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The appearance of the Universe Furnace caused the situation between the two races to change.

The biggest change was that both races were shrinking their forces. Originally, although there were no large-scale battles in the various Great Domain Battlefields, there were still many scattered battles. Whether it was the new rising stars of the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords and Territory Lords, all of them were constantly fighting against powerful enemies to break through.

However, as soon as the Universe Furnace’s projection appeared, the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields became calm and peaceful, all external forces being drawn in by the two races.

Before understanding the mysteries of the Universe Furnace, no one dared to act rashly.

However, at the end of the day, the Human Race’s understanding of the Universe Furnace was much greater. Not to mention the ancient records passed down from the various Cave Heaven Paradise, the stories of the Human Race’s Elders who had lived long enough, the teachings of the Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan's Patriarch, and even the information provided by Blood Crow…

The Black Ink Clan did not have such a rich source of information.

Over the years, every time the Universe Furnace appeared, its projection would appear in the Ink Battlefield, even in the 3000 Worlds, but only a few times. The Black Ink Clan had some understanding of the Universe Furnace, but in the past, when the Human Race’s great armies had invaded, the Black Ink Clan, which had originally been active in the Ink Battlefield, had been exterminated. Even the previous Royal Lords had all died, so how could any information be passed down?

The current Black Ink Clan had all emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but they had never experienced the emergence of the Universe Furnace.

Right now, they could only respond according to the small amount of information provided by the Black Ink Disciple and the various reactions of the Human Race.

Under Mo Na Ye’s orders, many of the Innate Territory Lords in the various Great Domain Battlefields were transferred back to their respective camps to await orders. This news was quickly discovered by the Human Race.

The mobilization of a large number of Innate Territory Lords had caused the imbalance in the power balance between the two races. In the past, this would have been a great opportunity for the Human Race to launch a massive counterattack, but at this moment, the Human Race’s side had made no moves, only preparing for the appearance of the Universe Furnace.

Compared to the gains and losses of one or two Great Domain battlefields. The Universe Furnace, the greatest opportunity in the world, was undoubtedly what the Human Race valued the most now.

As time passed, under the orders of the higher-ups of the two races, a large army under the leadership of many masters began to move towards the edge of the void where the illusory image of the Universe Furnace was.

The Black Ink Clan had already taken a stance to stop the Human Race from seizing the opportunity inside the Universe Furnace, so the Human Race naturally wouldn’t back down. It could be foreseen that the day the Universe Furnace truly appeared would be the day the war between the two races erupted.

There were more than a dozen Great Domain Battlefields and more than a dozen projection entrances, so how the army was deployed and how the personnel were arranged was a matter of great consideration.

The Human Race’s Mi Jinglun and the Black Ink Clan’s Mo Na Ye each deployed their forces to fight across space.

A storm was brewing!

As the days passed, the atmosphere of the various Great Domain Battlefields gradually became more oppressive, but without the orders of the higher-ups, the two armies did not dare to act rashly, lest they start a war in advance.

At this time, many Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and Innate Territory Lords are missing in the No-Return Pass…

Several months later, in the depths of the Ink Battlefield, in the void shrouded by the projection of the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai let out a long sigh of relief, his spirits high as he slowly got up and stretched his back.

After several months of meditation, Yang Kai had finally managed to recover. This time, he had fought a great battle against Innate Territory Lords and was being pursued by Mo Na Ye, so his injuries were extremely severe. Fortunately, Yang Kai’s physique was strong and he had the Dragon Vein protecting him, so as long as no one interfered with him, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to recover.

As soon as Yang Kai made a move, the Innate Territory Lords who were trapped here immediately tensed up. Unlike Yang Kai, whose face was flushed red, these Territory Lords all had ashen auras. There was nothing they could do about it. They weren’t like Yang Kai, who could heal himself here. After being trapped here for so many days, their injuries hadn’t improved at all.

Seeing Yang Kai stand up and stretch his back, the various Territory Lords all turned pale and panicked, many of them turning to Mo Na Ye for help.

Although Mo Na Ye knew that this day would come sooner or later, Yang Kai’s speed of recovery still surprised him. Without waiting for Yang Kai to make a move, he immediately said, “Brother Yang, my Black Ink Clan will continue to hand over 30% of our resources, we will not delay!”

Yang Kai turned his head and grinned at him, not saying a word, just staring at him quietly!

Mo Na Ye grit his teeth and shouted, “Fifty percent!”

Yang Kai put his hands behind his back and said leisurely, “The great battle is about to begin, how could you and I have the leisure to haggle over such trivial matters? So what if it's 30%, 50%, or 100%? In the future, I don’t have time to stay outside the No-Return Pass.”

After earning a thousand years of wealth from the Black Ink Clan, it was about time leave, and he probably wouldn’t have such an opportunity in the future, so it was impossible for Mo Na Ye to use resources to exchange for the lives of these Innate Territory Lords.

“Brother Yang, what do you want?” Mo Na Ye asked with a solemn expression. There were still dozens of Innate Territory Lords here, but he was unable to provide any useful protection, making him feel extremely distressed and helpless.

Yang Kai slowly took out his Azure Dragon Spear and brandished it, activating his Space Principle and walking towards the nearest Territory Lord.

Wherever he went, space rippled, as if he was walking on a calm lake. The mysterious space that even Mo Na Ye and the other Innate Territory Lords were helpless against was like flat ground beneath Yang Kai’s feet.

