stationed in the various mountain passes. Although there were many Cave Heaven Paradise, they had always been united against a common enemy.

With the enemy at their side, how could the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise stir up a bloody storm over the opportunity to seize the Universe Furnace and engage in a self-harm struggle? Such a foolish method was likely something the Old Ancestors would not agree to. If they really appeared, they would personally clean up the Sect.

Since that was the case, where did this bloodbath come from?

Yang Kai quickly thought of a key point.

The information that Mo Na Ye had revealed this time indicated that the projections of the Universe Furnace had all appeared in the places where many living creatures had died. The appearance of this Universe Furnace was the best evidence of this.

This time it was because of the war, what about the past?

In the past, although there had been conflicts within the 3000 Worlds, there had never been any large-scale battles. At most, there had been some minor conflicts between the Sects. Even if there had been casualties, the cultivation of the cultivators who had died would not have been too high.

However, unlike the peace in the 3000 Worlds, the battle on the Ink Battlefield had always been fierce. Every time the Black Ink Clan attacked, a large number of creatures would die…

If one were to say how many dead creatures there were, and how strong they were, it would be up to the standard of the Universe Furnace’s projection, then the environment of the Ink Battlefield would undoubtedly meet the requirements.

In other words, when the Universe Furnace appeared in the past, its projection had appeared in the Ink Battlefield?

This so-called bloodbath could be explained. This was not caused by the internal strife of the Human Race, but by the confrontation between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan.

He suddenly remembered that he had obtained some Open Heaven Pills from the Blood Monster Divine Palace in Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but there weren’t many of them.

After coming out from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the Proprietress Lan Youruo wanted to break through to the Seventh Order in seclusion. Yang Kai had wanted to offer the Open Heaven Pills to help her, but the Proprietress had refused.

Later on, Yang Kai had taken some time to study these Open Heaven Pills and discovered that the efficacies of these pills were indeed stronger than ordinary Open Heaven Pills, but they didn’t have any magical effects, so Yang Kai had lost them somewhere.

At that time, he had speculated that the Open Heaven Pills were too old and had not been preserved properly, resulting in the loss of their medicinal efficacies. This made him feel very regretful, thinking that Blood Monster was wasting such a precious treasure.

But looking at it now, since it was a Open Heaven Pill born from the world, even if it wasn’t properly preserved, there shouldn’t be any serious problem with its medicinal efficacy leaking.

The only explanation was that these Open Heaven Pills were not as miraculous as the legends said.

But what about the ancient saying about the Universe Furnace?

And Blood Monster…

This guy had obtained the Open Heaven Pill which born from the Heaven and Earth all those years ago. Could it be that he had also seized the opportunity from the Universe Furnace? But he had never been to the Ink Battlefield, so where had he obtained this opportunity?

He was not born in a Cave Heaven Paradise, so how could he have the ability to seize this opportunity?

It was time to have a good chat with Blood Crow! Yang Kai secretly made up his mind. If he could have a good chat with Blood Crow, he would definitely be able to reap some benefits, but he had to escape from this place first.

As his mood fluctuated, Mo Na Ye finally thought of something worth mentioning, “And Brother Yang, don’t you think this place is a bit strange?”

Yang Kai said lightly, “When a great treasure appears in the world, there will be a phenomenon.”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “That’s right, the space here is so distorted and strange. Since it is the projection of the Universe Furnace’s main body, it must have some kind of close relationship with the main body. Brother Yang is proficient in the Dao of Space, why not try to trace it back and find out where it is? If that’s the case, you might be able to gain something.”

Yang Kai immediately looked at him in surprise. To be honest, he really hadn’t thought about this matter, or perhaps he hadn’t thought about it at all. Mo Na Ye's words made him to think of this possibility.

Facing Mo Na Ye, Yang Kai nodded, “Although I know you don’t have good intentions, just by saying so, it’s worth three lives!”

Mo Na Ye didn’t know what expression to make and could only squeeze out a smile. Although he had suddenly thought of this idea, he really did have other intentions.

If Yang Kai could use his Space Dao to determine the location of the Universe Furnace’s main body, the Black Ink Clan would be able to arrange a few things specifically for him.

Calming himself, Yang Kai began to observe the situation around him.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and used his Space Dao to try to trace the source of this mysterious place.

At first, Yang Kai didn’t gain much from this place. The space here was distorted and folded, and although Yang Kai could use his Space Dao to eliminate the effects of this strange space, he was unable to trace the source of this phenomenon.

However, at this critical moment, he thought of his Beating Ox Secret Technique.

The principle of the Beating Ox Secret Technique was to follow the trace of the enemy’s aura and reverse its trajectory, specifically targeting the enemy’s Small Universe. Using this Secret Technique, Yang Kai had even killed a Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple!

Small Universe was an ethereal existence, but it could be traced by this technique, let alone the actual body of the Universe Furnace.

Thinking so, Yang Kai’s Space Dao became more illusory, as if he wanted to completely integrate himself into the void. Slowly, his hands began to dance, as if he was plucking invisible strings to trace the source of this phenomenon.

While he was still working hard, the many masters of the Black Ink Clan were secretly exchanging glances and transmitting messages.

Although Mo Na Ye had previously made an agreement with Yang Kai to provide some information to save the lives of some Territory Lords, it was far from enough. There were dozens of Territory Lords trapped here, so how much information could Mo Na Ye provide?

If Yang Kai was able to bypass the lives of ten Territory Lords, it would be a miracle, and the rest would likely be unable to escape from his hands.

He had to think of a way to protect them from Yang Kai, otherwise, no one could guarantee that Yang Kai would let them go.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 16, 2023

Lost somewhere... Great job... Even he himself said it's more effective than other pills yet he lost it somewhere? Maybe it has the same effect of medium grade world fruit... Very nice to just nerf the pills efficacy just like that in order to get new ones in the furnace.


Ok all along I was wondering where were those heaven Open pills from the Universe furnace and I totally forgot about that bit of detail, I vaguely remember said he was going experiment on them on a later time but never recalling him actually doing or did I miss something or did the author totally omit that from the story.

kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 12, 2023
Replying to

Well YK stop doing alchemy and most likely he abandon it unless it absolutely on the last minute author gonna pull plot armor making YK only spend 100 years just to catch up in alchemy


May 05, 2023


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