Seeing Yang Kai approach him, the Innate Territory Lord fled in panic, but no matter how hard he tried, his speed was as slow as a tortoise’s crawl. Only when Yang Kai approached him did he move less than three meter away.

It wasn’t that he had only moved three meter away, but that this distance contained countless layers of folded space.

Yang Kai pointed his spear at him and turned to look at Mo Na Ye, “A piece of information in exchange for the life of a Territory Lord!”

“Information?” Mo Na Ye frowned.

“Something of value, something I don’t know about, information about the Universe Furnace,” Yang Kai said with a smile. A few months ago, he had been tricked by Mo Na Ye in this matter, but so what? Today, with the lives of these Innate Territory Lords, how could Mo Na Ye hide any information he knew?

Mo Na Ye was also a decisive person and immediately asked, “Does the previous information i tell Brother Yang counted?” He was naturally referring to the information he had revealed to Yang Kai a few months ago about the existence of the Universe Furnace.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he pondered for a moment before putting away his spear, “Fine, I won’t take advantage of you, that will count.”

Having escaped death, the Territory Lord’s face was filled with lingering fear as he felt his entire body drenched in sweat.

Yang Kai slowly walked over to another Territory Lord and stood not far away, turning his head to look at Mo Na Ye.

This time, Mo Na Ye didn’t wait for him to speak and instead said, “According to the informations gathered by the Black Ink Clan, the Mysterious Nether Territory also has a projection of the Universe Furnace!”

Was there really more than one projection? What was the meaning of this? Yang Kai frowned. How could there be two illusory images of the Universe Furnace? Where would the Universe Furnace appear then?

He didn’t suspect that Mo Na Ye was lying to him. In this situation, Mo Na Ye probably wouldn’t dare to do so.

Nodding slightly, Yang Kai walked around the Territory Lord he had pointed his spear at and arrived in front of the third Territory Lord.

Mo Na Ye felt somewhat guilty, “The Azure Sun Territory also has the illusory image of the Universe Furnace…”

Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he couldn’t help glaring at Mo Na Ye before continuing forward, arriving in front of another Territory Lord.

This time, without waiting for Mo Na Ye to speak, Yang Kai said, “Don’t tell me that the other Great Domain Battlefield also has the illusory image of the Universe Furnace.”

Mo Na Ye smiled awkwardly, “There are also some in the Twin Poles Territory…”

Yang Kai was so angry that he laughed and couldn’t help nodding, “Okay, you’re quite good. Does that mean that all the Great Domain Battlefield has the illusory image of the Universe Furnace?”

Mo Na Ye kept his mouth shut and carefully pondered for a moment. Just as he was about to speak, Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped him, “I’m just asking myself, you don’t need to answer. I don’t want to hear any more information about the location of these illusory image.”

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help sighing, “But Brother Yang, what I’ve told you is indeed information you don’t know. Brother Yang has always been honest, you can’t go back on your word, right?”

Yang Kai lifted his nose and stared at him arrogantly, “What? Have you never heard of someone having to lower their head under the eaves?”

Mo Na Ye was helpless…

Yang Kai muttered, “Doesn’t that mean that wherever a large number of living beings die, the illusory image of the Universe Furnace will appear? What’s the relationship between the two? What about the Spatial Territory? What about the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

As he spoke, he observed Mo Na Ye’s reaction. How could he not know that this fellow was a scheming person? How could he reveal any flaws?

Yang Kai said angrily, “Enough, is there an illusory image of the Universe Furnace in the Spatial Territory? Tell me honestly, this is a piece of information.”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “Yes!” He then casually flattered Yang Kai, “Brother Yang is indeed quick-witted. In fact, I also speculated that there was an illusory image of Universe Furnace in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but I just couldn’t verify it.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but sneer, “Are you unable to contact the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Mo Na Ye remained expressionless, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

Yang Kai frowned again and said, “The location where the Universe Furnace's illusory image appeared was where a large number of living beings died, including this place… Many Innate Territory Lords died here before. Does the Black Ink Clan know about this?”

Mo Na Ye shook his head, “I don’t know, the Black Ink Clan doesn’t know much about Universe Furnace, perhaps the Human Race knows something.”

Secretly muttering to himself, Yang Kai really didn’t know anything about the Universe Furnace, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked so many shallow questions.

Yang Kai didn’t waste any time threatening these Innate Territory Lords and simply stood in place, saying, “What other information do you have? I’ll keep my word. A valuable piece of information will spare the lives of one of your Territory Lords!”

“There were five pieces of information just now!” Mo Na Ye confirmed.

“I know,” Yang Kai replied.

Mo Na Ye felt relieved and thought for a moment before saying, “The illusory image of the Universe Furnace should be a kind of projection! The Universe Furnace’s main body is hidden somewhere, and its mysterious power is able to project its main body in all directions.”


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kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28
Jun 12, 2023

Ngl if I'm in MC situation I would say I would spare the territory lord with the same value of the information but after getting the answer I would just kill them since the black ink clan is an enemy of the 3000 world. Since later after this, the human race gonna fight to the death with the black ink clan🤷🏻‍♂️


Apr 15, 2023

Talk about a high stakes game of 20 questions.


So even tho the blank ink clan can share info through the ink nest even inside the great restriction, you're saying they still don't know about the universe furnace??? The information just disappeared even tho they have ridiculously better information sharing system.. craaaazy 🤦🏾‍♂️

Replying to

They cant' share inside the Great Restriction only outside or close to the opening which spotty at best this was already stated.

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